Seven (CC)
All hail the Triads!
Name Seven
Nickname(s) "Stiff City" (厳しい市 kibishii shi)
General Information
Government Oligarchy
Ruler(s) The Triads
Capital Caruleun
Population 77 million
Demonym Sevenian
Currency Sevenian Star
Area 300 million sq miles
Location Northern Earthland
Global Status Peaceful
Alliance(s) Iceberg, Fiore, and Sin
Seven is a oligarchial society, located to the northeast of the Kingdom of Fiore.


Seven is located above northern Fiore, bordering the country, as well as Bosco and Iceberg. Seven borders the sea, which makes its coastal areas a popular tourist attraction, because of the warm summers and marvelous natural formations.


Seven is ruled by a group of eight people, called the Triads: each member representing one or more social institutions. Due to the well ruling and execution of laws and justice, Seven has been dubbed the "Stiff City" because of how much of a perfect impression to foreigners.


The capital of Seven is a beautiful industrious city called Caruleun. Caruleun is very large, and is seperated into districts, ruled by at least one member of the aforementioned Triads. The Districts are:

  • Economy District: Located in the northeastern part of the city, and handles the transaction and spending of funds
  • Trade District: Located in the south of the city, where most of the shops are, and also the hub for importing and exporting goods and wares
  • Wellbeing District: Located in the southeast of the city, the citizens go here for emergency services, and other health and care services.
  • Recreation District: Located in the north of the city, this part attracts the most tourists and visitors, because of all of the amusement parks, and other activities: this is also contributed to by the warm beaches to the further north.
  • Government District: Located in the center of the city, the Hall of Triad is located here, and services like lawyer and attorneys are popular here.
  • Residential District: Located in the northwest of the city, this district houses 87% of the cities population, however it is rather spacious, and not cramped.




Location Statistics
Controlled By

The Triads, influenced by Machina Gear

Vendetta is the second largest city in Seven, and is a bustling manufacturing capital, meaning it has numerous abandoned factories that could mean increased crime and hostility rates. It is an average city, having its good and bad parts, and is seperated by the industrial side, and the residential side.

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