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Shadow Flame Dragon Slayer Magic



Eien no Metsuryū Mahō


Caster Magic
Lost Magic
Slayer Magic (Dragon, Dual Element)


Damon D. Draco

Shadow Flame Dragon Slayer Magic (影炎の滅竜魔法 Eien no Metsuryū Mahō) is a Caster Magic, Lost Magic, a type of Dragon Slayer Magic falling under the category of Dual Element Dragon Slayer Magic that utilizes the use of Flames and Shadows in combat, either seperated or together in order to battle and slay Dragons, the user can also consume them in order to replenish his force. Currently, the only known users are Damon D. Draco and Dealok.


Shadow Flame Dragon Slayer Magic (影炎の滅竜魔法 Eien no Metsuryū Mahō) is shown to be capable of handling two elements at once, in this case, shadows and flames, either together for deadly combinations without the user mixing up the fighting styles completely or separated for a greater variety. Unknown to many, this magic is actually a byproduct of the mixing between the natural Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic via the teaching of a Dragon and Flame Dragon Slayer Magic due to lacrima implantation, both of the elements co-existing because of the light-shadow relation between them. In fact, said use of the Shadow element is thought to be rare even amongst Dragon Slayer Magics themselves.

As with all other Slayer Magics, Damon gains and adopts the physiology of the Shadow Flame Dragon Slayer with this magic. Due to originally having only the Shadow power, Damon is much more proficient with its use than with Flames. His body is much more enhanced than the normal, due to this unique style of shadows, Damon can either cover or shift any part of his body into shadows, doing so in order to further enhance its durability or even create extensions through such power as to stretch. In fact, it could be said that this style stands out because of its sheer potential for usefulness and variability. Even though shadows are a daily thing, Damon can have a hard time with feasting them as the ones he can eat are either solid shadows from spells, therefore shadows with magic in them.

As stated beforehand, Damon can shift any part of his body, including internal organs, into this solid shadow and then manipulate it akin to his own liking. By that, he is capable of stretching his own limbs while also enhancing their overall durability, then moving them in order to perform a variety of spells and unarmed attacks. It's even pointed out by Honorium that this is basic thing when employing this magic, therefore Damon can do things such as stretching, expanding and hardening, effortlessly. This shadow substance is often compared to rubber in a way, as Damon can stretch any part of his body either to attack or do his bidding. Another reason for this magic standing out is the fact that it can be offensive, defensive and even supplementary depending on the situation. For instance, by shifting different parts of himself into shadows, Damon can augment his physical prowess as he is much more durable, agile, all of those contributing for him to do far more better movements. His body can be compressed as if it was some kind of rubber, effectively enabling him to use some parts as if they were springs, in order to enhance the power behind his blows. Additionally, Damon could jump higher into mid-air by doing this process to both his legs. Aside from being more durable, Damon's body can also absorb little impact from physical blows as the shadows act like they're partially made of rubber. Even Damon's bones and organs can be affected by his magic.

Sometime after becoming a mercenary, Damon acquired and got implanted a Flaming Dragon Lacrima within himself, which would give him acess to the element of fire itself. Such flames can be generated and manipulated in a variety of ways due to Damon's intense training throughout the years, something which also provoked the lacrima to fully merge with his body. Aside from their natural burn, those flames also possess a blunt effect, meaning they can also cause impact through sheer force. This wouldn't mean however that Damon's flames aren't hot, that's but the last thing they are, they can burn out for a long period of time, affecting even the moisture in the surrounding area, capable of melting strong ice.

Usual objects made out of common material can be burned up to ashes or a really decayed state upon contact with Damon's flames. The mage also being capable of temporarily shifting his own essence into that of flames. They are strong enough to withstand low temperatures, contact with quite some amount of water and also resist when being blown off by the wind, also being capable of consuming opposing fire magic of lesser quality by assimilating it into themselves. Damon can produce off those flames from any part of his body if he so wishes, preferring to augment his hand-to-hand combat instead. In fact, he is capable of controlling already existing fire and even expanding it, maybe as an explosion. Damon can also enhance his blows by erupting fire which will act like a rocket of sorts and further increase the damage done, by doing said eruption from his feet, Damon can temporarily fly.

Along with all of that, Damon has also gained immense resistant towards both hot and cold temperatures, his body being a natural heat-device which allows him to resist other heat's sources and keep himself warm while in contact with the cold. As naturally for a Dragon Slayer, he can consume any external source of fire in order to replenish his reserves, the replenish being equivalent to the amount devoured. Damon has also shown some ability by shaping his flames into a variety of weapons. It is pointed out that Damon has much more affinity and training with Shadows as they're his main element and he gained access to fire much later in his life, but even then he is very capable at the art of using both of these elements either separated or together.

