"To men of death, the black robes of darkness and shadows cover the blood of the victims...they walk into the darkness holding the ones they've killed."
Ryu Sakyo

Shadow Hunters







To kill all the magic users in the world.

The Shadow Hunters (シャドウハンター Shadouhantā) was an cult organization of deadly assassins that specialize in the arts of assassination till all where wiped out millennium years ago by the First Wizard. With unknown information it's nearly impossible to label them as anything. They were brought back centuries later by Ryu Sakyo and were defeated for the final time by every guild in Fiore.


"Robes dark as the night sky, red clouds to show that they will never be chased and hands of death with them."
— Ancient description.

The Shadow Hunters have been around for so long that it's unknown when the organization was first formed only knowing they appeared long before Zeref was born. Story's tell of assassins creating chaos around the world but soon where stopped by the First Wizard. Years went by as the Shadow Hunters stopped there rampage and soon died off one by one.

The philosophy goal was to kill all magic users. They feared that magic creates chaos and without it there would be balance in power to the world. However it was then revealed by Ryu that the true purpose of the organization was helping him track down Hōgyoku Keepers and to destroy magic users guilds.

Holy Blood War

The Holy Blood War(s) where events that the Shadow Hunters took pride in. Though not much is known about the events, the Shadow Hunters calmed that they where wars that took place all over the world against wizards.

First Holy Blood War

Second Holy Blood War

No information is record on this event.

Third Holy Blood War

No information is record on this event.

Fourth Holy Blood War

A war that took place in a unknown year. This event caused by the Shadow Hunters was said to be the peak of the extinction of all wizards. They where stopped by and thought to be defeated by the First Wizard. Though majority of the organization was dead, eventually members throughout time died off.

Fifth Holy Blood War

The war of the Shadow Hunters against the Kingdom of Fiore.


The Chosen Ones as Shadow Hunters
Over the course of many decades, Shadow Hunters took different forms and was led by different individuals. It's never known how many members there are in the organization. All members of the Shadow Hunters wore a pair of Robes of Death (even leaders) that were long, black robes with red clouds, a red interior, and a chin-high collar. The red clouds symbolizing to show that they will never be chased by anyone or thing. The black robes represented the darkness and shadows as the night sky as the ancient description stated they did all of there killing at night.

The robes are very distinctive, allowing members to be identified even from a distance. It's never known why the Shadow Hunters symbol is never on the robes.



Name Rank Status
Ryu Sakyo1st former LeaderDeceased
Zane Sakyo2nd former LeaderDeceased
Grimmjaw Henjow3nd former LeaderDeceased
Ibuki Kraken4th former LeaderDeceased
Masaaki Eternoid5th former LeaderDeceased
Thaust Imual6th former LeaderDeceased
Kronos7th former LeaderLeft
Barodius8th LeaderActive
Dragon Empress9th former LeaderLeft
Zeke Steel10th former LeaderDeceased
Fuma11th former LeaderUnknown
Darrk Matter 12th LeaderActive


Name Rank Status
Zane SakyoFormer LieutenantDeceased
Former LieutenantDeceased
GrimlockFormer LieutenantDeceased
MasaakiFormer LieutenantDeceased
Thaust ImualFormer LieutenantDeceased
Spectra Former LieutenantDeceased


Name Status
Vinn Deceased
Devack Deceased
Sojo Deceased
Kisuke Deceased
Roman Deceased
Asura Ginjō Deceased
Yin Left
Yang Left
Nazo Deceased
Aster Deceased
Phaze 1 Deceased
Yoruichi Hinata Deceased
Jack Western Deceased
Noumi Kamishiro Left
Bloodjoe Deceased
Fuyn Area Deceased
Kon Entel Active
Thaust Imual Active
Mizar Deceased
Kōga Suzugamori Left
I N F I N I T E Deceased
Ceph Deceased
Naga Active
Gala Active
Leo Active
Julie Sakyo Deceased
Sero Deceased
Senji Zaraki Active

Unclassified Members

These members are among the organization unclassified. They are unknown to which and are put in a category that is not known about.

Unclassified Members
Star-Vader Dysprosium Osmium Яe-birth
Hollow Venom
Muramasa Abarai
Praseodymium Hollow Venom Quintessence Muramasa Abarai
Aizen Reiji1
Madara Aizen Reiji
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