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Symbol of the Seraphim Order Guild
Seraphim Order



Serafimu Ōdā


Dark Guild


Unknown Region, Fiore

"Seraphim Order" is a Dark Guild, located in Fiore, and is considered one of the strongest Guilds in the region. Its exact location is unknown.


Long ago, Seraphim Order was a Legal Guild, established by an unknown mage, who became its first Guild Master, to eradicate the world of Dark Guilds, which, at the time, caused the world to bathe in chaos. However, after the guild master's tragic death, Seraphim Order, alongside all the mages associated with it, were cursed and fell into darkness. Nowadays, those who are affiliated with the guild refer to themselves as "Fallen Angels" (堕天使 Datenshi). The dark guild took it upon itself to eliminate other guilds, both Legal Guilds and Dark Guilds, which threaten the balance between light and darkness. Throughout the years, there have been countless rumors regarding Seraphim Order's plans in creating a weapon that would be capable of resurrecting their fallen leader, although not a single person, not even the Magic Council, can confirm such rumors.


Seraphim Order is known to be one of the strongest guilds in Fiore and its surrounding regions. It is said that the guild's power lies in both strength and sheer numbers. Several rumors claim that one of the guild's S-Class Dark Mages is a real angel and that the guild's current master uses a very dangerous variation of Light Magic.

Name Rank Team Status
GantetsuMageTeam Grand ChariotActive
HakuhyōMageTeam Grand ChariotActive
KagegisōMageTeam Grand ChariotActive
KenkakiMageTeam Grand ChariotActive
SameshigaMageTeam Grand ChariotActive
TateshiroMageTeam Grand ChariotActive
WappenMageTeam Grand ChariotActive
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