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"He who has traveled for the sake of others."
"I may not be your stereotypical, pure of heart, 'He's so pure he's stupid' kind of hero. I may indulge in the pleasures of man, and their is nothing wrong with that. I'm going to be myself, loud if I want to be, opinionated if I want to be, or arrogant if I choose, and their is nothing wrong with that. Most people think hero's are goody-goodies, or hero's are goof-balls, not me. I'm going to act how I want, because what it all comes down to is what I believe in, and what my convictions are at the end of the day, so you can take how to act like a hero and blow it out your ass."
— Shōjirō's stance on how a hero should act.
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Shōjirō Kusaka



Kusaka Shōjirō


Great Northern Philosopher (大北方賢者, Dai Kitagata Kenja)
Susanoo (須佐能乎, He with the ability to help by all means) (By many people)
Sword God (刀神, Tōshin Lit; God of the Sword) (By many swordsmen)
Wizard Saint (聖十 大魔導, Seiten Daimadou)




Male Male




174 cm


69 kg


March 31, X757

Hair Color


Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status

Kusaka Clan Emblem Kusaka Clan
TenWizardSaintsTen Wizard Saints


Traveling Mage
Wizard Saint


Kusaka Clan Emblem Kusaka Clan


Kusaka Clan Emblem Kusaka Clan

Previous Partner(s)

Momoko Asami

Base of Operations


Personal Status



Kusaka Clan Emblem Kusaka Clan


Fire Magic (Gehennae Punisher)
Lightning Magic (Cobalt Stinger, Lightning-Make)
Light Magic (Light-Make)
Heavenly Body Magic
Sword Magic (Aurum Saber)
Requip (Basic/Minor)
Various Others


Magic Staff
Kagutsuchi (加具土命, Added Tool Earth Lord)
Rebellion (黒骨の聖魔(リベリオン), Riberion, lit. Black Bones of the Holy Demon)

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Shōjirō Kusaka (草冠・祥治郎, Kusaka Shōjirō) is a traveling wizard, member of the Kusaka Clan, a member of the Ten Wizard Saints and is a scholar of magic. Shōjirō is an exceptionally powerful wizards who had dedicated the bulk of his life helping those that need it most; he has spent most of his life hunting and exterminating bandit clans, hunting magical beasts, and taking on wizard requests that no one else would, or could, handle, on top of helping several war torn, and impoverished areas and countries world wide. Shōjirō is the oldest of his families current generation; he is the oldest son of Seijirō and Yoriko Kusaka, the older twin brother of Ryou Kusaka, and the oldest brother of Shigure, Naomi and Akio Kusaka, as well as the adoptive brother of Momoko Asami, and is the oldest grandson of Genjirō and Hanako Kusaka. He also serves as the the author's main character within the fanon series Fairy Tail: Downfall.

Shōjirō, during his travels has been given the moniker of Great Northern Philosopher (大北方賢者, Dai Kitagata Kenja). Shōjirō gained the moniker of Susanoo (須佐能乎, He with the ability to help by all means) for his sheer generosity towards everybody, and for the fact that he will help anybody for any reason. Shōjirō's title of Sword God (刀神, Tōshin Lit; God of the Sword) was often simply a title that many defeated enemies referred to him as for his near-legendary prowess in swordsmanship. Shōjirō also holds the title of Wizard Saint (聖十 大魔導, Seiten Daimadou) after his acceptance to the Ten Wizard Saints. Shōjirō has shown that despite all of the titles and monikers that he has gained he really doesn't care much about them, stating that "I only did what I though was right."


Shōjirō Full

Shōjirō's full appearance.

Shōjirō is a youthful and handsome young man with a slim, muscular build. In his early-mid-twenties, Shōjirō has an extremely youthful appearance, most notably having a baby face, he also has a fair and light complexion to his skin with a very faint, almost unnoticeable tan to his skin, more akin to a tan that is in last stages of fading away. Shōjirō has a mop of red hair that is of moderate length with a number of strands that stick up and out in various places atop his head and has a few strands that fall between his eyes, but this doesn't seem to hinder his vision any. Standing at an average height Shōjirō doesn't have an immediate intimidating appearance especially when coupled with his usually kind facial expressions, but this belies his true capabilities. Along with these Shōjirō's general appearance is that of well-groomed individual.

Along with his youthful appearance Shōjirō sports a highly toned, well developed and muscular body while retaining a slimmer, swimmers-like build. When revealed Shōjirō is shown to have a large amount of definition in his entire body; his arms are of average size but sports a surprising amount of toned muscle, while his chest and abs are as equally as developed and has very strong legs. While Shōjirō's leaner build may lull others into a sense of security, causing them to underestimate his physical prowess they soon learn otherwise; Shōjirō's build allows him to preform surprising feats of strength, speed, agility, coordination and flexibility. Shōjirō's build is something that usually surprises many combatants, more notably ones that use more physical prowess than magic as they assume that Shōjirō's physical capabilities are below his magical ones, much to their surprise and eventual defeat. Overall, Shōjirō's physique is at its peak, as well as sporting absolutely no unnecessary muscle.

Shōjirō's choice of attire is one that exemplifies comfort and maneuverability over fashion mostly; despite this Shōjirō also doesn't dress in mixed-matched clothes but also doesn't overstress what goes with what. Commonly seen wearing clothing that befits that seasons; shorts in the summer, pants in the fall, winter and early spring, Shōjirō also commonly wears t-shirts with often humorous, if not sometimes obscene, inappropriate, or vulgar comments. While not especially fussy about his clothing Shōjirō does tend to prefer denim or corduroy pants, including shorts when traveling or during his daily social interactions. When relaxing Shōjirō is often seen in large, baggy clothing and prefers to wear open-toed shoes during these times. When needing formal wear Shōjirō is commonly seen in hand tailored suits. Aside from this Shōjirō's only other common attire is a dark blue bodysuit that is often worn under his clothes that is meant to help in his usage of Heavenly Body Magic.

When traveling on his journeys around the world Shōjirō was commonly seen wearing a pair of black pants and a black t-shirt as well as carrying a tan colored, hooded cloak and backpack.

Commonly hidden by his clothing, when disrobed Shōjirō's body reveals numerous scars across it, ones that range from his early childhood to no more than three years old. The bulk of the scars are located along Shōjirō's chest and back with multiple other smaller scars across his limbs. Each scar according to Shōjirō, "has a story to tell", as most scars are from his countless battles across the eleven years that he traveled the world. Some of the more prominent of the scars include a scar the completely encircle his right forearm having the appearance that his arm was severed from his body completely. Other prominent scars include a front-back scar in his right shoulder, looking like a spear had pierced it through and through.


" Never mistake my kindness for weakness."
— Shōjirō, a normally peaceful and laid back person posing a threat, albeit an implied one.

Shōjirō is someone whose demeanor rarely changes; typically he is a happy, humorous, fun loving, if not a bit mischievous and is a fairly laid back individual known for his unending kindness towards everybody around him — his kindness extends to his own family, friends and even complete strangers that he's just meeting for the first time. With his large, extended family, Shōjirō is extremely loving, if not highly overprotective, a trait that many attribute to his being the oldest of his generation, with the exception of twin who is less than six minutes younger than he is. Shōjirō is a doting older brother, acting as a brotherly figure to not only his own sibling but his cousins as well; he has proven that he is willing to help his family and friends no matter what problems it may cause for himself, or anybody else, but despite this he is shown to more than willing to scold the same people that he helps should they deserve it. Along with this, as stated, Shōjirō is highly overprotective of his family and friends, often willing to put them before himself in many situations, even being willing to fight an entire army if need be just to protect them from the slightest of harm. As the oldest of his generation, Shōjirō is also very doting to his younger siblings and family members, willing to provide anything that they need without a second thought and not expecting any amount of compensation in return. But as the oldest of his families current generation, and befitting his mischievous nature, Shōjirō can't help himself when it comes to torturing his family, whether it by his constant sarcasm, or physical, even sexual, harassment of his sisters and female cousins, often resulting in them slapping, or otherwise, striking him in return much to his own enjoyment.

Shōjirō's kindness extends to everybody, not just his family. During his eleven years traveling, Shōjirō gained a reputation for being one of the kindest and most benevolent people that anybody would ever meet; Shōjirō's kindness has cause him to spend in eleven years and exorbitant amount of his own hard earned money building hospitals, schools, orphanages, even paying ransoms, with compensation being the furthest thing from his mind. During his travels, as stated, he built many facilities all of which have been filled with employees belonging to his families companies worldwide. Shōjirō's reputation and kindness has caused him to become a highly beloved figure the world over, as well as being a trait that some seem to recognize even more so than his skills as a wizard, a fact that further says something about him as a person. Shōjirō's kindness is also carried along by his compassion for others; he cares for everybody, strangers the world over, like they were his extended family and is willing to do many different things to better the world, ranging from helping financially to exterminating magical beasts to arresting bandits and criminals. Many of these selfless acts are what led to him earning the title of Susanoo (須佐能乎, He with the ability to help by all means).

Shōjirō Angry

One of Shōjirō's rare displays of unrestrained anger towards someone.

As stated, Shōjirō is typically an easygoing person, and this means that he is very difficult to anger; when truly angered he typically has a "quiet rage" as he never lets others see his anger and rage unless they truly deserve it. As he is a person who has quite rage, and given his usual demeanor, when angry Shōjirō never lashes out at others, instead he typically tries other ways to diffuse whatever may have caused his foul emotions. While it is difficult to truly anger him, Shōjirō has shown to one that can be annoyed, or otherwise irritated, much more easily than angered, and he has shown that under these circumstances he will lash out at someone that has caused him irritation, especially if they are friends or family as he finds it to be his responsibility to make sure that his family maintains an air of respectability, considering that he is the oldest. Along with all of these traits, Shōjirō is shown to be an individual that rarely holds animosity towards others, being unable to hold a grudge, unless the most grave of offenses are committed, such as mass genocide for example. While an individual that has a very long fuse, Shōjirō's control over his anger is not infallible, as he can be forced to snap when exposed to such vile acts, one of the best examples is when Momoko Asami when impaled by a bandit, Shōjirō who in turn lost control of himself and utterly annihilated the offenders.

Despite his appearance, Shōjirō is a young man who carries an immense presence; even though he is of the highest of aristocracy, and a member of the Ten Wizard Saints, his presence isn't one that overbearingly crushing, unless he wishes it so, instead it is one that exudes kindness and compassion. Shōjirō carries a certain air of nobility about him, but this greatly off put by his friendly and relatively outgoing personality — this trait of his has also gained him the dislike of other nobility as they see it as slumming with the poor, a thought that Shōjirō simply ignores as he simply doesn't care what nobility think of him. While refined, and having an air about him, many can assume the kind of home that he grew up in. Shōjirō's presence has shown to command a certain amount of respect, while he never demands, or even expects, respect form anybody many willingly offer it when before him for whatever their own reasons be. As stated, Shōjirō's presence isn't typically overbearing unless he wants it to be, when in one of those moods his mere being radiates power and control, his overwhelming presence when in one of those kinds of moods can cause those that are of a lower station feel afraid, and may cause them to feel paralyzed and perspire.

As a wizard, or more specifically, a fighter, Shōjirō has shown himself to be an almost complete pacifist preferring to talk a problem out before resorting to violence, but will resort to it when needed. Given his personality, Shōjirō commonly tends to act as a third, neutral party when exposed to conflict that is between two strangers, often acting as both the intermediary and negotiator, as he tries to help peacefully defuse tense, borderline and full blown conflicts between people. When he himself is confronted by would be attackers Shōjirō will often try to talk his way out of said situation first, opting to use intimidation if that fails, finally using force when all other options have failed him, but even when using a show of his tremendous powers he tries to inflict as little harm as he possibly can. While a pacifist at heart, when pushed Shōjirō can and will quickly dispatch would be attackers, especially those that would harm and attack innocent bystanders for no reasons; Shōjirō has proven that he isn't above using an overly powerful show of power when in combat, often as a means of dissuading more opposition. Along with being a pacifist, Shōjirō is also shown to care for and respect life above all else; Shōjirō vehemently refuses to take a life without reason, and even then only does so if it is his absolutely last choice in the matter, this even extends to magical beasts and creatures that have an intellect high enough to be reasoned with, such as Vulcan's. While he refuses to take the life of an intelligent being, beings that possess no discernible intelligence, or those that refuse to be reasoned with, Shōjirō, if forced to, will take life. Among the few instances that can force Shōjirō to take life is threatening his family, this can prompt him to instantly kill the one making threats, so long as Shōjirō is absolutely certain that the one making the threats intends to follow through and not just flapping their gums.

As Shōjirō spent most of his time traveling the world, having started at the age of ten years old, he has shown to be extremely mature, at least for the most part, and has a degree of wisdom that is far ahead of his years. As befitting his maturity, Shōjirō speaks to others politely and with respect, for both himself and the other person. When dealing with others, Shōjirō is kind and easygoing, never being forceful in his speech unless he needs to be. Shōjirō never speaks down to others, never acting like he's superior to anybody because of his own upbringing or combat capabilities, showing respect at all times. While all of this may be true, Shōjirō has also shown able to act immaturely often evident in a change of his speech patterns. Shōjirō's sarcasm is shown the most when he's around his friends and family, as he commonly has to have the last word in a conversation, aside from using sarcasm to just simply annoy his family.

As a person in general Shōjirō has a high sense of justice, or rather what is just; his views on this subject are not cut and dry like many others, and offers a rather high degree of flexibility in regards to what he will tolerate. As a wizard, and again a person in general, has dedicated a large portion of his life to helping those that needed it; Shōjirō spent more than a decade traveling due to his sense of justice. As stated, his sense of justice isn't black and white like so many others, as he is willing to try to understand both sides before making a judgement, but this courtesy doesn't extend to those that would needlessly harm others, such as bandits and marauders, who attack indiscriminately, in those cases Shōjirō's view of justice is as black and white as the others that he tries too hard to not be like. Typically he will try to work out a solution, or understand a situation before choosing a guilty party in a conflict. Among the groups that tend to attract, and suffer the subsequent wrath of Shōjirō is Dark Guilds, and as an independent mage he is unrestricted by the Magic Council's rules about inter-guild conflict and wars. As part of Shōjirō's sense of justice is that often acts without any ulterior motive behind many of his actions, such as refusing payment after defeating bandits, even fighting against an entire army for a small, defenseless nation without pay simply because he didn't think it was right.

An aspect of Shōjirō's personality that is rarely seen is his paternal side; as an older sibling he often seen it was his duty to help his younger siblings and family members, but with them he was more of the older brother that picked on and tortured those that were younger then himself. The one person, however, that has seen the paternal side of Shōjirō is Momoko Asami, a young girl that Shōjirō rescued from a bandit attack upon a village at the age of twelve; after rescuing Momoko, Shōjirō became a surrogate father to her despite still being a child himself. Despite still being a child when he found Momoko, Shōjirō adopted quickly to the role, Momoko later recalling that Shōjirō was a natural. Shōjirō, as a surrogate simply raised, or rather continued to raise Momoko as he was raised; Shōjirō knew when to act as the disciplinary figure, as well as when to praise and encourage a young Momoko, eventually training her in the ways of magic and combat, a rougher part of her history as he trained her as he himself was trained. As the years went by after Shōjirō rescued Momoko went by his general personality changed from the surrogate father figure to an older brother figure, one that treated her exactly like he treated his own siblings, which ultimately culminated in Shōjirō adopting her as his youngest sibling.

As a wizard, a member of Ishgar's Ten Wizard Saints, and the heir to a family of mages Shōjirō's standing within the magical communities are extremely strong; just on the continent of Ishgar alone Shōjirō's name is considered to be synonymous with the words "strength", "kindness", and "honor". Shōjirō holds an extreme amount of clout within the magical communities across all of Earth Land, as there is almost no one that doesn't know his name, or at least know about his actions to help people, and is easily recognized as one of the most popular wizards of his generation. While Shōjirō holds such an illustrious amount of respect among the world's magical communities, the same is not true of the Magic Council as Shōjirō holds a deep seeded hate and disdain for them. While the council is unable to refute any of the contributions that Shōjirō has made the world over, nor can they deny his skill and power, they have expressed a nearly equal amount of disdain for him. Shōjirō's view of the Magic Council is a complex one; he understands, and respects, the need for one and doesn't direct his hate at the organization as a whole, instead directs his disdain at those who run the council and the commonly underhanded way that they do things, such as imprisoning a mage who refuses to follow some unnecessary law, or holding the threat of disbandment over a guild should they make the smallest of infraction. As a member of Fiore's Kusaka Clan, one the oldest and most prominent in the country, and a family that holds ties to the Magic Council dating back as far as anyone can remember, Shōjirō has some sway with them in regards to some of their "decisions", and has threatened them on numerous occasions to reveal sensitive information in regards to his family, and in not above using his familial connections to gains what he wants, going so far one time as to say, "With just one piece of information you would be ruined until the end of time".


Born twenty-three years ago to Seijirō and Yoriko Kusaka, Shōjirō was soon followed by his younger twin brother Ryou Kusaka, Shōjirō was the oldest and first grandson of Genjirō and Hanako Kusaka. At age five, upon learning that Shōjirō had a natural aptitude for magic, his hellish training with his grandfather had begun, his training beginning with physical training in order to strengthen his body, followed by his magical training. Upon training until age ten, Shōjirō decided to leave his home in Fiore to travel the world in order to help anyone in need.

Shōjirō Training

Shōjirō training as a child.

Shortly upon leaving his home, Shōjirō happened across n unnamed mage and master of Light Magic who taught Shōjirō his form of magic. After having trained with the unnamed mage for the better part of year and a half, Shōjirō continued his travels, having destroyed numerous Dark Guilds, and multiple factions of bandits along the way. During this time Shōjirō had started to gain a small amount of notoriety as a helper to the people who needed it the most.

Upon reaching the age of twelve, and while hunting a group of bandits for a job Shōjirō came across a small village that had been destroyed by the bandit group he was hunting. Upon searching the village remnants Shōjirō came across a young girl by the name of Momoko Asami, six when he found her, who he preceded to help and eventually take with him. After having saved the girl, who he started calling Momo, he started traveling with her, acting as a surrogate brother and father figure, even despite his young age. During his travels with Momo, Shōjirō had trained her in the ways of not just magic but physical combat, namely swordsmanship and unarmed combat, teachings that she took to very quickly and naturally. After having traveled with Momo for three years, Shōjirō now fifteen and Momo nine years old, it was during this time that Shōjirō came across an old friend of his grandfathers, Thalia Arethusa, who agreed to train Shōjirō for a short amount of time, as well as teaching Momo some more of the finer points of magical control. After having learned and trained with Thalia Arethusa, Shōjirō and Momo continued on their travels. After having traveled for another three years together, Shōjirō now eighteen and Momo now twelve years old, Shōjirō had to depart from Momo to a highly volatile war zone, but not before he told her Don't worry, this isn't goodbye forever, only for now. You need to be strong and know that in our three years traveling I have come to love you like my own little sister, in fact from now on your name will be Momoko Kusaka. I'm making you my adopted sister, and as such when the time comes you can search my, no, our family out in the country of Fiore, and you will be welcomed home as family, and if not I'll beat the fact into everybody's head and they'll accept you whether they like it or not, Ok? Momo responded with, Ok..

After having left Momo in the care of an orphanage, Shōjirō traveled to a small sovereign nation that was one the brink of being invaded by a bordering nation. This small sovereign nation had asked Shōjirō for his help because they didn't have any real form of armed forces, to which Shōjirō agreed. After having fighting the invading nation, and subsequently defeating them single handedly, Shōjirō continued on his travels, helping anybody and everybody that need it.



Magic Staff (呪文増の魔法杖(マジック・スタッフ) Majikku Sutaffu lit. Spell Augmenting Magical Rod) is type of tool, and weapon, that is used by wizards. Magic Staves, like all ancient magic weapons are a category of weaponry referred to as "magical energy-driven weaponry" (魔力駆動兵器, Maryoku Kudō Heiki); as old-style magicians would utilize them as a medium from which to channel the ambient Eternano saturated within the environment, with the staff stabilizing these energies so that the mage is capable of casting powerful spells without any risk of backlash. Magic Staves, in order to be harnessed to their full potential, require a very close interoperation between the mage's brain and the staff, as both have to be attuned to each other upon the staff's first activation and regularly recalibrated to ensure optimal performance as the mage becomes stronger and stronger- these tests are done via synchronizing the "Magistone" (魔石, Maseki), a primitive form of Lacrima attached to the Magic Staff and the mage's Magic Origin so that the Magic Staff knows the upper limit of absorption of the mage's Magic Origin and thus can filter anything which is above it outwards in order to ensure constant safety yet still retains incredible power as the Magic Staff directly strengthens and accelerates the mage's magic output due to the Magistone draws in eternano faster than a magician could do so normally.

Shōjirō's Magic Staff is something that is more akin to a walking stick, but what classifies it as an actual Magic Staff is that it was carved from an ancient magic tree that had had grown over top, and its roots grew down into, a naturally immense vein of magical power that runs through the earth known as the Ley lines; these Ley lines provided the ancient tree with a constant supply of magical power for centuries with caused it to become naturally attuned to magical power, as well as transforming the wood of the tree into a naturally occurring magical weapon should one know how to properly utilize it. Its basic appearance is that of a wooden staff that is about a foot taller than Shōjirō is tall, with a thin white cloth-like bandage wrapped along almost the entire length of the staff ending just below the head of the staff, tied in a simple knot with two tassels of the cloth hanging leftover. The head of the staff is rather crooked, curving into a "V" like shape between the shaft and head, with the head of the staff being on the larger size.

As the staff that is wielded by Shōjirō is naturally attuned to magical power it is easily capable of absorbing and projecting magical power from itself without shattering despite its lack of a Magistone, an ability that the tree gained by essentially forming its own natural magical pathway system similar to that of a wizards body as a way to regulate the magical powers, as is even able to withstand Shōjirō's monstrously powerful magical abilities. As the tree that the staff was carved from was reinforced by magical energy for centuries the wood is much harder and denser than that of normal wood, the staff being able to rival even steel and metal weapons with ease, even when not being fortified by Shōjirō's magical power at the time. As the staff contains its own natural magical pathways it is easily able to channel even Shōjirō's elemental magic's without problems and fail.

Kagutsuchi (加具土命, Added Tool Earth Lord)
Kagutsuchi (KILLER5591)

Shōjirō drawing Kagutsuchi from its sheath.

is a unique type of katana known as a sakabatō (逆刃刀, Reverse-Blade Sword), which means that the sharpened cutting edge of the weapon on the back of the blade, and is also Shōjirō's primary weapon. Shōjirō's Kagutsuchi visually is an underwhelming weapon at first sight, even more so once an opponent realizes that the cutting edge of the weapon is actually on the back of the blade itself, a feature that commonly results in those that face off against this weapon to laugh. The weapon itself has a unique luster all its own as it seems to give off its own faint, nearly invisible glow when drawn. The tsuba (鍔 or 鐔, hand guard) of the sword is rather plain, being round with a simple inlay of a Chinese dragon circling it, while the hilt is covered in plain black cord wrap with a diamond shaped tapering that shows the wood of the hilt beneath it. The sword itself is slighting longer than half of Shōjirō's own height, making the blade a rather long weapon. Because of Shōjirō's passive nature this type of sword is the ideal weapon for him.

The Kagutsuchi is a magically forged sword commissioned, having been forged with multiple metals, one of the most prominent being Tamahagane, an alloy that is extremely dense, yet doesn't add weight as a trade-off, is highly resistant to blunt force when stuck with other objects, and has a monstrous amount of durability and endurance. Shōjirō's Kagutsuchi is shown to be very lightweight, almost to the point that a young child could pick it up and swing it like a piece of paper, yet is still dense enough and durable enough to be used as a weapon, in this case more of a blunt weapon than an actual sword, and can be used not only to attack with but to defend against even the strongest of attacks without so much as a micro-fissure of a crack within the blade. Kagutsuchi was forged to Shōjirō's specifications which includes multi-layered Nullification Magic spells and redundancies upon the blade that allows it to nullify opposing magic when it comes into contact with the blade, while the redundancies still allows Shōjirō to channel his own magic into the blade without a problem, the Nullification Magic upon the blade also prevents it from being nullified itself by other Nullification Magic or Dispel. A secondary charm upon the blade also makes it so that the blade cannot be held and wielded by another person, meaning that only Shōjirō can use this blade. As a weapon, Kagutsuchi cannot normally inflict slicing or cutting damage upon an opponent's flesh, their clothing and other objects are another matter as Shōjirō's sword skills allows him to do this without a proper blade. The actual "blade" of the weapon is blunt but can still be used like a traditional sword, as stated Shōjirō can still cut up an opponent's clothing and other physical objects with ease. Due to the composition of the blade and its individual components it easily negates the force from impacts, giving little recoil to Shōjirō when fighting.

Rebellion (黒骨の聖魔(リベリオン), Riberion, lit. Black Bones of the Holy Demon) commonly referred to as Shinkotsu (神骨, God Skill) is the name of Shōjirō's primary offensive sword and strongest weapon in his possession, being a sword of enormous power. Visually, Rebellion is a standard looking Japanese katana, at least while sheathed, as its true appearance is given away upon being drawn; when drawn the blades appearance often surprises most who seen it — the blade is entirely black with its hamon (刃紋, tempering line or hardening pattern) being of Kanemoto style, having the appearance of a saw or sharp teeth, as well as it being reversed, an aspect that is very seldom seen upon a blade forged in this manner. The hilt is wrapped in a silk material with the tapering being in perfect diamonds down the center of the wrap which allows the underlying material that constitutes the hilt to show through. The pommel is rather plain, ending in a golden cap. The tsuba (鍔 or 鐔, hand guard) of Rebellion is in the shape of a flower with two half circles cut out in it on either side of the habaki. Rebellion is a rather long sword, being more than half as tall as Shōjirō is tall. The sword is a similar weapon to the exceptionally powerful katana referred to simply as "Archenemy" (不倶戴天, Fugutaiten) owned by the strongest member of Mermaid Heel known as Kagura Mikazuchi as two blades are known as God Mowers (神薙, Kannagi); the highest class of sword, magical or otherwise, around. Indeed, if unsheathed, these "God Mowers" could cause a cataclysm of unimaginable proportions- the skies, the earth, and the sea are all sliced in twain before the might of a God Mower-class sword as they display the ability to cut through anything. Rebellion is also a blade known as a Magic Killer (魔導殺し, Madō Koroshi) or a Magic Slayer (魔法殺害, Mahō Satsugai), which are terms that express more of an ability than anything else.

Much like Shōjirō's Kagutsuchi, Rebellion is made of several different metals and alloys, the only two known are Tamahagane, and the physical crystal-like substance that is created by the Diamond Body magic skill of the Kusaka Clan, these materials mean that the blade is exceptionally durable and dense without compromising the weight of the blade, but this is more of a moot point as Shōjirō had the blade made with an increased weight, but not with the purposes that many would assume; the blades composition also gives it a blade that is far beyond being sharp, as the word "sharp" is unable to actually describe the cutting edge of the blade. Rebellion is a blade that many would consider a failure because the blade is so sharp and smooth that not even blood will not remain upon its blade simply sliding off it, and that no sheath can hold it, as well as the blade being two strong to the point that it will never chip or break while using it — these attributes means that it fails to meet the definition of an actual sword. Even despite these seemly negative attributes of Rebellion, it is nevertheless an exceptionally powerful weapon when in the hands of a master swordsman like Shōjirō.

