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" Money is amazing. I love it more then anything. I'll even give up a limb for gold. But I'll waste all my money to protect my guild!"
— Sharan on his love of money and his guild.

Name Sharan
Race Human
Birthday March 18
Age 33
Gender Male
Height 6'4
Weight 51.9 KG
Eyes Black
Hair Blondish White
Unusual Features Eye patch.
Professional Status
Affiliation Turtle tooth
Previous Affiliation none
Occupation Guild Master
Previous Occupation None
Team None
Partner None
Base of Operations Turtle tooth
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown
Marital Status Not in any
Alias Crazy Thunder
Magic Lighting magic

Sharan is the Guild Master for the Turtle Tooth Guild. He is a very greedy man, who only puts his guild members before his love for gold.


He is a young looking man, for a 33 year old. He is quite tall, and muscular. He has an eyepatch, that he got when he was stabbed in the eye as a kid.


He is a very greedy man, who prioritizes the search for gold. That's why he forces all guild members to do many jobs, and takes much of the gold they get. This leaves him a very poor reputation in the guild.

Underneath his greed, is a genuine love for his guild, willing to lay down his life for gold.


When he was younger, he was stabbed in the eye by another child, in a fight. This loss, would stay with him on purpose, deciding to keep it to remember he is not invulnerable.

Later in his life, he became a guild master, and got drunk on the night. On the way to the new guild, he was bit on the food by a turtle, and he complained about it ever since. This is where the name was born.


  • Lightning Magic- He is a user of Lighting magic. It is unaware, of how good his skills are.
  • Great magical power- Not much is known, but as guild master, he must be a very powerful member of the guild.


"So, you come back here with no gold? INSOLENT FOOL! YOU WILL GET ME MY WELL DESERVED GOLD!"
— When a guild member fails a mission.

"You failed the mission? Don't worry. You lived to fight another day. Never forget. Ever! But... Why not learn from it? My eye is a lesson for me! Make this an even better lesson!"
— When a guild member fails a mission, and truly feels bad.


  • His love for gold is something that makes him an enemy of Eleanor, who loves gold as much as he does. The two, have a very bitter and insulting relationship. This leads to a father and daughter relationship between the two.
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