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Seraph Fang
Seraph fang
Name Seraph Fang
Kanji セラフ牙
Rōmaji Serafu Kiba
Master Hikaru Lux
S-Class Mages None
Type Legal Guild
Location Crocus, Fiore

Seraph Fang (Serafu Fang) is a small, new guild founded quite recently and is ready to take on any task, bar anything considered illegal. The three people that compose this guild believe in doing what's right and treating everyone equally, no matter how weak, as the guild itself is quite small.


Seraph Fang is located in a rented warehouse near the near the edge of Crocus. It is smal in size and has a few filed up crates that act as a job board. In the centre of the back wall, a cloth is pinned up with the guild's symbol painted on it. The guild's only furniture is a wooden table with three stools and a coat rack near the front, along with a few pillows to relax in. While there is no bar, members bring in food for snacks and basic meals, sharing everything amongst each other. The whole warehouse is mostly empty except for these things and a few lanterns strung up around the place to give the area lighting.


Special events

Monthly Picnic

Every month, the members of Seraph Fang go out to have a picnic out in Magnolia Park. Each attendant brings their own food to share with the rest and fun games are played with everyone. Sometimes a friendly spar with occur, though that is usually done in a different location to avoid causing destruction of the park.

Leaving the guild

Whenever a member wishes to leave Seraph Fang, which they are free to do so at any time, they must verbally agree to follow these rules, after which, each member gives them a hug and a piece of cake.

These rules are:

1. You can not share sensitive information with anyone about Seraph Fang, it's members, or any of the data stored in the guild's library.

2. You may not contact past employers for work or information; unless they request you specifically.

3. Although you are no longer part of the guild, we wish that you would uphold the guild's values of kindness and acceptance, and continue to grow to be the best person that you can be. Know that, no matter where you are, Seraph Fang will always be part of your family and we will always be there to help you.


Name Rank Team Status
Hikaru LuxGuild MasterPioneer SeraphsActive
Akilah MedeirosMemberPioneer SeraphsActive
Meikyo SuigetsuMemberPioneer Seraphs



  • The guild's name is a reference to Owari no Seraph as the founding members are all based on characters from the series.
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