Rebellion is a strange sword, even among the many countless number of magical swords that exist. Like the Kagutsuchi, Shōjirō has placed numerous spells and charms upon his Rebellion that provide benefits to himself and make it near impossible for any other person to wield it, such spells and charms include Nullification Magic, and the proper redundancies that allows the sword to nullify other magic but not Shōjirō's own, charms that prevent others from even touching the blade in the form of a barrier that rejects them, one charm help prevent the blade from being lost to Shōjirō's hands unless he desires it so. The Nullification Magic charms that have been placed upon the Rebellion is special in that Shōjirō needs to use his own magic to actually activate it, a measure that helps to ensure that the swords other abilities are not disrupted. Rebellion holds numerous different names that describe its various different abilities, one such name is Adaptive Sword (適応剣, Tekiōtō) which alludes to rebellion's ability to instantly adapt to any magic element that the blade comes into contact with, examples being that the blade of the sword will become engulfed in flames if it were used to defend against a Fire Magic spell. Magic based abilities wise Rebellion possesses the ability to absorb Shōjirō's elemental magic, enhancing its abilities depending upon the element, such as gaining increased cutting power when infused with Lightning Magic. The titles of Magic Killer (魔導殺し, Madō Koroshi) and Magic Slayer (魔法殺害, Mahō Satsugai) of Rebellion allude to its ability to weaken the bonds that hold the magical particles called Eternano together, an ability that makes Rebellion a highly difficult to fight against. On a similar note to this, due to the materials that make up Rebellion's construction, chiefly Tamahagane, Rebellion is able to some extent repel Magical Barrier Particles, but this is only to a minor extent. Due to the materials that were used to forge the blade Rebellion has a natural amount of shock and impact absorption to it that reduces the shock that Shōjirō feels while fighting with it. Other such abilities allows Shōjirō to channel his magic into the blade and launch it from a distance. Aside from its magical abilities Rebellion's physical abilities are far superior to those of any bog standard sword and even other magic swords; the sword possesses an absurdly sharp blade that can easily cut through pretty much anything that it touches, even a substance as durable as diamond or as dense as Osmium; the blade of Rebellion can easily cut though these elements and as such other materials such as stone and steel are like butter to the blade. Rebellion's blade is also exceptionally durable as even a giant, whose race is known for immense physical strength, was unable to bend the blade even a millimeter, and many believe that a dragon could step on the blade with the same result; the blade along with its durability is shown to have a great amount of endurance — as stated before the blade cannot be chipped or cracked, on top of the fact that repeated usage of the sword in even the most grueling of battles will never lose its edge.

  • Rebellion's Sheath ((黒骨の聖魔の鞘(リベリオン), Riberion no Saya, lit. Sheath of Black Bones of the Holy Demon) is, as the name implies, the sheath of Rebellion, and is something that had to be commissioned on its own as Rebellion naturally cannot be heal within a regular sheath. The sheath is entirely black with red circles adorned upon it on either side that are cut into perfect thirds. The sheath of Rebellion was crafted and then had numerous magic charms and spells placed upon it that prevents Rebellion from sliding from it; these charms and spells act almost like a magnetic lock of sorts as the only way for Shōjirō to draw the blade from its sheath is by channeling his magic into it which acts as the key for it as the sheath will not release the blade unless it is Shōjirō's magical signature that is being registered by it.

Tate no Tetsujin (盾の哲人, Shield of the Philosopher) is the name of the cloak that Shōjirō commonly wears during his travels. While simply put, it is a defensive item made from magically enhance fibers. This cloak can take a certain amount of damage, often failing when the attack exceeds the amount of magic that the cloak was originally imbued with. When the cloak fails instead of taking the damage it will transfer it to Shōjirō himself. The cloak has a second feature, being able to self-repair when damaged such as being torn or burned.

Powers and Abilities

Do to Shōjirō's standing as the next head of his family, an extremely old and powerful family within the Kingdom of Fiore, as well as his current standing as one of the Ten Wizard Saints it is safe to assume that Shōjirō is an exceptionally powerful individual — even despite Shōjirō having been excepted to the Wizard Saints for his exceptionally vast magical knowledge, this doesn't diminish, or even mean that he is weaker in combat then the other Saints, quite on the contrary; Shōjirō has shown able to match the other Saints in magical and non-magical combat. A testament of Shōjirō's magical power is proven by a statement which said that "He (Shōjirō) is more powerful then his parents, and is well on his way to growing more powerful then his grandfather," his grandfather being one of the most powerful wizards in the world, and one of the very small few who are believed able to kill a dragon by themselves, and without the usage of a Slayer Magic. Another testament to his power is through his ancestors, Shōjirō being the current direct descendent of one of the most powerful wizards in all of history, Sen'un Kusaka, a wizard who lived more than two hundred years ago. Shōjirō is one of the few wizards that didn't neglect his other attributes and abilities so as to concentrate on just his magic and vise versa with his physical attributes.

Ways of Combat

"You must maintain an attitude of constant improvement and never for a moment discount training you have received"
— Shōjirō's stance upon his own skills, and training in general.


Grandmaster Swordsmanship Specialist: As swordsmanship is his primary method of combat and his preferred method it would some without surprise that Shōjirō is an exceptionally proficient swordsman, his skills have lent to many of his victories in battle as one of his monikers is Sword God (刀神, Tōshin lit. God of the Sword), a testament to his formidable skills with a bladed weapon. As a swordsman Shōjirō's skills are classified as being nearly legendary, even despite his young age; Shōjirō has displayed on several occasions his competence with a blade on several occasions — Shōjirō's mastery of swordsmanship extends to almost any form of sword, but his true skill and abilities are only shown when he is wielding his own weapons, at which point his defeat is nigh impossible except by someone of a similar level of skill. Shōjirō has displayed mastery of at least a dozen schools of swordsmanship, and expert skill in several dozen more, excluding any kind of "generic" sword fighting that he may employ. Shōjirō's primary form of swordsmanship is referred to as Katate Ittōryū (片手一刀流, One-Handed, Single Sword Style) which refers to the way in which Shōjirō wields his blade, which is as the name would imply, one-handed, which leave his other hand free to employ magic or unarmed combat if needed. As a master of this self-designed style, Shōjirō is easily capable of using it to his utmost advantage in a combat situation as he is able to employ his swordsmanship along with his martial arts all at once that proves to far more than formidable in combat. While this style of swordsmanship has an air of simplicity about it, such as having a "predictable" attack patterns, this seeming simply style is often all that Shōjirō need to defeat his opposition.

As stated, Shōjirō has several schools of swordsmanship at his disposal, excluding his self-made Katate Ittōryū, as well as the "generic" swordsmanship that everything tends to bleed into, and Shōjirō has shown capable of switching between all of them on the fly, and as easily as breathing is to him, and with such subtlety that even the most observant of swordmasters would have a hard time figuring out when the change occurred. Shōjirō's skill allows him to change from offense to defense effortlessly, and within less than a seconds worth of time without the need to change his current stance, an action that leaves onlookers stumped as to what has occurred. Shōjirō is often considered to be a "balanced fighter", meaning that his sword strikes carry an equal amount of speed along with power, but he can instantly transition to one that relies entirely upon power using broad, and highly anticipated, sword swings to a style that focuses upon quick precision in only a fraction of a second. Shōjirō's typical approach to swordsmanship when just his "generic" style will do is to swiftly overwhelm his opposition and defeat them while inflicting as little physical harm as possible to them.

Shōjirō's typical approach to sword fighting is swift and powerful strikes aimed at quickly disabling an attacker with as little physical harm as possible, a job that is accomplished by Shōjirō's Kagutsuchi. When fighting with a sword, Shōjirō strikes quickly and with a purpose in mind, never attacking in a wild and reckless fashion, and while every strike may seem calculated every strike with his blade allows Shōjirō to react in several ways that will ultimately lead to his own advantage. Each swing of his blade is at immeasurable speeds and with enough power to cleave anything in two, but still retains a level of precision akin to a master marksman. As stated before, Shōjirō can freely and effortlessly change his "rhythm" while in the midst of fighting allowing him to change his current pattern of attack from swift precision to powerful broad attacks and then back again, as well as being able to switch from offense to defense just as fast and effortlessly, even being able to shift do defense in the middle of an attack and vice versa.

As a warrior that possess a tremendous amount of physical agility and acrobatic prowess, Shōjirō is easily able to move through an onslaught of attacks unscathed, even performing maneuvers that most wouldn't ever think of. When in the midst of combat Shōjirō's focus in terms of attack are to quickly and decisively end the confrontation, but on the opposite end of that spectrum Shōjirō's defenses are just as quick and decisive in execution, but also has a certain type of flair to them that often leaves his opposition speechless and confused; such defensive maneuvers include instead of jumping to avoid a low sweeping attack Shōjirō will plant his blade into the ground and balance atop the hilt of his blade, either on his hands of standing upon it, catching his opponent off guard and leaving them open to a counterattack. Shōjirō, as a practitioner of Fencing is also adept at various forms of parries with his blade, whether it's simply blocking another blade, or something more such as redirecting the force of an opposing strike away before bringing his blade back around to strike with.

  • Sword Pressure (剣圧, Ken'atsu) A basic ability which can be learned by almost everyone and their mother, but it sure is deadly if utilized properly; it is the most basic techniques that one can perform with their sword. When performing the Sword Pressure technique, the user swings forward with their sword, swinging the blade so swiftly that it seems that the user is able to utilize air itself to slice enemies, focusing a current of wind to the point where it takes on a sharp edge, which the user launches at foes; sending it through the air towards the user's enemy. It is a powerful blade of pressure that appears as faint ripples of wind that is launched towards the foe at high speeds; this attack enables the user to assault things which are out of their sword's range, sending slashes which fly through the air itself; and can even remain floating in it until the right moment to slash. The person struck by the sword pressure is assaulted by countless invisible blades which happens so fast that they would normally be unable to properly react in time, carving up their body. Also, the strong wind power will blow away all incoming projectile weapons and will even make the opponent unable to stay on their feet; this technique possesses enough power to slice down many trees in a forest. This technique can deflect both physical and sound wave attacks and attack at the same time, making it both an offensive and defensive technique. These blades of wind possess incredible range and devastating power; and at its highest level of mastery, the sword pressure is capable of cutting through barriers of magical energy; and they can even remain floating within the air until the right minute to slash. Do to Shōjirō's extreme level of mastery over the blade this technique is extremely powerful when used by him. To perform this technique Shōjirō swings his blade with such speed that any air within the path of his sword swing in launched forward at such high speeds that it becomes more like a bullet than anything else. These "bullets" of air carry a considerable amount of force, being able to punch through solid stone and metal with ease and continue going without much loss in power. This technique acts as a ranged attack, being able to reach an enemy that is out of Shōjirō's range with his sword. This technique also allows Shōjirō to gauge his opponent's speed to see if they're fast enough to dodge this technique, if not then the enemy is usually knocked unconscious.
    • Sword Pressure: Omega Tempest (剣圧・真空裂斬(オメガ・テンペスト), Omega Tenpesuto lit. Sword Pressure: Vacuum Fissure Slash):
  • Dragon Nail (龍螺旋牙(ドラゴン・ネイル), Doragon Neiru lit. Dragon Spiral Fang) is a simple sword technique that becomes exponentially more powerful when executed by a sword master of great skill. Dragon Nail is a technique that any sword wielder can use; it's simply a powerful thrust with the user's blade executed with such speed and force that the blade turns into an artillery shell of sorts, often with enough force to violently rip the target in half, or at least leaving a gaping hole in its wake.
  • Kūten Saikō (空天採光, Empty Heaven, Forest Clearing Flash) is an extremely powerful sword technique. This technique is reputed to have the power to fell an entire forest, and a mountain in a single usage. Most commonly performed by Shōjirō using his Kagutsuchi, a sword that can't normally kill when used. To perform this technique Shōjirō will usually start by pulling his sword, scabbard and all, from his waist before stepping into a stance that empowers a single sword drawing attack; this stance is usually accomplished by Shōjirō stepping backwards with his left foot and bending at the knees while holding his sword in his left hand and his right hand on the hilt of his blade ready to draw it. After assuming the required stance for this technique, Shōjirō, with his sword, still in its sheath, will start to gather his magical power along the blade of his sword, creating a very fine, and nearly invisible, line of magic power which runs the entire length of his swords blade. After layering the very edge of his swords blade, Shōjirō will start his drawing slash by stepping forward with his left foot, while drawing his sword and quickly slashing forward, but interestingly enough the point actually isn't to make contact with the enemy upon drawing the blade. After the initial slash, Shōjirō will then proceed to sheath his drawn blade, and upon sheathing the entire length of his blade the technique true effect become evident. Upon the blade being completely sheathed, the enemy is usually violently thrown back with no physical cuts being apparent, and anything behind them is severed in half by the release of the highly concentrated magical power that was accumulated upon the blades edge, along with a massive air current with has a lag do the speed at which this technique takes place.
  • Tenma Ryūsō (天魔龍槍, Heavenly Demonic Dragon Javelin) is another extremely powerful sword techniques that Shōjirō commonly employs. To perform this technique will assume a stance that supports a full-body sword thrust intent upon breaking through any form of defend, magical and non-magical alike. Upon assuming the required stance Shōjirō will begin to gather and compress his magical power right at the very tip of his sword, gathering and then compressing it to its maximum. Upon having gathered the necessary amount of magical power upon his blade, Shōjirō will then dash forward at extremely high speeds, enough so that he seems to disappear from sight, and upon the tip of Shōjirō's blade making contact with any form of resistance, whether it’s a magical barrier, armor, or even the use of the targets forearm, the compressed magical energy at the tip of Shōjirō's blade will violently decompress upon its point of contact with the object of resistance causing cracks within the defenses which allows Shōjirō's blade to move through them to directly attack the target. The speed at which this technique takes place is often so fast that the attack is over before the opponent realizes what has happened. The speed at which this spell takes place is also its greatest weakness; because of this techniques speed Shōjirō is only able to move in a linear fashion, meaning that he is unable to change directions once his is moving.
Style of the One-Handed Single Sword

Style of the One-Handed Single Sword (片手一刀流, Katate Ittōryū) is the name of Shōjirō's self-made style of swordsmanship and his primary sword style when first engaging in combat. This "self-made" style is one that exemplifies all of Shōjirō's strengths, and has shown to essentially be a complete amalgamation of all of the schools of swordsmanship that Shōjirō knows, effectively turning this style in the MMA of swordsmanship as this style incorporates pretty much everything that he knows into one fiercely effective style of combat. As the name of this style would imply it is performed by Shōjirō while he wields a single sword in only one hand, this method originating as a modified version of the well-known Ittōryū (一刀流, one Sword Style) of swordsmanship, but has since been clearly modified by Shōjirō for his own ease and usage. This style incorporates pretty much every other school of swordsmanship that Shōjirō has knowledge of but has shown to have a more prominent schools that tend to bleed through more than the others, such as Kenjutsu/Kendō, Battōjutsu/Iaidō, and French Fencing, all of these styles, while known to Shōjirō individually, when they are used in this "self-made" MMA sword style the potency of each of the individual styles blends into a very effective, and very deadly, style if misused. The most notable aspects of this style is the multitude of different sword strikes that can be performed, such strikes ranging from quick slashes, to powerful two-handed downward slashes, and even to swift precise thrusts, all of which are designed to immediately cripple an opponent of Shōjirō's while doing the least amount of bodily damage to them.

When used in combat, Shōjirō using this style, will focus upon immeasurably swift and powerful strikes that are precisely directed at vital areas of the opponents body in an attempt to render them unable to continue fighting. This is accomplished, in conjunction with Shōjirō's Kagutsuchi as its design is less lethal than other weapons. As this style uses only one of Shōjirō's hands and arms to wield his blade and leaves his other free many of Shōjirō's strikes can be quickly followed up with a swift punch, palm thrust, elbow strike, or lag based attack to quickly add multiple strikes and accumulate damage to an opponent in a very short period of time. Commonly, Shōjirō uses a variety of sword attacks using this style that ranges from slow, broad swings to swift, compact strikes and thrusts, as well as being able to attack at just as many angles. Shōjirō's skill with this style allows him to quickly fell an entire battalion's worth of combatants in short order.


Battōjutsu (抜刀術, the craft of drawing out the sword) is a field of Kenjutsu which deals specifically with the rapid drawing and sheathing of a sword. It is the predecessor of the art of Iaidō, in that their differences stem from the fact that Iaidō is much like Kendo as a form of spiritual training and sport, where Battōjutsu practices and studies the dynamics of sword drawing and hand eye coordination regarding live action factors of timing, distance, targeting, and the specifics of one's sword, including its size and blade, to strike readily. It is hence practiced with live swords, in contrast to kata and sparring needs eventually developing the safer bokken and shinai.

In most cases, a katana being drawn from its sheath moves with a much greater speed and force than when it is being wielded normally. Additionally, greater drawing speed gives a swordsman more of an advantage in combat than an opponent whose speed is inferior. This is due in part to the fact that a katanas sharp blade curves upward against the inside of the sheath, allowing the swordsman to use more strength in drawing it without having to worry about applying extra control to his movements - the sword's path is guided by the sheath while the blade meets no resistance, moving two to three times faster than normal.

Shōjirō is shown to be an exceptionally skilled individual in the art of Battōjutsu, as he is capable of performing the motions with such blinding speed that his opposition doesn't realize that the motion has taken place until it is too late, and they are already defeated. The speed at which Shōjirō can draw and sheath his blade is so great that he is able to perform this single motion multiple times in a row to defeat multiple opponents in only a matter of few moments while retaining perfect form. Because of the speed at which Shōjirō can strike many assume that he strikes multiple times before actually sheathing his blade, a fact that is untrue as each strike follows the teaching of this sword art to the letter. As a defensive, counterattacking sword art Shōjirō is able to quickly draw his blade to counter an opponent in an instant before following that up with another attack. As a master of Iaidō, Shōjirō has developed a few different techniques that exemplify the speed at which this sword art is executed.

  • Omnipresent Sword (遍在剣, Henzaitō) is a Battōjutsu technique in Shōjirō's arsenal. This technique is a defensive, then offensive technique, meaning that it starts off defensive then ends in an offensive manner. Being an Iaidō technique, Shōjirō's blade will remain in its sheath, or in a sheathed position before use. Upon Shōjirō sensing an attack upon his person he will draw his sword at speeds so great that only a small handful of others could see, Shōjirō will then using both his own monstrous physical speed combined with his sword speed will attack the opponent with a myriad of attacks, all of which are often aimed at vital points in an attempt to disable the attacker in as absolutely little time as possible. This technique is shown to happen in as little as three seconds worth of time, making it one of Shōjirō's fastest.
  • Tenkusōkon (天区創痕, Heavenward Slash) is another powerful Battōjutsu technique in Shōjirō's arsenal. To perform this technique Shōjirō will sheath his blade. In the moment of his strike, Shōjirō will rapidly draw his blade in a vertical slash coming from below, intendant upon slashing the opponent straight through the middle of their body and ending the attack with a slash through (or upon) the opponents chin. While performing this technique Shōjirō will quickly step forward twice, once with his left foot which carries the entirety of the attack and ends with his right foot forward again, ending the motion and re-sheathing his blade.
  • Iaidō (居合道, Way of Drawing and Resheathing) is the name of a traditional Japanese form of swordsmanship that allows its user to rapidly unsheathe their blade, strike, swipe the blood from their blade, and then sheathe the drawn blade all in a single, swift motion. This style of swordsmanship, while effective often is a single usage as after the blade has been drawn then sheathed again the chances of a second strike occurring effectively are greatly lessened, especially against multiple opponents. Iaidō is not only an aggressive sword art as it can effectively be used as a preemptive attack to defeat a single opponent before a full on battle can occur, Iaidō can also be used as an equally effective counterattack as the practitioner can quickly draw their blade in response to an offense against them.

Kenjutsu (剣術, The Method of the Sword) is the name of another form of traditional Japanese sword styles, this one unlike Iaidō, is used in conjunction with the users blade while it is drawn, and emphasizes the usage of two handed sword techniques to attack and defend with, one hand is at the base of the handle to provide longer reach, while the other hand is at the ridge of the blade to provide the initial force to flick the sword as quick as an arrow to hit the target. As one of the greatest and most proficient swordsmen in the world, Shōjirō has an extreme degree of skill in Kenjutsu, having mastered even the most basic principles and aspects to the point that even they become incredibly lethal should they succeed. The speed at which he uses this sword art as so fast that his blade often becomes a blur of silver or black that confuses the opponent before finishing them off, commonly before they even know that they have been defeated. Shōjirō is known to utilize feints, his feigns (usually Iaidō) are so fast and spontaneous, he can create several openings in a foe in just one movement; a utilization of his sword, footwork, and center of gravity. When applied it allows Shōjirō to set-back his opposition and create another opening to attack from; however not all of these attacks need the subterfuge to create the appropriate opening. Unlike many practitioners of Shōjirō adheres to the traditional teachings of Kenjutsu, aiming for his foe's sword hand or arm in an attempt to disable and/or disarm his foe of their weapon, and creating large openings from which to deliver the next blow. These feints are done with two hands on the sword, and much like his various Kendo techniques he usually hides these postures from his opponents, and the ready positions are implemented while switching hands or while changing steps; these flicking strikes can be administered from any angle (from the top, sides, or below), only aiming for his opponent's sword itself is when parrying, in an attempt to knock his foe's blade away, and allowing his to deliver a more powerful attack of his own. When parrying, Shōjirō always directs the point of the sword to the target, this minimizes the step usually needed for him to be able to counter-attack and thus his opponent is put at an immediate disadvantage. By using quick strikes directed at his opponent's sword hand or forearm, as would usually be done with his thrusting techniques, can immediately incapacitate an opponent's attack before needing to parry it. His ability to employ all three of these aspects of the art, not only flawlessly, but, instinctively, where he doesn't even have to think about them, are a testament to his mastery of the art. His reflexes are trained to react to sword movements, however chaotic or unpredictable they may be, to the point that he can fight in total darkness and still effectively parry and return opponent techniques and strikes. He is also capable of taking on several opponents at once with his techniques.

  • Kendō (剣道, Way of the Sword): Shōjirō is considered a master of the art in every way. Because of his masterful command of the art, he is known as a kendōka (剣道家, those who practice Kendo). It is primarily a two-handed sword art, with tremendous power behind it. The purpose of Kendō is to throw off a target's determination and test their resolve. A weakening of resolve usually produces several openings from which Shōjirō can render the final blow, or a deathblow if need be. Shōjirō has shown to mix his Kendō in with his regular method of swordsmanship, a combination that allows him to strike much harder when needed, such as to break through his enemies guard or a defensive techniques or spells. His Kendō, in particular, is feared as one of the strongest among any swordsmanship practitioner.
Style of the Guiding Lightning of Divine Protection

Style of the Guiding Lightning of Divine Protection (教光加護流, Norimitsu Kago-ryū) is the name of an ancient school of swordsmanship that Shōjirō learned while traveling on his own as a child and though his teenage years, having a complete working and usable mastery of it by the end of his teenage years and into his early adulthood. This style is, in modern times, all but completely lost and forgotten, Shōjirō was shown to have come across a hermit who was one of the few alive that knew this ancient sword style, and after witnessing Shōjirō's skill with a blade and deeming his heart to be pure, taught it Shōjirō before his passing, making Shōjirō one of the selective few who knows this nearly forgotten school of swordsmanship. As a method of combat the Style of the Guiding Lightning of Divine Protection exemplifies a combination of immense speed and agility, battōjutsu, and acquired, observation-based pseudo-clairvoyance that permits a practitioner to anticipate an opponent's movements. Both offensive and defensive maneuvers are executed with minimal movement in order to increase a practitioner's ability to counter-attack and to conserve energy. Each strike from this sword style uses what is referred to as Godspeed Sword Drawing and Sheathing (神速抜刀術, Shinsoku Battōjutsu) which refers to the immeasurable speed at which any one strike is made at before Resheathing the blade, and all within a single motion. The Style of the Guiding Lightning of Divine Protection employs strikes that are made with such immeasurable speed and an equal amount of power behind them while still retaining the precision of a master marksman, as each strike is meant to be delivered at these speeds and with that much force without missing, exemplifying a single strike style.

While this style is meant to defeat its practitioners foes in a single motion, when that fails and the practitioner is forced to fight with a drawn sword this style doesn't fall short in this field either, and can be said that even this form of combat exceeds the power of many other styles. All of the aspects of this style that emphasized for its battōjutsu easily and effortlessly translates to combat with a purely drawn sword, which retains all of the principles that have already been talked about — immeasurable speed, agility, and power and the pseudo-clairvoyance that permits a practitioner to anticipate an opponent's movements. When fighting with a drawn sword the attacks are made with unmatched speed and power and are designed to defeat the opposition in only a matter of a few moments, or a few strikes depending on their level of skill. As with Kenjutsu, the Style of the Guiding Lightning of Divine Protection uses varies types of strikes that range from using two handed techniques to ones that require only one hand, leaving the practitioners other hand free, as well as feints that employ the styles Godspeed Drawing and Sheathing to attack and defend with, and also uses parries to protect its user. One thing to note about this particular style of swordsmanship is that, due to the extreme, to put it mildly, abilities and feats that it can produce requires any practitioner to have a level of physical conditioning that is above almost everybody else, as practice with this style will help to condition its practitioners to the peak of their abilities, but for those that lack this or are lazy about it, this style will take a severe toll on the body until eventually the user is able to perform even the simplest of actions that tis style demands, and ultimately will completely devastate the body of an undisciplined, or otherwise, unprepared practitioner, leaving them unable to use this style ever again.

As one of the most proficient masters of the sword, and now one of the few select few that has been taught this nearly extinct school of swordsmanship, Shōjirō is extremely skilled in its usage and execution as he is capable of drawing out its capabilities to their fullest, obtaining, sometimes even exceeding, the capabilities of the styles techniques with only minimal effort. Shōjirō is shown to have mastery over all the aspects of this ancient style to the point that even the most basic of its teachings and usage are extremely deadly. Shōjirō is shown able to utilize this styles extreme form of battōjutsu to its fullest, being capable of drawing, striking, and re-sheathing his blade in only a fraction of a second, and is able to fell multiple adversaries in a single draw, even going so far as being able to cleave through the air so fast that a vacuum is created in the wake of his sword draw. When fighting with a fully drawn sword, Shōjirō's strikes are delivered with such speed and force while being so precise that many assume that they've just been shot at point blank range with a high caliber rifle.

Unarmed Combat

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: While swordsmanship is his first line of offense and defense, along with it being his preferred method of combat, Shōjirō was raised with not only swordsmanship as a method of combat as a weapon isn't always going to help, in fact it may sometimes hinder a fighter, so Shōjirō was raised not only learning swordsmanship but the unarmed combat that is martial arts. Shōjirō is shown to have a level of proficiency with unarmed martial arts as he does with a sword, a fact that commonly surprises many as they assume that he is vulnerable unarmed, only to defeated just as swiftly as if he were using his blade. Shōjirō, unlike some other fighters, Dragon Slayers for example who tend to be straight up street fighters, using anything and everything to fight with, Shōjirō tends to follow a more refined and traditional approach to unarmed combat as he has mastered several different styles of martial arts that range from both aggressive hard styles to defensive soft styles, some of which include Jujutsu, Karate, Chinese Kenpō, some Muay Thai, Hung Gar, Hakkyokuken and Baguazhang are just a few of the named styles that Shōjirō has at his disposal. Raised by a family of extremely proficient and competent fighters and combatants, Shōjirō was taught many of this martial arts by his family, especially his grandfather from the tender age of three, having become a proficient expert in many of these styles before the age of ten. Able to instantly shift between the various styles at his disposal as naturally and quickly as it is to blink Shōjirō, in conjunction with his self-made sword style, Shōjirō uses only a single hand to wield his blade while normally and consistently mixing his unarmed martial arts into the mix, striking or defending with his blade and following up with a block or follow up offensive barehanded to double the number of potential attacks or disorient his opponents, this also allows him to fight multiple opponents at once. All in all, even when not armed with a blade Shōjirō remains a formidable adversary capable of defeating numerous enemies at once.

With all of the numerous styles of unarmed martial arts at his disposal, Shōjirō uses a style that is entirely unique and distinctive to himself, only one other person in the world has a close enough style of unarmed combat, that person being Momoko Asami, a young girl that Shōjirō saved and taught magic and martial arts to, specifically his own unique style. The distinct and unique style of martial arts that Shōjirō now uses is one that is a true MMA amalgamation of everything else that bled into each other to create a style that is so unique and distinctive that the chances of it being properly taught are nigh impossible, but Shōjirō managed to do this one way or another. Shōjirō's approach to barehanded combat is in one of two ways — the first being with the thought "can I defeat him/them without actually harming them" — while the second thought is "I have to be aggressive to defeat him/them" — which ever approach that Shōjirō takes is always brought about with the same immeasurable speed, power and precision as his swordsmanship is delivered with. All of Shōjirō's techniques are delivered from an appropriate stance that implores and ultimately strengthens the motions that Shōjirō is attempting to make. Like his swordsmanship Shōjirō is able to shift from stance to stance, and alter his body's basic position so subtly that even the most experienced are left wondering what happened, let alone when it occurred, as by the time someone notices a new stance of Shōjirō's he'll have already switched and shifted form that one and gone through four or five new ones before someone notices again. Shōjirō's typical stances are ones that are either hard rooted so as to deliver as much power into a motion as possible, or is one that carries the grace of the wind and water at once allowing him to move from location to location instantly leaving a trail of defeated opponents in his wake.