The combination, depending on which path is taken, can be very deadly. By attacking using both of the elements in a fused fashion, Damon can pretty much hit someone twice with one hit as the shadows work for the blunt effect and the flames are marked upon impact, exploding afterwards. With such a thing, Damon can damage his opponent even if said person manages to block the hit, as the fire will explode afterwards. Even when being used separated, in a way, the elements can be deadly, for instance Damon could fool a very fast opponent by temporarily blinding them with the bright of his flames and then hit his target with a shadow-enhanced blow. It should be noted that due to the lacrima being forcefully implanted and being of different lacrima, Damon's brain was damaged in a little area.

Honorium describes it as the last of its type, coming from an unknown old tribe of Dragons, making Damon the Last Dragonborn (ラストドラゴンボーン (最終の竜天成) Rasuto Doragonbōn lit. Dragonkind-Hunter Born).


Basic Spells

  • Shadow Dragon's Roar (影竜の咆哮 Eiryū no Hokō): Shadow Dragon's Roar is a Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic Spell, it is the Shadow Dragon's exclusive Dragon's Roar, incorporating the element of the very shadow itself. As a natural Shadow Dragon Slayer, Damon is able to use this spell with no problem, though he does not use it very often. To perform this spell, Damon will gather his magical energy into his mouth, building it up and converting it into shadows. Something interesting to note is that Damon's eyes will briefly glow gold for a moment while he is building up this spell. Once he has built up the shadows, Damon will open up his mouth and will release a large quaintly of shadows out, being described as an eternal abyss of darkness and death for those that are consumed by it. Upon making contact with its target, it will hit it with crushing force as the shadows swallow them up. An interesting ability that this spell hold is the potential to "drown" any incoming spell and add its power to its own, causing it to become stronger. This however does not work, as Damon's roar was overpowered by Brooklyn's Roar in the past. Another thing to note is that the shadows from the Roar will cause his opponent to blind from a few moments, where he can then attack them with great vigor. Damon, after much practice in using his Roar, was able to manipulate it to the point he can do whatever he wishes with it; from changing the trajectory to even the effect of his spell. One variation that Damon is able to perform is unleashing his roar in the form of a black tornado, slicing up anything that gets in the way of the devastating attack. Damon is able to expand the tornado to the point where it can cover a large area, swallowing it in complete shadows and blinding those in the area.
  • Shadow Dragon's Iron Fist (影竜の鉄拳 Eiryū no Tekken): Shadow Dragon's Iron Fist is a Basic Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic Spell and is considered Damon's signature spell, one that he will use in any situation. To perform this spell, Damon will compress shadow around his entire arm, causing to turn entirely black, with little light reflecting off of it. Damon will then charge forth and punch his opponent in the torso, being delivered with an incredible amount of force that can send his opponent flying back. Damon can attack using this spell in different ways, one of which is exclusive to him. By making use of his Interior Type Shadow, Damon is able to expand the reach of his punch, allowing him to attack from a distance and build up more speed, which will increase the force of the punch when it makes contact with the target. Damon has been used this technique to literally break a person's bones with ease, punching them repeatedly until they were just a bloody mess of broken bones and pride. Damon is also able to use this for more than just attacking as, while he had the Iron Fist activated, Damon was able to defend himself from the deadly sword of Tsuyo Ryokō, blocking the attacks that would have normally sliced his arms off. By increasing the number of shadows in his arms, he can create even a stronger version of the spell.
    • Shadow Dragon's Colossus Smash (影竜の巨撃 Eiryū no Kyogeki lit. Giant Hammer): Shadow Dragon's Colossus Fist is a Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic Spell and an advance variation of Shadow Dragon's Iron Fist. This spell is one of Damon's own creations as one day he thought to himself, "Why not improve Iron Fist to be even better?". After much experimenting, Damon was able to create this spell and it has secured a spot within his arsenal as one of his favorite attacks. To perform this spell, Damon will focus his shadows within his arm, usually his left arm. Accumulating the shadows within his arm, this will his arm to become incredibly large, making him seem like an ant in comparison to his enlarged appendage. Damon is incredibly slow while performing this spell, allowing him to be at the mercy of his enemy's attack. However, the loss of speed grant Damon the gift of power as once he delivers a punch with the enhanced arm, his opponent will be sent flying back from the sheer force. Damon has also shown the ability to switch the shadows to his other arm, allowing him to perform the second hit, dealing additional damage to his opponent. There is a glaring weakness in this spell besides what has been mentioned. After using this spell, Damon is severely exhausted, being unable to move for a long while, leaving him incredibly vulnerable.
