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"I know I am not her real brother but I wish I was. The Inari Family has given me so much; I feel grateful for that. I keep telling myself that. I keep saying that I should have been there for her when her mom---, I don't know. Maybe I bring bad luck! Look at my family, that should give you a good idea. No--No, don't do this, Shin. Don't be stupid, now. Hesitation... second guessing... self-pity... Leave them behind. They're death now. Use what you know. Remember what you learned. Be smart. Stay alive."
— Shin on a mission
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Current Shin
Shin Inari



Inari Shin


Metal-head (金属首脳, Kinzoku-shunō) (by Hiro Inari)
Mr. Magnet (磁石さん, Jiseki-san) (by Emma Reeves)
Mr. Miracle (神業殿, Kamiwaza-tono) (by several people)
Noble Brother (貴族兄さん, Kizoku Niisan) (by most women in Onibus)
Champion of Life (覇者の生気, Hasha no Seiki) (by people of Vicenza)
Sir Genius (卿天才, Kyō Tensai) (by Shisōya Higure)
The Burning-Man (燃焼人間, Nenshō-ningen) (by Victor Alvarez)
Specter (幽霊, Yūrei )






August 19th, X776


Vicenza, Bosco


Male Male



Blood Type



Master of Science (Mechanical Engineering)
Bachelor of Business Administration
Doctor of Engineering

Hair Color

Coyote tan (Originally)
Black (Dyed)

Eye Color

Neon green (Originally)
Mint Green
Blue (Lenses)



Skin Tone



Pre-transformation: 183.5 cm (6'0")
Post-transformation: 188.7 cm (6'2")


Pre-transformation: 176 lbs(79.83 kgs)
Post-transformation: 180 lbs

Medical Concerns and Ailments

Superiority complex

Guild Mark Color

Light Green

Guild Mark Location

Back shoulder

Tattoos and Unusual Features

Mark of Cain on right forearm. (Invisible to most people)

Professional Status

Screen-shot-20120828-at-5.35.17-pm-w320 Horizon Informatics
Inari Family Crest Inari Family
Green house The Greenhouse

Previous Affiliation

Koma Inu Icon Koma Inu


President and CEO of Horizon Informatics
Nightclub Owner

Previous Occupation



Luna Tsuki (Temporarily)
Vaishali Powell

Previous Partner(s)

Samarra Inari

Base of Operations

Horizon Bioinformatics HQ; Bosco.

Personal Status

Straight (Heterosexual)

Marital Status



Koma Inu
Inari Family
Seraph Kinmichi
Vaishali Powell


House of Evolution


Aldrich Inari (Adoptive father)
Hiro Inari (Adoptive older brother)
Samarra Inari (Adoptive elder sister)
Kalina Inari (Adoptive younger sister)
Kaze Inari (Adoptive-cousin)
Valarie Inari (Adoptive-cousin
Ekaterina Vãduvã (Former-Lover/Master)
Shinsei Higure (Biological father)
Shisōya Higure (Biological-older sister)
Izumi Higure (Biological mother)
Lylia Inari (Adoptive aunt)
Vennillion Doomkaiser (Adoptive-cousin)

Powers & Equipment

Beast Summoning Magic
Lightning Magic
Magnetism Enchantment
Psionic Disruption
Helio Sortilege


Mark of Cain


Conscious Adrenaline Burst

"I am running low on magic and my suit is running low on juice. Until my backup battery charges, I've got nothing. This is why you don't go announcing that you're "Invincible". Right now, I am very Vincible unless you have a plan... please tell me you have a plan."
— to Lyn

Shin Inari (稲荷信, Inari Shin; lit. "Fox of Faith" or "Fox of Honesty"), MS., B.B.A and Eng.D, also known as Mr. Miracle (神業殿, kamiwaza-tono) was originally born to Shinsei Higure and Izumi Higure; the main family of the Higure clan, as Shin Higure (真日暮れ, Shin Higure). He is the adoptive son of Aldrich Inari and is currently the only known member of the Inari Family, who was not actually born among the Inaris' but instead was adopted.

While mostly known as Mr. Miracle or Magnet for his abilities, he is also comically referred to as Metal-head (金属首脳, Kinzoku-shunō) by Hiro Inari. Shin has only recently become a part of the guild known as Koma Inu or as he puts it, his new strange family. By outsiders, he is also refereed to as the Noble Brother (貴族兄さん, Kizoku Niisan) as opposed what the outsiders call Hiro; The Wild One. He is a semi-active mage turned entrepreneur who is said to be the "best at what he does".

After the events of Brave New World, Shin moves out of the Inari House and starts up his own business empire; leading to the creation of Horizon Informatics, the brand new multinational, trillion jewel company. He also owns an eco-friendly night-club named The Greenhouse; something that he uses to fund his personal projects, such as, Foxbots. He is also world-wide celebrated as the person who has found a cure to Anti-Ethernano Tumor; through his unstable molecular shrinking machine; that reduces the space between atoms, causing them to come closer and shrinking but since it's unstable, the now shrunken tumor pretty much explodes but since the explosion is at a nano-scale, the patient generally remains unaffected by this procedure.

As of now, his company runs about 90% of the vast city known as Vicenza, in fact, he is so influential that, he basically controls everything in the city. Claiming it to be "his city" and that he will keep it safe, at all costs. Since, Horizon and Shin has changed so many lives and even saved several of them, the people of Vicenza refer to him as the Champion of Life (覇者の生気, Hasha no Seiki) while others call him an overachiever. After the loss of his healing abilities and suffering consequences from the Aborigine war, Shin donned a MR-FA; a cutting edge piece of technology and took up the mantle of Specter (幽霊, Yūrei ) inspired from the original Specter, Kirigi Tenkiame.


Shin appearance

Shin is very handsome, standing 5'11" (181.5 cm) tall with a well built, toned physique; that's more on the lean-side than athletic. He has often been described as either "gorgeous" or "cute" by most women and by a few men. His physical appearance is of a young adult in his late teens, despite being nearly 24 years old.