When taking the first approach, Shōjirō's techniques are that of soft styles in his MMA blended style; these techniques are commonly those that cause far less injury to a body than a full-on powered punch would do, such as using an open palmed thrust and strikes, techniques that manipulate the opponent's joints, locking, separating, or otherwise breaking them if needed, as well as throws of various kinds and reversal techniques designed to deflect an attacker's attack either back at them, to use their weight and force against them, or otherwise diffuse the power of an incoming attack. Along with these kinds of techniques Shōjirō commonly incapacitates his opponents, often by rendering them unconscious. Fast and powerful, Shōjirō is capable of inflicting maximum damage with minimal physical harm by quickly locking an opponent's joints before separating them, this causes pain but these usually cause no lasting damage; these are also followed with swift throws that drop an opponent to their back as fast as possible while preformed in such a manner that the attacker would be demoralized, and that allows Shōjirō to quickly move on to his text target if needed. These "softer" techniques are all designed to provide Shōjirō with the defensive capabilities needed to defend himself with while also coinciding with his own personal philosophies on violence. As such many of the softer techniques are used to render an opponent unable to continue fighting.

When the first method of Shōjirō's bare-handed combat choices fails and he is forced to go with his second his style shifts to a much more aggressive style of combat, one that exemplifies the usage of closed fisted punches and other fist based strikes, powerful kicks of various types, strikes with his elbows and knees, and just about any other hard, damaging surface of his body available. Shōjirō's more aggressive method of combat frequently employs powerful punches and kicks from hard rooted stances designed to deliver the maximum amount of power that his body can muster in a single instant, even being able to muster that same level of power when fighting in a highly enclosed space, even one as small as an elevator, being capable of launching a full powered punch in as small as a one inch space. All of Shōjirō's aggressive fighting styles are designed to leave the opposition broken and unable to move, let alone fight further than they have, this is commonly accomplished with bone crushing strikes sent at immeasurable speeds, landing several times in the span of just a single second and leaving the target receiving such a vicious assault unable to defend or counter in any way. With the speed at which each strike of Shōjirō's is delivered in creates a flurry of attacks that seemingly creates a wall of destructive force that one can only accept and hope that they can still move afterwards from. Despite the immeasurable speed that these attacks are sent at they still carry an equal amount of force behind each and every one of them; a single punch of Shōjirō's can easily shatter heavily reinforce steel and titanium with ease, crushing stone, rock and crystals with ease, and snapping bone much like ripping a piece of paper in half.

As a Mage, and especially one that does use multiple forms of Elemental Magic's, Shōjirō is extremely adept at using what is commonly referred to as Elemental Martial Arts (諸元の乱闘流(エレメンタル・マーシャル・アーツ), Erementaru Māsharu Ātsu lit. Fighting Style of Various Elements) which are a special-but-not-really supplementary usage of all elemental-based magic's- it is said to be simply a "property" but not a spell itself, which is a method of fighting that emulates the method of fighting that users of the various forms of Slayer Magic's utilize; this means that a user of Elemental Martial Arts completely incorporates any one (possibly more) Elemental Magic into their bare-handed fighting styles as a means to supplement their power. Elemental Martial Arts incorporates a mages Elemental Magic into their fighting style(s), adding the same properties of their magic to their strikes, whether it's fire that scorches their oppositions flesh, or lightning that paralyzes them in their tracks, Elemental Martial Artist often have distinct advantage against another whom is unable to utilize this strange and unique fighting style.

As a fighter that is able to utilize Elemental Martial Arts in the midst of combat, and as a mage that has the luxury of multiple Elemental Magic's at his disposal, Shōjirō is able to use them to their fullest potential and with various, advantageous results. While having multiple magical elements at his disposal, Shōjirō commonly uses his Lightning Magic above all else in the form of Elemental Martial Arts to fight with, followed right behind by his Light Magic. Using Lightning Magic enhanced martial arts, Shōjirō is able to incapacitate his opponents at an even faster rate than if he were just using his regular bare-handed or sword tactics, as well as being able to cause less physical harm due to the lightning enhanced strikes will instantly paralyze his opposition and keep them that way for an extended period of time. When adding lightning to his attacks a simple punch will be followed by a streaming, crackling wake of lightning and electricity that will still paralyze its target should Shōjirō's initial strike fail to connect.

One thing that hasn't been discussed yet, even mentioned, is the skill of Shōjirō's footwork, an aspect of his martial arts that leaves all who see it gaping at the mouth and in such utter amazement that they wonder if Shōjirō himself is even human. Shōjirō's footwork is so superb that he is able to bob and weave in and out of combat, between a crowd of enemies as large as an entire military battalion, defeat them in short order, and still come out completely unscathed afterwards. Shōjirō's footwork when combined with his methods of combat, not just his bare-handed combat but his swordsmanship as well allow him to completely decimate a large number of opponents within only a matter of moments. Shōjirō's typical method of combat is to move in close, unleash a torrential barrage of strikes before retreating all in a matter of moments, leaving the opponent confused and unable to counter, this style of combat has been referred by many as Hit-and-Run Combat (ひき逃げ戦闘, Hikinige Sentō). Part of Shōjirō's footwork, one that comes from one of the martial arts that makes up his unique fighting style uses various sized circular motions of the body achieved by the user’s footwork. These circular and spiral movements allows Shōjirō to consistently and swiftly dodge and redirect an opponent's attacks, as well as adding considerable force to his own attacks by way of centrifugal force, adding an explosive amount of power to even weak attacks.

  • Seikūken (制空圏, Control of the Air Sphere)
    Shōjirō Seikuken Marital Arts

    Shōjirō utilizing his Seikūken to defend himself against an attacker.

    is the name of a highly advanced martial arts technique that Shōjirō has mastered; this technique allows its users to have absolute and complete control over the area that is within their arms reach, being able to produce a metaphysical barrier around oneself that allows its user to defend against any attack that penetrates it. This technique leans more in the direction of defense for obvious reasons, but can also be utilized in an offensive manner as well, but Shōjirō rarely ever uses this technique in this manner. Shōjirō's usage of this technique is commonly strictly for defensive purposes and self-defense. As a master of this technique, Shōjirō is able to instantly erect the "barrier" of this technique to protect himself with it, being able to react to anything that may pass through the zone that his barrier extends to in an instant. As a defensive technique it allows Shōjirō to deflect and redirect opposing physical attacks directed at his person with little problem, as he seems to redirect the attacks in a manner similar to water moving with the path of least resistance, being able to defend against an entire onslaught of attacks with this technique.
  • Ikkotsu (一骨, Single Bone) is a simple, yet powerful, martial arts technique in Shōjirō's arsenal. While Ikkotsu is often viewed as a simple technique that is nothing more than a simple punch, and while that may be the truth of it, it is also much more than just a "simple" punch. When executing this technique, Shōjirō will often assume one of his traditional hard rooted stances that exemplifies power above all else before launching a swift yet full powered punch to one of the many vital, yet non-lethal, points across his targets body in an attempt to deliver as much force and power, and by extension damage, to it to disable his opponent in one go. The punch that Shōjirō throws with this technique, while swift, carries more power than speed to it, and it easily capable of breaking and shattering a myriad of materials from steel to rock, and even magical armors that would reduce the power of physical attacks. This single punch is also capable to felling a target that is several times bigger that Shōjirō, even being able to critically damage an Etherious demon with ease.
  • Sōkotsu (双骨, Double Bone) is an upgraded version of the Ikkotsu technique. This technique delivers two quick punches, instead of one, to the opponent’s body. A variation of this technique involves striking only once with both fists. This technique is powerful enough to rip its targets body completely in half with a single hit, and as such it is an uncommonly used technique of Shōjirō's.
  • Hekimōsho (霹猛暑, Crashing Thunder Heat Wave):
  • Raiōken (雷王拳, Thunder King Fist) is an extremely powerful hand-to-hand technique that Shōjirō knows. To perform this technique Shōjirō will first channel a large amount of lightning and electricity using his Lightning Magic into one of his fists and forearms before compressing it to the point that it makes no form of crackling sound and its appears to dissipate, this is in fact untrue, the electricity having been compressed to the point that is invisible. After gathering the needed electricity Shōjirō will charge forward at an extreme pace, closing the distance between himself and his opponent within only a second's worth of time before delivering a devastating punch to the opponent's stomach, powerful enough to lift their entire bodies off of the ground before channeling and directing the stored electricity in his arm like a cannon into the opponent's body, often ripping a gaping hole within their body, ultimately killing them.
Fa Jin

Fa Jin (發勁(ファ・ジン), Fa Jin lit. Hand Power), also known as Internal Energy Release (脂肪強, Hakkei) or Magical Particle Destruction Fist (魔粒・破拳, Mashi Haken) is an ancient Joyan martial art technique that is a mixture of hand-to-hand combat and magical energies. It was initially exclusive to the Joyan Monks, an ancient cabal of peace-seeking warriors whom would only use their special abilities in self-defense. In order to utilize Fa Jin, the user charges their magical energy into one of their hands, condensing it unto its utmost limit until their hand starts overflowing in pure energy, radiating eternano so brightly that it seems to blind those whom turn their gaze upon the user. Upon unleashing the fist, the user strikes forward with all of their might, unleashing the concentrated eternano upon their fist towards the foe, essentially transferring the user's own magical energy into the opponent's body, causing a powerful surge that grievously wounds them from within; the attack is actually derived from Chinese martial arts. The movement of the attack is essentially invisible, and it truly seems like the user shoots their opponent, except that the resulting impact is not akin to an actual pistol, but to a small hand-held cannon and powerful enough to propel the unlucky recipient several meters away. The incredible speed both makes the strike far more powerful, and harder to dodge; connecting instantly with the target; the attack seems to strike the target multiple times simultaneously, creating a number of surreal, delayed shockwaves, and it is capable of slashing the user's opponents and sending them flying away from the user, with enough force to make them fall off cliffs and high places they might be standing on. However, this attack can be stopped if the eternano cannot flow through the user's arm or hand, essentially resulting in a blunt strike that, while powerful, does only one third of the damage that it normally would. The attack can be performed using the user's arms, or even their legs with enough training.

Physical Attributes

Overwhelming Strength

Overwhelming Strength: Due to the kind of training that he has been put through, and has continued to train with, Shōjirō's physical strength is at the peak of human abilities, his level of strength is often compared to many of the most powerful of magical beasts, even having a level of strength that many that would rival, or exceed, that of the giant clans. Despite his "swimmers" build, Shōjirō is known for being monstrously strong, being able to topple and overwhelm others that stand much larger than himself without any visible effort on his part and with such ease that many are unable to comprehend what they just witnessed, taking onlookers several seconds the full comprehend and compute what has just happened in front of them. Shōjirō is easily capable of lifting objects that weigh several times of his own without any signs of distress, such objects include large magic vehicles, trees that are several hundred feet tall, even being able to lift a medium sized magical airship with only one hand. Capable of breaking stone, concrete, and the hardest of metals with only the flick of his wrist, even his fingers in some instances, Shōjirō can easily break free of any bindings that may restrict his movement, whether it originates from someone grabbing him, being restrained by heavily reinforced metal chains, or even by magical means.

In the midst of combat, Shōjirō's strength is shown in conjunction with his speed creating a highly lethal combination. Shōjirō's physical strength allows him to toss an opponent with the force of a cannonball through several concrete and metal walls single handedly, and without any visible strain. Shōjirō is capable of lifting and throwing objects and others that weigh several times of his own weight, even being capable of throwing objects up to thirty times his own weight with the force of cannonball with ease, and can lift objects that weigh upwards to fifty times his own body weight with just his physical might alone. Capable of overwhelming others in contests of strength one-handed while the other side is using both of their hands, Shōjirō is capable of stopping objects directed at his person with only a finger or hand, even if the object in question was propelled with magic, and moved with the force of high caliber artillery shell. In combat, Shōjirō can easily crush stone and metal, even if the substance is in the form of a massive obelisk, shattering them with a single punch. A single simple such from Shōjirō is easily capable of creating a large crater if directed at the ground, being capable of felling a massive, ancient tree that is several hundred meters thick, even being capable of cracking a substance as hard as diamond, all with his physical might alone.

As a highly capable wizard, Shōjirō clearly knows how to enhance and reinforce his body with his magic, an ability that he rarely needs. However, when using this course of action, Shōjirō will flood his body with his magic, in a manner not unlike that of a Dragon Slayers Drive ability, this causes his muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints to be strengthened as the magic helps to reduce the impact forces that are exerted upon his body from fighting, the magic also helps to reduce the amount of fatigue toxins and chemicals that build up and would slow Shōjirō down. This process of reinforcing his body with magic causes a very faint, almost invisible, layer of magic to completely envelop Shōjirō's body. As a wizard that uses Elemental Magic, most notably in this case Lightning Magic, Shōjirō can use his skills in Lightning Magic to enhance his physical strength greatly.

Shōjirō's immense physical might is a result of his continuous training, having started his physical conditioning at the young age of three, Shōjirō has continued to train his body, using training methods that would normally be considered cruel and inhumane punishment to bring his physique up to the pinnacle that it's currently at. As a user of the Style of the Guiding Lightning of Divine Protection, a sword style who's extreme physical feats require its practitioner to have peak physical abilities has helped to maintain Shōjirō's strength.

Monstrous Speed
Monstrous Speed:
Shōjirō Hyper Speed Fighting

Shōjirō defeating multiple enemies at once with his speed.

As a man of immense physical prowess, including strength, endurance and durability, Shōjirō's greatest physical attribute is the speed at which he can move. As an individual famed for his speed, Shōjirō's physical speed is far above the realm of natural and even supernatural, as he is cable of moving around a battlefield like a phantom, seemingly teleporting from location to location, decimation all of his opposition in the process, and leaving a trail of bodies in its wake. Able to move at speeds greater than the human mind can comprehend, Shōjirō can attack several dozen opponents all at once, defeating them in the span of only a few moments, sometimes as swiftly as the time it takes to take a single breath. Shōjirō's movements are a swift blur of motion that almost none can follow, let alone track with their eyes, moving here, there, and everywhere else in moments, confusing his opposition and leaving them open to attack. Capable of making even complex movements so subtly due to his speed, Shōjirō is easily able to disguise most of his movements to the point that nobody can distinguish them all. Shōjirō is easily capable of closing large gaps between himself and his intended target or destination in the least number of movements, often to the surprise and amazement of any onlooker, as his motions look as if he has simply teleported.

While in combat, Shōjirō's physical speed is one of his greatest assets; he is capable of defeating an entire squadron of elite Rune Knights in a matter of few seconds, capable of outpacing even his fellow Wizard Saints, Shōjirō's speed even allows him to create a small sonic boom when moving at his full speed, even on foot. When in combat, combined with his physical strength, Shōjirō can quickly decimate an entire army regiment with little difficulty. Shōjirō's swift speed allows him to dodge and evade even the closest of attempts to attack him, he is capable of dodging even a bullet fired at him from a gun that is directly touching him without receiving a single burn mark form the gunpowder; Shōjirō is able to dodge and evade attacks that are coming from several sources at once without a single scratch to his person, and even be able to counterattack in the process without the knowledge of his opposition.

Shōjirō's speed combined with his reflexes, which we'll get to later, allow him to preform a highly varied assortment of actions; he is capable of leaping from points as small as the top of a bamboo stalk to another with such speed and grace that transcends even the most graceful of animals. Shōjirō is quite capable of adjusting his body to allow him the optimum of motions from even the smallest of points to move from, allowing him to fight in various environments while still maintaining the upper hand in said conflicts. Shōjirō can use a battlefield to his complete advantage, even one that has been reshaped to fit his opponents fighting style, as he is comfortable preforming flips, handstands, handsprings, and jumping from wall to wall. With his reflexes and speed, Shōjirō is easily capable of readjusting his bodily position form a myriad of angles, even while in the air, all the while maintaining his advantage in any conflict. As a highly proficient martial artist, Shōjirō's speed is greatly intertwined with his footwork, and as such any motion that he makes is with purpose, and is made without any wasted motion. Shōjirō has displayed full control over his bodies momentum, and is quite capable of integrating it into his fighting style, being able to accelerate to his maximum speed in an instant without any build-up required — while on the opposite end of the scale, Shōjirō can just as easily stop and turn on a dime, being able to dash and run up a vertical surface, run upon ceilings and even water as if it were nothing.

  • Immense Reflexes:
    Shōjirō Reflexes

    Shōjirō displaying his superb reflexes to dodge an onslaught of attacks while in the middle of combat.

    As a more than capable combatant, and a man that is at the utmost peak of his physical abilities, Shōjirō has incredible reflexes, as he is easily capable of dodging a bullet shot at pointblank range, without suffering even a minor power burn to his body, and is cable of dodging a myriad of sword strikes that are all coming form impossible angles, again all without a single scratch to himself. As a man that has spent his entire life training, and subsequently fighting, Shōjirō's reflexes has become trained to the height of human ability, and now borders upon superhuman. Combined with his monstrous physical speed, extremely precise movements and immense flexibility all combine to create a sixth sense of sorts for Shōjirō, as he often dodges attacks before they can reach him, sometimes even before they can be enacted or a spell can be cast. Using this "sixth sense", which is more akin to a form of pseudo-clairvoyance, it allows Shōjirō to quickly respond and reposition himself when attacked. Shōjirō's reflexes allows him to dodge, bob and weave through an ever changing battlefield with perfect form, maintaining his balance under all circumstances. The speed at which Shōjirō can react is far past superhuman, even being able to effectively dodge an attack from behind while in a position of no balance on his part and still coming out unscathed.
  • Reduced Earth (縮地, Shukuchi) is a basic high-speed movement technique, developed long before magic became commonplace; effectively, through the user slamming their foot upon earth ten times in a split second, they are capable of kicking off the ground in the blink of an eye and live up to the technique's name of "reduced earth" as the technique shrinks the distance between the user and their target in a split second. When performing Reduced Earth, the user focuses the majority of their body weight to one of their legs of the briefest of moments, before stomping the foot where most of their weight is focused upon the solid surface of where the user is standing at a rapid velocity before shifting the weight back to the rest of their frame, generating enough thrust to propel the user forward at incredible speeds, at least akin to a master of High Speed and defying the abilities of Slowing Magic; accelerating at velocities that are almost untraceable to reach short or long distances near instantaneously- it should be taken into consideration that in order to perform the technique at all, the user requires a solid surface to kick into and thus produce enough thrust. According to the untrained eyes of those watching on while the user performs this technique, more often than not it appears as if the user has effectively teleported using sheer power and speed alone, moving faster than anyone is capable of following as they seem to reduce the earth between the themselves and the opponent in the blink of an eye. As the Reduced Earth technique is focused entirely on speed, it can be best characterized by 'the velocity at which the user gets from the starting point to the finishing point in the least amount of movements', attempting to waste no unnecessary motions while attempting to achieve its goal. Generally, in regards to how much any user is capable of getting out of the Reduced Earth technique, things like racial traits such as perhaps elves being faster than humans do not factor into the end result- rather, it relies solely on the user's training and skill to determine how fast they can actually move, and it is mentioned that if the user neglects the skill and rarely harnesses it or practices with it, they would move at a slightly slower pace as the body would have to be accustomed to undergoing the motions of the technique regularly- this is something that could quite possibly lead to a theoretically weaker user of Reduced Earth accelerating towards their point of choice at a swifter pace than somebody who was previously deemed stronger. However, despite being heavily compared to "true" Teleportation Magic, a user of Reduced Earth is capable of being stopped in their tracks if anyone who is in the vicinity of the distance between the user and their destination calculates the miles-per-hour as well as the ending phase of the technique that the user is accelerating at and takes steps to intercept the movement accordingly, and as such it can be quite predictable in comparison to actual movement-type magic's, as it doesn't use supernatural energies to prevent any sort of interruption- indeed, with Reduced Earth, an opponent with swift enough reflexes can properly counterattack the burst of speed simply by blasting them with a higher-speed projectile no matter its origin, as in the case of most users, it is near impossible to stop and turn on a dime, requiring great effort of simply stop before reaching the destination, meaning that while in motion, a user can be seen as almost powerless against an opponent's attacks- however, commonly, it is shown that due to the speeds that they move at, this generally isn't a serious concern
  • Tenpo (天歩, Heaven Step lit. Heaven Walk) is an uncategorized technique that Shōjirō can use. To perform this technique Shōjirō must channel his magical power into his feet and while in the air he then exerts it, creating a platform which he can stand upon and jump off of. While an advanced technique, especially in magical manipulation, Shōjirō has shown to have great deal of mastery over this skill, and as such can literally "walk on air" by creating an elongated platform from his feet. Shōjirō is also shown able to stand upon a single platform for an extended period of time do to his level of magical power.
Immense Endurance and Durability

Immense Endurance and Durability: As a man that has been trained in the most rigorous, and continues to train in the most grueling and rigorous of ways, Shōjirō is a combatant that boasts an immense amount of physical endurance and durability, both of which far surpass superhuman. Shōjirō's upbringing and training has conditioned his body to its absolute peak; Shōjirō's training began at the young age of three under the tutelage of his grandfather, Genjirō Kusaka, a man who was known for being incapable of holding back under any instance, and nearly killed Shōjirō upon multiple dozens of times throughout his training. Shōjirō's training continued even after leaving home at the age of ten to travel as he continued to push his training to such extremes that he nearly killed himself several times; during his travels he came upon several master of martial arts and magic's, all of the training was done at the greatest extremes that were physically possible for Shōjirō, all in an effort to build up his endurance, durability and stamina, his current levels being the end result of all of his grueling training coming to fruition.

Shōjirō's physical endurance, as stated, is at a level of being far beyond superhuman as he is easily capable of fighting for periods of time so great that many would die from exhaustion, often looking bored during such instances, as his training had pushed his harder. Shōjirō's endurance allows him to receive the most powerful of vicious assaults to his person for an extended period of time and still continue fighting unfazed. Shōjirō is able to fighting on par with numerous other combatants that are on par with his peers in the Ten Wizard Saints, while still fighting against several S-Class mages, even after defeating a squadron of Rune Knights without showing any obvious signs of fatigue. Shōjirō's endurance was shown during his involvement in the war against a powerful dark guild, and was able to easily take out hundreds of their grunt soldiers single handedly, and still fight against one of oppositions top members with ease, showing no real signs of exhaustion afterwards. Shōjirō has endured being cut, shot, impaled and everything else and has continues fighting despite suffering from wounds that would normally kill any other. Shōjirō's stamina, which while used interchangeably with endurance, refers to length of time that he can continue to exert his full abilities, is as monstrous as his endurance and durability is. Shōjirō is easily capable of maintaining his full power for several days on end without tiring, but may only be able to continues full steam for two days at most while he is constantly preforming powerful attack after attack.

As per the types of physical training that he has gone through and put himself through, Shōjirō is an exceptionally durable fighter, capable of withstanding severe amount of punishment, and coming out unscathed with ease. Shōjirō has shown that even actions like being thrown through several reinforced walls is more of an inconvenience to him than anything else as he is able to simply shrug it off, getting up and dusting himself off while treating it as nothing more than a bite from mosquito. Shōjirō's body is exceptionally strong, his bones are extremely dense, and his body is easily capable of absorbing powerful blunt force attacks, shrugging them off as if they were nothing. Shōjirō has taken the full might of another's most powerful attacks and magic spells, shrugging them off and refusing to show any signs of damage. Shōjirō has shown the ability to take being cut, shot, impaled and everything else under the sun like its nothing and of no concern to himself.

  • Immense Pain Tolerance: As with his endurance, stamina and durability, Shōjirō also possesses a large tolerance to physical pain, as he is capable of tolerating severe injuries to his person and still continues fighting, and showing no signs of slowing down despite his own injuries. Shōjirō has suffered several injuries on numerous occasions, as evidenced by the numerous scars that litter his person. As stated by Shōjirō himself, he has been cut, slashed, shot, impaled and more, and has endured each and every time, using it to build up his tolerance, as he is now capable of being impaled through the stomach without showing any kind of visible discomfort whatsoever. Shōjirō can easily withstand the pain that comes from having a joint dislocated, bones broken, even having his muscles, tendons and ligaments torn and ripped to shreds with little to no signs of physical discomfort, waving them off as inconsequential, and an inconvenience at most.
Enhanced Senses and Instincts

Enhanced Senses and Instincts:

Assorted Attributes

Child Prodigy: By all intents and purposes, Shōjirō is a child prodigy in all regards, as he is able to quickly pickup, understand and eventually master, or otherwise, excel in just about every subject presented to him, all up to even the most advanced of levels. Shōjirō's prodigal nature was first shown when he began his training within the martial and magical arts, he quickly mastered everything that was taught to him as if he had been practicing and studying it for decades. Shōjirō's prodigal nature allows him to quickly learn new things before adding them to his repertoire of knowledge, and then quickly being able to use what was just learned and using it to his greatest advantage. Shōjirō's prodigal nature is only further supported by his near genius intellect.

Near Genius Level Intellect: In addition to his prodigal nature, Shōjirō also possesses a near genius level of intellect, despite his rather laidback and easy going nature, and one that is dwarfed within his family only by his younger twin brother, Ryou Kusaka, who does possess a genius level intellect. Shōjirō's intellect is one the encompasses a vast range of information that ranges from the most mundane to the darkest of information. Shōjirō is shown, due to his martial training, is a highly perceptive, strategic and tactical person, as he makes note of everything that he witnesses, from fights to even the most unrelated of conversations that are going on around him. The greatest aptitude of Shōjirō's intelligence is directed to the combative and magical arts, as Shōjirō has knowledge of the most arcane and ancient of both subjects. Among Shōjirō's intellect and knowledge, it has been shown that it is divided into two groups — combative and magic and everything else — as Shōjirō's forte is in the knowledge of combat and magic.

As the greatest portion of Shōjirō's knowledge is direct towards combat and magic, he is shown to be a highly tactical and cunning individual. Shōjirō is perceptive and deductive, strategic and tactical, and extremely observant of his surroundings, taking note of the positions of everything and everyone around him, and observant of all the conversations and actions that are currently being preformed around him. Shōjirō is easily able to quickly deduce the reasons and actions of those around him, often with a simple glance, as he is able to discern and predict the actions those that surround him at any given time, giving him a pseudo-clairvoyance of sorts. Shōjirō is a rather careful individual, as he always gauges the actions and reactions of those around him so as to gain further understanding of those around him, and to discern if they may pose a threat to him or any innocent bystanders in the vicinity. As stated, Shōjirō is strategic and tactical, he is always thinking several moves ahead, and always has a contingency in place should his original plan fail; Shōjirō also knows at any time what exactly he has to work with, whether it be his own magical power, or the items that surround him, as well as knowing what would work best in any given situation.

  • Vast Magical Knowledge: As stated, Shōjirō's forte is combat and magic, magic being the greater of the two, and befitting someone of Shōjirō's intellect his knowledge of magic, even the most ancient and arcane, is on par with the Archive and Super Archive magic's, both provide its user with access to vast quantities of information on various subjects. Shōjirō is a magic scholar of sorts as he has spent the bulk of his like traveling and learning as much as he can as a way to better humanity through the usage of magic. Shōjirō has studied magic of all kinds, ranging from the most common and simplistic to the darkest of Black Arts, and Lost Magic's, and has expanded his knowledge of these subjects as much as he capable. Shōjirō's knowledge of such dark, ancient and arcane subjects allows him to easily identify them upon seeing them, even if it happens to be the first time, such as when he clearly deduced the Lost Magic used by Nikolai Ichor as being the Creator's Eye, despite having only ever read about such a magic. Shōjirō, in conjunction with his analytical and tactical personality in combat and unfamiliar situations has also studied how to combat and counter such magic's, he is capable of fighting against the darkest and foulest of the Black Arts and is more than capable of fighting against users of Lost Magic's such as Slayer Magic with ease, as he is capable of figuring out the best countermeasure against such magic's, even on the fly while in the midst of combat.
  • Expert Strategist and Tactician: Befitting his upbringing, intelligence and prodigal nature, Shōjirō is an adept strategist and tactician that is easily able to fight and work his way out of most situations with little difficulty. Shōjirō can easily assess a situation and find the best course of action, whether that action be to run away or to fight, he is easily able to defeat most opponents within only moments after formulating his plan of attack, with the usage of his physical and magical abilities. Shōjirō is quite capable of defeating even an army sized group of opponents with quick, precise ease, often through the usage of precise control over his magic and his physical abilities, and a complete understanding of his own abilities and limitations, Shōjirō can easily prevail against almost any foe. Shōjirō commonly is able to freely adjust any previously crafted plan of action on the fly, while consistently maintaining his advantage in any conflict, and still producing his desired result.
  • Highly Perceptive Combatant: As stated, Shōjirō is a highly observant person, taking note of everything that is currently surrounding him at any given time, he is constantly and consistently aware of any and all changes that takes place around him. Shōjirō's perception allows him to pick up on a persons most minute of mannerisms, whether it be a brushing of their heir behind the ear to the way that they present themselves and the motions that their bodies take while moving allows him to figure out a persons intentions easily and swiftly, being able to deem if anybody will present a threat to himself or others. Shōjirō, while in the midst of combat often takes note of the types of motions that his opposition makes, figuring out their fighting styles and developing a countermeasure on the fly, and by constantly watching and paying attention to his opponents Shōjirō can start to predict their actions, although this a little more of a moot point against those that fight in a highly unpredictable manner.