  • Shadow Dragon's Iron Kick (影竜の鉄蹴り Eiryū no Tekkeri): Shadow Dragon's Iron Kick is a Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic spell and an alternative version of Iron Fist. To perform this spell, Damon will cloak his entire leg in shadows, making it turn a solid black like his Iron Fist spell. Damon will then perform solid kick to his target, usually performing spinning as a means of building up momentum and causing massive damage to whatever he is attacking. This attack has a unique feature of dealing additional damage as once the attack has made contact, several bursts of shadows will be released on the area the target was hit at, inflicting major damage and launching them away. Thus this spell could be considered stronger than Iron Fist. However, like the Iron Fist, it is not just used for attacking as Damon has been seen to use this spell to protect his legs from harm while he was fighting against a mage that was using multiple swords. It was later seen that Damon was able to extend the reach of his kick by using his Dark Cells to "stretch" his leg and kick them from a distance. This not only allows Damon to attack from afar but also add additional force to the already devastating attack.
  • Shadow Dragon's Stone Crusher (影竜の石破 Eiryū no Ishiba): Shadow Dragon's Stone Crusher is a unique spell that Damon has created, drawing inspiration from Michael O'Neil and his signature spell, Brick Break. By drawing in the shadow's of close-by objects and focusing it to a fine point in his arms, Damon can creates such a powerful punch capable of easily breaking through hard surfaces as concrete, steel and iron. After concentrating his power in his arm, Damon releases it as a barrage of jabs hitting the target simultaneosly, creating a certain number of powerful shockwaves. As stated the bigger time he helds it, more the number of hits, and bigger the power. The technique strength itself depends on the amount of hits dealt to the opponent which depends on the amount of time the user spends on preparing it. One hit is equivalent to nearly 2 seconds. As stated by Damon he only can do one at a time, meaning that once he's preparing the technique in one of his arms he can't begin to prepare it on the other arm until the technique is used by the first arm. All of the techniques cept the last are seen as this: Damon gathers his energy at his arm and after he punches the enemy a barrage of jabs begin to hit it as well. Trivialy, the standard punch of the technique is labelled as Three Pound Cannon which means this is the sampliest Damon does without charging. Damon apparently can also use it with his feet. The strength of the attacks disperses with each hit.
  • Shadow Dragon's Rage (影龍の激怒 Eiryū no Gekido):
  • Shadow Dragon's Claw (影龍の爪 Eiryū no Kagizume): Shadow Dragon's Claw is a rather basic Shadow Dragon Slayer Spell that Damon has changed to his own personal use. Damon initially concentrates his magic in his fingers, gathering enough energy to make his fingers numb. After preparing it, he slashes the targets with it similar to using a sword, said slash is powerful enough to cut through many objects with ease, as demonstrated when enough energy is gathered it can cut an entire battleship in half as it was nothing. Despite the technique needing a lot of energy, Damon doesn't show any signs of fatigue. Like Battle Lance, Damon has shown to be able to use either arm or leg version for this technique, while the arm version has to be shown yet, the leg version is powerful enough to travel through an island without its energy being dissipated, while travelling it had enough power to cut the island in half but it was stopped by Honorium, with this its destructive power is not fully known.
  • Shadow Dragon's Beyblade (影龍のベイブレード Eiryū no Beiburēdo): Damon generates shadows in his lower body as it becomes black colored, he then twists his legs back while he is on midair, Damon the releases the pressure and lets his legs go spinning around horizontally with immense speed and strength, what would make he lashes out with his own legs kicking and dashing through his targets, Damon can strangely fly while using this technique since he is pretty much propelling himself like a helicopter. Damon is able to use it and stand still, with it, he will seemingly look like a powerful drill, so obviously can pierce through certain surfaces using it such as when he attempted to make a Giant Ant Tunnel. Damon has been shown to be capable of making the speed of his leg's swings vary and therefore serve for different purposes, with an astonishing speed he is capable of digging through surfaces as he has the power of a drill while with an average speed Damon is capable of doing a barrage-swing of powerful kicks to hit his enemies fastly while pushing them back.
  • Shadow Dragon's Dominion (影竜の領分 Eiryū no Ryōbun): By using his magical power and concentrating enough ethernano to form outside shadows in his palm, Damon creates a type of near invisible spherical area with a determined range as he infuses anything within the sphere with his magic energy. As said, within this area most things are under Damon's dominion, therefore depending on his own skills he may do different things with several objects inside it, once enveloped, Damon focuses his magic as it connects with everything, including the shadows as they are able to physically interact while in the sphere, allowing him to control and manipulate them as if they were part of him in the way of an arm or leg which indicates this is an development of Damon's own natural abilities, he has also shown the capability of linking people's shadow inside the area, with that Damon can switch their places or even switch places with them, he had also done that with unanimated objects. However, despite the impressive power the move can do, in order for him to be able to control anything using the shadows, there must be enough to where it can be solid enough to grab something or else the object would phase through, if there isn't enough shadows in the location Damon may generate more though it will cost him magical energy.