Shin has a light complexion with olive undertones and has a strong bone structure with high cheeks bones and a solid jaw line which are complimented by his upper lip which is said to resemble the bow of Cupid; a god of erotic love, thus giving him a provocative appearance. He possesses dark brown almost black hair which hangs just over his ears, usually styled in a casual disarray yet sometimes gelled for some occasions. He is also seen sporting a slicked back-pompadour with matte finish as well as a messy pompadour and even a contemporary/modern quiff (disconnected undercut) from time to time, hinting that he styles his hair differently for different occasions. Given that his hair stays fixed or stationary for most of the time, it is obvious to assume that he uses hair products such as hair wax, spray or clay. With striking, intense neon green eyes contrasting wonderfully against darkened lashes and eyebrows, a cheeky or a half-smile (depending on the situation), he can be described as seductive and charming. In his early appearances, Shin would also wear glasses with dark frames; whether it was due to impaired sight or not was never really known as he simply stopped wearing them one day.

In his early teens, he was often seen wearing darker colors such as black, grey and dark blue, although sometimes he wore lighter colors. Shin had also been seen wearing plaid shirts in lighter tones from time to time. He was often seen wearing t-shirts, shirts or sweaters of darker colors and in various styles such as— short-sleeved, round-necked and v-necked shirts, etc. On occasion, he would sometimes wear black leather jackets and dark sunglasses, which give him a mysterious and rebellious aura.

However, he currently wears different forms and types of suits, ranging from tuxedos to business suits and such; this also gave him the epithet of The Man Who Has A Suit For Every Occasion. He also wears a black ring mourning ring; in the honor of his late mother, on the middle finger of his right hand and bears the initials of her name.

During the Grand Magic Games which was held during summer of X800, he was seen fashioning hair that was seemingly longer than before; front was cut shorter than before, though he did have medium sized bangs and the back-side was longer than usual; with the hair on both side covering his ears. His hair would ultimately reach his neck-length and his overall hairstyle became slightly more messier than before; his hair no longer stays fixed in a place, hinting the absence of styling products. Shin had a more muscular appearance than before, perhaps due to his training. He wore a grey V-neck full sleeved t-shirt, light colored slim fit jeans and a pair of combat boots to go with his black pure leather jacket and an analogue "old school" watch on his left hand; which he eventually stopped wearing as it could get damaged during the fights and it apparently held some sort of sentimental value to him.

Shin training body

Shin's disposition/physique.

According to Sorcerer's Magazine, Shin was listed as top 10 most eligible, handsome bachelors in the year X800; with him landing the 6th rank that very year. He also has a small, azure Koma Inu guild mark on the back of his shoulder. He currently wears his mourning ring on his left ring finger instead of right middle finger.

"Is it just me or is our boss an absolute hottie?"
Vaishali Powell

After a few weeks, he was seen sporting a shorter hair and having much more muscular and well defined deposition. His appearance became slightly tanned; a result of working out in the sun, and he became more "exotic" looking than just plain cute. His jawline has also become much stronger, reflecting on his masculine transformation and in contrast to his roller-coaster lips; something which most girls find "hot". He now sports a pair of black and cyan gloves, black combat boots with a metallic toe, a black U-neck designer t-shirt and a dark blue jeans; that's apparently very elastic and allows him to move freely. He also straps in a holster on his back which he uses to carry around his Eskrima sticks. He eventually dyed his hair black, to distinguish and particularly stand out from the rest of his adoptive family.

Shin inari 3

It has been noted by his colleagues at Horizon that Shin's eyes are no longer bright, neon green but instead have taken a minty green color; whether this is due to him using a contact lens or using magic, is currently unknown. He was also listed as the 2nd most Hottest/Sexiest man during the fall of X800; because of his masculine transformation.

In order to track down an escaped convict who was highly involved with the investors of Horizon; not wanting to reveal himself, Shin donned a disguise that gave him an archaic touch but was enough to strike fear into the heart of the criminal. He donned a wig and a slightly over-sized black jacket which he wore over a U-neck white t-shirt and used remaining fabric as a sort of an improvised belt to hold his two Wakizashis. He also wore highly rubberized gloves to insulate them; however, they were still lined with kevlar, to give them some degree of protective qualities. He also wore Flight Suit Boots with a titanium toe; for greater power behind his kicks. He wore a black gas mask to go with the rest of the outfit; in order to give himself that creepy touch.



Original Personality

"Any chance I'm dreaming all of this? Maybe when I got struck in the back of my head when the attack happened, I went into a coma and this is all just some big hallucination. How great would that be?"
— Shin

Shin is a very attractive, positive, quirky and upbeat person. He always tries to see the good in people and tries to be a friend to everyone. He is smart, deductive and very reasonable; much like his adoptive-sister, Samarra Inari.

One of Shin's most prominent traits is his sense of humor. Even at the face of certain death, he invariably cracks a joke, to the annoyance of both friends and foes. His reasons for this vary— either he wants to relieve the stress of a situation, or simply because he wants to hide how scared he really is during a crisis.

He lives by a code of honor and morality that has been with him since he was a child and values qualities such as compassion, honor and virtue. Having learned to take care of his family over the years and being naturally responsible, he has developed into a very free-spirited, mature and independent person. Despite Hiro being the 'current' heir, Shin much more responsible and mature than his adoptive elder brother. In reality, Shin was originally offered the position as the heir after Samarra refused to accept it but much like his sister, he rejected the offer, stating that he does not deserve it anymore than Kalina.

According to Valarie Inari, he can be very polite yet very persuasive. Shin is described as unpredictable, over-protective and stubborn, but also very kind, intelligent, selfless, empathetic, compassionate, and friendly. He is extremely loyal and has a loving nature. He strongly believes in trust, honesty and loyalty and whenever he would give his word to someone, he would keep it, as he has said "I'm a man of my word".

"Samarra can swoop in at superspeeds and attack me with all of her summons at the same time; tearing me limb for limb but she won't do it. The Inari Family could have abandoned me anytime they wanted to but they didn't. They represent— truth, hard work, friendship and above all, love. They would even go out of their way to make sure that their enemy is okay: because deep down, they're good people; every single one of them...Deep down, I am not."
— Shin

Shin also has an unrealistic level of inferiority complex, specially when it comes down to his adoptive sister, Samarra. He considers himself as trash when compared to her. Claiming that he is not as nearly as refined or virtuous or talented as his sister. Despite his lack of self-worth a doubt and uncertainty, and feelings of not measuring up to standards, he is incredibly confident in his abilities; that is, he knows what he is fully capable of. This combined with his constant feeling of inadequacy suggests that he might secretly be somewhat power hungry.

