The burning light of the flames flickered in Akiru's eyes as the sound of nearby screams disrupted the near silence he had taken so much comfort in.The cold nights air allowed him to see the stream of air pour from his lungs as his chest rose and fell calmly.He looked forward,apathy invading his eyes as he stared at the mass of death and destruction before him.His mission echoing in his head "Kill them all,man,woman,and child".He wisphered under his breath.

He walked forward,the snow crunching beneath his feet,the smell of burnt/burning wood filled his nostriles but all had fallen silent.All except for a sniffling,crying man at his feet.Akiru looked down at the man."Ple...please,don't"The man begged."Show mercy..."The man begged once again.Akiru hesitated not out of sympathy "Fool...Mercy is for the weak"He said finishing the man with a shadow tendrill.Blood now staining the once pure snow.His eyes were trained on the oozing fluid."Mission complete"Akiru said beneath his breath before walking away.

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