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Serpent King
Z serpent king
Name Serpent King
Kanji セーペント キング
Rōmaji Se-pento Kingu
Symbol Z serpent king
Master Mu Bellan
S-Class Mages Juniper Geroux
Miro Syrus
Type Legal Guild
Location South Fiore
The Serpent King Guild (セーペント キング, Sepento Kingu) is a powerful, Legal Guild off the coast of Fiore. The guild was founded by first Guild Master Garion Frango approximately one hundred years ago. Thirty years ago Garion turned his title as Guild Master over to his student Mu Bellan It is an average sized guild, with around forty total members.



Name Rank Team Status
Garion Frango Founder/1st Guild-Master None Deceased
Mu Bellan 2nd Guild Master None Active
Tyrus Yushio Former Guild Ace None Left
Juniper Geroux Guild Ace None Active
Miro Syrus S-Class Mage Team Syrus Active
Melereon Troska S-Class Nominee None Active
Nene Owani Maid/Mage-in-Training None In Training


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  • Serpent King has a long-time rivalry with another guild, Snake Tree, that began with the fact that both were named after snakes.
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