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Serpentine Road



Sāpentain· rōdo


Caster Magic

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Serpentine Road(サーペンタイン·ロードSāpentain· rōdo) is a caster magic which like its name suggests,allows the user to cause the surface he is standing on to flutter,thus looking like a fluttering snake.


Serpentine Road is an unique magic.It allows the user to make any surface he chooses to flutter and then he can manipulate it.Although for e.x. the surface the user decides to flutter is stone,still the fluttered surface still retains its abilites.So the user only changes its form and shape but the state of the surface is still the same.Another thing is that the user can compress the fluttered object to make it the size of a pinball and then he can carry it on himself.The downside of this magic is that it requires a lot of magic power in order to make a big surface flutter,let aside manipulating its form and shape.


This magic has inumerous spells.The user can compress,change form and make an object or surface flutter.He can also change the size of it by spending additional magic power.

Flutter(フラッターFurattā) This is the standard spell.By channeling their magical power on a surface or object,the user can make it flutter.

Serpent's Skin(蛇の皮Hebi no Kawa)The user changes the size and shape of an object or surface.

Never ending Road(道路エンディング決してDōro endingu kesshite) After channeling their magical power onto a surface,the user reduces its width on order to increase its length.This spell is effective as an illusion by fooling other mages.After they get tired from walking the endless road,the user can attack them immediately.

Flutter Cushion(フラッタークッションFurattākusshon) After being attacked or after falling off a cliff,the user causes the surface above him to flutter thus making a cushion for protection

Serpentine Puncture(サーペンタイン穿刺Sāpentain senshi) By channeling magical power on his sword,the user causes it to extend making the spell useful for long-range attacks.

Fate of the Serpent(蛇の運命Hebi no umei)The most powerful spell of Serpentine Road.First the user needs to have contact with the enemy.After that,he releases an immense amount of eternano in the air,surrounding the enemy.Little by little,the enemy starts to flutter then the user can either kill the victim by compressing him or just attack him with another technique.

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