He has a lot of respect and admiration for human life and has an interest for studying supernatural creatures, such as, Vampires. Though, he does not consider them as monsters. Nor does he wishes to capture and dissect one, in order to quench his thirst for knowledge of their physiology. In fact, he has been an advocate of supernatural creatures, as long as he can remember. He is very reluctant when it comes to torture or killing someone but will do so if they mean harm to his family.

He is incredibly close to his sisters; though, he is a little more protective of Samarra and cares for them more than anyone. He has an undying faith in Samarra and has promised to be by her side and be her brother Always and Forever. Shin is a very forgiving person, he has morals, but when ever a member of his family is in danger of being killed, he is forced to commit immoral acts, something he doesn't like to do in the first place.

Shin seeks to uphold the image of the being he most aspires to be; a well kept, honorable, moral man who is devoted to his family; though, he may struggle sometimes due to the unpredictable and wild nature of his brother and his father, who quickly dismisses him. Shin over the years has learned how to control his anger and channel it in productive ways. Shin in general is a very emotionally hardened character and has difficulty at times handling and accepting certain emotions. Shin is known for speaking his mind and having a fierce temper; though he can control it, which he possibly inherited from his biological-father.

He is very respectable to women, unlike his elder brother and treats them as his equals. This combined with his general behavior and dressing sense has earned him the title of the Noble Brother. Shin very rarely has tolerance for those who broke their words to him or has dared to speak ill of his family; this might result in him coming up with a passive-aggressive retort. His accepting and amicable side is further seen when he invites Aether Cade to his family house and dismissed his brother's insults to Aether rather quickly.

Shin is very knowledgeable and deceptive in many ways. Shin has a particular taste for analyzing his opponents. At an young age, he felt the need to understand the human psyche, to be able to make sense of the supposed chaos within insanity. He also wanted to understand dark impulses that the most sanest people experience from time to time. His knowledge includes but is not limited to— knowledge of at least two ancient languages, human psychology, photography, archery, knowledge of how to fight and defend himself, wield a sword, genetic engineering and cryptography. His lust for knowledge far exceeds any of his siblings.

Shin despite his hardened exterior, does have a soft spot for a certain woman, who he claims to have stolen his heart the moment he laid his eyes upon her. Shin also has a hidden dark-side that remains hidden under his polite and charming demeanor and his "fancy suits". Due to actually being a Higure, who has activated his 'Mark', Shin has a hunter's physiology and mindset and with it's powers and benefits, comes along an enhanced bloodlust and a 'hunter's instincts' that gives him an innate knowledge and intuition of how to kill supernatural creatures. Since, Shin is an advocate for supernatural creatures and is a member of the kind, loving and philanthropic Inari family, he has suppressed this side for far too long; going as far as to installing mental blocks that prevent him from accessing his full hunter-like powers but also takes away his blood lust and hunter instincts, allowing him to live a normal life.

However, the mental blocks were shattered when he came face-to-face with Dagrim Enkara; who destroyed them, in order to turn him against his family. Something that made him a genuine threat, as a hunter who has denied his lust for supernatural creatures is bound to turn on humans until they finally kill a supernatural creature. After the incident, Shin had to install a mental-barrier of sorts, that are directly linked to his situation, that is, as long as he is clean, well groomed and is wearing one of his suits, he would be an honorable and nobleman but as soon as he takes them off or his hands have blood in them, he would lash out and release his inner hunter.

His hunter personality has been referred to as, "The Man Behind the Suit", who is known for being manipulative, cold, vicious and hypocritical. His hunter-side does not care about his 'family' and would take them out of the equation altogether if they were to get in his way.

It would seem that Shin is still plagued by the death of his parents and has never truly over his uncorroborated and gratuitous guilt of "letting his parents die" and not being good enough. Not only does he repeatedly blames himself for their death but also hallucinated them blaming him and trying to kill him whilst trapped in the 'nightmare' section of the magical hallway in the Grand Magic Games X800.

New Personality

"Take your best shot. I will offer no resistance. Then it will be my turn."
— Shin

After being repeatedly mentally assaulted by Reidō while his guard was down, Shin's mental barriers were nearly diminished and as such, it had adverse effects on it's personality. Making him more cruel, viscous, arrogant, apathetic and fearsome. With his mental barriers now diminished, he was effected by Scylla's psychic, persona altering wave and while this was enough of an interference for his "old" Shin Inari persona to takeover and re-establish his mental barriers, the residual psychic interference was still able to effect his original persona and altered it in a very subtle way; giving rise to a newer and "superior" Shin Inari.

These subtle changes include him becoming much more confident in his abilities, become more serious in combat, a better CEO and a better human being altogether. This also brought about an unseen sense of pride, immense courage and emotional vulnerability; as he now refused to let people truly effect him. He cut off most of his emotional ties and became naturally resistant to emotional manipulation; since he was unable to trust anyone after the personality change occurred. However, people who he already trusted came closer and now put him in a more vulnerable position as he became more emotionally attached to the people who he already trusted and loved.

However, it was soon accessed that this 'so-called' superior Shin had developed something of a messiah complex and as such, not only did he believe that he must save the entire world, starting from his own city, he began acting on it. Soon enough, his 'complex' became his driving force as he wanted to save the entire world by any means possible; to combat evil, poverty and corruption and eradicate them from every corner of the world. While he became a little more paranoid with security and something of a control freak, he managed to create a facade for people around him. As in their eyes, he was not the man who was driven by a messiah complex, the death of his parents, anger from betrayal and loneliness but a happy-go-lucky guy, party playboy who does not care much about life and wants to enjoy it to it's fullest.

