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Shade Guild Mark
Name Shade
Kanji シェード
Rōmaji Shēdo
Symbol Shade Guild Mark
Master Akujin
S-Class Mages Pride







Type Dark Guild
Location Unknown Island
Shade(シェード Shēdo) is a newly formed and extremly powerful Dark Guild. It was formed after the defeat of Grimoire Heart and Oracion Seis.


The Shade Guild is known for having a extremly large amount of members, surpassing any and all Dark Guilds of their time. This is due to the fact that after Grimore Heart and Oracion Seis fell at the hands of Fairy Tail, all of the Dark Guilds under their control joined Shade. Shade also has a considerable amount of Demons in their ranks. Despite the large amount of manpower they hold, the mior Dark Guilds aren't actually very strong and can be beaten quite easily. Although its major members are much more powerful. Shade's main S-Class team, The Seven Deadly Sins; have a considerable amount of power.  Each member has as much power as a middle ranked Wizard Saint. The Guildes two second-in-commands have Magic Power on par with a Hig level Wizard Saint or Guild Ace and their Guild master, Akujin, has power far above Guild Masters. They also have a very high political role, as 70% of the Magic Council works under Shade, and the Chairman of the magic Council, Gran Doma, has a alliance with the Guild Master.


Name Rank Team Status
Akujin Guild Master None Active
Shusei Flamebringer Second-in-Command Twin Gods of Shade Active
Nazo Frostbreaker Second-in-Command Twin Gods of Shade Active
Muramasa Hebi Head Scientist None Active
Phantom Guild Lady None Active
Pride S-Class Dark Mage Seven Deadly Sins Active
Wrath S-Class Dark Mage Seven Deadly Sins Active
Sloth S-Class Dark Mage Seven Deadly Sins Active
Greed S-Class Dark Mage Seven Deadly Sins Active
Envy S-Class Dark Mage Seven Deadly Sins Active
Gluttony S-Class Dark Mage Seven Deadly Sins Active
Lust S-Class Dark Mage Seven Deadly Sins Active


The Shade Guild convenes in a large castle like guilding in what appears to be a desert wasteland with white sand and a never ending night.
Shade Guild Hall

Shade's Headquaters

This palace consist of a main building with a domed center surrounded by several large towers and smaller buildings. Ontop the dome are five smaller towers, which contains certain areas such as Akujin's throne room and the S-Class meeting hall. The entire building itself is white in color. Strangely, the inside of the fortress contains yet another barren wasteland, this time, with a normal colored sand and a neverending daytime. Their are also multiple control rooms throughout the palace that allows members to check hallways for intruders, and even launch booby traps to stop them.


Shade's goal is to summon a extremly powerful demon known as Shūmatsu. In order for Shade to awaken the demon, nine keys need to be collected. Each key is actually sealed inside nine different mages. Akujin wants to capture all nine of these key holders and absorb the demonic power of each mage into a speial statue thats said to be the sealed state of Shūmatsu. After all nine are absorbed, the statue will go a painful transformation to reach its true form. The transformation needs to be sabilized by Akujin's Eclipse God form. After it reaches it's true and complete form. After that, Akujin will merge with the demon and aquire a powerful form that will allow him to rule all of Earth-Land, acting as it's god.



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