  • Flame Dragon's Roar (炎竜の咆哮 Honōryū no Hokō): Flame Dragon's Roar is a Fire Dragon Magic Spell, despite the name, it is the Fire Dragon's exclusive Dragon's Roar, incorporating the element of fire. Despite Damon's upbringing as a Shadow Dragon Slayer, he is able to access this spell thanks to the Lacrima implanted in him, which contains the very Fire Dragon Slayer Magic. Damon will first inhale, gathering fire within his mouth and will then release said fire in the direction of his opponent, creating a large, exploding fireball which damages and burns the opponent. This spell can be performed two ways: the first, and more "complicated" way involve Damon putting his hands before his mouth, in a pose resembling that of a trumpeter, before releasing the fire, prompting it to be expelled between his fingers. The flames produced by this version start out as a very thin stream, enough to be fit between Damon's fingers, before suddenly enlarging to strike the opponent. The other simpler, and seemingly faster way, simply has Damon quickly gather flames in his mouth and then release them, with no seeming stance required, producing a much larger burst of fire. Since Damon had the Lacrima implanted into him, he has practiced using this spell since he remembers Honorium telling him that a Dragon's Roar shows his true power. Due to the intense practice, Damon underwent when it came to this spell, he is able to use it many different ways; manipulating the range, shape, and other variables of the spell. A perfect example of this is when Damon was trying to protect a young girl in the past, he was able to manipulate his Roar to become a spiraling trail of flames, maneuvering around the girl and hitting all that were trying to get close to her. Despite Damon's mastery over this spell, he does have a limit to how many times he can use it. The max number of times he can use it is 45 times. After hitting the set number, Damon will run out of magical energy.
  • Pyro's Essence (放火魔気 Hōkamaki): Pyro's Essence is an unique Fire Dragon Slayer Magic Spell, despite the fact it does not have the traditional Fire Dragon's or Flame Dragon's in the name. This is actually more of a blessing as this will fool some of Damon's opponents into thinking that he is using regular Fire Magic. Damon created this spell over the course of his traveling. This spell allows Damon to cause an object or person to combust into brilliant flames and, if he focuses, explode. To perform this spell, Damon will begin to manipulate the kinetic energy of magical particles around an object or object. Through this, the chosen will be set ablaze, being burned with the intense flames of the Fire Dragon. As mentioned before, Damon is able to cause the object to explode by focusing. What this really mean is that Damon will compress the magical particles in a tight area and once he has built it up, he will release the magical particles, causing an explosion to occur. Due to this being his own creation, Damon is able to use this in many different ways; one way that he uses this is by causing the weaponry of his opponent to explode and be destroyed or be sent out of their hand, leaving his opponent weaponless and allowing him to fight them on his own terms. Something to note is that while Damon can manipulate the magical particle of the air around him, he has also been manipulating already existing flames and causing them to grow in power.
  • Flame Dragon's Eruption (炎竜の爆発 Honōryū no Bakuhatsu): Flame Dragon's Eruption is another Fire Dragon Slayer Magic spell, and does nothing that the name suggest. Samantha has often made comments that a better name for this spell would be Flame Dragon's Conflagration Spiral (炎竜の火事螺旋 Honōryū no Kajirasen), though Damon will counter her comments by saying it catches his opponents off guard as they are expecting something else entirely than what his spell actually does. Nevertheless, this spell can considered an improved version of Fire Dragon's Sword Horn due to the way it is performed is incredibly similar to said spell. To perform this spell, Damon will engulfs his entire body in flames and will charge propel himself toward his opponent. While he is charging forward, Damon will begin to spin, causing the flames to mold themselves into a drill-like construct. This drill of flame is able to pierce through stones with very little force, showing it's incredible piercing power that it has. Damon is also able to control the extension of the drill and after some practice, was able to perform this spell without having to charge forward or spin. When Damon forces the spell to it's maximum potential, he is able to create an incredibly large tornado of raging flames, which is possibly why this spell is caused Eruption. Damon has often stated that he is able to cause a thunderstorm if he shoot a full-powered Eruption up at the sky as it will cause the atmosphere to warm up. However, he states that he would have to do it in a cold area.
