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Ei no Metsujin Mahō


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Theodore Zarius

Shadow God Slayer Magic (影の滅神魔法 Ei no Metsujin Mahō) is Caster Magic, Lost Magic and a form of God Slayer Magic that utilizes the shadows.


Shadow God Slayer Magic allows the user to incorporate the element of darkness and shadows into their body. This grants them the ability to produce black shadows from any part of their body, primarily for offensive purposes. The user is also able to replenish their strength by consuming any form of darkness or shadow; thereby granting them immunity from any form of shadow based attack.

This magic can also function similarly to Shadow Magic and Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic in that the user can literally transform their body into a shadow, allowing them to move along flat surfaces at great speeds and also by fading their bodies into a mass of shadows, they are able to give a teleporting effect by swiftly appearing in another shadow.

Despite this ability, it has several flaws, in order to attack, the user must first come into at least a semi-tangible state, leaving them in a state where they are susceptable to attack and while in this shadow like state, they are vulnerable to attacks from light based magic


Zarius Magic Javelin

Shadow God's Javelin.

Shadow God Force

Zarius in God Force.

Basic Spel3ls

Shadow God's Bellow (影神の怒号 Eijin no Dogō):

Shadow God's Erebos (影神のエレボス Eijin no Erebusu):

Shadow God's Javelin (影神の槍 Eijin no Yari):

Shadow God's Claws (影神の爪 Eijin no Tsume):

Shadow God's Inversed Wrath (影神の反転怒り Eijin no Hanten Ikari):

Advanced Spells

God Slayer's Secret Art: Nyx Eterna (ニュクスエテルナ Nyukusu Eteruna):

God Slayer's Secret Art: Thundering Chariots (雷鳴の戦車 Raimei no Sensha):

God Force

The most powerful and final form that a God Slayer can attain; God Force (ゴッドフォース Goddo Fōsu). It seems that God Slayers can easily and freely enter God Force, this is when their form becomes even more like that of a God, by giving them a so-dubbed "Divine Form", where their body becomes transformed into their element, they also achieve higher speed, strength, durability and stamina sue to their body being that of an element.

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