Master Magician: Shōjirō is shown to have a complete mastery over most aspects of wizardry, a fact that many attribute to Shōjirō because of his high intellect and the fact that he is considered by most to be a child prodigy. Shōjirō's mastery of the magical arts was apparent from a very young age having picked up and nearly mastered his first type of elemental magic almost instantly, and his subsequent, and very quick mastery of his other types of magical power, as well as his ability to become a master of these magic's within only a short period of time, such as the case with his Light Magic, having only spent a year and a half training with it, where as it would take some wizards years to master it and make it their own unique brand of magical combat. Another further standing testament is Shōjirō's introduction into the Ten Wizard Saints. One comment made about Shōjirō's mastery over the magical arts was made by Makarov Dreyar, the master of the Fairy Tail Guild in Fiore who said "you (Shōjirō) could put any guild ace to shame". One of the greatest examples of Shōjirō's overall mastery of the magical arts is his ability to either create a new spell or to repurpose an existing spell on the fly while in the middle of combat to give him an advantage in said conflict.

Master of Barriers and Dispelling: Shōjirō, while not knowing any forms of Barrier Magic or Dispelling Magic, has shown on multiple occasions that with the use of his vast knowledge of magic that he is able to dispel most forms of barriers magic, whether by actually dispelling them or just simply destroying them from their weakest spots. He has also shown that he has a large amount of understanding of how most barriers work allowing him to easily break them with little ease.

Sensor: Shōjirō has shown to have some skill in the art of sensing magical energy and signatures. While not as adept as some other more skilled sensors, Shōjirō is shown able to sense the differences between normal elemental magic and elemental Lost Magic, such as the Slayer line of magic, proven upon the re-meeting of his two younger sister after years apart, Shōjirō could tell that they used a type of Slayer magic. Shōjirō's skill in sensing is shown to be well tuned to finding certain, specific types of magic, such as Lost Magic, and for finding another person’s magical signature, but his skill in sensing is shown to be far below the lever of his fellow Wizard Saint, Sanjo Vista, who's expertise in sensing is one of his most renowned abilities.

Magical Abilities

Monstrous Magical Power:
Shōjirō Exploding Magical Power

Shōjirō releasing his monstrous magical power.

As a wizard who holds the prestigious title as one of the Ten Wizard Saints of Ishgar, Shōjirō possesses a staggeringly enormous amount of magical power within his honed frame; the sheer depths of these magical energies being what some consider bottomless as they believe that he will never run out of magical power; this enormously vast level of magical energies being comparable to only those who possess a similar title as his own. While there is no actual rankings within the Wizard Saints, Shōjirō is believed to be one of the stronger members, as well as possible being the one with the greatest amount of raw magical energies at their disposal. Besides holding the illustrious title of "Saint", Shōjirō is also a member of the prestigious Kusaka Clan, located within the Kingdom of Fiore, a family that is known for having produced many exceptionally powerful wizards throughout its history, Shōjirō is just simply the current one of his family to classify among its annals of powerhouses. As a wizard, Shōjirō's mighty magical power is potentially his greatest defining trait, something one should take note of as he is considered to be one of the most gifted and talented wizards of his generation. Born with an already grand amount of magical power to begin with, Shōjirō has spent the bulk of his life training, learning to control his power, and to further its development, the results being rather obvious — the monstrously powerful wizard the he currently is. Having developed a level of magical power on par with the average S-Class mage of any respectable legal guild by the age of ten, Shōjirō spent a large amount of time training to increase his reserves of magical energies, all while maintaining the ability to control such enormous power at the same time. Among the greatest of Shōjirō's accomplishments in this regard is the natural achievement of his Second Origin, a second naturally occurring reserve of magical energies that many wizards know nothing about, let alone are able to access unless accelerated by artificial means via magic.

As a wizard that possess such incredible amounts of magical energies just the release of them is quickly able to cause severe damage to the surroundings, causing them to shudder and quake as if afraid, the release of such massive energies will quickly decimate the ground beneath Shōjirō, creating a large crater, and leaving everything around him in shambles. Just the release of these immense powers can cause severe detrimental effects to happen; the earth will upturn, high winds with begin to gust, craters will form, and weaker opponents will faint from the sheer pressure that Shōjirō's magic exerts on everything around it. Befitting the immeasurably powerful magical energy that Shōjirō controls he is easily able to perform feats that other wizards could only dream about; such feats include being able to attack and defend himself with nothing more than the pressure of his magical power alone, these pressures are easily capable of causing various degrees of psychological effects upon those that are effects ranging from simply sweating uncontrollably, to full on physical paralysis that can even prevent the unfortunate from breathing; the pressure alone can pin weaker opponents against the ground in a manner similar to that of Gravity Magic; while defensively the magical pressure can disrupt offensive magical attacks directed at his person, even being able to protect him from physical attacks. As a wizard who utilizes several forms of Elemental Magic, magic that converts Eternano into various types of elements, Shōjirō can casually intertwine them into his magical energy allowing him to easily manifest his magical energies outwards in the forms of fire, electricity/lightning, and light in his case. Due to these reasons, Shōjirō must be highly cautious of when, where, and how much of his magical energies that he releases, as to much can cause massive amounts of collateral damage, even being able to kill those that are unprepared for his power, as it's for this reason that if forced into a confrontation that Shōjirō will test his opponent to find their tolerance for his immense powers. Magic originates from a Magic Origin (魔原, Magen), which is exactly what the wording indicates—it is a special organ that is located within the body of a magician, that absorbs Eternano and bunches it up into clusters, which is processed into magical power.

  • Second Origin Activation (二番原解放, Nibangen Kaihō): Second Origin is a force known as the "second container" of.
    Shōjirō Kusaka Magical Power

    Shōjirō releasing the full power of his Second Origin.

    magical energy in an individual. This container exists due to the mage in question constantly, and passively, absorbing a quantity of magic from the environment to renew their original reserves. Any excess is placed within this container and kept sealed until absolutely necessary, or unlocked through a Second Origin Release spell. This Second Origin, when initially activated, places an enormous level of stress on the body unless it is awoken in gradual amounts, as the body isn't accustomed to handling so much magical energy in the body at one time. This can be circumvented by mages with control of their magic, however, allowing them to restore the magical power as a reserve that can be accessed whenever required, therefore providing an extremely useful back-up. Second Origin Activation can only be taken place, as said before, by mages who have control over their own magical energy. It generally only works when one is in a magic-rich environment and has nearly exhausted their initial supplies. By absorbing a copious quantity of magic from the surrounding environment passively (which can be noticed through a tingling sensation in the body), the user's internal reserves can be released at the same time. This, in turn, allows for an immense quantity of magic to replace the initial, depleting reserves. Notably, one can allow the Second Origin to passively increase the quantity of magic that is within it, so long as it isn't used during this period of time, otherwise it has to accumulate magic once again. The overall effects of activating the Second Origin are quite evident: an enormous boost in magical energy, empowered spells, ability to enhance physical strikes with magical reinforcements, temporarily breaking the "laws" of magic with specific equipment, and the rest. Notably, Second Origin is thought to be powerful enough to make an S-Class Candidate become as strong as a fully-fledged S-Class Mage, while making an experienced S-Class Mage even stronger. Though it should be noted that most S-Class Mages are nearing this level of magical power in any case. Shōjirō is one of the very few wizards that can access his full reserved of magical power without any obvious side effects. When unlocking his Second Origin's full power Shōjirō undertakes a slight physical transformation, this being that his hair grows considerably, as well as turning pure white in color. The sheer release of his Second Origin causes an immensely heavy presence to the air around himself, this feeling often causing weaker opponents to feel like their drowning because of the pressure of Shōjirō's magical power. Given the fact that Shōjirō is a member of Ten Wizard Saints he has to be extremely careful of when and where to release his Second Origin and do to this he has used Enchantment to allow him to control the flow of his magical power within himself; using an Enchantment, Shōjirō is able to contain his Second Origin as if he had never awakened it, which allows him to maintain a full store of magical power in the case of an emergency. With the usage of this Enchantment, Shōjirō is able to release a certain amount of his magical reserves when needed in the midst of combat to bolster his regular Magic Origin, this process being activated by Shōjirō mentally deciding the needed amount, then adding it to his current reserves; this process manifesting as a dense aura of magical energy surrounding his body upon completion of the process.
  • Magical Aura (魔力の霊気, Maryoku no Reiki; literally meaning Aura of Magical Power) is a common term given to the exertion of magical energy into a form outside of the user's body that isn't used in the formation of spells. It has been demonstrated by various mage's of varying potency, and is a common means of intimidation. A magical aura is created when the body's container of Eternano particles exceeds the limits of what it contains, or is purposefully released by the user. Upon doing so, the magical energy surges around the body and is exerted outwards in the form of an aura, which holds considerable pressure surrounding it. Depending on the level of magical power one possesses and the control behind it, it can be used as a means to intimidate another individual, or as a preparation for a powerful spell. A single magical aura can have a wide variety of effects dependent on the power an individual exerts. A standard aura is produced by mages with a moderate level of magical power within their body. By exerting it outward, it forms a thin layer of pressure that can cause one to be intimidated if they aren't a mage, or if they are a rather weak mage. This is generally demonstrated by individuals of S-Class strength when they are holding back, or when standard mages are showing that they are entering their full reserves of power. It should be noted that the density of this aura, by an S-Class mage, can cause physical attacks to be repelled with notable ease. Shōjirō's Magical Aura is classified as a Monster Aura (未力の魔霊気, Miryoku no Mareiki; literally meaning Magical Aura of Outstanding Power), as it is classified, is the strongest classification of aura to date. Only extremely powerful mages are capable of this aura, and are generally Guild Aces, if not masters. Upon release, the magic almost consumes the user in their color, leaving nothing but a phantom-like apparition to remain. It should also be noted that the aura is far wider, and is generally uncontrolled by the individual. However, "Monster" auras aren't limited to intimidation, and can be used for the preparation of a spell. This was demonstrated aptly by Jellal Fernandes in his activation of Sema, which caused the environment to become distorted due to the sheer level of magical power concentrated in the atmosphere thanks to his release of power. It is also worth noting that the pressure exhibited from such an aura can form a large column of energy, leaving the pressure enough to visibly cause strain on individuals even from a considerable distance away from the exertion of the aura, indicating at the sheer level of power within this aura. Shōjirō is one of the few mage's within Earth Land to possess this much raw amount of magical power at their disposal.
  • Masterful Eternano Manipulation: As a wizard with an extreme amount of skill and talent for the magical arts, and one that boasts the amount of raw magical power that Shōjirō does, he has a degree of control over his magic as he has magic at his disposal. Shōjirō is deceptively skilled at the manipulation of his magic and Eternano, capable of manipulating it in the most subtle of ways that the consequences of his actions are already happening by the time the effect is realized by the opposition. Shōjirō's manipulation of his magic allows him to use the absolute least amount of magic in a spell while still obtaining the maximum results from it, even despite his absolutely monstrous amount of magic at his disposal his control of his magic allows him to maintain his reserves and fight for even longer periods of time than what anybody realizes. As a wizard this type of manipulation is key and among the most basic of skills that any mage would learn but Shōjirō's skill takes even this a step further as his skills allow him to perform feats that even other wizards with similar levels of skill cannot accomplish without any visible effort on his part, like his manipulation was, and at this point is, second nature to him. Shōjirō's mastery over the manipulation of his magic is so great that he is able to hide directly next to an expert sensor of magical power without their notice, as well as his making of magical seals upon his own Second Origin that allows him to consciously shows just how much of it to release with not but a verbal command.
Diamond Body

Diamond Body (金剛体, Kongōtai) is the name of a magic skill originally created by the Kusaka Clan generations ago, and one that has only been to taught to a very tight knit group of individuals outside of the family. This magic skill allows the user to exert their magical power and compress it, hardening it to form a diamond-esque substance from their raw magical power. This ability allows its user to generate the diamond material for a verity of purposes, most notably defensive ones, but has shown that users of great enough skill and with sufficient magical capacity are capable of turning this originally defensive magic skill into an offensive one, as its modern official designation is as an Offensive/Defensive-Type (攻性防御型, Kōsei Bōgyo-gata). Shōjirō, as a member of the family that created this magic skill is shown to have a complete mastery over its usage and deployment, as his naturally monstrous magical power is well suited to its usage. When using this magic skill Shōjirō will begin to exert his magical power in the form of a Magical Aura before compressing it onto his body, causing the magical power to harden into a diamond-esque crystalline substance, giving the magic a physical, corporeal form. This diamond is exceptionally dense and as hard, if not harder, than natural diamonds, and serves as an excellent defensive armor. Despite the obvious advantages of this magic skill, Diamond Body suffers from a few weaknesses. The primary weakness of this magic skill lies in its construction — as the diamond substance that this skill generates is made purely of magical power, and is unable to supplement its formation with the ambient Eternano within the surrounding atmosphere, users of this magic skill must be careful as damages incurred to the armor that is healed is take directly from the users magic origin, and as such if the damage exceeds the users current magical reserves it can cause irreparable damage to its user magic origin.

Shōjirō's usage of his family’s original magic skill allows him to effortlessly craft a full body suit of armor made of diamond in an instant that can defend against virtually anything that is thrown at it. The armor crafted through this magic skill is exceptionally tough, being capable of withstanding the most vicious of attacks, physical and magical, without showing any kind of stress to it whatsoever; the armor is capable of withstanding even the Ultimate Art of a Slayer Magic user without any signs of damage, as one would search in vain for even the smallest of micro-fissures in the armor. As a master of his families magic skill, he is able to deploy the armor in an instant, such as immediately upon sensing an approaching attack to his person, even being able to create a localized defense while in the midst of combat with little to no effort. Shōjirō is able to freely adjust the thickness of the diamond that protects his body, able to adjust it from being only a few millimeters thick to several inches in moments.

Mars ataque sem grimorio - pilar parte 1

Shōjirō using his Diamond Body Magic Skill to create a large torrent of crystal shards in front of himself.

As an offensive combat method, Shōjirō can use this magic skill to craft a large variety of weaponry that ranges from blades to clubs and maces to whips, and even a bow and arrow with careful manipulation of this magic skill. Shōjirō's common usage of this magic skill in offensive manners is to craft bladed, or blunt, weapons to fight with, all of which have blades sharp enough to causally cleave though diamond and diamond hard materials like a hot knife through butter. Due to his monstrous quantities of magical power, Shōjirō is even able to safely launch various sized shards of diamond at a distance without much strain upon his magical reserves. Shōjirō is able to generate localized patches of diamond upon his hands, feet, knees and elbows to increase the strength of his bodies primary striking locations, doing so increases the strength of his already tremendously powerful attacks.

Shōjirō, despite all of his skill with this magic skill is only able to partially overcome one of its weaknesses; as Shōjirō has a level of magical power that far surpasses almost everybody else, damages incurred to his armor, and subsequent repairing of them, while taken directly from his magic origin would have a difficult time draining him. As well as the fact that severing portion of diamond causes a direct drain upon his magic is also mitigated to a degree by his magical power, Shōjirō is shown able to utilize this ability for a much longer period of time than most others would be able to.

Fire Magic

Fire Magic: Gehennae Punisher (火の魔法・地獄暴君地獄罰吟唱(ゲヘンナ・パニッシャー), Hi no Mahō: Gehen'na Panisshā lit. Underworld Tyrant Hellfire Punishment Recital) is a Caster Magic and Elemental Magic that enables the caster to generate and manipulate the element of fire. Fire Magic is said to be the most basic of Elemental Magic and perhaps one of the simplest magic's in existence, as it is more often than not the very first magic that many magicians discover. re Magic allows the user to control and manipulate the kinetic energy of magical particles to generate, control or absorb fire, being able to manipulate it for general purposes. As magic is well-known to be influenced by the willpower of those who can manipulate the particles that composes the concept, when inducing Fire Magic, the caster pulses their magical energy hewn from their Magic Origin outwards rather subtly, forcing domination over all eternano ambient within the atmosphere as they use their willpower in order to excite the movements of the eternano, increasing their thermal energy to the point that the particles strewn about throughout the vicinity spontaneously ignite, forming orange-red flames that burn exuberantly, flickering wildly and continuously as long as the caster has control over them. Skilled users can induce this process upon not only eternano in the vicinity, but also solid objects and even oxygen particles. Interestingly, more often than not, a user of Fire Magic harness the particles of the supernatural solely for the generation of fire; this makes one of the most basic magics a sharp contrast to the other forms of Elemental Magic, which usually involve already present sources of their element, though a caster of Fire Magic can also control or enhance flames nearby if given the chance.

From this point, the user of Fire Magic is capable of controlling and moving the flames, casually forming fire-based attacks which can be used both in melee and as a ranged form of offence; more often than not, a caster of Fire Magic possesses a fairly aggressive attacking style with very little defensive spells, regularly attacking with powerful bursts and torrents of flame- though there are a few exceptions to this rule, and it should be noted that intelligent users of the magic can alter offensive spells to serve defensive purposes. The generated flames can be manipulated in a wide variety of ways, their "type" can be changed at will, and they can even be given a material consistency by manipulating the ambient eternano in the air. The user can form fire into long streams, spheres, or even more complex shapes like letters in skywriting; molding them in any way that they deem suitable- this form is called Fire-Make. These blazing objects will only remain in their designated shapes as long as the user concentrates their energies upon them. The objects will only burn for about three minutes before expiring unless the user continues to infuse them with magical energy. The temperatures of these fiery projections are generally around two thousand, eight hundred Fahrenheit, near the melting point of iron. Not only this, as mentioned above, a user of Fire Magic can also control the size and intensity of any nearby flames and can draw them in order to manipulate them at will. One of the better usages of Fire Magic is to amass a large amount of fire upon the caster's feet or palms before releasing these flames in order to induce high-speed movement via jet-propulsion.

It should be taken into consideration that anyone who possesses a certain degree of power over fire-based powers is known to be much, much stronger whenever they can draw energy from all kinds of heat- indeed, like most forms of elemental magic, a user of Fire Magic can immediately turn the tables on the opponent if the weather is hot enough; it is also said that fire manipulation powers become much more powerful during the day, reaching the peak of its destructive power during noon. With Fire Magic, the caster is capable of controlling heat, allowing them to heat a wide range of liquids and metals or melt ice. The flames formed through Fire Magic seem to be unaffected by water, as the user is able to create flames even when submerged in water. As with all forms of Elemental Magic, a caster of Fire Magic is capable of modifying these fires in any way that they deem suitable, including the shape, heat and even colour; as long as they put their mind to it, anything can be done, and they can even change more obscure properties such as the smell and taste for different effects- these are more often than not signified by the fires changing colour- this is referred to as Rainbow Fire. Finally, a caster of Fire Magic is capable of charging up their spells by drawing more and more eternano towards their bodies, which then undergo the excitation process to form more flames to add to the collection already amassed.

Shōjirō's version of Fire Magic is referred to as the Gehennae Punisher, an extremely powerful iteration to the bog standard Fire Magic used by various other mages: confirmed to be one of the most powerful forms of Fire Magic known, it effortlessly surpasses even Lost Magic's such as Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, Purgatory Dragon Slayer Magic, Fire God Slayer Magic, Devil Slayer Magic, Phoenix Slayer Magic, and Spirit Slayer Magic, and various other forms of fire based Lost Magic. Shōjirō's Gehennae Punisher owes its power to the fact that it utilizes a form of fire known as Hellfire (絶対有害な火災(ヘル・ファイア), Herufaia lit. All-Consuming Malefic Fire), which is a darker colored fire and flames, often compared to that of Purgatory Dragon Slayer Magic, a comparison that far understates the power of Gehennae Punisher. Shōjirō's Gehennae Punisher produces flames of a much darker coloration that most other forms of Fire Magic, even forms of Lost Magic, commonly of a dark red color but can range from that to pitch black, the coloration denoting its power — darker equals stronger. The flames produced by the Gehennae Punisher are exceptionally powerful, burning everything in their path without care or discrimination; Gehennae Punisher's flames are also exceptionally persistent tracking down any foe that manages to escape from them without fail. Shōjirō's usage of his Gehennae Punisher is much like how any other Fire Magic user would use regular fire magic; Shōjirō typically releases his Gehennae Punisher's flames in powerful jets of what is essentially hot plasma that simply looks like fire forwards with great speed and power. Gehennae Punisher's flames can easily be manipulated much like how a Slayer Magic user would manipulate their element, this allows Shōjirō to easily mold the flames into a variety of shapes and sizes, even allowing him to change their "type", meaning that if he wanted to he can easily change the fire's effects to one that causes penetrating damage, to plain blunt damage, even making them explode on contact, on top the standard burning, and also allows him to use the fire like a mere extension of himself allowing them to grasp objects without harming them.

Offensively is where Gehennae Punisher excels as its Hellfire destroys everything that it touches, reducing it not but ash in the process. Its flames when released are violent and almost impossible to extinguish, even water based Lost Magic's and Slayer Magic have a difficult time taming the inferno that is the Gehennae Punisher. Gehennae Punisher's usage is the same as the usage of regular Fire Magic, just of a considerably stronger magnitude, Shōjirō can launch spells and attacks in much the same manner, such as a highly compressed ball of dark fire launched with great force and speed; it can be released in the form of scorching streams of blazing fire, creating inescapable wave of powerful fire; Gehennae Punisher's fire can be formed into towering columns of death and destruction. Shōjirō's control over these incredibly powerful flames is great enough for him to make them move and flow like a stream of water, in these instances the fire tends to look like a solar flare being launched from the surface of the sun. The power of Gehennae Punisher's fire comes from several sources; first they burn at temperatures above almost every known form of Fire Magic, having temperatures in excess of ten thousand degrees fahrenheit, a temperature high enough to easily reduce almost anything that gets to close into a puddle of molten slag; secondly the fire of the Gehennae Punisher tends to consume any form of magic that opposes it into fuel to power itself, much like how an uncontrolled fire will continue to burn until it runs out of fuel or its supply of oxygen is cut off. Due to the extreme power of Gehennae Punisher it is nearly impossible for Slayer Magic users to consume it, if and when they do the power of Gehennae Punisher's fire often quickly destroys their Magic Origin, the organ in a mage's body that is responsible for gathering stray Eternano and bunching it up into usable magical power; however, among the Slayer Magic lines Devil Slayer Magic users tend to the safest chance of consuming Shōjirō's Gehennae Punisher.

While offense is where the Gehennae Punisher excels, it can also be used as an effective defense, its heat and power being easily able to destroy opposing magical attacks, as well as making it difficult for physical fighters to get close to Shōjirō. When used defensively Gehennae Punisher provides Shōjirō a defense that is just as strong as his offense with this magic; defensively Gehennae Punisher can be used to wrap Shōjirō in a sphere of fire that burns away all opposition without mercy.

Supplemental Abilities, Forms and Usages
  • Heat Control: Any user of Fire Magic with knowledge on how its inner mechanics function is capable of progressing from 'manipulating fires' to 'manipulating the heat that is part of those fires', going down to the bare essentials of heat-based supernatural powers. When inducing heat manipulation, the user of Fire Magic simply focuses upon the fires they have already manifested or anything else in the vicinity, raising or lowering the properties by increasing the kinetic and thermal energy of the atoms that compose the flames and thus making things hotter, ranging from subjective feeling of heat to absolute hot. A user of this power can additionally absorb heat, while removing it from the source, into their body and use it in various ways, gaining some form of advantage, either by enhancing themselves, gaining the drained power or using it as power source for a brief period of time. When using this technique, a caster of Fire Magic is capable of heating a wide range of liquids, not limited to but including any body of water or tea in any quantity, allowing them to evaporate it to nothingness at higher levels of intensity. A user of this ability can also heat metal to scalding temperatures or even melt any form of ice, whether it is natural or generated through the supernatural. A common and practical method of performing heat control is by redirecting via absorbing heat through one limb, allowing it to pass through the caster's body, before being expelled out the other hand. Finally, using heat control, the caster is capable of superheating the surrounding air, causing the particles that compose both the heat and the oxygen to split due to reactions; thus causing a combustion with the atoms of hydrogen. This enables the user to create, shape and manipulate explosions.
  • Heat Immunity:
  • Infernal Body (業炎によって偽造悪魔体(インファナル·ボディ), Infanaru Bodi; lit. "Satanic Body Forged of Underworld Flames") is a supplementary spell derived from the basic aspects of Fire Magic; though it belongs in such a category, it's usable by various Mages well-versed in either fire manipulation or any magic dealing with the element, including Lost Magic such as Slayer Magic or Subspecies Magic such as Sun Magic. This spell allows one to gain a form of immunity using the element of fire; however, this trait is shown in all elemental magics — thus not exclusive to just fire. In order to properly execute this simple spell, the user ignites the eternano in their bodies — done through high-paced friction & spreads it all over the body at a rapid pace. This causes it to gain momentum, thus igniting into small conflagrations. The small embers causes the body to slowly heat up until reaching a certain point. By adding more of their magical energy, the user excites both the body's now-abnormal temperature and the embers even more until they become one, amplifying each other in an endless cycle. This causes the user's body to be alighted as a result, a clear sign being flames igniting from various parts of the body. At this point, the body's temperature exceeds its original point. To a non-fire mage, this can be seen as dangerous — the risk being that they could burn themselves alive or evaporating all the water in their body, becoming de-hydrated as a result. However, this serves as a different story to those well-versed in the element of fire. It's stated that it's difficult to get near to a person who uses this spell because of the intense heat it gives off. The main purpose of this spell, as explained before, is to give its users a form of immunity. Because the user is clad in flames and gives of intense heat, they're protected from most spells and projectiles such as bullets & arrows. In fact, such spells and weaponry would inevitably be burned to its core upon making contact with the user's body clad in this deadly spell. Only high-levels spells can possibly affect the user, but to a certain extent. This spell has other usages that's only limited to the caster's imagination because they're manipulating pure fire — albeit contained in & around their bodies, thus having no given form. One such possibility — albeit a common one, is the boosting of their other fire-based spells.
Offensive Spells
  • Hikeshi (火消, Flame Extinguishment) is the name of Shōjirō's signature Fire Magic spell; this spell is also one of the strangest Fire Magic spells in existence. To use this spell, Shōjirō will channel his magic into one, or both, hands, quickly converting it into fire, creating a brilliant orange colored flame upon his hand(s). When ready to cast this spell, Shōjirō will form the fire into a ball and launch it at his intended target at high speeds. When the launched fireball connects with its target it doesn't cause any immediate harm as the fire consumes the victims figure before seemingly dissipating. The true effects of the spell are soon revealed after this process had completed; after the last fire and flames seemingly dissipate the target will soon feel a slight burning feeling from inside their body as they will immediately start to feel their magic begin to drain away at a very rapid pace. This spell, upon contact with its intended target seeps into their body and targets their Magic Origin (魔原, Magen), which is exactly what the wording indicates — it is a special organ that is located within the body of a magician, that absorbs eternano and bunches it up into clusters, which is then processed into magical power, burning away at their entire reserves of magic almost instantly, even going so far as to be able to affect the targets Second Origin, a second container of magical power within a mage, that is if the target has undergone a Second Origin Activation. This spell is easily capable of completely draining an average mage instantly, is capable of draining an S-Class mage in a matter of seconds, and can even completely drain another Wizard Saint in under two minutes. Due to the effect of this spell, it serves as an excellent deterrent to those seeking to fight Shōjirō. This spell however will not work on those that use a form of energy different or separate of magic, such as Ki and the Curse's used by Etherious demons, as when this spell comes into contact with such sources of power the spell simple dissipates, having been rendered harmless to those that were not affected.
  • Blast Inferno (業火・大火嵐乱舞(ブラスト・インフェルノ), Burasuto Inferuno lit. Hellfire: Inferno Tempest Wild Dance):
  • Flare Gun (難産魔法銃(フレア・ガン), Furea Gan lit. Flame-Producing Magic Gun) is the name of Shōjirō's primary offensive Fire Magic spell. When preforming this spell Shōjirō will hold the first two fingers of one, or both, hands like a gun as he gathers magic at the tips of his outstretched fingers, rapidly converting the magic to fire as he gathers more and more. As Shōjirō gathers and transforms magic in fire and flames for this spell he will continued to compress it to its utmost limits until he is ready to cast this spell. When ready to release this spell Shōjirō will "shoot" the ball of compressed fire and magic forward like an actual bullet, with both great force and speed. As the "bullet" of fire and magic travels it decompresses slightly, growing in size as a result, until it impacts a surface, which causes an explosive decompression of the spell which causes a varying sized explosion, depending upon the amount of magic used in the spells formation, of fire, flames and extreme heat that can reduce a myriad of objects and minerals to molten slag in moments. This spell carries a varying amount of power, as stated this depends on the amount of magic that is used to form the spell, and can cause an explosion of fire and flames that ranges from small to moderately large, but always releases the same amount of scorching heat, enough so as to be able to quickly melt steel into a puddle of slag in just a few moments time. An alternate method casting this spell allows Shōjirō to rapidly fire a series of exceptionally low powered "bullets" of fiery magic from the tips of his fingers; these "bullets", while strong enough to defeat and knock out a mage of average skill, is unable to defeat even a mage of potential S-Class power. While this alternate method of casting if weak it can serves as an excellent distraction among other things, and more with enough cunning.
    • Fire Bullet (炎弾(ファイア・バレット), Faia Baretto lit. Flame Bullet) is a spell of such a basic nature that it's often the fire spell that any Fire Magic user worth their salt would have learned in the beginning. In any case, this orb of roaring flame shoots right towards the target at relatively high speeds, resulting in the fireball displaying a punching force which flies forth in a straight line at high speeds. Because the particles which compose the Fire Bullet are completely compacted, the projectile functions in a similar manner to that of a drill, boring into anything that is unfortunate enough to get in the way of the spell, dealing multiple hits up to a maximum of five, followed by a medium-sized explosion upon contact which causes relatively notable amounts of damage and destruction, while also serving to knock the opponent back, leaving a sizzling crater; it can also blow apart solid, reinforced walls- though Fire Bullet itself seems to fizzle out after a distance of fifty meters in flight unless the caster continuously pours magical energy to reinforce its composition. Exceptionally variable when compared to many other spells, Fire Bullet is known to be capable of being fired from any range and standing point, even in the air- though underwater makes it impossible. Fire Bullet can be modified into all sorts of sizes and can be manipulated into almost any formation deemed necessary, even having the spheres orbit around the caster to form a defensive barrier.
  • Gokuenchō (獄炎鳥(ごくえんちょう), Hellblaze Bird):
    Hellblaze Bird Fire Magic Spell 2

    (Above) Shōjirō casting Gokuenchō. (Below) Gokuenchō's homing ability.