  • Flame Dragon's Finger Pistol (炎龍の指銃 Honōryū no Yubijū lit. Finger Gun): Flame Dragon's Finger Pistol is a Basic Fire Dragon Magic Spell and is one of the more overlooked spells due to the fact that most Fire Dragon Slayers don't find it that powerful. However, Damon is one of the few that sees the great potential that this spell has hidden within it. To perform this spell, Damon will position his hand like it is a gun and will begin to accumulate a considerable amount of fire into the tip of his pointer and middle fingers, causing them to combust into flames. Damon will then release small bullets of fire that will travel towards his opponent, hitting them with the blunt effect that his Dragon Flames have as well as burning them. This spell is Damon's quick play spell as he is able to use it in situation where he needs to be fast. This is quite ironic as after Damon has performed this spell, he will often pretend that he is putting a gun in it's holster. Damon is able to perform this spell with both of his hands, allowing him to send bullets in two different directions. As time went on, the strength of the bullets have increased, as it gained piercing quality. This allows Damon to easily kill Yaegers as seen in the past where he was able to kill over one hundred Yaegers by using this spell only. It should be noted that the Yaegers that Damon killed were all Rank C and B.
  • Flame Dragon's Battle Lance (炎龍の銛軍 Honōryū no Morigun): Flame Dragon's Battle Lance is another Fire Dragon Slayer Magic Spell that Damon himself has created through trial and error. This spell is somewhat complex when compared to the rest of his spells, however there is no denying the power that this spell packs. To perform this spell, Damon will concentrate his fire into one of his hands and will begin to manipulate the shape of the fire into a large Trishula, a south oriental trident. After creating the trident of pure fire, he will chose his target, making sure a good look at where they are at, and will launch the trident at them, creating a shockwave of fire within the air. The deadly projectile will travel at incredibly fast speeds until it reaches it's target where it will create a large explosion, damaging the opponent greatly and scorching the ground around them. While Damon performed this spell during his battle with Honorium, the damage was never seen as Honorium was able to literally slap the attack away, though it still caused a large explosion to occur. Damon is able to perform a variation of this spell where he can create two tridents, naming it Flame Dragon's Twin Battle Lance (炎龍の双銛軍 Honōryū no Sōmorigun). This version is slightly weaker than the original but is able to hit twice, making it better than standard. It should also be noted that it takes up more magical energy to use.
  • Flame Dragon's Crucifixion (炎龍の火十字 Honōryū no Kajūji lit. Flame Cross): Flame Dragon's Crucifixion is the final Fire Dragon Slayer Magic Spell that Damon has within his arsenal. Damon will begin this by placing both of his index fingers together in a the formation of a cross. He will then begin to focus his fire into his index fingers, building it up. Once he has finished doing so, he will unleash the built-up flames, launching them forth in the shape of a cross-shaped column of fire, traveling towards the target with impressive speed. Once the projectile has hit its target, the person or object is branded with a red cross mark on wherever they were hit. Through this mark, Damon is able to detonate it by releasing his magical energy in a similar manner to that of a sonar. This will cause the mark to explode in the form of an incredible blast. Interestingly, Damon is able to stack up the number of marks that he has on an opponent or object, His limit is five, which has only been seen once and the power of it was able to cause a significant amount of damage to a mountain.
  • Flame Dragon's Sense (炎竜の感覚 Honōryū no Kankaku): Flame Dragon's Sense is one of the two last Fire Dragon Slayer's Spells Damon had developed. Damon will begin by producing flames around his arms in order to concentrate said fire in his palms, after doing so and having enough flames he will stamp his palms into any surface generating a long wave of heat which is sent through the ground so Damon can detect various people and objects with it once the wave returns to him. If he uses this technique on a place with several cold/non-variable-temperature bodies it will be easier for the heat wave spread itself, additionally this spell preparation and hand motion is quite similar to that of Pyro's Essence, also Damon may generally use it after he used Shadow Dragon's Dominion. This technique is generally used for eavesdrop or for gathering information, although Damon can use in order to detect invisible targets or hidden targets, that's if his smell doesn't locate them. Damon stated depending on the situation the area the heat-wave is spread through can vary. This spell is inspired off of a real life Heat Perceptor and it's name derives from the Spider-Man's Spider Sense.
  • Flame Dragon's Overheat (炎竜の過熱 Honōryū no Ōbāhīto or Honōryū no Kanetsu): Flame Dragon's Overheat is one of the two last Fire Dragon Slayer's Spells Damon had developed during his training. Damon will begin the spell by producing flames around his body then he starts to concentrate them in his arms until they seemingly vanished within his arms, Damon will then put his two arms straight forward his target with his fists closed, generating a big amount of heat similar to an Heater Damon will cause a straight explosion on whatever is in the path of his fists burning it severally, additionally this technique preparation and hand motion is very similar to Pyro's Essence & Flame Dragon's Sense something which may lure an opponent. This spell is inspired off a real life Heater with the fact that you must regulate a Heater properly so it won't overheat things.

