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Shadow Blush
Parent Magic

Shadow Magic


Manito Doufu

Shadow Blush is a Caster-Type branching out from Shadow Magic. It is a quicken spell that utilizes a form of teleportation in which the user appears and disappears through shadowy-grey-like, dust-like particles.


This spell enables the user to trace the destination of any psionic or magical teleportation made by others within any location of the world or planer that the user is in within the last minute.

The user knows the direction and distance the individuals traveled and could teleport to the location himself or herself if he or she desires as if he or she had “seen casually” the location. The user could even bypass any protection that prevents him or her from entering or exiting unless the protection specifies this spell's name. However, this spell does not grant the user any information on the conditions at the other end of the trace beyond the possible coordinates of the location.

As a quicken spell, the user may choose to have this spell's effect take place before any other effect.

This spell cannot be traced by anyone or anything except the user.

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