To the outside world, Shin is a hard working, self-made but carefree philanthropist and a socialite but in reality, Shin is a brooding, self-critical, intelligent man suffering from paradise syndrome and is trying is best to cope up with his loss. One of the most prominent traits of his facade is his uncanny sense of humor and the ability to make jokes; which vary from dry sarcastic to offensive and sometimes even borders on downright lookism. Also, he does this to get on the nerves of his opponents, since he knows that if they are angry, that they would normally lose themselves and be vulnerable to a superior skilled opponent. It is generally agreed, however, that whenever a life is in danger, he will stop telling jokes and take the current situation with the utmost seriousness. Even in combat, he can be seen dropping innuendos and really bad pun-jokes; for either self pleasure or to calm his nerves. He also acts as a comic relief to several teams and organizations; by either cracking jokes or actively playing dumb to appear 'cute'.

"Uh, no? I am the haircut police! That dumb and dumber hairstyle is not only "dumb" but also way out of fashion, sir. As a friendly police man, I will only charge about 5000 Jewels FT for that crime. Don't worry, I'll let you walk away... HEY! Let me finish my joke before you start attacking me!"
— to Victor Alvarez

Another of his facade includes selling the image of him being a man with "poor alcohol tolerance" as he acts drunk on occasions to fool befool people about his real-self. He actually drinks a low-calorie soft drink that looks like ginger ale to fool people around him. In reality, he has never smoked cigarettes, drank alcohol or practiced drug abuse; the only time he consumed alcohol was when he ordered a diluted Cuba Libre. Perhaps his most successful facade is of him being an infamous socialite with a bad habit for sleeping with beautiful, independent and powerful women; something he does actually enjoy. He has also talked about his disbelief in the concept of romantic love and marriage openly in public, as such, he has been called several things ranging from "manslut" to "horndog". However, Shin in reality is in fact capable of love and care and it is to protect that love that he maintains this image of a wild paramour. He is a man who understands that his choice of leaving his opponents and rivals alive puts a target on his back; in order to prevent the past from repeating itself, he continues playing his part of a young man who has a little bit of "lady trouble".

His former girlfriend, Vaishali Powell has also taken quite the tole on the young Inari. As he now subjects his friends and family to well concealed surveillance to keep them safe. The subconscious mind is not something to be feared, but embraced, this is a key defining point in Shin Inari’s journey; he understands this well, and after making peace with his inner demons and embracing the uncanny feeling of rage, fear and uncertainty, he has truly become the "Mr. Miracle" persona. Mr. Miracle has been defined as the man "who makes the impossible, possible"; thus earning him the name. While Shin secretly realizes his limits, he is always seen pushing his mind and body beyond it's ordinary limits; regardless of how it affects him, while brooding and dark within the inside, he cares more about people and genuinely wants to help them. He would happily walk into a trap knowingly, if it meant he could save a single person. Shin is selfless and has a very strong moral grounds as he holds human life above all. This is made him adopt a "no kill" rule; one of his few rules that he strictly adheres to. He considers life as sacred and go even as far as to saving the lives of goons, criminals and worst of the dark mages by risking his own.

He transforms his own pain and uses it as fuel for awakening to his own greater potential and his quest in life, to become a greater man; who is not just another money driven misanthrope but by actually donating to charities, trust funds, helping people through projects, revolutionizing education industry and by directly helping people like Luna to overcome her fears and embrace them. One of his key weaknesses and strengths is also is preternatural sense of responsibility. Even though he is seen as a brave and heroic individual with indomitable sense of justice and responsibility; there are times when his sense of responsibility can be almost overbearing. He feels as if he has to bear the weight of the entire world on his shoulder and protect each and every innocent soul; any failure not only makes him depressed but in the long term worsens his paradise syndrome. His guilt and sense of responsibility are overwhelming, even though he can keep his emotions in check in combat; when alone and brooding in his lab, he will sometimes blame himself for all of the deaths and tragedies around him.

This combined with his strong moral compass in the face of adversity, fame and sharp wit make him one of the most iconic and enduring mages of Koma Inu. He is also highly protective of all of his sisters; caring more about them than himself. Though, he may not always agree with the likes of Hiro Inari and they don't exactly "meet eye to eye", he does care about his elder brother though, not quite as much as he cares about Kalina Inari or Samarra Inari. It would also seem that he takes quite the bit of time to let things go as it took him 20 years to get over the death of his parents and finally admit that it was not his fault; he couldn't have possibly done anything to save them. Shin is not Samarra or Shisōya, he does not have a constant state of mind and nor is he perfect in his own way. Shin realizes that is deeply flawed and in his own words “Not a good person”; but this only proves that he is a greater man than he gives himself credit for. He always has been and tries to be the best brother, the best friend and the best son that he can be, regardless of what kind of situation that he is facing.

He is also driven by his promise to his sister, Samarra, of "always and forever"; that is, no matter what happens, they will always be there for each other. Nothing will ever change the fact that they are siblings. Shin's slightly altered persona is more forgiving than his initial personality as he was able to instantly forgive Shisōya for all the horrible things she have done to him and even went on a mission with her; joining her own crusade, even when he didn't have to. Though, it took him some time to actually admit that to her.

Shin does often shut people out of his life. He isn’t the best when it comes to romantic relationships, and finds it difficult to keep anyone close to him. His excuses often come down to the fact that what he does is dangerous, since he does not wear a mask or anything his actions and identity are made public and keeping people close to him is bad for them; as seen with Vaishali Powell, who was targeted and killed. But this goes into far deeper than just him "Caring about their well being", it is due to the fact that he was extremely close to his mother and his father was like his own 'god' and all he wanted for them was happiness and to be a family forever but as fate would have it, they were taken away from him; making it impossible for him to believe that his lifestyle would ever let him have a "constant" in life. And without stability, no relationship would ever last.

However, Shin does have friends and while most of them are not allowed beyond a certain level of intimacy; most of them truly fall into the acquaintance category and not "true friends". The only true friend Shin has is Lyn Zolga. It’s pretty clear that the pair don’t often always understand each other, but that doesn’t stand in the way of their friendship. Lyn may not always understand Shin’s methods and motivations, and Shin may not always understand Lyn’s radical behavior and solipsism, but Shin and Lyn together create a balance, that creates a strong friendship. Shin needs Shin to be her logic, a reliable partner and reality check at times. And Shin needs Lyn to be his light, to distract him from his darkness and a patient listener, at times. There is a great level of respect between the pair, and a sense of strong loyalty, that they don’t often share with other people, especially in Shin’s case.

