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Name Shūryō
Kanji 首領
Rōmaji Shūryō
Symbol Shūryō
Master Sasuke Nerosabu
S-Class Mages Ayane Hakaisareta
Type Independent
Location Fiore

Shūryō (首領 Shūryō) is a Independent guild situated in Fiore. It's main purpose is to bring down Paradonix, and free the children held captive there as experiments.


Name Rank Team Status
Sasuke NerosabuGuild MasterTeam SasukeActive
Setsuna YukimuraMageTeam SasukeActive
Kyoko ByernMageExtravagance PersonaActive
Kotori ByernMageExtravagance PersonaActive
Ayane HakaisaretaS-Class MageNoneSemi-Active
Helen SparksMageNoneActive
Hillari ZynthBartenderNoneActive
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