  • Magma Cascade (焦熱地獄・焼地陣(マグマ・カスケード), Maguma Kasukēdo lit. Hellfire Conflagration — Burned Earth Encampment):
  • Shakai (射界, Field of Fire)
    KATON ~1

    Shōjirō using Shakai.

    is the name of one of Shōjirō's most destructive Fire Magic spells, as well as being the one in his arsenal with the greatest destructive range. When preparing to cast this destructive spell Shōjirō will gather magic in one hand in the shape of a compressed ball before transforming it into fire and flames, Shōjirō will continue this process until the desired amount of magic has been gathered. When ready to cast this spell, Shōjirō will focus upon the center of the blazing orange sphere in front of his chosen hand as he launches a tidal wave-like torrent of brilliant fire forwards, sending it crashing into the landscape and surroundings directly in front of line of sight; the fire instantly ignites everything that isn't instantly vaporized and turned into ash, melting everything unlucky enough to be cause in it's path to molten slag in seconds. The wave of fire that is cast forwards by this spell travels with a great amount of speed covering several meters in a few seconds, and has a full range of several hundred meters across, being able to completely consume a military battalion in seconds. The fire cast forth by this spell also has the effect of acting like Napalm, as the fire sticks like slime, making it exceptionally difficult to rid oneself of it once touched by it. As the fire cast by this magic is of such high power only the most powerful of water based magic spells can extinguish it.
  • Kyokujitsujin (旭日刃, Rising Sun Edge) is the most powerful Fire Magic spell in Shōjirō's arsenal. This spell is only usable with the usage of one of Shōjirō's swords. To perform this spell Shōjirō will channel a monstrous amount of fire into the blade of his chosen sword which will be concentrated along the edge of his blade. The flames are then compressed until they are no longer able to be seen. The flames, when coming in contact with an object will simply vaporize it; it doesn't burn it or erupt into fire and flames it just simply erases it from existence. This immense power if do the unearthly amount of heat that is concentrated along the edge of Shōjirō's blade; the temperature is stated by Shōjirō to be roughly about 5 million degrees F, but this amount of heat causes this spell to be a single use at a time meaning that Shōjirō is unable to attack more than once per activation, and the activation of this spell even a single time is extremely costly magic wise.
Defensive Spells
  • Zanjitsu Gokui (残日獄衣, Remnant Sun Prison Garb) is the name of Shōjirō's primary defensive Fire Magic spell; when using this spell Shōjirō will wrap himself within a protective garb of such extreme temperatures that nothing can approach without the fear of death. When attempting to use this powerful defense, Shōjirō will begin releasing his magical power in the form of his Magical Aura, rapidly transforming the exerted magical power into heat and explosively raising the temperature to such as point that he almost in essence becomes an organic star. The temperature at which this spell rises to is in excess of one million degrees F°. As a defensive measure, this spell completely prevents anything organic from approaching Shōjirō's person for the duration of the spell, this cloak of heat that surrounds Shōjirō will instantly melt even the sturdiest of magical arms and armor, even those that are fire and heat resistant, as well the extreme heat will cause the breakdown of magical bonds in Eternano meaning that magical attacks that are directed at him during this spells duration will fail as their magical bonds will be disrupted to such a point that they are unable to maintain their cohesion, and will simply breakdown and fizzle out long before they reach Shōjirō. While this spell is extremely effective as a defensive means it does suffer from one main weakness. The main weakness being that this spell consumes a consistent rate of magical power for its duration like a microwave would in a home, drawing the same amount of magic to maintain the defensive garb, meaning that the longer the spell is active the more magical power it will consistently drain away.

Lightning Magic

Lightning Magic (雷系各種魔法, Kaminari Kei Kakushu Mahō) is a common form of Caster Magic and one of the more powerful of the basic elemental magic's that allows the user to, obviously, utilize lightning to attack and defend with. In order to manifest Lightning Magic, the user is able to modify their Eternano and magical energy into that of electrons, which they can alter the movement of, allowing them to use almost any electricity based power; controlling, generating, and absorbing electric fields; utilizing electricity, but more specifically, lightning, as a form of offense and defense. The user is able to generate these elements from their body, and manipulate them, giving them the ability to channel and manipulate electricity through their body. However, unlike other types of Elemental Magic, users of Lightning Magic are also capable of utilizing lightning from a distance, such as from the ground near them, or down from the sky. Lightning attacks work by electrocuting the opponents to various degrees, and there are spells that are said to be capable of completely paralyzing enemies, due to the extremely high voltage of the electricity employed in their use. Because of the high amounts of light produced with its use, Lightning Magic can also be utilized to blind opponents, albeit for a short amount of time.

By generating electricity on different parts of their body, the user is capable of causing their attacks in melee to become far deadlier; even capable of propelling themselves around at high speeds in order to gain extra momentum; as the user can create lightning orbs around their arms and legs before connecting punches and kicks, increasing their striking power in a way similar to most other elemental mages, allowing them move around much faster, propelling themselves towards their opponents, by surrounding their entire body with lightning, and empowering their connecting strikes by summoning forth lightning from the sky to accompany their motions. In addition to these properties, the bright light from the lightning can be also used to momentarily blind enemies. Similar to other types of Elemental Magic, Lightning Magic allows the user to transform their body into the element they control: by transforming into a lightning bolt, the user is able to avoid physical attacks, and have the added advantage of traveling around at very high speeds and damaging everyone or everything they come in contact with, much like real lightning. This is a very powerful Elemental Magic, having many avenues for usage. It can also be inserted into Magical Lacrima crystals, as seen with Laxus Dreyar's Thunder Palace spell.

However, there has been a recent discovery within the understanding of Mages as they have discovered revolutionary way of utilizing Lightning Magic. According to those that have discovered this method, it is incredibly dangerous as it can potentially damage the user's nervous system and even result in a person's death if preformed improperly. In order to utilize this version of Lightning Magic, the user must amplify their bioelectric currents that exist within all aspects of the body existing in the nervous system, heart and muscles. By doing this, the user is capable of manifesting their bio-electric fields for the purpose of combat. This unique form of electricity can be used in various ways such as unleashing burst of bio-electricity that can fry a person from the inside-out and even being able to drain the bio-electical energies that may dwell within another being, in a way that is similar to Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic. The user is also able to form constructs out of the bio-electricity drained or stored, find persons by sensing their bioelectrical presence and even scramble personal bio-electric rhythms to shock others. This method of Lightning Magic is best reserved for master of said magic as they have the understanding to fully performing and using this method to its maximum potential.

Lightning Magic is shown to be one of Shōjirō's more commonly used type of magic after his Light Magic namely for the paralytic effect it has upon potential enemies. Like his Fire Magic, Shōjirō's usage of his Lightning Magic decreased significantly after he learned Light Magic but still retained more usage than his Fire Magic did. As Lightning Magic was one of the first types of elemental magic that Shōjirō learned his skills with it are extremely high, classifying him as a master user of it. Shōjirō is capable of generating and casting powerful blasts of lightning and electricity, he is capable of releasing lightning from every portion of his body at once creating an effective barrier around himself. Like other masters of this magic, Shōjirō is able to transform his entire person into a mass of electricity, an ability that renders him immune to physical damage and allows him to traverse great distances in short periods of time; this lightning form also provides Shōjirō with another way to attack as his motions in this form carry a high velocity and tremendous force. Lightning Magic offers a varied number of abilities over many of the other types of Elemental Magic, making Lightning Magic one of the most powerful of the basic elemental magic's known. Advanced abilities provided by this magic allows Shōjirō to control electromagnetism, the ability to manipulate electromagnetism, a force that is accountable for almost all physical phenomena observable to the unaided human senses, including light and other electromagnetic radiation, all of chemistry, most of mechanics (excepting gravitation), and of course magnetism and electricity. Shōjirō is able to create and control electric fields which allows him to breakdown objects at an atomic level, as well as create powerful barriers and force fields to protect himself with. Using static electricity Shōjirō is capable of climb or run up walls. Shōjirō also commonly used his Lightning Magic to vastly increase the cutting power of his weapons. Like other users of this magic as well Shōjirō can use it to vastly enhance his physical abilities such as his speed, strength, and reflexes by over-stimulating his nerves with electricity.

Supplemental Abilities, Forms and Usages
  • Lightning Resistance/Immunity: As a master of Lightning Magic, Shōjirō has shown to possess an extremely high resistance to opposing sources of lightning and electricity, magical or natural in origin. Shōjirō is easily capable of withstanding an opposing attack of Lightning Magic directly without suffering any of the usual effects, such as paralysis, not even feeling numb when attacked with a weak enough attack, while still being able to move without any visible signs that the attacks have had any effect upon his person. Shōjirō is easily able to continue fighting without much, if any hindrance, against another master of similar skill as himself in Lightning Magic, showing his extreme resilience to this element. While he is almost entirely resistant to regular forms of Lightning Magic he is more susceptible to the standard effects that lightning and electricity based magic's of higher orders, such as Slayer and Lost Magic's.
  • Lightning Body (雷体化(ライトニング・ボディ), Raitoningu Bodi lit. Lightning Body Transformation)
    Shōjirō Lightning Body Speed

    Shōjirō's speed when using his Lightning Body spell.

    is one of the most basic and commonly employed spells of any respectable Lightning Magic user. When performing Lightning Body, the user integrates Lightning Magic into their flesh and fuses it with their body. In doing so, they become a mass of electrically charged particles. Once they have become a mass of charged particles, they separate positively charged particles from their body and position's them to create a certain extent of an electrical field. The charged particles and electrical field can be changed at will from a latent state to an active one, and vice versa, by the user, who has taken the Lightning Magic into their body. When the electrical field becomes active, its powerful electric potential difference draws the negatively charged particles that make up their body toward the positively charged particles of the field with tremendous force; turning themselves into a lightning bolt, whose size can vary from mere, fast-moving sparks to large pillars of lightning. Shōjirō is known to make highly liberal usage of this spell while in battle, even outside of battle as well; by transforming himself into a mass of lightning and electricity he is able to rapidly traverse a battlefield, attacking without pause in an instant against multiple opponents while remaining in a state of constant motion and invulnerability. Shōjirō's skill in this spell allows him to quickly transform just a section of his body into lightning as a means of defense, such as transforming his neck into lightning to avoid being decapitated; Shōjirō is also able to transform his arms into lightning while keeping his hands in a solid state that allows him to vastly increase his striking range in this manner.
  • Electromagnetism (電磁気, Denjiki):
Offensive Spells
  • Volt Gun (放電雷銃(ボルト・ガン), Boruto Gan lit; Electrical Discharge Lightning Gun)

    Shōjirō using his Volt Gun spell from up close.

    is Shōjirō's most commonly used Lightning Magic spell. To perform this spell Shōjirō will make a gun shape with his fingers, most commonly by closing his ring and pinky fingers into this hand leaving his index and middle fingers pointed outwards similar to the appearance of Bullet Magic users. After making the gun shape with his hands and fingers Shōjirō will proceed to channel his Lightning Magic into the tips of his fingers before releasing a quick but highly concentrated blast of lightning forward like a bullet, again similar to Bullet Magic; the blast of lightning form this spell is both of a high voltage and a high current making it extremely lethal. This spell is quite powerful and is capable of penetrating armor and flesh very easily. This spell often acts as Shōjirō's quick-play Lightning Magic spell; Shōjirō is oftentimes seen using this spell quiet often when using his Lightning Magic in combat. This spell is often referred by multiple different names, but they ultimately have no effect over this spells function.
  • Volt Hammer (電磁雷撃拳(ボルト・ハンマー), Boruto Hanmā lit. Electromagnetic Lighting Hammer Fist) is a powerful spell in Shōjirō's arsenal. To perform this spell Shōjirō will begin by using his ability to cast his Lightning Magic from a distance by casting his magic seal high in the clouds. Using his own magic Shōjirō will begin to gather every bit of ambient electricity into his magic seal in the clouds from the atmosphere, at the same time Shōjirō will use his Lightning Magic to lightly charge his right hand with electricity. Once enough electricity had been gathered into his magic seal, Shōjirō will then make his move. Upon collecting enough electricity, Shōjirō will charge at his opponent and upon getting close enough to them he will attempt to bring his right hands down upon them like a hammer, using the low charge in his hand to guide the lightning and electricity from his seal straight down upon his opponent like a natural bold of lightning. This spell carries a large amount of power behind it, capable of leaving a large crater in its wake.
  • Arc Saber (雷切(アーク・サーベル), Āku Sāberu lit. Lightning Cutter) is the name of one of Shōjirō's most commonly utilized Lightning Magic spells; it is a spell of unparalleled cutting power. When prepared to use this spell, Shōjirō will hold one, or both, hands out with all of his fingers completely outstretched in a knife-hand shape or a rough approximate of a sword. Channeling magic into his hand(s) while his fingers are outstretched, Shōjirō will incite the conversion process, transforming his magic into lightning and electricity, condensing and compressing the element to its utmost limits as continues to gather magic upon his hand(s). As the magic gathers and is then compressed Shōjirō will begin to spread the mass of lightning and electricity out along the shape of his hand as the magic juts off of his hand slightly in a blue aura. Once the entire process is complete, happening in under a seconds worth of time, the magic will completely cover his hand, jutting off slightly in deep blue aura and emitting a crackling sound that ranges from inaudible to being very deep, reminiscent of multiple birds chirping at once. The blue aura that juts off of Shōjirō's hand from this spell acts as a blade, being capable of slicing though a jumble of objects, even being able to swiftly cut a diamond in half with a simple flick of his wrist while this spell is active. This spell provides Shōjirō with a blade of magical energy with unparalleled cutting power. This cutting power is achieved by the magical energies that make up the blade vibrating several milling times a second while also spiraling around like a chainsaw, providing the blade upon his hand nearly unstoppable cutting potential. Shōjirō is also able to channel this spell through both of his primary magic swords. When channeling this spell through one of his swords it causes the spell to extend very slightly from the cutting edge of the blade and extends half an inch off of the tip of both blades. The aura that extends off of the blade is sharp enough to cut deeply without actually making contact with an opponents body.
    • Arc Saber: Extension (雷切・片刃・拡張(アーク・サーベル・エクステンション), Āku Sāberu Ekusutenshon lit. Lightning Cutter: Single Edge Extension) is the name of a slight variation that Shōjirō can apply to his Lightning Cutter spell. After gathering the needed magic upon his hand and molding it into the blade of its parent spell, Shōjirō will go a step further by gathering even more magical power upon the spell and extending the aura created by the spell outwards in the rough approximate of a blade, the blade being shaped more like that of a Japanese Katana, as the extended blade holds one cutting edge and has a very slight curve to the magical blade. The blade created by this variation maintains the same abilities as its parent spell, holding an unparalleled amount of cutting power, as well as offering Shōjirō a slight bit more flexibility as this spell extends his reach compared to its parent, but as a drawback this variation consumes a greater amount of magic to use and maintain. As this spell simple extends the range of its parent spell, the blade created by this variation can be used both offensively and defensively as it's sturdy enough to clash with other blades, physical and ethereal alike without issue. Shōjirō has shown able to modify the shape that this spell takes, and is even able to extend and contract that blade at will, the former conserves magical power, while the latter greatly increases reach, the latter also offers Shōjirō the ability to utilize the next spell down.
      • Second Extension: Rend (追加攻撃・雷切・片刃・十字峡(セカンド・エクステンション・レンド), Sekando Ekusutenshon: Rendo lit. Lightning Cutter: Single Edge Cross Straight)
        Raikiri Kataba Jūjikyō

        Shōjirō using Second Extension: Rend to impale his enemy from the inside.

        is the name of a spell variation of a spell variation of Shōjirō's. This variation is of the first variation of Shōjirō's Lightning Cutter spell; using the longer magically created blade of his lightning Cutter: Extension spell, Shōjirō is able to further modify the shape of the extended blade, commonly used as a way of inflicting greater wounds from an already existing wound. This spell is best, and most often, used once Shōjirō has managed to impale an enemy with the extended blade crafted by his Lightning Cutter: Extension spell; while the blade is still embedded within the victims body, Shōjirō will surge his magical power into his hand and through the blade of lightning embedded within his target, gathering the additional magical power at the tip of the blade before extending the additional magic outwards in the shape of multiple additional blades, a process that instantly lacerates the internal organ of the target, and more often than not, kills them outright.
  • Kūsōhō (空走砲, Sky Roaring Cannon) is an intermediate Lightning spell of Shōjirō's.

    Shōjirō firing Kūsōhō from in the air.

    To use this spell Shōjirō channels his Lightning Magic into his hands and arms before releasing a large torrent of lightning bolt shaped blasts of lightning and electricity forward in the direction he is facing. This spell has a relatively large amount of power backing it; this spell having enough power to level a medium sized building in one hit. Do to this spells wide firing radius it is often use from mid-air allowing for the most possible damage from this spell.
  • Raimaihō (雷鳴砲, Thunderclap Cannon) is the most powerful lightning spell that Shōjirō knows. This spell is considered powerful enough to destroy a small island. Because of the power of this spell Shōjirō has to release it

    Shōjirō using Raimeihō, destroying a small portion of island.

    from the sky. Shōjirō, by charging all of his magical power into his hands is then able to release a massive blast of concentrated lightning strait downward that is capable of destroying a small island, vaporizing anything in its wake, leaving nothing, not even ash. Because of the amount of magic this spell requires leaves Shōjirō with only enough magic to survive.

Light Magic

Light Magic (光の魔法, Hikari no Mahō): Light Magic is a Caster-Type Magic which draws on the positive emotions of the user and manifest it in a physical form, the element of Light. It should be noted that Light Magic was intentionally created to be used as a counter against Darkness Magic and later Black Arts, two types of Magic that feed on negativity and cause massive destruction. This is triggered by going by the opposite of the 'magic = feelings' concept—by fueling their magic with positive feelings, the user is capable of initiating the usual fusion of Eternano and magical power, only manifesting magical power in a light and benevolent nature; this is known as natural Light Magic, drawing from the inner feelings of the humanity to purify the world off all its evils and mistakes, like a beacon of hope. This version of light magic is more commonly known and used by Legal Mages as they are often encouraged to use their emotions when it comes to fighting, being taught it will increase the overall power of their spells, though this is just a rumor and has not yet been official confirmed.

However a recent discovery has just been made revolving around Light Magic; a group of scientist have discovered a new way to utilize Light Magic without having to go through the process of converting their own feelings into magic, dubbed as Artificial Light Magic (人為的に改変・光の魔法(アーティフィシャル・ライト・マジック), Ātifisharu Raito Majikku lit. Artificially Modified Light Magic). This is considered incredibly difficult for a mage to successfully pull off and as such, there are only a small number of Mages that are capable of using this method of Light Magic. To do this, the user will manifest and modify their very Eternano and magical energy, entwining it, into that of protons which the user can then alter the movement of them, allowing them to be able to use virtually any light based power; being granted the ability to control, generate, and absorb light as well as utilizing said element as a form of offense and defense. Users of, what has now been dubbed, natural Light Magic have taken note that the light that is manifested through this specific procedure is not capable of being sense as it does not have any feeling in it, making most mages feel uncomfortable around a mage that is capable of using this variation of Light Magic. Due to this fact that this Light Magic does not use any emotion and is based on science, this variant of the magic has been named artificial Light Magic. It has been rumored that more and more Dark Mages are gaining the ability to use this form of Light Magic, disguising themselves and spying on Legal Guilds.

Light Magic can be utilized in a multitude of different ways, ranging from offensive to supplementary applications. Occasionally, a certain technique will usually involve the use of hands to cast a spell, though an experienced user can perform said spell without having to go through such an approach. It can be used to destroy and pick up various objects, defend various enemies' attacks and unleash devastating beams of light with immense power behind them. Light Magic can also be used in the most basic way possible which can still lead devastating results; by emitting light from the caster's body, depending on the brightness and the heat that the light emits, it is capable of blinding as well as burning an opponent or causing the surrounding area to explode in a brilliant light. The user can create constructs and weapons made of the element, and even teleport themselves away via transforming into light; being capable of taking out a horde of opponents in a flash of light and rendering them unable to fight, blinding them with radiance. Similar to other elemental magic's, Light Magic allows the user to transform their entire body into the very element that they use to fight: by transforming into pure light, the user is able to negate and avoid attacks, and gain the added advantage of traveling at incredible speeds and causing significant damage to their opponent and everything that they come in contact with, like a ray of divine light coming to unleash its judgment.

Shōjirō is known for being an exceptionally proficient master of light based magic having an "absolute dominance" over it, being capable of producing light of such as quality that is commonly only seen in forms of Lost Magic, specifically Slayer Magic's, as well as being able to produce such vast quantities of his powerful light for stupendously long periods of time, this exceptionally powerful light has been called numerous names such as "Light of Justice" (正義の光, Seigi no Hikari), and his light often has a "holy" or "pure" feel to it, and for this reason Shōjirō's light most commonly referred to as God's Light (聖光の天命(ゴッド・ライト), Goddo Raito lit. Holy Light of Heaven's Decree). Shōjirō's skill in this form of Elemental Magic allows him to use it in a vast myriad of ways, from offensive to defensive and supplemental usages; to Shōjirō any source of light is merely an extension of himself and can be put under his thrall and complete command, even being able to take control of sources of light that would otherwise be considered a higher tier than what he should be able to produce, such as light generated and cast by a light based Slayer Magic user. When used in combat, Shōjirō's light can be used in multiple ways; by imbuing his body with light each of his physical strikes carry an increased amount of power as well as leaving highly destructive wakes of light to follow them, the wakes of light causing everything that they pass by to explode spectacularly. By imbuing his weapons with the same light, Shōjirō can increase their cutting power exponentially, as well as being capable of launching ranged attacks from his light imbued weapons. Shōjirō is easily capable of adjusting the brightness of his light, as he can increase it to the point that he can cause permanent blindness in he so chooses, and as light produces heat in the form of thermal radiation, Shōjirō can use the sheer heat generated by his Light Magic to scorch and sear his opponents, or himself in the case of emergency first aid. Capable of emitting light in unholy quantities, enough so as to submerge the surroundings in bright vibrant light.

Shōjirō Light Blast Power

Shōjirō launching a blast of light from his palm.

When used offensively, Shōjirō commonly projects his light in the forms of sphere-like objects that can be ejected at the opponent or as a beam that can be blasted, when formed into spheres of light; the light serves to be rather concussive, able to firmly pulverize objects, such as stone. When released from his body the light can, depending upon its brightness or the amount of heat that it emits, it can be capable of blinding his opposition or can cause the surrounding landscape to explode violently. Shōjirō has demonstrated the ability to charge his spells before usage, and has even displayed the ability to utilize outside sources of light to empower his spells, such as sunlight, and even moonlight and starlight. He has also shown able to condense the light to its utmost limits, providing his light with exceptional cutting potential, as the light when used in this manner can easily slice through even the hardest, densest of metals like wet tissue paper. When used defensively, Shōjirō can create a myriad of defensive structures that range from a simple wall of light to a swirling disk that can withstand an extended onslaught of attacks. Shōjirō has also demonstrated several supplemental usages with this magic, such as being able to bend and manipulate light in such ways as to be able to create false clones of himself to distract his opponents in the midst of combat, even being to turn himself invisible by completely refracting the light around his body.

Due to Shōjirō's "absolute dominance" over the element of light in general, he has also been shown to be one of the few mages capable of utilizing what has been dubbed as artificial Light Magic. Instead of Shōjirō inducing the usual creation of Light Magic via the 'magic = feelings' concept, he will instead simply manifest and modify his magical power and Eternano, entwining it, into that of protons which he can then alter the movement of them, allowing him to be able to use virtually any light based power; being granted the ability to control, generate, and absorb light as well as utilizing said element as a form of offense and defense. As this method of and usage of Light Magic is fueled strictly by Shōjirō's raw magical power it has shown to have much more destructive force behind it than his regular natural Light Magic does, as he is able to fuel this version of Light Magic with nothing more than his monstrous magical power. Those that have seen Shōjirō use this artificial form of Light Magic have noted that they are unable to sense it as it doesn't carry any of the usual emotions that would otherwise fuel Shōjirō's Light Magic. When using this form of Light Magic, Shōjirō will utilize it in exactly the same manner as his natural form of this magic, creating and ejecting concussive spheres of condensed light that have incredible amount of power. He is able to cast several powerful spells simultaneously with this form of Light Magic at his disposal, and is easily capable of creating powerful barriers around himself and others with it.

Many of the supplemental usages of Light Magic allows its user to create a multitude of solid, physical constructs such as chains, walls, shields, rods, etc., Shōjirō's preference commonly being chains, and other solid objects intended to bind his targets. Shōjirō is easily capable of created a variety of physical objects that one would more commonly see within forms of Molder/Maker Magic's; Shōjirō commonly creates dense chains of light to bind his targets with, wrapping them around them several times while maintaining a connection from his hands, and more commonly his fingertips, so as to be able to control the chain, such as being able then throw an ensnared target around, or even chain them to a objects such as rocks and trees. Shōjirō commonly also creates thin beams of light that can traps and immobilize his targets, even being able to create these thin beams of light to serve as makeshift shields. One of Shōjirō's most refined supplemental usages of his Light Magic is being able to make sutures by crafting his light into very thin physical strings of magic that he can use in battlefield surgery to sew together wounds, his own or others, the "sutures of light" being able to last for highly extended periods of time, enough so that the wounded can receive proper medical attention.