  • Shadow Flame Dragon's Roar (影炎竜の咆哮 Eienryū no Hokō): Shadow Flame Dragon's Roar is a unique spell that is exclusive to a Dragon Slayer that either is a Fire Dragon Slayer that has a Shadow Dragon Lacrima implanted in them or a Shadow Dragon Slayer that has a Fire Dragon Lacrima implanted in them. Either way, This spell is exclusive to a the Shadow Flame Dragon Slayer which Damon so happens to be. It is the exclusive Dragon Roar of the Slayer, incorporating the element of both fire and shadows. To use this spell Damon will draw on the power of the Fire Lacrima implanted within him, allowing him to manifest fire. He will then inhale, gathering fire and shadows within his mouth and will release both element in the direction of his opponent creating a large, shadowy fireball which will damage the opponent with both burns and blunt force. This spell can be performed two ways: the first, and more "complicated" way involves Damon putting his hands in his mouth, in a pose resembling that of a trumpeter, before releasing the fire and shadows, prompting it to be expelled between his fingers. The shadowy flames produced by this version start out as a very thin stream, enough to be fit between Damon's fingers, before suddenly enlarging to strike the opponent. The other simpler, and seemingly faster way, simply has Damon quickly gather the element in his mouth and then release them, with no seeming stance required, producing a much larger burst of black fire. This spell is powerful enough to nearly kill an person, despite nearly all of Damon's magic will be used on it. It is so powerful that it can travel long distances, destroying everything in its path, as it could travel an entire city on the desert creating an large explosion capable of making the Water Dragon's Slayer waters be evaporated in seconds. Unlike other Dragon Slayers Damon can use this spell more than once after his intense training. It should be noted that so people tend to mistake this spell for the Flame God's Bellow spell due to the black color of the flames.
  • Shadow Flame Dragon's Iron Fist (影炎竜の鉄拳 Eienryū no Tekken): Shadow Flame Dragon's Iron Fist is an alternative version of Shadow Dragon's Iron Fist, adding the element of fire into the mix. To perform this spell, Damon will start it off like Shadow Dragon's Iron Fist, cloaking his entire arm in shadows; however from this point, it's original. Damon will then stretch his arm back a certain distance, before lighting it ablaze, making the arm become cloaked in brilliant flames and endless shadows. Damon will then charge towards his opponent and will deliver a strong hook to his opponent, delivering an incredible amount of damage and sending the flying back from the force of the punch. The heat from the fire is intense as Damon was able to perform this spell underwater and it still had lots of power, even causing a miniature explosion. Genghis has stated that he would love to dine on the fire produced from the spell, showing exactly how hot it is. However, despite all of Damon's power, this spell cannot do that much damage in cold areas due to Damon not developing a resistance to the cold. This means those that practice Ice Magic can have an advantage over him in battle at times.
    • Shadow Flame Dragon's Colossus Smash (影炎竜の巨撃 Eienryū no Kyogeki lit. Giant Hammer): Shadow Flame Dragon's Colossus Smash is a spell that is diverted from Shadow Dragon's Colossus Smash and an advance version Shadow Flame Dragon's Iron Fist. To perform this spell, Damon will begin this like he does with the original Colossus Smash. He will accumulate a lot of shadows within his arms, usually the left, causing it to grow in incredibly large. Once Damon has done this, he will light his giant limb a flame, causing it to look like a mixture of evil shadows and brilliant fire. Much like the original spell, Damon is incredibly slow while he is using this spell and is at the mercy of his opponents' attacks. However, just like the original, Damon loss of speed is replaced with the deviating power of his gigantic burning fist, delivering a devastatingly powerful push when he swings at his opponent, burning them as well as crushing them from the force of the spell. Like the original spell, this one has weaknesses as well. The first is that Damon is unable to move when he is charging up this spell due to needing to focus on gathering up his magic. The second weakness is that Damon becomes incredibly exhausted after using this technique, leaving him open for an attack.
  • Shadow Flame Dragon's Dome (影炎竜の円蓋 Eienryū no Engai): Also known as Shadow Flame Dragon's Rotation (影炎竜の回転 Eienryū no Kaiten), Shadow Flame Dragon's Dome is a unique Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic spell that Damon created once he realized that he did not have that many spells in the defense department. To use this spell, Damon will begin by spinning his body in a 360 motion, rapidly gaining speed as time goes on. While Damon is the process of spinning at high speeds, he will begin to release blazing flames from his left hand and enveloping shadows from his right hand. This will cause the elements to shroud around Damon in the form a rotating dome of burning shadows, that will protect Damon from any harm. Not only that, but this spell will cause anyone that gets too close to it to be hurt by the shadows and flames as they will burn and cut whoever is too close. Damon has also been seen performing this spell in the air, mean this spell can be performed when Damon is in ariel combat with ease. Damon states that inspiration for this spell came from playing with a spinning top one day, much to the amusement of his friends and the despair of his enemies, not believing that they are facing such a fool.
  • Shadow Flame Dragon's Black Meteor (影炎竜の黒流星 Eienryū no Kuroryūsei): Damon pulls his arms back as far as he possibly can and will then rush towards the opponent. While he is running, he will begin to accumulate both shadow and flames in his arms. Once he has gathered enough, he will throw his arms forward, unleashing a barrage of punches among his opponents. These punches travel at such great speed that they appear to be invisible to the naked eye. These punches not only deal immense damage but also burn from the flames and add extra force from shadows. After hitting the opponent, his arms stay there in opponent front, he then grabs their shoulders and fastly headbutts them making a huge impact.