Who is the Real Man?

"He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster. And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee."
— Mr. Blank to Shin

It is his secret caring and understanding nature that has allowed him to overlook Emma Reeves's criminal past and help her, without coming off as a judging, all mighty individual. Lyn has commented that how it's funny that "Shin is the most human out of all of them" despite him technically being a genetically modified inter-dimensional being. In a detailed physiological analysis, it was assessed that Shin Inari is not "insane" as per say and nor is he delusional; he does not enjoy fighting or beating people, in fact, he hates it and he is more than capable of telling the difference between right and wrong. Shin spends his day surrounded by monsters who abuse, torture, rape, steal and kill. In order to separate himself from those he hunts, he creates a line, that line being 'not killing', as a psychological reminder that he is not one of the monsters he hunts for. Shin is cerebral and logical, and uses logic and reason to hunt monsters. And through this logic he is able to retain his sense of sanity. He often wants to quit being a "Selfless, philanthropic, calculating and esoteric individual" but he knows that if he stops helping people, stop helping the world; it will turn back to chaos, he does not "fight because he likes it", he fights so nobody else has to. Shin even admitted by doing this himself, by protecting as many people as he can and becoming a symbol, he could prevent another child from "suffering the same curse"; in short, he does not want anybody else to lose their family, their identity and be drawn to darkness. What has not changed about Shin is his eagerness to learn and in fact, he is not ashamed to learn new things if one could teach him. Though, he maybe a little ill at ease to openly admit it.

Sometimes, Shin can become obsessive and often controlling over what needs to be done and how it needs to be done, but he knows the difference between what’s right and what’s wrong, and understands that his mission is one that should not be a personal vendetta, but rather a means to attain justice and order for all. Despite all of the corruption and politics, he does believe in the justice system and he never wanted to take on the Mr. Miracle persona seriously to replace the justice system but to assist it; to make sure that no crime goes unpunished. In truth, Shin is actually not an identity and nor is Mr. Miracle, both are simply aspects of his persona; the Shin Inari he created is a slightly spoiled, enigmatic, witty but good hearted and philanthropic billionaire while Mr. Miracle is the darker aspect of his persona, representing an undying lust for justice and equality, grit, selflessness and intelligence. These two personas together make up the real man and that is his true identity.

Shin is capable of indeed trusting people though he is never "too trusting" and only let's them know a certain part of a plan; just to be safe, but this also is what makes him such a memorable person, having such unique traits. He is in fact more human than he gives himself credit for and despite all of his plans and wits, he cannot "predict" everything and he often talks to himself; reassuring himself every time. Shin Inari is more than just a machine, he is a man with real struggles and even though he is not open about them, he is more than capable of asking for help when in need. It is his experiences and choices that shaped his identity. For Shin, it took him years of self-discovery from finding the one thing in life that gives him hope, to training and travelling to find his sense of identity. By trying to adhere to the alias and the persona of Mr. Miracle, Shin is able to complete his sense of identity by, as a "true being". Shin is a man of intense will and self-discipline. This sense of will and self-discipline is a trait that strengthened over the years. Despite this, he is far from flawless.

No matter how much he pushes his body and mind together, he still has very clear limits to what he can and cannot do and he is often a little too arrogant to ask help from someone clearly inferior to him; in both power and character, he is also somewhat ill at ease when it comes to letting people know his true self. All of these combined with his sense of responsibility and unique humor, makes Shin Inari unique and no matter how other's try to copy him, in Shisōya's words, "There can never be another Shin Inari".



Original Story

"Sometimes I feel like my life is some shitty fanon story written by a fourteen year old on some unimportant website that got deleted."
— Shin
Inari san

Shin with his camera

Born to the great escape artist and fencer, Izumi Higure, and the great business tycoon and head of Higure household, Shinsei Higure, Shin grew up being respected by the lower branch members. As a member of the Higure household, he was treated in the same manner as people would treat their prince. However, much like all of the male members of the Higure Clan, Shin was cursed with the Mark of Cain which manifested itself when he was three years old. This greatly worried Izumi and Shinsei as several members of the clan were kidnapped and taken away by men who are trying to extract this mark and use it for their own benefits. Despite them trying to hide the fact that their son was the bearer of the infamous curse, people found out. About a week after Shin's fourth birthday, the Higure clan was attacked by several mercenaries who were tasked with one goal: to bring back Shin's body. According to the man behind this, because of his young age, the curse was in it's purest form and still developing, hence it was possible for them to extract it. However, Izumi ran away with Shin as his father tried to hold down the mercenaries.

Izumi delivered Shin to her old college friend, Aldrich Inari and asked him to take of Shin to ensure that he'd get a normal childhood. She ask Aldrich to treat him like his own child, after which she was never seen again. It was assumed that Izumi was killed that very night as her corpse was found two days later in an abandoned warehouse and had started to decompose. Shin grew up with the Inari family, not knowing his real family properly. He became a scientist and started helping people with the power of his mind and changed many lives.

Retconned Origin

Secret Origins

Born to the Higures and Akihitos, Shin was born with a silver, or rather, a gold spoon in his mouth. Oozing with wealth, class, style, and judicious behavior, the Higure family was the "richest of the rich" who helped the small city known as Agua. Due to the city being surrounded by water bodies on three sides, it functioned as a port based city for most of the part, and according to the Mayor, "The Akihito Family founded this city and the Higures paid for it; both molding it into something". Unlike his ancestors, Shin's father, Shinsei Higure, was not a hunter and nor a fighter. In fact, he was the best doctor of his generation; a well learned man with specialty in both Neurosurgery and Neonatology, making him something of a prodigy like his father before him. Even as a baby, Shin was extremely impressive, as he showed higher cognitive skills and was able to start talking by the time he was seven months old. He was able to associate the "mama" and "dada" with his parents and remembered every single thing they did for him. Soon, he was diagnosed with Hypermnesia; a condition which basically gave him a 'super eidetic memory' and made him incapable of forgetting things. Initially described as gods' gift, this would later on pan out to be something of a curse.