Shōjirō has also displayed one oddity that is unlike anything seen among a user of Light Magic. When experiencing a severe upheaval of negative emotions — anger and rage mostly — his normally bright, vibrant white and golden colored light turns a deep, pitch black color and gains a substantial boost in its power; this black colored light, dubbed as Dark Light (怒り起因・有害な光(ダーク・ライト), Dāku Raito lit. Anger Induced Malefic Light). The darker colored light produced by this oddity of Shōjirō's causes his light to take on a form and function that it more closely related to standard Darkness Magic, in which the angrier that Shōjirō becomes, and the more negative feelings that Shōjirō is currently experiencing only serves to further fuel this ability. The black colored light produced by this unique oddity as stated gains a substantial boost to its power as normal projections of light while using this blackened light causes spectacular explosions of darkness, each of Shōjirō's attacks trail large wakes of pitch black. This oddity while not originally known to Shōjirō when he first began his training for light magic was revealed to him shortly after meeting his adoptive daughter/sister Momoko Asami, making its first appearance immediately after Shōjirō witnessed the young girl at the time being impaled through the chest by a bandits sword, the bandits who were subsequently decimated by this enhanced power afterwards.

Supplemental Abilities and Light Forms
  • Photon Body (軽粒子体化(フォトン・ボディ), Foton Bodi lit. Light Particle Body Transformation) is the name of Light Magic's unique elemental body, working upon the same principles as spells such as Lightning Body. When using Photon Body Shōjirō will begin by taking photons into his flesh and fusing it, transforming his body into nothing more than a mass of light. While in this fused with light "super mode", Shōjirō has the ability to move at incredible speeds, nearing the sped of actual light, this allows Shōjirō to move around from place to place faster than the eyes can follow, even more so, faster than the human brain is able to comprehend. When using this spell Shōjirō can appear in a variety of ways ranging from a large pillar of light or simply as an immensely bright flash of light. Like this spells most well known counterpart, the Lightning Body spell, in this state Shōjirō can continued to attack without the need to return to a physical form, simply barreling into and through all obstacles that stand in his path. Shōjirō while in this state of non-corporeality he is completely immune to physical attacks and most substances, such as poison. Due to the amount of thermal radiation that is produced by Shōjirō while in this form, he is able to reduce even highly heat resistant materials to slag in moments, as well as being able to increase the brightness of the light to blind his opposition. One of the greatest strengths of this spell, in comparison to Lightning Magic's Lightning Body spell is that Shōjirō is able to maintain this spell for extended periods of time, being able to attack multiple enemies in a row without having to return to his physical form.
Electromagnetic Sight

Electromagnetic Sight: Is a basic ability that users of Light Magic are capable of; those who employ Electromagnetic Sight are capable of viewing the Electromagnetic spectrum, specifically the area that deals with light, allowing them to perceive both ends of it, meaning that they are capable of viewing not only visible light sources but those that are normally invisible. Related to Electro-perception, Electromagnetic Sight only offers its users the ability to perceive the full spectrum of light in the natural world; this ability while commonly overlooked provides its user a massive advantage if used correctly. Electromagnetic Sight when used by a wizard allows them abilities such being able to see in the dark, much alike a cat, but instead of expanding the user's pupils fully so as to let in more light, this ability allows users to "see" light that isn't normally visible without the need of night vision devices. Users of this ability are also able to switch between the spectrums that they can see at will, changing their vision from an infrared to a thermal one for example. As this ability allows its user to clearly perceive all wavelengths of light it makes it essentially impossible to blind them, even when casting a spell that would cause a complete blackout. This basic ability also allows its user to perceive objects and person that have turned invisible by the distortions within the light wavelengths around said person or object.

  • Light-Make (光の造形魔法(ライト・メーク), Raito Meiku lit. Light Molding Magic) is a Caster Magic and a subspecies of Light Magic of the Molding Magic brand; as the name may or may not suggest, Light-Make involves the creation of objects involving the element known as light, which is a type of energy that's a form of electromagnetic radiation within a certain portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, visible to the naked eye. Like most other forms of Molding Magic, Light-Make is something of an oddball amongst the various other forms of Elemental Magic and their subspecies, as while more often than not, Light-Make lacks sheer power, it more than makes up for it in the incredible amount of options at hand which can be brought out by the caster's imagination – indeed, while it is underrated among the variety of obscure magic such as the infamous Slayer Magic, including Dragon Slayer Magic, God Slayer Magic and similar Lost Magic, it can be considered one of the most versatile forms of magic in existence. In order to harness Light-Make, the user places their right arm down next to their abdomen, with an open palm, and from here, the caster places their closed right fist on the face of their palm – while the caster induces the usual elemental formation process by pulsing the magical energies dwelling within their Magic Origin outwards into the immediate area in order to interact with the eternano that's saturated throughout the atmosphere, thus starting up the mainstay magical energy + eternano fusion, this dynamic pose enables the user to tap into alchemic theory, which is a philosophical and proto-scientific tradition that aimed to purify, mature, and perfect certain objects into its mechanics as a major proponent of the sequence as they utilize their willpower as well as their Magical Aura surging outwards from their body in order to harness the principles of convergence, with the caster going by the opposite of the 'magic = feelings' concept—by fueling their magic with positive feelings, the user is capable of initiating the usual fusion of eternano and magical power, only manifesting magical power in a light and benevolent nature; transmogrifying their arcane powers into light, a type of energy considered to be a form of electromagnetic radiation of a wavelength which can be detected by the human eye, drawing from the inner feelings of the humanity to purify the world off all its evils and mistakes, like a beacon of hope. During this process, the caster projects their Magic Seal outwards while envisioning the creation of their choice and drawing power from the atmosphere; the caster's magical energies flow from their own body and entwine themselves with everything else put into action through the activation sequence, resonating visually as a pulse of golden energy as the desired creation spawns from the glyph of energy accompanied by a swirling windstorm of light. Of course, depending on the brightness and the heat that the light emits when Light-Make is being cast, it is capable of blinding as well as burning an opponent or causing the surrounding area to explode in a brilliant light. Because the user is taking light and from there shaping and solidifying it to suit the situation, the light manifested through the power of Light-Make is known to possess properties that are not dissimilar to a lasers, with the molding of light acting as spatial coherence as to focus the lasers into a tight spot, enabling applications such as laser cutting and lithography; the process also allows the light shaped through Light-Make to remain narrow through great distances; like ordinary Light Magic, this light can be unleashed as laser beams which are able to be charged to increase their speed and power - this property plays a major part in several of the Light-Make Unlimited spells. Thanks to the wide range of what can be considered to be "light", the wielder of Light-Make is able to control and generate sunlight, ultraviolet light, x-rays, cosmic rays, and many more; thanks to it being light, the user's opponents are more often than not incapable of seeing these lights as they would be rendered completely invisible to the naked eye; to any onlookers, it would appear as if the caster is downing their enemies with invisible weaponry and the like. The sheer aftereffect of Light-Make being shaped into an object of the caster's desire and from there being used upon one of the wielder's enemies is that immediately upon contact with this light-based construct, the caster's enemy will begin to feel completely purified from several symptoms of physiological or psychological meltdown such as mental stress, depression, or coma relief from the physical body taking hold of them, and many more examples. Abnormally, Light-Make is known to possess a tendency to attract and draw in positive emotions from the user who is casting it to morally effect the victim's self-esteem. This in forth rekindle back the lost feelings of hope or spirit to the victim's mind, body, and soul from ever fearing the need of despair even if they're set up in the worst situations possible for them. As the power of Light-Make, and thus, the user, would feed on positive emotions and peaceful resolution, so does it cause the victim with a corrupt mind to feel hallucinated by the brilliant light, enticing them to remember their own past and yearn for forgiveness. It would henceforth make the victim themselves want to amend for all their wrong doings, evils, and mistakes in the past as if so they can have another chance in life. With magicians being encouraged to use their emotions when it comes to fighting so that it will increase the overall power of their spells, it can be said that Light-Make is one of the more potent forms of Molding Magic around.
Natural Light Magic Spells
Offensive Spells
  • Photon Gun (発光魔法銃(フォトン・ガン), Foton Gan lit. Light Emitting Magic Gun) is the name of Shōjirō's most commonly employed offensive Light Magic spell; this spell when cast launches a small, highly condensed "bullet" of light forwards, or in any direction for that matter, and carries a tremendous amount of force and velocity, easily being able to crush stone and metal. When performing this spell, Shōjirō will extend the first two fingers of either hand before rapidly gathering magic upon their tips before changing the magic into light and firing the "bullet" at his intended target; the bullet carries an absolutely tremendous amount of speed, often striking as if being cast before being cast, the speed of this spell in motion is under a second of flight time, and strikes with enough force to instantly pulverize stone and mangle metal, even ones as strong as titanium, with ease. Given Shōjirō's mastery over this spell he is able to completely forgo the need for the hand gesture, simply forming the sphere in front of him and then launching it at his intended victim, cutting out the middle man in this case. Shōjirō's mastery over this spell allows him to gather the needed magic and launch this spell just as fast as this spells bullet flies — under a second — allowing him to cast this spell over and over again, firing a volley of light "bullets" to overwhelm his opposition. This spell as it is Shōjirō's go to spell for his light magic has numerous applications to it, such as by adding more magic during the charging sequence of this spell Shōjirō can cause this spells bullet to detonate at his will after casing, the explosion carrying a moderate amount of powerful concussive force behind it. As a spell that Shōjirō has complete mastery over he is able to modify its properties as he sees fit, such as being able to add a rubbery property to the bullets, allowing them to ricochet and being able to control their trajectories while they ricochet around creating a powerful attack, he is able to control the trajectory of each bullet that he fires with perfect accuracy, even if he were to fire thousands upon thousands of rounds with this spell, and is able to change the general purpose of this spell changing an explosive round to one that penetrates its target, even after casting the spell, a feat that shows his mastery over this spell, and these abilities all include any of the variations of this spell that he may have.
    • Photon Gun: Sunlight Shot (発光魔法銃・日光弾(フォトン・ガン・サンライト・ショット), Foton Gan: Sanraito Shotto lit. Light Emitting Magic Gun: Sunlight Bullet) is a variation of Shōjirō's typical Photon Gun spell; using his "absolute dominance" over all forms of light, magical and natural, Shōjirō will amplify this spells parent with light drawn from the sun when available. Gathering the necessary magical power needed for this spell, Shōjirō will from here induce the typical conversion of magic into light but will further this process by using his own magical power to gather natural photons from the surroundings, adding them to the orb of light that this spell creates before launching it forwards towards his target. As this bright yellow bullet of light travels through the air it continues to gather light, similar to photosynthesis, growing until makes contact with its victim. While this spell sacrifices a small amount of speed for increased power it still moves faster than the human eye can attempt to follow. This spell like its original can be made to detonate in a moderately sized explosion at will, one that carries more power than its original, especially when used out in the open on a sunny day. This spell serves to supplement the power of its original in the event that Shōjirō is lacking in magical power, a very rare occurrence.
    • Photon Gun: Moonlight Shot (発光魔法銃・月光弾(フォトン・ガン・ムーンライト・ショット), Foton Gan: Mūnraito Shotto lit. Light Emitting Magic Gun: Moonlight Bullet) is a variation of Shōjirō's typical Photon Gun spell; using his "absolute dominance" over all forms of light, magical and natural, Shōjirō will amplify this spells parent with light drawn from the moon when available. Gathering the necessary magical power needed for this spell, Shōjirō will from here induce the typical conversion of magic into light but will further this process by using his own magical power to gather natural photons from the surroundings, adding them to the orb of light that this spell creates before launching it forwards towards his target. As this bright white bullet of light travels through the air it continues to gather light, similar to photosynthesis, growing until makes contact with its victim. While this spell sacrifices a small amount of speed for increased power it still moves faster than the human eye can attempt to follow. This spell like its original can be made to detonate in a moderately sized explosion at will, one that carries more power than its original, especially when used out in the open during the night, and is at its most powerful when there is a full moon out. This spell serves to supplement the power of its original in the event that Shōjirō is lacking in magical power, a very rare occurrence.
    • Photon Gun: Starlight Shot (発光魔法銃・星光弾(フォトン・ガン・スターライト・ショット), Foton Gan: Sutāraito Shotto lit. Light Emitting Magic Gun: Starlight Bullet) is a variation of Shōjirō's typical Photon Gun spell; this spell unlike its other variations utilizes the energy that would normally be found in Shōjirō's Heavenly Body Magic to supplement its power. Due to Shōjirō's extreme skill in manipulating his massive magical reserves he is able to siphon his magical power, albeit in small amounts, out in the same fashion that is required for typical Heavenly Body Magic; after siphoning his magical power outwards Shōjirō will quickly gather the now stray amount of his magical power inducing the usual conversion of magic transforming it into a bright golden colored light and forming it into a highly compressed sphere of light at the tips of his fingers. When ready, Shōjirō will launch the orb of light forward with tremendous speed and force; the bullet launched by this spell, as the light that composes it is of a slightly higher order than even Shōjirō's immensely powerful light produced by his standard Light Magic, it carries a greater amount of power and speed than the rest of his spells, easily being capable of punching though even the most resilient of barriers produced by Barrier Magic or Defenser.
    • Makankōsappō (魔貫光殺砲, Demonic Piercing Light Murder Gun) is one of Shōjirō's more basic Light Magic spells. To perform this spell Shōjirō will gather light into either his palm or the first two fingers of one of his hands before releasing two beams of light from his chosen charge point. The two beams once released coil around each other, giving this spell an immense amount of penetrative power, even when blocked by magic armors that decrease the power and effectiveness of Light Magic, as well as against magical barriers, often breaking through both with effortless ease. This spell is often one of Shōjirō's more commonly used spells. This spell is also shown able to explode if unable to penetrate a target. Shōjirō has demonstrated an extreme amount of control over this spell as shown by his ability to control its direction after launch, his ability to control its speed, despite it being an already quick spell to begin with, and even its trajectory mid-flight.
  • Photo Impact (光速光波影響銃(フォト・インパクト), Foto Inpakuto lit. Speed of Light Light Wave Crashing Gun):
  • Photon Knife (光粒子刃(フォトン・ナイフ),Foton Naifu lit. Light Particle Blade) is the name of Shōjirō's most commonly utilized "cutting" Light Magic spell; this spell allows Shōjirō to channel and compress light to its utmost limit within his hand(s) and fingers creating an invisible blade that has nearly unparalleled cutting power. When initiating this spell, Shōjirō will choose a hand, or both, in the form of a knife-handed shape, gathering magical energy upon it/them before inducing the usual conversion of magic into light before compressing the light to its utmost limits along the outer edge of his hand, specifically at the tips of his fingers to the point that the light becomes nearly invisible to the naked eye. The compression of the light increases the cutting potential of the light exponentially. With each swing of his hand(s) like a blade, Shōjirō can easily cut through even the hardest and densest of materials, even being able to increase his precision with this spell by decreasing the number of fingers that he uses, and while many would assume that this would weaken this spells abilities it allows him make surgical precision cuts, such as allowing him to perform battlefield surgeries without the availability of proper medical supplies, and even being able to perform these procedures under the must unsanitary of conditions as the heat produced by the blade of light allows it kill bacteria and cauterize wounds. By increasing the number of fingers into a full knife-hand form Shōjirō gains a tremendous amount of cutting power with his bare hands, easily being capable of fighting against someone wielding an actual weapon with his bare hands, even being able to destroy physical weapons with this spell active.
  • Reihi Hakōshō (魂火波動掌, Soul Light Surge Palm) is a powerful Light Magic spell of Shōjirō's; Reihi Hakōshō exemplifies Shōjirō's dislike of killing as it's not entirely fueled by his magic, instead being fueled mostly by his souls desire to protect. When preparing to use Reihi Hakōshō Shōjirō will channel a small amount of his magical energies into one of his hands, inducing the required conversion of magic into light before using his desire to protect to increase the power that is concentrated in his hand, changing the white light into a bluish semi-transparent light that looks like fire and moves like water. Once ready to use this spell Shōjirō will charge forward with his hand raised, ready to strike at his target. Upon making contact with his target this spell unleashes its "soul light" to attack its target; the soul light of this spell causes no lasting damage to its victims’ bodies, and is unable to kill no matter its power, instead its light assaults the targets body from within by inducing the sensation of pain, but it also affects the targets mind by conveying Shōjirō's will to them, ripping away their will to fight.
  • Photon Bolt (光矢(フォトン・ボルト), Foton Boruto lit. Light Arrow) is a basic Light Magic spell that allows its user to create and launch arrow-like lances of light to attack; this spell being an elemental version of the uncategorized spell Magic Arrow. As this spell is one that was modified and enhanced by Elemental Magic, its casting is essentially the exact same as its original form; the user will being by the caster starting by releasing their own magical power from their Magic Origin, mixing it with ambient Eternano which is saturated within the atmosphere- the fusion of the two causes the magical energy to charge the eternano, rapidly exciting them so that they experience an increase in density and multiply continuously, but in this case the caster will release their magical power in the form of light. The caster will then, using Shape Transformation, begin manipulating the masses of magical energies, shaping them into elongated forms that will begin to resemble arrows of sorts; the heads of these magical lances can vary greatly as they depend upon each casters individual style. With the first step completed and the magic missile('s) now formed all the caster need do is launch them at their intended target at high speeds; though, like many spells that require its target to be within their field of vision, the arrows created by this spell can, if its caster is skilled enough, the ability to track its target, otherwise a clear line of sight is required to launch this spell. After its launch each individual arrow created by this spell will fly through the air on a straight trajectory unaffected by gravity at high speeds. While the lances of magical energy created by Magic Arrow are not launched immediately upon formation they also don't need a constant supply of magical energies to maintain their forms or power, instead they are capable of drawing the required energies straight from the atmosphere to maintain themselves, which allows the spells caster to constantly use this spell. Photon Bolt is one of Shōjirō's most commonly itilized Light Magic spells due to its extreme versatility, but also for the fact that he is able to "program" each individual arrow to have a variety of effects ranging from merely exploding, to penetrating, and even being programmed to be able to bind a target. A spell that often acts as Shōjirō's go-to spell, alongside his Photon Gun spell, Shōjirō's usage of the spell Photon Bolt is highly varied and allows him a nearly innumerous number of possibilities. With this spell, and his ridiculous amounts of magical power at his disposal Shōjirō is easily capable of casting this low magical cost spell almost indefinitely, he is quite capable of creating several tens of thousands of arrows at once, and is skilled enough to be able to interlace several preprogrammed abilities within all of them, creating a myriad of unknown combinations with each use of this spell. As stated, sers of this spell are able to program within each arrow a function, whether that causes the arrow to simply explode, or in the case of the most skilled, can program an entire spell within an arrow, and Shōjirō is no exception to this; Shōjirō's skill allows him to program entire spells within a single arrow, although his most common application of this skill is to input a command that causes his arrows to bind his target.
    • Photon Rain (流星群(フォトン・レイン), Foton Rein lit. Stars falling from Heaven)
      Light Arrow 3

      Shōjirō using his Photon Rain spell.

      is the name of a variation of Shōjirō's typical usage his Photon Bolt spell; this variation exemplifies the destructive power of the spell known as Photon Bolt. As a variation of a preexisting spell its casting is also different than normal; when preparing to utilize this spell Shōjirō will cup his hands close together, but not touching, as he begins to gather the needed magical energies and inducing the proper conversion of magical power to convert the energy into light, this process results in the creation of a four pointed star-like shape of light to form in between his cupped palms. As Shōjirō continues to gather the necessary magical power to use this spell, he will begin to compress it, holding the already formed star-like shape until ready to cast this spell. Upon having gathered the necessary magical energies for this spell, Shōjirō will release the condensed star of magical energy upward, letting it rise numerous meters into the sky, and upon it reaching the desired altitude it will rapidly expand retaining its four pointed star-like shape, its size consuming a large part of the sky, and being luminous enough to nearly turn night into day. Upon command from Shōjirō the star will begin releasing large, destructive bolts of light in any direction commanded, this can be further expanded by Shōjirō commanding the star to spin, which allows it to cause an immense amount of destruction on a very large scale. The star will continue to reak destruction until the magical energies that fuels it runs out and it dissipates. This spell when used can cause an absolutely enormous amount of damage to just about anything in both a wide area and in a concentrated one, making this spell rather versatile; this spell for these reasons make it one of Shōjirō's most destructive spells in terms of widespread destruction.
  • Keitenkō Hadōgatotsu (炯天光波牙動突, The Penetrating Divine Light of the Surging Fanged Thrust):

    Shōjirō utilizing his Keitenkō Hadōgatotsu spell.

  • Seraphim (神光の世界樹天罰(セラピム)), Serafimu lit. Divine Light of The World Trees Heavenly Punishment)
    • Shōjirō activating his Seraphim spell.
    • Shōjirō creating a Tree of Light from his Seraphim spell.
    is one of Shōjirō's most powerful Light Magic spells. To perform this spell Shōjirō will gather a massive amount of light around his entire body before concentrating it around the middle of his back before branching, tree-like limbs extend from his back, creating a cage-like appearance around Shōjirō. This cage of light is extremely powerful and acts like a defensive barrier while it is wrapped around Shōjirō. From this point Shōjirō can control the "tree branches" around him to attack with; each branch is extremely sharp and is capable of slicing trough even extremely durable objects with ease. Shōjirō had displayed the ability to create "seeds of light" that he can plant and control the growth of. These seeds when grown through Shōjirō's magical power can create towering trees of light that Shōjirō can control as he sees fit to. These trees, while immobile, can have their branches manipulated by Shōjirō in order to bind his targets or can fire off blasts of light from the tips of the branches.
Defensive Spells
  • Kyokkō (曲光, Bent Light) is the name of a common, yet surprisingly powerful defensive Light magic spell; this spell as its name may imply, utilizes light to diffuse opposing magic attacks by redirecting them away from the caster body with bent and curving paths of invisible light. While this spell's effectiveness centers wholly upon the caster's skill, in the hands of a skilled caster this spell can be an extremely effective defense. This spell utilizes the bands of light that falls under the invisible parts of the visible spectrum: this includes radio, infrared, ultraviolet, X-ray and gamma-ray, all of the parts of the electromagnetic light spectrum that is invisible to the human eye, and can only be seen with specialized equipment and sight based magic's to both diffuse and redirect incoming magical attacks. When casting this spell, the user will induce the usual conversion of the magical energies needed to properly utilize Light Magic but will produce the wavelengths of light that belong to the invisible spectrum, caster being able to see these light spectrums by Light Magic's electromagnetic sight; after creating these light wavelengths they will surround their bodies with them, shaping them into various paths around their bodies. Each path that the caster creates allows incoming magical attacks to travel along them and then away from their body as they follow the path of least resistance, in this case the invisible light spectrums that surround their bodies. Skilled users of this spell are easily able to use it to provide a quick defensive, and leave an often incompetent, or otherwise unwise opponent dumbfounded as to what happened as it will simply appear that the user of this spell dodged, or deflected their attack with ease. As a far more than competent master of Light Magic, this spell often acts as Shōjirō's most common quick defense Light Magic spell; with this spell Shōjirō is easily and effortlessly capable of shrugging off all but the most powerful attacks. Due to his immense skill in Light Magic, Shōjirō is capable of keeping this spell active near constantly with little drain upon his magical reserves, although this could be a misconception as he may just not notice the drain due to his massive reserves of magical power.
  • Holy Light: Eight Heavens (純粋な光・保護の八区(ホーリ ーライト・エイト天), Hōri ̄Raito: Eito Ten lit. Light of the Pure: Eighth Ward of Protection)
    Seikō Hogo no Hachi ku

    Shōjirō using his Holy Light: Eight Heavens spell to protect himself.

    is an exceptionally powerful defensive Light Magic spell; this spell offers its caster complete protection from damn near anything, with about the only thing capable of penetrating it being a spell that is designed specifically for destroying barriers, or some type of magic that nullifies magic, such as Nullification Magic. When preparing to cast this powerful defense the caster will bring both of their hands together, holding them in front of their chest in a position similar to praying, channeling magical energy into their hands, inducing the needed magical conversions to create light. After gathering a sufficient amount of magical power in their hands the caster will quickly rotate their left hand downwards, never letting their hands separate, stopping with their left hand rest at about a forty-five degree from being pointed straight downwards; this action starts the casting of this spell. After rotating their wrist the magic that was gathered in the caster hands is instantly transmitted through their body and into the ground, causing it to glow for a brief moment, glowing the greatest where the caster feet touch the ground as five lines being to extend from the caster creating a five point star that connects itself together in the form of a unique Magic Seal. After the magic seal is complete, in each of the four cardinal directions (north, east, south, and west) towering pillar of magical energy erupts, each one topped with a five point star, after which, in a counterclockwise direction each pillar will generate another pillar, ending with the spell creating a total of eight pillars, four in each cardinal direction, and four in each of the intercardinal, or ordinal, or intermediate directions (northeast, southeast, southwest, and northwest), each of the secondary pillars having the same five point star design on them. Holy Light: Eight Heavens defensive capabilities are extraordinary; once the spell reaches its completion it provides its caster with a complete three hundred-sixty degree barrier around themselves, even protecting the caster from attacks that would be made from below them. The power behind this spell comes from the fact that every time a magic based attack lands this spell reduces the spell down to its most basic form — pure magic — before absorbing that to strengthen itself. Exceptionally powerful spells, however, can only have a certain amount of their magical energies absorbed, if at all, such spells like those of Slayer Magic user's Secret Arts. While this spell is meant to be a defensive one, it does possess an offensive measure, but one that is also defensive in nature; when someone deemed to be a foe by the caster magical power passes into the boundary of this spell they are instantly assaulted by an intense amount of pure light, one that grows exponentially more powerful the more malice and destructive intent they possess, the barrier bringing down a powerful judgement that rends them asunder. While this spell spell offers an exceptional defensive measure it does suffer from two major, crippling weaknesses; the first being that this spell requires a slightly extended time to cast, roughly fifteen to thirty seconds to full cast, while the second weakness is directly related to its casting; the second weakness is that once cast the caster is pinned to the ground, unable to move, and stepping from within the confines of the spell's radius causes it to deactivate. Shōjirō, as a master user of all forms of Light Magic, has proven extremely adept at casting this powerful defensive spell, and while he still suffers from the basic weaknesses of this spells setup and casting time, his spell allows him to fully erect this spell within a slightly shortened period of time, roughly ten to twenty seconds, but is unable to defend himself while casting this spell.
    • Holy Light: Single Heaven (純粋な光・保護第一区(ホーリ ーライト・シングル天), Hōri ̄Raito: Shinguru Ten lit. Light of the Pure: First Ward of Protection)
      Light Arrow

      Shōjirō launching his Photon Bolt spell through the single pillar created by this spell.