Advanced Spells

Dragon Slayer's Secret Art (滅竜奥義 Metsuryū Ōgi): The most powerful spells achieved by a Shadow Flame Dragon Slayer. Some of the attacks are unlocked by using power-ups or intense training. While some of them require a lot of magical energy to be used because they should be recommended to use in emergency or at the end of a battle.

  • Shadow Flame Dragon's Assault (影炎突撃ゴ Eienryū no Totsugeki): Shadow Flame Dragon's Assault is one of the best spells within Damon's arsenal and an obviously enhanced version of Shadow Dragon's Rage. In order to fully use this spell, he must be in Drive. Damon begins it by standing still and accumulating a lot of his elements inside the entirety of his arms. Then by standing in a punching position, he will begin to move them at speeds which are so high that they can't be seen, leaving only streams of shadow and flames in their place. The punches fly and hit the opponent so fast that, after a while, they seemingly connect simultaneously and hit the opponent doing a lot of damage in the process. Little fire explosions will also be produced off with each punch given to the target. Its speed alone is to not give any chance for the enemy to evade it, while the strength itself is for the opponent to have lesser chances of defending or even blocking. Damon has been shown to use this spell even when a few meters away from his opponent. Though apparently, he can't maintain it for too long or it will strain him.
  • Colossus Fury (巨像の激怒 Kyozō Gekido): After enlarging and imbuing both his arms with shadows in a similar manner as Colossus Smash, Damon performs his Colossus Fury, which, with the heavily enforced arms, causes massive damage. Since the air sits in his forearms and fists and not in his upper arms, it allows him to punch and pull back rapidly. This technique combined with flames was strong enough to destroy the half of a giant city in the desert provoking a devastating explosion with each hit and finally a big bang on its final thrust. This is so far the strongest attack at Damon's arsenal.

Dragon Slayer's Ultimate Art (滅竜極義 Metsuryū Gokugi): The final art taught to a Dragon Slayer by their dragon parent, this set of techniques is meant to be used on death situations only as this technique is very destructive to the point of making cities or even complete islands disappear, it also drains the user's entire magical energy. Ultimate Arts are unique to a certain individual and are more powerful than the Secret Arts. Usually a normal Dragon slayer can have up to one spell which matches the number of their elements, one, even though some can achieve Dual Element Dragon Modes they can't create another spell out of it, with that only the genuine Dual Element Dragon Slayers are capable of doing so. Some Ultimate Arts are so powerful that if they are used in conjunction with Dragon Force or Draconic Sovereign, the result of the spell would be an cataclysm although the user is likely to run out of life energy and die. Damon has demonstrated he has one Ultimate Art representing Flames although he did state he has one for shadows.

  • Hell's Night of the Disastrous Fire: Black Meteor Crash Down (祝融の獄夜・暗流星墜 Shukuyū no Gokuyo: Anryūseitsui):


Shadow Drive (シャドウ・ドライブ Shadō Doraibu) is Damon's special execution of the popular technique known as Drive which is utilized by only Third Generation Dragon Slayers due to the lacrima that is implanted within their body. Upon activating the magical item that has been forcibly pushed inside of his body, Damon will force shadows into his own blood stream in incredibly large dosages, to the point where many wisps and streams of shadows will began to pour out from his skin and will form a gas-like aura that is exert from his very being, making him look like a black phantom that is ready to haunt that which has distributed his rest. The shadows that is flowing through Damon's blood stream has a unique effect on his red blood cells, as it will grant Damon the ability to use his Drive in a more interior manner, stretching his limbs as though they are made of some malleable substance. Damon has official named this ability Skiá Psychí̱ (火夜の暗細胞 (スキ・プシク) Suki Pushiku; Greek for "Shadowy Lifeblood" and Japanese for "Dark Cells of the Burning Night").

These dark cells, as Damon refers to them, provide his body with the increase transportation of oxygen, nutrient, and ethernano throughout his entire body, which in turn makes it possible for Damon to stretch his body at a fast rate than before with damaging his body externally or his internal organs. The increase in speed is so vast that even a mage that is skilled in sensory-base magic was had great trouble tracking down the spells that Damon executed, missing a majority of them. As mentioned before, Damon's physical prowess are enhanced, particularly his speed, as he is now at the peak of physical condition and when combined with his newly gained state of enhanced awareness, Damon become an entity of war and destruction who decimate who is in his path. Not only does he become physically stronger but also his magical attributes are increased as well; Damon is now able to access a variety of spells that were previously closed off to him, each with different effects; not only that but his pre-existing spells such as his Iron First has been enhanced, enabling a significant increase in damage to befall his foe.

While this form is said to hold the "the power that kills Dragons", Damon is one of the few that does not believe and refuses to believe such a thing, seeing no point in trying to kill the one who raised him as a child. However, he does state that he was able to solo group of Wyverns at once, so it is possible that one could slay a dragon in this form. However due to the sudden uprise in Magical Power, Damon was initially unable to use this spell for long periods of time and was forced to undergo training to be able to hold this technique for longer periods of time, and has succeeded in doing so, being able to hold this form for an impressive five hours.

Dragon Force (竜の力 (ドラゴン・フォース) Doragon Fōsu lit. Dragon's Power): Dragon Force is an advance Dragon Slayer ability that Damon is able to access, preferring to use it in only in dire situations. Being considered the strongest and final stage before the revelation of Draconic Sovereign, Dragon Force transforms Damon's body into a humanoid Dragon, significant boosting his magical and physical attributes to his fullest potential, entering pseudo-Dragon territory in terms of his abilities upon activating Dragon Force. As a Third Generation Dragon Slayer, Damon is able to access his Dragon Force at any given moment, however, he retains from doing so after what happened the first time when he did so, only using it when he is desperate. As a Dual Element Dragon Slayer, Damon's Dragon Force looks and acts differently than most users.