The Akihito's on the other hand, had a much darker history with the city. Building mazes into the sewers, as well as a prison, they strived to keep a certain monster at bay, and keeping him from ever rising again. Shin's mother Izumi was an intelligent, reliable and amicable woman herself, who was running for Mayor by the time he was five. According to city history, Izumi had a mental breakdown and was admitted to a mental institute set up by the Akihito's themselves. Izumi had this episode after her own mother killed her father with a sledgehammer after confronting him about his affair. According to the statements on the police reports, Izumi's mother, Kasumi Akihito, killed and chopped up her husband in front of Izumi; after which crimes she was arrested and prosecuted. Izumi was promptly admitted to the mental asylum, a time which left a mark that stayed with her, even after all these years. Izumi only gained true happiness after the birth of her second child, Shin Inari, and while she still loved her first child, Shisōya; the poor girl never stood out to her, for some unknown reason. Izumi was amused by the fact that Shin started taking his first steps by the time he was around six and a half months old.

The Higure family sure had it's issues, such as Izumi and Shinsei having problems in their sexual life, and Shisōya turning out to be quite the rebel and entering the old Akihito mansion; a site where she would frequent even after she was forbidden to leave, as this mansion was the site where Kasumi killed her husband. The current Higure's were the last of their kin, as Kasumi was executed and Shin's grandfather Hachiman Higure died after falling from the edge of a cliff, due to his ornithophobia. It states in the history of Higure family that Hachiman's uncle was killed by an owl and his father was apparently stalked by an owl, all his life.

On Shisōya's 9th birthday, Shinsei had called most of the A-listers from around the entire city to attend the magnificent gala that was his daughter's birthday. Shisōya was embarrassed by the fact her father would summon so many strangers into their home for her party that would treat her like a queen. She couldn't take it, as her friends would make fun of her at the academy, so she ran upstairs and took out her frustration on her younger brother, Shin, which made him cry. While this happened, the Mayor, who was also secretly a Vampire, was unhappy by the fact that he had some sort of competition this time. He was elected for the last three years straight, and there was no way he would let some rich girl with a psycho case take his thunder away. So like a "rational man", he conspired to have the family killed. Even though it wasn't subtle, nobody would question him; the law enforcers, the politicians, everyone were in his pocket. And his connections to various gangs and Dark guilds made it only worse. Shinsei called his old friend and batch mate, Aldrich Inari, who happened to be visiting Bosco that time, for advice; as he had just received his third death threat that month. Aldrich asked him to tell his wife to drop it, but Shinsei wouldn't agree, so he asked Aldrich to help him out until the elections. That night, Shin was finally introduced to Aldrich Inari; the man who would later on become the closest thing to a father, if not more.

"Shin, don't be angry. Ah, of course! Perhaps a spot of tea will calm your nerves, Dr. Banner."
— Izumi teasing Shin

A few hours before the "incident" took place, Shin sat on his bed with his comic book lying on the floor, mumbling and cussing about his brat of an older sister, who would always take out her frustration on him. His mother enters the scene and teases him by calling him "Dr. Banner"; a character from the comic book he was reading earlier on. The mother-son moment was almost ruined by their butler Kaseginin; a former war veteran who lost his left leg during his military service and was rescued by Shinsei Inari, who later also offered him a job as their family butler.

After a nice chat and dinner, Aldrich told Shin that his daughter Samarra would like him. In fact, he said they were very similar, and that he should come visit him sometime, as they'd make great play mates. Shin ended up asking his father if he could meet this "Samarra" and travel with uncle Aldrich, to which his father replied with a smile, saying, "Of course, my son." Shin impressed everyone at the table my levitating a forks and the knives and placing them in front of those who were seated at the dining table; by manipulating the electrical charge of the metallic forks and knives and causing them to move from their initial high charge to a position of low charge, that is, the table top. Both Aldrich and Izumi complimented Shin's ability to use elemental-magic at such an young age with such refined control; however, this made Shisōya slightly jealous, as she figured, she would never be the shinning star her younger brother is, though, Shinsei sensed this and looked at her saying, "Don't worry, kiddo! You're still my favorite!"

However, this happy phase didn't last very long as the next evening, while the Higure's were having dinner, there was a noise in the kitchen. The maid went to check it out, thinking it was probably wind that caused a glass or a plate to fall down and break, but to her surprise, it was much worse. Before her was a tall, pale man with fangs and blood shot eyes. A few seconds later, the family was alerted by her scream, and as Shinsei ran to check it out, someone kicked down the main door. As the dust settled down, two men barged in, armed and dangerous. They were clearly mercenaries, but there was someone else. The entire family could feel this other person's magic but they didn't enter, calling it, "a waste of her time". One of the family butlers took young Shisōya to the maze like tunnels beneath the manor; where she and the butler disappeared, never to be seen again. Izumi ran out with Shin through the back door as Shinsei tried to hold these "monsters" back, but to no avail. Shin watched as his mother carried him out; he heard his father's scream while he was having his heart ripped out of his chest.

No matter how hard it rained, Izumi did not stop running. When she finally managed to reach the train station every onlooker was shocked, and honestly scared by the woman. She was badly beaten to a pulp, her legs were bleeding, but she continued to walk as she reached Aldrich. She handed him an unconscious Shin and explained that something had happened along the way; she thought they would be safe but she was wrong. She was ambushed and nearly ravished but she managed to escape. However, Aldrich was shocked. He couldn't just take someone else's child home. He could never do that. To Izumi, to his own wife, to his children; several questions like "What would people say?" came to mind but before he could say a word, Izumi collapsed before him, leaving him with only one option: to flee this crazy city with Shin. Before leaving, Aldrich asked the station master to admit Izumi in a private hospital under a falsified name.