      is the name of a weaker version of the Holy Light: Eight Heavens spell; unlike its parent spell Holy Light: Single Heaven creates only one pillar of light directly in front of the caster to defend against attacks, and while it greatly lacks its parents power to protect it makes up for it by having a drastically shorter casting time, castable within just a few seconds. Casting this spell is very similar to its parent; the user will begin by holding a single hand in front of their chest, open and vertical to their bodies center, similar to praying, as they channel magic into their hand, inducing the proper conversion of magical energies as they continue to gather magical energy. As this spell only takes a moment to actually cast, the user needs only a small amount of magical energy. Once enough magic has been gathered the user will begin casting this spell; the user to cast this spell will wave the hand that they gathered their magic into in front of their body in the direction they're facing, as an intricate magic seal is formed below their feet, creating a five pointed star held within a circle, all made of light. After the magic circle has been completed, a single pillar of light will instantly erupt directly in front of the caster, this entire process taking only the briefest of moments to complete. This spell offers its caster a single directional barrier, that is quick to cast and can easily defend against spells of moderate power. While this spell lacks in overall defensive capabilities it makes up for this by allowing its caster to attack through the defensive pillar; by channeling magical power into the magical seal on the ground the user is able to channel spells through the erected pillar before them as a means of a surprise attack. Shōjirō has shown to be adept user of this spell, it acting as a more powerful, but quicker alternative to other defenses without having to cast the Holy Light: Eight Heavens spell. Shōjirō, as a master of this spell, is easily capable of casting this spell very quickly, his casting taking only two seconds, to fully gather the needed magical energy and cast the spell to its completion. Shōjirō has also demonstrated his ability to cast other spells through this one, casting his Photon Bolt spell though it commonly.
  • Astral Bind (光波・鎖条鎖縛(アストラル・バインド), Asutoraru Baindo lit. Light Wave Locking Bondage Stripes) is the name of a common Light Magic spell that is easy to master and exceptionally effective if used right; this spell is believed to be molded after Chain Magic in that it allows its caster to form chains, or ropes, of pure light as a means to restrain, or even attack, an opponent with. When beginning to use Astral Bind the user will start by gathering their magical power upon their hand, though depending upon the user's skill level can channel it to only one finger while attaining the same results, initiating the usual conversion of magical power into light in the process, all while collecting it into a singular point. When the needed magical energies have been gathered and the user is ready to cast this spell they will direct their casting point towards their intended target, ejecting their magical energy outwards while using shape manipulation to transform the light into chains, or simply ropes of light, while move at incredible speeds once cast. As this spell requires shape transformation and manipulation, users can shape their chains into a variety of shapes, and can have them tipped with various objects ranging from grappling hooks, to round weights, to sharp spikes; whatever the user adds to their creations their purpose doesn't change — as the ropes/chains of light fly towards their target they will begin attempting to coil around and ensnare the target upon reaching them, not stopping until the target is thoroughly trapped. Users of this spell are capable of maintaining the connection between themselves and their target via the chain or they can affix them to another object and sever their connection while maintaining the spell. This spells effectiveness is further enhanced by the fact that the magical constructs created by this spell have the hidden ability to nullify an individual's ability to use magic while trapped by them, but while the chains are able to do this they can only nullify so much power at any one time no matter how many ropes/chains may be attached to a person, as a significantly powerful burst of power can destroy them, as well as this secondary ability being ineffective against powers unrelated to magic, such as Curse's used by Etherious demons. As an offensive spell, Astral Bind can be used to capture an opponent before allowing the caster to easily throw their ensnared opponent without abandon; by changing what their constructs are tipped with, users can use Astral Bind as a means of makeshift spear, adding a spiked tip to it and then launching it forwards with great force and velocity; or a user can add a heavy weight to the tip of their chain and use it as a large ball and chain. Astral Bind is shown to a commonly used spell in Shōjirō's arsenal when he needs to restrain a target. Shōjirō has shown to favor creating chains with spikes along its links, and commonly tips his chains with pointed spikes. Shōjirō is shown to have an immense amount of skill in the use of this spell as he is easily able to cast it using a single finger, as well as being able to cast several chains at once. Shōjirō has also demonstrated the ability to mentally control his chains, allowing them dodge and weave through defenses to get at his targets. Shōjirō has also shown to have added an additional ability to his chains, if one should be destroyed by any means it causes a chain reaction which ends in all of the chains exploding.
  • Astral Shackle (第六型光牢(アストラル・シャックル), Asutorar Shakkuru lit. Six Way Prison of Light) is another basic Light Magic spell within the same classification as the spell Astral Bind; Astral Shackle, instead of trapping its target with ropes/chains of light instantly binds its target with six flat, wide beams of light that slam into the targets midsection, restricting all movement, even areas of the body that are not directly trapped by the light. When casting Astral Shackle the user will point towards their intended target, channeling their magical energies into their fingertip, inducing the necessary magical conversion processes at the same time. At this point the user will expel their gathered magical energies upon the world around them, their magical power that was gathered upon their fingertip flashing brightly for a short second before six flat wide beams of light form in a circular area around the caster intended target before slamming into their midsection with great force, enough so as to knock the wind from their bodies, trapping them and completely immobilizing them in the process. despite the limited magical energy needed to cast this spell, its stopping power is tremendous, easily capable of stopping even massive magical beasts that would give any guild ace a run for their money, as well as the effect happening almost instantly. Astral Shackle can further be strengthened by the caster of this spell using Astral Bind upon the target, when used in this manner it cuts its cast time to only a fraction of what it originally was as the ropes/chains form from the six beams of light to ensnare its target. Astral Shackle, when just cast by itself has limited usage; it doesn't have the great versatility like Astral Bind does, being a spell that stops and captures its target, its greatest strength simply being its low magical cost and near instantaneous cast time, but due to this it often saves the life of its caster, as it can be cast in quick succession. Shōjirō has shown to favor this spell for its immediate results and his ability to use this spell as a setup for his Astral Bind spell, commonly doubling the two spells on top of one another. Shōjirō's skill with this spell allows him to easily cast it upon a large group at once, and is strong enough to capture even the strongest of magical beasts when rampaging.
    • Astral Shackle: Lead Light (第六型光牢・重粒子光波(アストラル・シャックル・リード・ライト), Asutorar Shakkuru: Rīdo Raito lit. Six Way Prison of Light: Heavy Particle Light Wave) is the name of an extension of the usual Astral Shackle spell; this spell adds an additional effect to its bog standard parent spell by adding an immense amount of weight to the six beams of light that are produced by its parent. When casting this addition the caster must merely cast the original Astral Shackle spell, but will add an additional amount of magical energy to the six beams, increasing their eternano density, which causes the beams to become heavily weighted, the weight increase being proportional to the amount of magical power that was further added to the spell's original casting process. This additional weight can easily be used to surprise any unwitting victim, which depending upon the increase can send the target simply stumbling upon being caught, to being sent face first into the dirt as if they were just affected by Gravity Magic. This simple alteration of a basic Light Magic spell can easily be used to gain the advantage in a single battle or when the caster is outnumbered as it can quickly and efficiently render other obstacle's useless momentarily, allowing the caster to direct their focus upon either the strongest of their foes, or allow them to take out the rest of a group to allow them to fight the stronger opponents last once all other annoyances have been taken care of. Astral Shackle: Lead Light is shown to the more commonly used of the two by Shōjirō as he is able to increase the weight of the light to heights so great even the physically superior are unable to break free, at least not quickly, which allows Shōjirō to redirect his focus to other tasks in battle.
Artificial Light Magic Spells
  • Photon Bomb (人為的に改変・光の魔法・発光爆発(フォトン・ボム), Foton Bomu lit. Artificially Modified Light Magic: Explosive Light Blast):
Light-Make Spells
Static Light-Make
  • Light-Make: Heavenly Bladewing (光の造形魔法・天翔光翼剣(ライト・メーク・ヘブンリ・ブレードウィング), Raito Meiku: Hebunrī Burēdou~ingu lit. Light Molding Magic: Heaven Soaring Light Wing Blade) is the name of a basic Light-Make spell; this spell allows Shōjirō to create a uniquely shaped sword made of light that can be used for combat. In order to begin using Light-Make Shōjirō must first place his right arm down next to his abdomen, with an open palm, and from here, places his closed right fist on the face of their palm – while Shōjirō induces the usual elemental formation process by pulsing the magical energies dwelling within his Magic Origin outwards into the immediate area in order to interact with the eternano that's saturated throughout the atmosphere, thus starting up the mainstay magical energy + eternano fusion. From this point as Shōjirō continues to pour magical energy into his hands, he will begin to form his blade. Removing his hands from their positions Shōjirō will press his hands together as if he were praying, before gradually pulling them apart, this action causing a blade of light to begin forming, this process looking as if Shōjirō were drawing the blade of light from his left palm, separating his hands until the blade is fully formed. Once Shōjirō's hands are completely separated the blades appearance is revealed, the sword created by this spell has a strangely unique appearance to it; the sword created by this spell is slightly longer than a standard length katana, possessing a single edged blade with a slight curve in the middle of the blade, and ends in sharp point. Along the back of the blade are several dozen feathers made of light, making the entirety of the sword look like a giant wing from a bird. Due to Shōjirō's extreme skill in Light Magic, and by extension Light-Make, the sword created by this spell is exceptionally durable, effortlessly able to clash with a real solid weapon, the opponent's weapon often breaking before the sword of light does. Shōjirō's Heavenly Bladewing spell is also extremely sharp, capable of slicing through pretty much any and everything that is caught in its path. As the blade is made of highly compressed light it can also be used as a means to blind an opponent; Shōjirō can also extend the length of the blade allowing him to instantly readjust its length, or use this ability to launch the blade itself forwards like a bullet with high penetrative power. Surprisingly enough the sword created by this spell can also be used as makeshift shield by spreading out the feathers along the back of the blade.
    • Additional Attack: Feather Shoot (追加攻撃・天翔光翼剣・餓翼連砲(フェザー・シュート), Tsuika Kōgeki: Fezā Shūto lit. Additional Attack: Hungry Wing Rapid-Fire Gun) in the name of an additional ability, or as the name clearly states, is an additional attack of the above spell. After creating the sword of light with the above spell, Shōjirō has the ability to utilize this additional attack. While wielding the Heavenly Bladewing Shōjirō will flip the blade around so that the feathers along the back of blade are facing forward and upon swinging the blade the feathers will be launched forward with great force and velocity. Each feather released act like a smaller blade flying through the air; the edges of the feathers are exceptionally sharp, capable of easily causing deep lacerations. The shafts, or calamus, of the feathers are pointed, acting much like a spike and are capable of penetrating various materials such as stone and metal with little trouble. The main function of the feathers however are activated shortly after they are launched; when a feather penetrates a substance or settles upon the ground it will begin to draw in ambient eternano from the atmosphere before exploding violently, each explosion while relatively small releases a large amount of power, producing a powerful enough shockwave to potentially kill, and enough force to effortlessly knock others off their feet; this explosive effect is exceptionally powerful when used in an enclosed space.
Dynamic Light-Make
  • Light-Make: Angel Drones (光の造形魔法・天の注文様々な衛星(ライト・メーク・エンジェルドローン), Raito Meiku: Enjeru Dorōn lit. Light Molding Magic: Heavenly Order Various Satellites) is an exceptionally powerful multi use spell of Shōjirō's; Light-Make: Angel Drones allows Shōjirō to create a vast multitude of small winged orbs of light that can be controlled mentally by him or programmed with individual commands to act autonomously of his commands. In order to begin using Light-Make Shōjirō must first place his right arm down next to his abdomen, with an open palm, and from here, places his closed right fist on the face of their palm – while Shōjirō induces the usual elemental formation process by pulsing the magical energies dwelling within his Magic Origin outwards into the immediate area in order to interact with the eternano that's saturated throughout the atmosphere, thus starting up the mainstay magical energy + eternano fusion. After gathering the needed amount of magical energies and inducing the needed magical conversions, this produces a compact ball of light within Shōjirō's hands. Raising both hands up Shōjirō will call out the name of this spell causing the orb of light in his hands to begin producing various orbs of light, each one being about one and a half larger than a typical baseball. At this point each ball of light will float in the air for a few moments before a small pair of wings emerges from the spheres signalling their completion. This spells usage is varied; it can be used to supplement Shōjirō's offence, defense, or be used in a supplemental role. Each individual "drone", upwards to a hundred being the most that Shōjirō can control mentally at one time, can be controlled mentally or programmed to perform a certain function. Offensively the drones can be programmed to fire blasts of light from themselves at targets, or use themselves as battering rams, charging into objects and opponent's alike without regard to themselves. This offensive usage allows Shōjirō to apply pressure to a single opponent while he prepares a more powerful spell, or allows him to focus on a more powerful opponent without having to deal with others when confronted by a group. When used defensively the drones constantly orbit around Shōjirō like moons do to a planet. When an opponent attacks, magically or physically, the drones will flatten themselves out into a disk-like shield to absorb the attack, even moving at angles to repel attacks upwards, and even back to their source. The greatest aspect of this spell is that each drones grows stronger the longer they are summoned which is achieved by each drone absorbing ambient eternano in the atmosphere at a constant rate every second they are active. This allows the drones to continue their actions, especially in a fight that is being fought with many spells as they provide even more fuel for the drones.
    • Additional Attack: Seraph Seekers (追加攻撃・天の注文様々な衛星・最高順位前衛(セラフ・シーカー), Tsuika Kōgeki: Serafu Shīkā lit. Additional Attack: Highest Order Forward Assault) is the name of an offensive extension of Shōjirō's Light-Make spell Angel Drones, classified as an additional attack; Additional Attack: Seraph Seekers allows Shōjirō to turn his normal drones into powerful magic seeking bombs. When activating this additional attack, Shōjirō will summon the desired number of his drones as the pace at which they passively absorb ambient eternano quadruples, causing the normally small drones to almost instantly swell up to roughly the size of a basketball as they try to maintain their compressed state, becoming extremely dense in the process. When ready, Shōjirō will direct his bloated drones towards their targets, each drone locking onto an individual target, several locking onto the same target, or all targeting a single target. When loosed upon their targets the swelled drones will fly forwards, having already attached themselves to their targets magical signature, tracking them relentlessly and with the precision of a guided bomb. Each drones that becomes a Seraph Seeker gains a substantial increase in their mass, becoming a densely compressed magical bomb; each drone also gains a marginal increase in their speed, and also gain what Shōjirō considers to be a limited form of intelligence, as each Seeker is able to make decisions when tracking their prey; each seeker in their pursuit of their target will dodge and weave through obstacles, above, below, and around walls, or through them if unable to do the former. Each Seeker upon making contact with their target will automatically absorb as much ambient eternano from the surroundings before detonating in a large explosion that produces enough light to see for several meters in pitch black.

Heavenly Body Magic

Heavenly Body Magic (天体魔法, Tentai Mahō) is a unique form of Caster Magic that allows the user to utilize Sacred Energy (恒星の魔力(セイクリッド・エナジー), Seikureddo Enajī lit. Stellar Magical Power) as well as various astronomical objects. Heavenly Body Magic is an incredibly powerful and rare form of Magic as it requires a immense amount of control over one's magic. This is an important factor as to utilize this magic the user must be able to siphon their own magical power into the atmosphere in order to create the primary energy of Heavenly Body Magic, which is commonly known as stellar energy. However, this cannot be achieved normally as the user must use a special body suit that allows their magic to properly siphon with the Eternano around them. This unique form of energy allows the user to draw on the power of various astronomical objects such as meteor and constellations as well as simply generating and manipulating the energy of the stars from their body. The user can embody the astronomical objects that they are conjure, being able to enhance their physical capabilities to new heights. The generated stellar energy can be manipulated in a wide variety of ways, its "type" can be changed at will, and they can even be given a somehow material consistency. When used for offense, Heavenly Body Magic can take the form of a sphere-like object that can be ejected at the opponent or as a beam that can be blasted. Light can also be emitted from the user's body; depending on the brightness or heat that the light emits, it can be capable enough to blind an enemy or cause the surroundings to explode.

Heavenly Body Magic can also be manifested for multiple usage in defense, and it boosts the user's melee performance, empowering their physical attacks with wakes of destructive light. The stellar energy can also be employed in other ways, with the user being capable of emitting it in vast amounts, enough to cover a wide area, and of shaping it into various forms. The user has used the stellar energy in inventive ways, such as jets of light, whirling disks, and blades of light. They often manipulated light using only two fingers, rather than with a closed fist or open hand as was commonly used by other elemental users; and the user also has the ability to produce a greater amount of light than any other light mage to exist without tiring, as they are shown to be able to maintain successive assaults for long durations of time. The user is also extremely accurate with their blasts of light; and the user has demonstrated the ability to condense the stellar energy, enabling the stellar energy to cut clean through various objects. When formed into spheres of light, the light serves to be rather concussive, able to firmly pulverize objects, such as stone. The user is able to generate powerful shields of swirling light which could withstand the full force of four simultaneous elemental attacks; and they are even able to charge up their light before releasing it, resulting in a far more powerful attack.

This light is not the only substance used, however. The caster is also capable of using the power of gravity against the opponent for destructive usage; the strength can be comparable to the effects caused by a crushing meteor; as the user is able to freely increase or decrease the amount of gravity in the area around them with devastating effects. By applying this gravitational power to incoming enemy attacks, the user is capable of rendering them harmless by dragging them down to the ground. Gravity can be used to lift objects, even gigantic ones, and people alike, and to move them around in the air; in addition, when concentrated around a single opponent, it can cause the latter great pain. This function is powerful enough for the user to shake a house and completely alter the surrounding area with a light touch of their hand, and a minimal amount of it, let out from the user's body, can prevent falling rain from even coming in contact with them. It also allows the user to alter the gravity of a person, either themselves or someone else. The user can lower the target's gravity, enabling them to walk on walls, or raise the target's gravity, rendering them incapable of moving, additionally utilizing it in order to enhance their speed and movement to enable them to dart around the battlefield with ease, allowing the user to attack with impunity.

Shōjirō is known to be an exceptionally proficient master of this extremely powerful and versatile Caster Magic, having essentially become his second most used form of magic after his standard Light Magic. As stated Heavenly Body Magic is an exceptionally powerful form of magic, partly due to the fact that unlike many other bod standard magic's, Heavenly Body Magic grants its caster control over several different elements, effectively acting as a fusion between several different magic's, most notably Light Magic the light produced by Heavenly Body Magic is of a substantially higher tier than regular Light Magic though, and Gravity Magic, as users can manipulate both, and Shōjirō is no exception to this rule. Starting with the light portion of this magic, Shōjirō being a master of the standard Light Magic, having an "absolute dominance" over the magic and its element, is exceptionally skilled and comfortable at using the light produced by this magic. Like with his usage of the bog standard Light Magic, Shōjirō can form the light into several different forms, commonly forming the light into tightly compacted spheres before ejecting them with great force and high velocity, the cast spheres carrying a substantial amount of concussive power behind them, easily capable of crushing and pulverizing stone and metal with ease. As the light produced by this magic is of a substantially higher quality it produces much greater amounts of heat in the form of thermal radiation and its peak brightness is vastly greater than what Light Magic could ever hope to attain. Shōjirō has shown that like his regular Light Magic, he is able to cast the light produced by this magic in multiple forms ranging from powerful beams and waves of light, to being able to create whirling disks of light capable of cleaving through almost anything it their path, even being able to manipulate the light to form powerful defensive barrier and walls as well as creating optical clones to confuse and distract his enemies. All of the light based techniques, at lease the offensive ones, carry high destructive power, easily capable of obliterating the landscape in short order.

The second primary ability of Heavenly Body Magic that Shōjirō commonly employs is the manipulation of gravity, allowing him to increase and decrease it at he sees fit and upon whomever he wants. As per Shōjirō's mastery of this powerful magic, he is easily capable of manipulating the gravity around him in any given area, casually increasing it upon his opposition and sending them crashing and careening into the ground below, or easing up the gravity that hold him to the Earth, allowing him a form of flight as he quickly darts through the air, using his own magic to propel him from here, there and everywhere else in the blink of an eye. Shōjirō can easily utilize gravity for offensive and defensive applications, increasing the gravity the surrounds his opposition to the point that the life is simply crushed out of them, or can send an opposing attack to the ground by increasing the gravity, protecting himself in the process. By increasing the gravity around his own body Shōjirō can create a powerful gravitational push and pull, violently launching an object or person towards himself, or can decrease it, sending people and objects careening away from him at great speeds. Shōjirō's skill in the manipulation through the usage of this magic even allows him to divert natural phenomena away form him, such as rain. The gravity manipulation grated to Shōjirō by this magic allows him to instantly change the landscape around him to his advantage, creating deep craters and fissures in the ground or having the ground erupt upwards like giant stone monoliths, all with a simple wave of his hand. As Shōjirō can freely alter gravity this renders frontal assaults nearly impossible, and even be used to direct lightning/electricity based attacks straight into the ground in an instant.

Masters of this magic, in this case Shōjirō, are able to draw on the magical power from the celestial bodies to the mortal plane of Earth Land. This allows single ability allows users to access a unique set of spell that are known as True Heavenly Body Magic (真・天体魔法, Shin Tentai Mahō) as they are literally drawing from the energy from astronomical plane that was thought to be outside the reach of humanity. This specific form of Heavenly Body Magic allows the user to draw on physically manifest the astronomical object that they draw on and utilize it to their command. Shōjirō's mastery allows him to easily perform even the most powerful of spells of True Heavenly Body Magic.

Regular Spells
  • Meteor (流星(ミーティア), Mītia)
    Shōjirō Meteor

    Shōjirō using his Meteor spell to quickly attack an opponent from the front then move behind them.