Upon activating his Dragon Force, Damon's entire body will be covered in black shadows, acting like a second layer of skin, and fire will slowly be released from his head, specifically his mouth and eyes, and general torso area, making him look more demon-like than a dragon. Damon also acquires a set of sharp canine teeth and razor-edged nails that can slice through steel. Hilariously, Damon often causes his shirt to disintegrate the moment he enters this form. However what makes Damon not want to use this form is the fact that he can't control himself as becoming a berserker and attacking stands in his way. He does not speak while he is in this form, only communicating through loud, tremendous roars that are signs of uncontrollable rage and defiance. As such, Damon has earned the title of Berserk Dragon of the Black Flames (黒炎の暴竜 Kurohomura no Bōryū) and Black Demon From the Burning West (火西の黒鬼 Kanishi no Kuroki) as he once went on a rampage when a Dark Guild slaughtered a village. As mentioned, Damon's attributes, both magical and physical, are severely enhanced, being considered inhuman at this point.

His magical power becomes visible to his enemies, taking the appearance of the Dragon that appearance when he utilizes his Aura Synthesis. When using his Dragon Slayer Magic, Damon's Shadow Flames now have the special ability to devour the opponent's opposing magic and adding it to his own strength, as it will increase slowly over time. He is also stronger, faster and more durable as he can dish out and take as much punishment as possible, forcing his opponent beneath his feet until they no longer move. Overall, Damon is a beast that should not be cornered while he is in this form as he will attack with everything he has. Damon is currently learning to control Dragon Force and eventually does so by the time of Fairy Tail: Uprising.

Colossal Mode (巨人間 (コロッサル・モード) Korossaru Mōdo lit. Giant Being) is an exclusive technique to Damon himself, being its creator, which basically revolves around the use of his shadows in order to expand instead of just stretching. Damon basically sucks in and accumulates many shadows inside his body, using them in order to expand the size of his muscles and bones, increasing his overall defense, attack power and speed at times.

Colossal Attack Mode (巨人兵 (コロッサル・アタック・モード) Korossaru Atakku Mōdo lit. Giant Warrior): Damon bites his finger with his teeth, then accumulates shadows onto his mouth and blows them into his hand. He is able to transfer the shadows through his entire body, with the torso acting as an interface for his various limbs. Damon accumulates so much shadows into his body that when they are all focused on a single limb, they become the size equivalent to that of a giant. This gives his limbs more mass and a larger area to attack with greater strength, but he sacrifices his speed for this strength, as his limbs are now so large that he trouble moving himself. This is usually used when a great strength is needed, being the shadows the main purpose here, as they are able to create "meat" replacing Damon inside parts giving him more and more larger proportions. Upon blowing onto his finger such shadows, they will automatically create such new parts making his limbs more big. Damon's strength let him move his giant parts with ease.
When first seen, Damon had difficult while employing this technique, being hard to move while a part of his body is big, making him vulnerable to enemies with great speed such as Death Watchs and Yaegers. To deactivate this mode, Damon needs to execute a Shadow Dragon's Roar, eliminating all shadows inside him. Upon deactivating it, he becomes weak and slow, being harder to move with his damaged limbs, his only way of defense is hiding or eating something like Shadows or Flames. Upon improving it, Damon has now much more control over his mode, now he controls where shadows can be, in this case at a single point like his fist, instead of the shadows being present in all of his arms. His attacks now are faster, making easy to him hit enemies, he can also withdraw the shadows with more ease and speed. Now he didn't become weaker after using it.
Colossal Defense Mode (巨人保 (コロッサル・ディフェンス・モード) Korossaru Difensu Mōdo lit. Giant Guardian): Through the absorption of surrounding shadows, Damon begins to inflate himself; becoming bloated. His skin also transforms darker, especially at his torso. This proceeds to expand to the rest of his body, causing his skin to appear as a dark blue hue. This is due to the influence of magic upon the melanin within the skin. Through this transformation, he gains a large boost in stature, gaining the height to be as tall, or taller than a Death Watch. He also gains an enormous physical boost from this spell, in part due to the magical energy of shadows circulating within his body, each attack is reinforced with a "shadow" hit, so to speak. Damon's strength increases a certain amount, he is capable of executing many more feats with relatively ease such as lifting up houses & buildings, causing mini-shockwaves with arm's motions or explosions with punches. His body got much more durable due to the shadows accumulated inside it, with it being now capable of resisting against far more attacks than before without being cut open or pierced, Damon's body became strong enough to break a blade/sword which comes into contact with it or many other sharp objects. Even though he got bigger, Damon's speed didn't decrease but didn't increase exponentially either, as stated, he moves with velocity near to that of Shadow Drive but does not disappear when running, therefore he is capable of keeping up with many opponents even though his body's mass increased.



  • Eien can mean either Shadow Flame or Eternal.
  • It should be noted that while Dealok is listed as an user, it's still unconfirmed if he is a Dual-Mode User or Dual-Element User.
  • Notably, this magic is referred as only one, despite being a Dual-Element, due to the fact the lacrima in Damon has completely merged with his body.
  • The user was immensely helped by Per, Aru and Ashy in order to develop the magic's description.
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