The next few hours were blank as the law enforcement white washed the "incident", but the Mayor wasn't convinced. He needed to see Izumi Higure's dead body. Shin remained quite the next morning, stopping himself from crying, and pretend to be strong; stronger than his sister. He looked at Aldrich and asked him if his mother was still alive, to which Aldrich replied by handing him a communication lacrima. Aldrich asked him to make it quick, as they had a ship to board, since Troms wasn't exactly a safe place either. He called his mother, and after five minutes, he came back with a petrified face with tears rolling down his cheek. "They found her..., uncle Aldrich. She was found dead this morning. The nurse.." he tried to continue but broke down amidst the sentence. Aldrich held Shin, looking down; trying to think of something, someway, to get out of this mess. As Aldrich and Shin boarded the ship, a call on Aldrich's lacrima informed him that the law enforcers wanted to talk to him and the boy. Left with no choice but to abandon the first chance of escape, Aldrich and Shin visited the nearest police station, where the commissioner from Agua was waiting. He came all the way just to comfort Shin and remind him that his parents were, in face, the greatest people on the planet; and that he must not be afraid by goons such as the Mayor. He left after handing the boy an envelope that his mother asked the commissioner to deliver the night before she was murdered.

However, the real shocking news left Aldrich in a state of disbelief. He wanted to help with the investigation but he was informed that, not only does he have no business here, and as much as they respect him for his position, he should leave with the child, for Shinsei had named him as Shin's legal guardian in their absence. He scratched his head and looked at Shin, where Shin looked to him with the eyes of a man who had lost everything. Not wanting to open the letter, Shin leaves with Aldrich for Fiore; never to return to this godforsaken country. This marked the beginning of Shin and Aldrich's relationship; and as they travel, Aldrich grows fond of the boy, but at the same time, he couldn't help but be scared of the whole new set of responsibilities he was charged with. Shin on the other hand, dissimulates his true feelings and puts on a 'mask' of an young, nerdy, innocent boy; while he couldn't help but feel the guilt and anger, all he wanted to do, was get his vengeance.

In the aftermath of the job, the woman who refused to enter the house, revealed herself to be Ekaterina Vãduvã; a 300+ year old vampire, who couldn't enter the premises because she wasn't invited in, unlike the other three, who dressed up as delivery boys, laundry man, etc. go get their invitation, in the past. She walked to the Mayor's office, telling him, "You didn't tell me that there were going to be kids." Mayor tries to scoff her for playing the moral police, after all, she was a mercenary herself but Ekaterina blew it away and smiled, saying, it would cost a little more than that, if children were involved. As the Mayor asks how much, he is thrown from the glass window of his own office; with a knife jammed in his throat, as he fell down seven floors and died. Ekaterina leaves the office with a disgusted look on her face calling the now deceased mayor, a bastard.

Rookie Year

Shin turns to Aldrich looking at the Inari-house, "Are you sure, Mr. Inari? I don't want to be a burden on your family..." which causes Aldrich to turn back to the boy sporting a fake smile, convincing both himself and Shin that he was more than happy to welcome another member into his family and everything will be alright. TBA~

Becoming an Inari


Mage of Koma Inu

Sentinels vs Dagrim

Grand Magic Games

Brave New World


Magic and Abilities


Shin's summoning

Shin's summoning seal.

Beast Summoning Magic (野獣召しの魔法, Yajūmeshi no Mahō): The Beast Summoning Magic is very similar to Summoning Magic and it is believed that it has been derived from the aforementioned magic. This magic allows Shin to bring forth objects from another dimension, or point in space, and have them appear in the space where he place a magic circle. However, like all summoners, before performing a beast summoning, he had to make a contract with the beast.



  • Kōmorijin (コウモリ神, Kōmorijin): Kōmorijin is a vast, ambidextrous, vampire bat-like creature who can walk on his legs and upright; like human beings, having a wisdom and cranial capacity way beyond most humans. The Kōmorijin is a dangerous creature, who holds command all of the vampire bats in the entire world and can summon and control them telepathically. Kōmorijin is about as big as 30 feet big and has a wing span of over 50 feet; making it extremely scary. With it's sharp canines and incisors and jagged molars, the Kōmorijin can deliver a bite force of up to 6800 psi; enough to rip humans in half but has completely control over it's jaws and can only puncture the skin with enough force to draw blood and then drain it's victim. Kōmorijin also has thermoreceptors on its nose, which aid the animal in locating areas where the blood flows close to the skin of its prey. Kōmorijin also has abundant cone and rod cells; giving it 8 times better vision than human beings and an enhanced night vision. He can walk, jump, and even run at extraordinary speeds, reaching 140 km/hr. While he can glide with a constant speed of 40 miles per hour, the Kōmorijin is more than capable of topping the maximum speed of a Peregrine falcon by 10 miles per hour; giving it a top speed of 406 km/hr. Other than being capable of perceiving infrared radiation, it can also use echolocation to locate it's prey and find obstacles in it's path, without looking. His strength and ability to telepathically control other bats is perhaps what makes Kōmorijin such an interesting summon. Other than these abilities, Kōmorijin can also use Wind Magic; to either blow away it's enemies or cut them in half using wind blades. Finally, it also has a protective shell like outer skin (unlike for a bat), that serves like body armor and renders projectiles and Fire Magic useless against this giant creature.
    • Bat Colony Summoning (蝙蝠集落口寄せ, Kōmori Shūraku Kuchiyose): Surprisingly, Shin's summoning, that is, Kōmorijin himself, has made contract with several bats himself; whom he can actually summon in a manner that is akin to Shin's own beast summoning method and unleashes a colony of vampire bats on the victim; since it is Kōmorijin who is performing the magic, he is the one who pays the magic taxing involved.

Lightning Magic (雷系各種魔法, Kaminari Kei Kakushu Mahō): Lightning Magic is an Elemental Caster Magic that utilizes the element of lightning. Shin uses his lightning magic in a different way compared to others and while he can summon lightning blasts much like other lightning mages, he prefers to use it to control his own bio-electricity and even uses it in combination with his magnet based magic; in order to create an electromagnetic effect. It is his ability to use both bio-electricity and lightning that makes him an extraordinary mage.