    is one of the most basic spells of Heavenly Body Magic. When initiating Meteor, the user generates celestial energy outwards, allowing it to surround them in a cloak of light. Due to this, the user is granted an enormous boost in both speed and power, allowing them to move through the air at incredible speeds; moving at a velocity that most people cannot comprehend. By charging the particles with magical energy this allows the user an additional defensive measure as well as immense propulsion. Through this golden stellar aura, the user's physical prowess are severely enhanced to the point where they are considered inhuman by some as they take on the aspect of a meteor into their very being. The user is able to unleash powerful blows, assaulting his foe to the point where they are unable to retaliate against him. The user's speed is the attribute that is especially amplified as they're able to maneuver through the battlefield with no interferences. Even if an opponent could detect the trajectory of the user's movements, the user would still be capable of assaulting with quick and devastating melee attacks. Shōjirō has shown that with his usage of Heavenly Body Magic, Meteor is his most commonly used spell, as evidenced by his multiple variants of this spell. When using this spell Shōjirō's already massive strength is boosted by a large margin, a single punch with this spell active allows him to leave a large crater in the ground, even without actually making contact, creating it through the sheer wind pressure that is released by his strikes. As stated, the users speed is the most greatly effected attribute when using this spell, a statement that rings just as true for Shōjirō. When using Meteor, Shōjirō's already inhuman speed is boosted to such a massive degree that it seems that he's in several different places as once, as he is able to out speed a proficient user of Teleportation Magic by leaps and bounds. As this spell provides a cloak of magical power around Shōjirō's body his durability is also vastly enhanced, as he's quite capable of withstanding the most vicious of assaults without even loosing the magical cloak of this spell. With this spell, Shōjirō in essence becomes a walking meteorite of destruction, capable of bulldozing through all obstacles one after another without showing any signs of slowing down in the least.
    • Meteor Fist (星光拳(ミーティア・フィスト), Mītia Fisuto lit. Starlight Fist) is a spell variation to the standard Meteor spell; this spell allows Shōjirō to channel the full power of the bog standard Meteor spell into a single point of his body, his fist, as a means of increasing the spells power exponentially. When preparing to utilize this spell variation, Shōjirō will induce the typical conversion of his magical power into the unique power utilized by Heavenly Body Magic; by siphoning his regular magical power outwards he will first convert it into Sacred energy before further converting the Sacred Energy into blinding light that surrounds his body momentarily as the blinding golden light is drawn to his fist where it surrounds it and is compressed tightly, a process that takes only about a seconds worth of time. As the rest of the light produced by this spells preparation is drawn to Shōjirō's fist he will shape the light into a tightly packed, perfectly round ball of light that produces enough light that many have to avert their eyes lest they be blinded by it. When ready to actually use this spell, Shōjirō will thrust his fist towards the desired target, being launched towards the unlucky, and now hapless victim, as he is propelled forwards at extreme speeds; alternatively Shōjirō can simply charge his opponent and attempt to strike at them with his magic enhanced fist, either way the end result is the same. Upon this spell striking the body of the victim, the location really doesn't matter. When struck the unlucky target is first assaulted by what seems like an impossibly high number of physical strikes, all causing large amounts of blunt force damage as their body is engulfed by bright blazing light, followed by being viciously thrown backwards as the light that seemingly surrounds their body detonates, sending them careening in the opposite direction for several meters at least. Due to the speed at which this spell is executed, dodging it becomes exceptionally difficult, especially when used within close proximity to one another, the speed of this spell also greatly increases this spells power. Also due to the speed of this spell the time between the completion of its preparation and its execution is practically zero, making it an effective spell to surprise an opponent with. Because of the extremely compact nature of this spell, it originally being a spell that would cover its users entirety, this spell holds an exorbitant amount of power, a single strike to a building with this spell would cause it crumble instantly.
      • Meteor Fist: Starlight Shower (星光拳・千星土砂降り(ミーティア・フィスト・スターライト・シャワー), Mītia Fisuto: Sutāraito Shawā lit. Starlight Fist: Downpour of a Thousand Falling Stars) is the name of Shōjirō's second variation of Heavenly Body Magic's basic Meteor spell; this spell unlike its predecessor is a mid to long range spell that releases highly condensed "shooting stars" from Shōjirō's fist. Preparing this spell like the previous one, Shōjirō will induce the usual conversion of his magical power into Sacred Energy before further converting it into a blinding golden light, except he will channel a greater amount of energy, roughly three times as much as it predecessor when using this spell, that will momentarily surround his body before being drawn to his fist. Once the light is completely drawn to his fist he will proceed to shape the light into a perfectly round ball, one that is several times bigger than the orb od light that surrounds his fist when utilizing this spells parent one. Once Shōjirō has completed the magic gathering process and now has a rather large, slightly larger than a basketball, sized orb of light surrounding his hand, he will hold his hand out, pointed in the direction of his intended target as the tightly packed sphere of light will begin to ripple before releasing several smaller orbs of light. As the sphere of light that surrounds his hand produces more and more of these smaller lights, resembling several dozen fireflies, each individual light will shrink to its utmost smallest form before being ejected forwards at great speeds and with tremendous force. The "shooting stars" released by this spell each carry a tremendous amount of force, enough so that they can easily shred armor and magical barriers alike as if they were wet tissue paper, and move with such speed that they can easily reach a target before they have time to cast a barrier and still have time left over after. Each individual "star" that is produced by this spell is actually shaped more like a drill, giving each of them exceptional penetrative power, this fact only further augmented by the base power of this spell. Due to the nature of this spell, it can be effectively used at any range, but truly shines when utilized at mid- to long range. When used against a mob of opponents, this spell can easily devastate their ranks and thin them out, but when using against a single opponent this spell offers a powerful multi-hit effect.
      • Firing Hammer Meteor Fist (撃鉄・星光拳(シューティング・ハマー・ミーティア・フィスト), Shūtingu Hamā Mītia Fisuto lit. Firing Hammer Starlight Fist) is the third, and last, variation of Heavenly Body Magic's Meteor spell that Shōjirō has in his arsenal; this variation being based off of a commonly employed spell of various users of the Dragon Slayer line of Slayer Magic's that causes Shōjirō to channel the power of the parent spell into his entire arm before releasing a powerful blast of light and magic barreling towards its unlucky target. Using this spell requires the same conversion of magical energies into Sacred Energy before further converting it into blinding golden light, except this spell requires roughly five times as much magic to be converted than its original variant, that momentarily covers his entire person in a brilliant cloak of golden, before being drawn entirely to his arm, covering it in its entirely to the point that not even its outline can be seen through the light, the light now surrounds his arm being of such a magnitude that others avert their eyes lest they be blinded by it radiance. Once all of the light and magic has been converged upon Shōjirō's arm he will loosely shape the magic. After gathering the needed magical power upon his arm and acquiring his unfortunate target, Shōjirō will thrust his fist forward, releasing the stored light and magic that has been sitting upon his arm forwards, spiraling towards its destination with immense speed and power. As the spell travels it forces its way through all that stands in its path, the head of the attack spiraling like drill boring though bedrock as it grinds and bores though any and all obstacles in its path until it reaches its target. Upon the mass of light and magical power colliding with its target this spell they are instantly sent into a high "G" spiral as the spell attempts to continues on its path, tossing and turning its victim back and forth like a ragdoll, before eventually ending in a spectacular explosion, sending the target careening through the air with severe blunt force trauma, as well as severe burns from the temperature of the light. This spell is shown capable of being utilized from various ranges, excelling when used at close range as Shōjirō is capable of gaining the most damage to an opponent when used from close range; while this spell excels in close range it is still highly effective at mid range, usually within a few meters of Shōjirō, and can still be effective at longer ranges, exceeding five meters away from his body. This spell is shown to greatly decrease in effectiveness the further the target is from Shōjirō's person when cast.
  • Grand Chariot (七星剣(グラン・シャリオ), Guran Shario lit. Seven Star Sword) is a powerful Heavenly Body Magic spell; when performing Grand Chariot, Shōjirō places both of his arms on top of each other, with his top hand having only the index and middle fingers spread out as he releases his magical energies, inducing the needed conversion of those arcane energies into Sacred Energy (恒星の魔力(セイクリッド・エナジー), Seikureddo Enajī lit. Stellar Magical Power), which is channeled into his hands and then compressed to its utmost limits. When ready to cast Grand Chariot Shōjirō will call out the spells name as the energy that is compressed upon his hands, in the form of glowing golden light, intensifies as seven beams of golden light crash down from the sky onto the ground in the shape of the Big Dipper upon its target location, followed by a highly violent and powerful explosion. Grand Chariots power, on several occasions and by various users of this magic, state that this spells full power rivals that of an actual meteor. Heavenly Body Magic users, such as Shōjirō, can also choose to alternatively cast Grand Chariot from the air, commonly achieving this by using the Meteor spell to gain altitude, casting their magic seals as they fly through the air, sending a barrage of light down from above. Due to the immense boost in speed that Meteor grants Shōjirō he is able to easily out maneuver the seven blasts of his Grand Chariot spell, being able to cast another before the first one even strikes the ground, easily being able to cast Grand Chariot several times allowing for multiple simultaneous impacts, an ability that leaves targets almost no chance to escape. Grand Chariots power and versatility make it a commonly used spell of Shōjirō's.
  • Altairis (暗黒の楽園(アルテアリス), Arutearisu lit. Dark Paradise) is a powerful Heavenly Body Magic spell; when performing it, Shōjirō crosses his arms above his head to begin activating the spell, expelling his magical energies and inducing the required conversion of magical energy into Sacred Energy, before channeling the Sacred Energy into his arms as all nearby shadows are drawn towards him, forming a small black orb which rapidly grows in size and also gains small white lights inside it, similar to the night sky. The orb created by this spell is exceptionally dense, and holds a tremendous amount of gravity, akin to that of a black hole. When ready to cast this spell Shōjirō will swing both of his arms downwards, sending the black orb hurtling towards its target at great speeds. As the orb travels towards its destination is draws in everything within its path — magic, stone, metal, other people, and even light until it strikes its intended target. Upon striking its target the black orb decompresses, releasing its sealed up gravitational force, crushing its target and grinding them into nothing, ultimately killing them. Altairis is an undeniably powerful spell, but it does suffer from two primary weaknesses. The first is that while Altairis can absorb opposing magic, it is unable to absorb a spell or attack that holds greater power than itself, meaning that a sufficiently powerful enough spell could counter it. The second weakness of this spell is that while it does move slightly faster than some other spells, it is still an all-round slow spell, meaning that so long as a fast enough opponent can dodge, or avoid Altairis' gravitational pull they can effectively dodge it. Altairis is a spell that is rarely used by Shōjirō, not because it's to powerful but because it's much to easy to kill an opponent with it.
  • Pleiades (六連星(プレアデス), Pureadesu lit. Six Consecutive Stars) is a common Heavenly Body Magic spell; Pleiades allows the user to summon six rays of light to assault their enemies with. When preparing to use this spell Shōjirō will expel his magical energies, inducing the required magical conversion to Sacred Energy before channeling it into the tips of his index and middle fingers on either hand, swinging that hand back behind himself while posed in the signature stance of Heavenly Body Magic. This forms six star-like orbs of light, before he thrusts his hand down towards the ground before lifting it back up pointing towards the sky which send the six rays of light spiraling up into the sky moments before they strike ot their target one after another. Pleiades is a spell that while not overwhelmingly powerful, it possess a short cast time, is able to strike multiple times, and with a certain amount of ingenuity and creativity can become a spell that can rival many of Heavenly Body Magics other spells in terms of power. Pleiades is shown to be a commonly used spell by Shōjirō, namely for its multi hitting ability and versatility. Shōjirō commonly uses Pleiades to direct his opponents on a battlefield, moving them like pieces upon a chess board, allowing him to set them up for another more powerful spell. Due to Pleiades creating multiple "attacks", Shōjirō has displayed the ability to direct them after being cast, being able to control them so that they strike the exact same point, multiplying the damage inflicted upon that singular spot. Pleiades "stars" can have their type changed meaning that they can be switched from an explosive attack to a blunt concussive one and vice versa. Each "star" of Pleiades when impacting a surface detonates with a small explosion; while each explosion is relatively weak and possesses a small blast radius can still cause internal damage to organs if they make contact before exploding. When cast a with a blunt type, Pleiades' "stars" impact with the force of a cannon ball, effortlessly crushing stone and metal they may be in its path. With his mastery over this spell Shōjirō can easily cast this spell in quick succession, and is even able to cast this spell with both hands, launching twelve projectiles at once.
  • Jiu Leixing (九雷星(キュウライシン), Kyūraishin) is another common Heavenly Body Magic spell; rather strange for a Heavenly Body Magic spell, Nine Lightning Stars allows its caster to create nine sword shaped projectiles out of lightning that can then be directed towards a target. This spell is rather strange for Heavenly Body Magic as it doesn't utilize the standard golden light or gravity, the two main elements of this magic. In any case, when preparing to cast this spell, Shōjirō will expel his magical power outwards, inducing the usual conversion of magical energy into Sacred Energy, but instead of changing it into light he will convert the Sacred Energy into lightning by affecting the electrons, thus creating lightning. Sweeping one of his arms back, Shōjirō will continue to convert the Sacred Energy into lightning as he begins to shape it into nine distinct sword shapes, each swords blade ends in a point, tapering down towards the crossguard, giving the tip a diamond-esque shape, while the crossguard looks like a multi-point star with the hilt being the bottom most point of the star shaped crossguard. All nine swords once completed hover slightly above and behind Shōjirō until they are launched. Once ready to unleash this spell, Shōjirō will simply swing his hand towards his intended target, launching all nine swords of lightning at high speeds. Each individual sword creates a moderate sized explosion upon impact, and as all nine commonly impact all at once each of their explosions stacks upon one another resulting in a truly powerful explosion. Shōjirō's skill with this spell allows him to easily utilize the nine swords created by this spell as melee weapons; while using this spell in this manner the eight other swords constantly hover behind Shōjirō, and can be mentally launched like normal at moments notice. It should be noted that when wielding the lightning swords as regular weapons, while they possess tremendous cutting power they suffer from a severe lack of durability, disappearing shortly after their creation.
  • Orion's Belt (三王大星帯(オリオン・ベルト), Orion Beruto lit. Three King's Great Star Belt) is one the Heavenly Body Magic spells that Shōjirō uses. To start this spell Shōjirō brings both of his arms up above his head before lowering them back down and making a swiping motion to either side of his body which causes twelve magic circles to appear along the location that Shōjirō motions to. Each of the twelve magic circles has two more magic circles above them, making a total of thirty-six magic circles to be created. Upon Shōjirō's command the magic circles start to glow before each releases a tri-focused blast of magical energy downward. This spell is exceedingly powerful, and is capable of causing a large amount of widespread damage. The power of this spell is shown to rival even that of a True Heavenly Body Magic spell. Shōjirō has shown to use a slight variation of this spell which is instead of creating the magic circles in their spread out from Shōjirō instead forms all of the magical circles above a single point before releasing a blast of magical power downward that is capable of complete destruction, being able to completely vaporize the intended target. This variation can be tweaked to have less than the full number of magical focal points, making this spell less lethal when used in this capacity. Do to the large number of magic circles created by this spell Shōjirō is able to manipulate the circles into various shapes in order to obtain a specific, desired result.
  • Orion's Sword (天人の大刀(オリオンソード), Orion Sōdō lit. Great Sword of the Celestial Hunter) is a spell more commonly associated to that of Vance Kervic's White Dragon's Sword spell. To use this spell Shōjirō will point one or both of his hands outward and will channel the stellar energy around his hand('s) which stabs outward in the direction of the outstretched fingertips in the rough approximate form of a blade. The "swords" of light created by this spell are extremely durable, and are capable of cutting through almost anything in their path; the blade often having the appearance of an undulating sword, the undulation being caused by the vibration of the magical particles with allows the blade to cleave through almost any substance. This spell is one of Shōjirō's less used Heavenly Body Magic spells.
  • Orion's Spear (天人の大槍(オリオン・スピア), Orion Supia lit. Great Spear of the Celestial Hunter) is a Heavenly Body Magic spell that Shōjirō has in his arsenal. While a relatively straight forward spell, it has proven to be extremely effective in crowd control, and in leading Shōjirō's targets into traps. To activate this spell Shōjirō will point up into the sky above his target with his index finger before drawing a line in the air downward until he is pointing at his target, upon which a massive beam of light will crash down upon the target creating a massive explosion, causing a very large amount of damage to the target and the surrounding. This spell is often a more commonly used spell when compared to Shōjirō's Orion's Belt spell.
  • Orion's Shield (天人の大盾(オリオン・シールド), Orion Shīrudo lit. Great Shield of the Celestial Hunter) is another Heavenly Body Magic spell in Shōjirō's arsenal. This spell unlike most other Heavenly Body Magic spells in defensive in nature. Shōjirō starts by pointing his index and middle fingers, commonly with his right hand and arm, straight up in front of his face before he makes a circular motion with said arm in front of his body and upon making a complete circle with his arm a large bright golden shield of light to form in front of his body. This shield is extremely resilient to damage, body magical and physical; the shield is able to take an immense amount of damage before breaking, and often times is unable to be cracked by most adversaries of Shōjirō.
  • Orion's Bow and Arrow (天弓矢の大弓(オリオン・ボウ), Orion Bō lit. Great Bow and Arrows of the Celestial Hunter) is one of Shōjirō's most commonly used Heavenly Body magic spells, along with his Meteor spell. To use this spell Shōjirō will swing one of his arms out in front of his body in an arc which leaves a trail of golden light in its wake. From this trail of golden light a countless number of arrow shaped projectiles are launched forward. The projectiles launched by this spell are extremely powerful, having power exceeding that of a normal Light Magic spell.
  • Halo Blade (双輪の天人(ハロー・ブレード), Harō Burēdo lit. Twin Rings of the Celestial Giant):
  • Heavy Star (小さく黒く重い洞(ヘビー・スター), Hebī Sutā lit. Small Heavy Black Hole):
    • Heavy Star: Trap (小さく黒く重い洞・九曜縛(ヘビー・スター・トラップ), Hebī Sutā: Torappu lit. Small Heavy Black Hole: Nine Sunlight Traps):
True Heavenly Body Magic Spells
  • True Heavenly Body Magic: Sema (真・天体魔法・星崩し(セーマ), Shin Tentai Mahō Sēma lit. True Heavenly Body Magic: The Star That Causes Cities To Crumble):
  • True Heavenly Body Magic: Galaxia Blade (真・天体魔法・天漢破獄刃(ギャラクシア・ブレイド), Shin Tentai Mahō: Gyarakushia Bureido lit. Milky Way Breaker Blade):
  • True Heavenly Body Magic: Starburst Cannon (極超新星日光砲(スターバースト・キャノン), Sutābāsuto Kyanon lit. Collapsing Super Star Sunlight Cannon):
  • True Heavenly Body Magic: Annihilation (真・天体魔法・九天体整列・重力崩壊砲(プラネタ・ダメージ), Shin Tentai Mahō: Puraneta Damēji lit. Nine Heavenly Bodies Alignment: Gravitational Collapse Cannon) is the most powerful Heavenly Body Magic spell in Shōjirō's arsenal. To perform this spell Shōjirō starts by bringing his hands together, but not touching; his right hand is palm out, and his left palm is pointed left while the entirety of his left hand is bent at the wrist with his fingers pointed downwards, with his hands pointed at the target of this spell. Upon bringing his hands together like this and his hands pointed at his intendant target, the target will first be assaulted by an increase in gravity roughly twenty times that of Earth Lands gravity, and once this is done Shōjirō will bring his hands above his head with his palms facing each other. After doing this nine massive magic circles will form above the intended target, with the fifth magic circle being the largest being roughly three times the size of the other eight. Upon the magic circles being formed the first magic circle at the top will glow for a few seconds before releasing a massive golden beam of light downwards, sending it crashing into the second circle, which will glow for a few seconds before absorbing the first circles beam and sending it crashing down into the third circle and so on; upon the beam reaching the fifth, and largest magic circle, the beam is fired extremely fast speeding up upon reaching each subsequent magic circles before the spell crashes down upon the foe with such force that it completely and utterly vaporizes, erasing their being and leaving no trace of them, except for a exceedingly massive crater from where this spell struck. This spell is meant to channel the power of the nine celestial bodies of the human plane (the nine planets within the occupied solar system).

Sword Magic

Sword Magic: Aurum Saber (剣の魔法・烈閃牙条(ソード・マジック・オーラム・サーベル), Ken no Mahō: Ōramu Sāberu lit. Violent Flash Fang Streak) is a Holder Type Magic used by various mages. Alongside Requip, this is one of the most common magics in existence. When in use, swords, daggers, and other edged weapons serve as the main component in channeling their magic energy along the bladed edges of the blade, increasing the capacity in which it can cut something. Achieved by passing a stream of energy into whatever they hold unto, the magic concentrated on their hand is transferred along the said object, giving it the properties of a magical object with a greater capacity to utilize the magical power it has, such as using the accumulated force for a series of magic-based attacks, often doing so by triggering a series of techniques that uses the accumulated energy as a template for higher class actions, such as firing it in the form of waves, powerful strikes, or special moves. While active, the user can control the energy being produced outward so that it can take whatever shape or form he wants from any region of his body, causing them to produce any type of slash component in the form of specific styles of magic. They can convert it into various forms of energy, manifest it into solid form, or merge into existing objects. Aside from simply imbuing objects with Sword Magic, by using their own body, such as a hand or limb, in which to transfer the majority of their magic, they can fashion themselves weapons by simply using another weapon in hand as the mold in which they can create another replica. This includes creating a replica sword composed of pure ethernano that becomes a separate entity from the physical version in their other hand, effectively producing another blade generated via Sword Magic; due to the unique circumstances in which they are created, the degree in which the user can customize or alter the structure of their spells by simply integrating other forms of magic, such as employing the use of Elemental Magic to give new characteristics to their weapons and attacks, such as heating up the edges to facilitate cutting or simply fire the element in question with a simple swing.

As a benefit in its exclusive use, weapons that are created or infused with Sword Magic are many times stronger and sharper to their non-magical counterparts, giving them some measure of control over the shape and form their magic takes when embedding itself unto another object, such as the weapon’s form and attributes relating to how it moves or interacts, such as it’s length and width. As the intensity grows depending on the measure of energy being inputted at a given time, the cutting power and sheer durability that something has rises alongside it, making it rather versatile when it comes to different combat scenarios. Giving the circumstances in which one can apply the fundamental use, the way it functions or is utilized tends to vary between wizards, with some focusing on pure offensive power while others focus more on a more balanced approach between attacking and defending; while more energy focused along the blade would increase its capacity to cut things apart to a substantial level, most experienced wizards purposefully produce a blunt edge with the focusing on redirecting objects to another direction by simply bashing against it with raw strength, sending incoming projectiles flying, making it ideal for crushing or breaking things rather than simply cutting them apart. The sharpness or general ability to sever things tends to be based on a multitude of components, most commonly being the caster’s technique and relative skill with this type of magic. A proper master in this art can easily slice through durable materials or objects of significant power, such as other magic items, metal, barriers, and other obstacles that stand in their path. Since the Sword Magic creates a layer of magical aura around the surface of whatever they touch, it offers several benefits aside from simply giving them a weapon to hold unto — the moment it interacts with other intangible elements found in other types of magic, the user’s sword or weapon enables them to interact with them, often using the weapons they channel to repel or deflect magic-based spells and techniques by tackling them head-on.

To advanced practitioners, most wizards do not require the actual use of any swords when casting Sword Magic, or any bladed weapons for that matter, instead, they use their very bodies as the physical conduit in which to exert their magic, transforming every single limb on their body into a mighty sword in which to cleave through. By channeling their reserves of magic throughout the outer reaches of their contours, any person can sharpen them to near supernatural levels, destroying the actual need of using a sword to fire spells while accessing Sword Magic. This is naturally achieved by following the same casting procedure with the notable exception being the lack of a weapon; by channeling their ethernano into a desired region on their body, the caster compresses the energy until it reaches the level of magical compression as a sword, enabling them to fire any type of condensed magic with a significantly heightened cutting power. While active, any part of them is a regarded as a slashing weapon — at different levels, they can produce various different forms of slashes from a myriad of assorted potencies, from producing a simple slash to engulfing an entire area with a large magic beam capable of swallowing enemies whole. Additionally, while charged, the level of cutting power their attacks have can be increased depending on how much magic energy they are focusing, allowing them to adapt to the changes by producing stronger variations of ordinary techniques, such as empowering simple actions. In doing so, the ability to deal slash and piercing power through the use of limbs can easily tear through both material and magical substances with their bare hands, ripping it to shreds as their magic cuts into them from its very core. From performing simple thrusts in order to deal slashing damage to piercing through objects by using enforcing the use of thrusts, lunging forward so as to enable them to travel in a straightforward fashion akin to a projectile, flying off their body in the form of magic energy.

Depending on the type of weapon they desire to emulate (i.e. sword, knife, katana, scythe, spear, etc.), the nature of their attacks tend to resemble said weapon’s specific properties, such as the curving power of a scythe, the piercing effect belonging to a lance, or the simple slashing effect of a traditional sword — with his brand of Sword Magic, each attack they throw can be enhanced even further by mix and matching different magical arts with their own abilities, triggering a wide arrange of different effects to take place when they begins to project magic outward. With enough force being exerted along a desired region found on their body, combined with the sharpening effects of Sword Magic, they can produce powerful air currents by simply weaving around through the atmosphere, generating razor-sharp pressurized air that carries along their attacks, acting as an add-on that transfers the properties of their magic to a range much longer than any physical weapon. By doing this, the user can project massive gusts of wind with the ability to attack from a tremendous distance, splitting solid matter apart from the comfort of their own location. Given the the way they can position themselves and the type of gestures they can make with their own body, a wizard’s attacks can change depending on how they fire their magic; in normal circumstances, most of his attacks would deal slashing damage that would dissect enemies to pieces. However, by focusing it into a single focal point along their fingertips, any wizard can stab through objects with the same force as a bullet or spear. Aside from simply enhancing their body to become a living sword, skilled users can take it one step further by using their magical aura as the template in which their magic can take on a physical form, creating ethereal swords and other bladed weapons in a manner very similar to that of Molding Magic, reshaping aura held along their body into a form that best compliments a given situation. When choosing a bladed weapon they wish to copy, the user can immediately posses a variety of abilities that can serve multiple different purposes aside from simple offensive moves, serving as an effective means of establishing both defensive and supportive skills that functions to better enable them to defend themselves from different types of magical attacks aimed at them.

While charged up, they can quite easily cut his way through both unorthodox and conventional objects or materials by making simple physical contact with said thing, heightening the proficiency in which they can slice things apart by running their Sword Magic through their fingers, making every grab or touch the equivalent of a knife’s edge running across it’s surface as it tears it’s way inside. As a form of Holder Magic in which it requires a wizard to use an external source to produce the magic, any user can transfer the special properties of their Sword Magic into another object of their choosing, giving them the power to control the sharpness in any object they touch so that they possess the sufficient qualities to become an extension for their magic to take form, creating a tool with sword-like characteristics, achieving the desired effects by either imbuing or taking the quality of sharpness away from a pre-existing item at their disposal. This means that blunt objects like hammers and bats being able to create a cutting effect. This in turn reflects the condition that an object has, such as an enhanced sharp edges to cut things better, while non-edged surfaces and objects, like hands or legs, are given the power cut through most things that stand in their path. From imbuing rocks, leaves, and even blunt-edged objects, by transferring Sword Magic to an external source, even taking it so far as to reversing the effects by remove the sharpness from other sharp edges, turning swords, knives, and blades into dull weapons when making contact with their body. When using this aspect of magic, objects infused with Sword Magic don’t only become much sharper, but rather, they become incredibly much more durable and resistant toward sustaining damage. By empowering them, their base quality are heightened to near supernatural levels, completely outclassing normal weapons by a large gap, achieved by drawing out it’s natural abilities; increasing an object's overall offensive power, sharpness, durability, and capacity to use magic. At the most basic level, just like any other wizard, they can fire sword beams from the edge of a sword by compressing his magic energy inside it, releasing blast. But in his relative case, a wizard can use this technique on a much grander scale, enabling them to fire vastly more powerful bursts of concentrated energy from any angle on their body, channeling in the form of condensed waves pressured into large slashes expelled with the purpose of dealing severe damage, that eventually severs objects apart. With his aptitude and skill, their ability to release sword beams allows them to weave outward from their body, firing in any to all directions with the unique effect of swerving or curving in mid-flight, making them much harder to dodge in comparison to a normal wizard.

Offensive Spells
  • Bakuhakuzan (爆魄斬, Explosive Spirit Slash)
    Murakumo´s Power 2

    Shōjirō using his Bakuhakuzan spell.

    is the name of Shōjirō's most commonly used Sword Magic spell. To perform this spell Shōjirō will concentrate a very large amount of magical power at the very tip of his sword before swinging his blade downward. At the point in the sword swing that kinetic energy returns to potential energy causes the stored magical power to release forward in an extremely powerful and devastating arcing-like motion that grows in size the further away it moves from its casting point. This spell carries an extremely high amount of destructive power capable of traveling the entire length of a large city with its loss of power being only about half of its starting power. This spell while starting off slow from its casting point will rapidly gain speed as it grows in size until it eventually becomes like a juggernaut, a nearly unstoppable force of pure destruction.
  • Jūgeki Saisekiki (重撃砕石機, Heavy-Strike Stone Crusher) is a strange Sword Magic spell of Shōjirō's. When performing this spell Shōjirō will gather his magical power into the blade of his sword, resulting in the blade giving off a faint glow. When the needed magical power has been gathered Shōjirō will rush at his enemy and perform a downward swing in an attempt to make contact with his target, but not with the intention to actually slice them, just to have his blade touch them. Upon his blade making contact with his opponents body the magical energy that has been concentrated will be released, creating an effect similar to that of Gravity Magic; the magical power released from Shōjirō's sword will create an immensely powerful downward force, often causing the target to slam into the ground, again, as if effected with increased gravity.
  • Shihōhai (四方拝, Prayer to the Four Quarters) is another Sword Magic spell in Shōjirō's arsenal. Unlike many of Shōjirō's other Sword Magic spells which are often directed at only ore or two targets this spell is a multi-directional attacking spell. to perform this spell Shōjirō gathers and channels his magical power into the tip of the sword he is wielding before stabbing it into the ground which then causes the gathers magical power to explode outward, upturning the ground in its wake in all four directions with Shōjirō centered as the epicenter of the spell. This spell is extremely effective against numerous weak opponents or as a way to disrupt an incoming attack.
  • Sword Birth (無数刃の幻影創世(ソード・バース), Sōdō Basū; lit. "Phantasmal Genesis of a Myriad Blades"):
  • Gen'yō Kogetsu (幻踊弧月, Phantom Dance Arc Moon)
  • Eigetsu: Senkai Kurokami (影月:殲景黒神, Shadow Moon: Slaughterscape of the Black God)


Requip (換装魔法(レキップ), Rekippu lit. Express Equipmentary Magic), also known as Ex-equip, is a Caster Magic and a type of Spatial Magic related to the summoning of various types of equipment. This Magic allows the user to store items in a pocket dimension so they can easily summon it at any time, even during battle, which gives them a high level of flexibility in combat. It is said that the user summons the items from a pocket dimension; the notional place that things come from when they are needed, and where they go back to when not. The actual location of where they summon the items is very hard to determine. It contains only a few things, not because it is limited in capacity, but because that is all it is ever used for - for example, this is where the user normally summons the armor and their equipment; withdrawing things even during battle, which gives her a high level of flexibility in combat. However, there is a limit to how much the pocket dimension can store. Requip can be used for simple or for combat-related purposes; and the user may just choose to use it to change their clothing, capable of using it in the midst of battle. The user would often pull any items that they had collected out of nowhere and then they would just vanish without any physical means of transporting them. However, there is a limit to how much the pocket dimension can store. It is also to be noted that Requip users can mix-match any and all equipment or weapons they store in this pocket dimension.

Shōjirō is shown to have a slightly higher than basic level of skill in this magic, often considered at a medium-basic level of skill. Through the use of this magic Shōjirō often stores his weapons, his spare clothes, and the other miscellaneous items that he carries when he travels. Shōjirō's level of skill in this magic is great enough to allow him to Requip his weapons in very quick succession while in the heat of battle, but that is shown to be the limit of Shōjirō's overall usage of this magic. Despite this Shōjirō has stated that he knows how to use this magic in a more battle oriented way, but chooses not to, claiming that he "doesn't need to."

Assorted Magic, Spells and Charms


Kusaka Clan

Shōjirō has shown to have a very close and very strong relationship and bond with his family. Shōjirō, being the oldest of his families current generation is often seen acting much like one would expect the oldest in a family to act, like the loving older brother and cousin, often trying to help his siblings and immediate family to the best of his own abilities. Shōjirō has shown to have a very close bond with his younger twin, Ryou Kusaka, the two of them weather getting into trouble together, or having each others backs in a fight, to even picking, bickering, or fighting amongst each other, they are still extremely close. Shōjirō has shown to be an extremely dotting older brother when it comes to his younger sister, Shigure and Naomi Kusaka, often being highly overprotective of them, but this doesn't diminish the pleasure that he takes in completely and utterly tormenting them. Shōjirō and Akio Kusaka, his youngest brother have shown to have a slightly more distant and slightly estranged bond, but even despite that Shōjirō still cares and loves his brother very deeply. Shōjirō has shown to get along well with the rest of his cousins, often treating them like his immediate siblings, often teasing and torturing them mercilessly. Shōjirō has an extremely close bond with his parents and his grandparents, his grandfather, Genjirō Kusaka more so then his grandmother.

Fairy Tail

Do to this grandfather, Genjirō Kusaka being a close friend to the guilds third master, Shōjirō has shown to have a large number of relationships among the guild members. While his relationships among the members are relatively unknown.


" Heroes are made by the path they choose, not by the power they are graced with."
— Shōjirō's personal philosophy about power.


Shōjirō's stats are as follows:

  • Shōjirō's profile picture and general appearance are based off of Nagi/Negi Springfield form Ken Akumatsu's anime/manga series Negima
  • Shōjirō has displayed a few certain tastes when it comes to his food and drinks, those being:
    • Shōjirō has shown to greatly dislike overly sour foods, as well as anything extremely spicy. This dislike extends even to his drinks. His favorite foods being mild or sweet in flavor.
    • Shōjirō has shown to have a fondness for extremely sweet Sake, his personal favorite being the one he learned to brew for himself.
  • This character, Shōjirō Kusaka, is actually my Fairy Tail incarnation of the authors bleach character of the same name. His name actually comes from my mishearing of the main antagonist of the second Bleach movie, Bleach: The Diamondust rebellion, who's name is Sōjirō Kusaka. I had thought they were pronouncing his name with an H sound, and as such I now have Shōjirō Kusaka, a name I just kept, and stuck with.
  • Shōjirō's personality is based largely on myself. The only difference is that I personally don't have any siblings. Shōjirō's personality, especially when it comes to fighting; preferring not to, but will if absolutely necessary is greatly influenced the authors own personality. The author being a pacifist by nature.
  • Shōjirō's use of martial arts is based off of myself. Knowing martial arts myself allows me have a more in-depth relation with my character, as well as allowing me to get inside my characters head and use my own knowledge to create a more descriptive display then most others. While I wont say what styles of martial arts that I know, I will say that my characters unarmed fighting style is based off of Krav Maga, soft-style Chinese Kenpo, Japanese Karate and Jujitsu, and Muay Thai.
  • Shōjirō's first name can be read as "Jeweled Governmental Child", while his last name Kusaka means "Grass Crown", and his entire name can be read as "Jeweled Governmental child of the Grass Crown".
  • Shōjirō is shown to be affectionately referred by his sister Naomi Kusaka as Onii-chan (お兄さん, Onii-chan), while he is affectionately referred by Shōji-nii/Shōji-nii-chan (祥治兄 or 祥治兄ちゃん, Shōji-nii/Shōji-nii-chan) by his adopted sister Momoko Asami.
  • According to interviews of Shōjirō by the magic community:
    • Shōjirō's special skill isn't a skill per-se but could be considered his caring and kindness towards everybody.
    • Shōjirō's signature magic is his Light Magic at first, followed by his Heavenly Body Magic, and his Lightning and Fire Magic in third place.
      • Shōjirō's signature Light Magic spell is his Hotarubi, while his signature Lightning Magic spell is his Volt Gun and his signature Fire Magic Spell is his Hikeshi.
    • Shōjirō's hobby is sitting back with a cup of sake, or helping people.
    • Shōjirō has shown to have no real hobbies, but can be seen training on occasion. Shōjirō has essentially made helping the helpless a hobby, if someone would call it that.
    • Shōjirō's favorite foods include chicken, especially fried, and pork. He has also shown to have an affinity towards certain sweets such as ice-cream and chocolate., but has shown to dislike extremely spicy and sour foods.
    • Shōjirō charm is his kind personality, as well as his very youthful appearance.
    • Shōjirō has shown to have no real desire to outright fight anybody, but has shown to have an interest in sparring with his family to see how strong they have gotten.
    • Shōjirō is predominantly right-handed.
    • His grandfather, Genjirō Kusaka is the person that Shōjirō has the most respect for.
    • The one person Shōjirō would never want to fight seriously is his Naomi Kusaka
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