  • Lightning Resistance: Lightning Magic's most basic defense, having lightning as his signature element, Shin is able to take, or even block, lightning-based attacks without being injured. He can also rejuvenate himself by absorbing a limited amount of electricity or lightning through his skin pores.
  • Lightning Blast (雷爆砕, Kaminari Bakusai): Lightning Magic's most basic attack, it can be used with one or both hands to generate electrical discharges at a distance or at close-range. Shin can also blast multiple opponents simultaneously by locking onto their magical signature.
  • Aura Materialization (霊気実体化, Reiki jittaika): Shin can manipulate his own bio-electricity and merge it with his magical aura in order to form a second skin that does not extend far from the him body. It allows him to remain unfazed after being hit by cannon balls, struck with blades and makes him invulnerable against almost all forms of physical damage. While extreme heat can somewhat compromise it's integrity the second skin even in it's weakened state can tank hits from powerful telekinetics and even small bombs. Also since this aura cannot be extended from the skin loose fitting clothing will not be under its protection and will tear or burn, however skintight suits will be protected like Shin. This forces Shin to don skintight outfits underneath his jacket. While the aura can protect him from the crushing effects of pressure and gravity, it cannot however protect him in space as Shin still needs air to breathe.
  • Aura Steal (霊気窃盗, Reikisettō): This spell allows Shin to siphon off and absorb bio-electricity from both his enemies and environment in order to either drain them completely or recharge and heal himself. The absorbed bio-electricity is able to enhance his muscular strength and elasticity and reflexes using electricity to stimulate the nerves. Absorbing too much bio-electricity from an organism will unarguably lead to it's death.
  • Electric Brainstorm (電動アイデアラッシュ, Dendō Aidearasshu): By manipulating his own electrical impulses via the electricity produced by his body, Shin is able to energize his own mind to achieve a higher level of focus and increase the surge of neural impulses that are released to perform tasks and actions at an accelerated rate. By stopping these impulses from getting to a reception, Shin can essentially block out and ignore pain and damage and continue fighting; though this can be dangerous in the long run.
  • Vision (空想, Kūsō): Shin can sense bio-electricity as well as weak electric fields around him using this spell and uses it to locate people. These electric fields are generated by everything living due to the activity of their nerves and muscles; making it that much more efficient.
  • Phantom Walk (幽霊散歩, Yūrei Sanpo): Shin can mentally control the flux of inter-atomic attraction; better known as electrostatic force, between molecular boundary layers. This overcomes the outer electron shell's normal behavior of mutual repulsion with other outer electron shells and permits the tremendous potential for electron attraction to prevail. This is achieved by once again manipulating his bio-electricity that allows him to affect the attraction between surfaces. This ability is generally limited to his feet and allows him to walk on different kinds of surfaces without being effected by gravity.
  • Stun Gun (スタンガン, Sutangan): Shin can temporarily paralyze his enemies or destroy technology by simply touching them with his hands. Since produces an inordinate amount of bio-electricity, Shin can channel it and discharge through his hands, in controlled bursts. These energy projections vary in power; they mostly affect the nervous system in animals. However, it seems that there are varying degrees to this ability as some opponents have been simply dazed where others have been completely incapacitated. It also seems more effective on people with genetic alterations. When the power behind these blasts are increased they are able to cut through high-density structures and are able to cause extreme pain to extremely durable beings.
  • Lightning Clone (雷光人クローン, Raikō hitokurōn): A spell taught to him by Samarra, this spell allows him to make a clone of himself out of nothing but pure lightning; unlike Samarra. The physical structure is altered, in order to make it dense and durable, which allows it to perform magic and interact with the environment due to it having physical substance. This technique evenly distributes his magic to each part of the clone. If the clone is injured, it will revert to its natural lightning-state, at the same time electrocuting whatever it is touching. Shin's version is different from Samarra's as he is unable to create matter or mass in things.
  • Bio-Beams (生物系光線, Seibutsukei Kōsen): Shin can fire several concentrated beams of highly charged bio-electricity from his eyes that can release strong electrical currents; which have amazing concussive force behind them; enough to blast through the hard armor of a H.U.M.V and send it flying about twenty fight feet away, despite the fact that a H.U.M.V weighs 5,200 lbs or 2.35 tons. Shin has also blasted through a reinforced steel door, destroyed concrete pillars and even shatter multi-layered laminated glass. The electric current is known to stun those who are hit by it and may even cause their skin to be burned slightly; if fired with low intensity. While mainly to stun or temporarily paralyze his enemy's, they can actually go toe-to-toe with a slayer's roar attack and push back the slayer with it's sheer concussive force. Naturally the brute force behind the beams along with their electric current can be increased; this increase is directly proportional to the amount of magic Shin is using. What makes these beams special is their signature "homing effect"; that is achieved by locking onto his victims' magical signatures before releasing these beams. The heat evolved from the friction caused by the movement of this concentrated electro-beams make them as hot as 2490°F or 1365.56°C; enough to melt flesh, with prolonged exposure and even melt through an inch thick stainless-steel. Being magical in nature, Shin can control the speed, intensity and the sheer force behind these beings. Making them as precise as to maneuver out of Lyn's way, avoid all of the goons and hit Victor Alvarez in his thighs; while Victor was running at a speed of 40 miles per hour and was already 500 meters away. Due to having high molecular oscillation frequency, they can also be used like concentrated 'laser'; thus giving rise to their other name, "Electric Laser". It's high intensity vibration allows Shin to cut through bricks, stone, glass, wood, aluminum, reinforced glass, toughened flesh and even bones. While their upper limits are unknown, the H.U.M.V feat would suggest that the beams can generate at least a force of 54396 N or 12228.483 lbs of force; by comparison an ordinary man has a punching force of 379 lbs, making it 32.26 times greater and about 20 times the force required to break human bones. Seeing how these move at a transonic speed of 275 m/s, it's extremely difficult to dodge these beams.
  • Lightning Claw (雷爪, Kaminari-tsume): Shin engulfs his hand in electricity and then slashes his opponent across their chest or their vital points; this results in a damage that is similar to being slashed by a broadsword. The effects of this technique also vary from minor stun damage to absolute electrocution, depending on the electrical current.
  • Medium Creation (媒体制定, Baitai Seitei): By heating up the air around him by discharging a huge amount of electrical current, he can heat up air to such a degree that it becomes ionized; this allows him to channel electricity and electrical beams through air with enough force to easily pierce through a human skull.
    • Electroblade (電動剣, Dendōken): Focusing his lightning magic into his finger tips after he has already ionized the air around him and his opponent, Shin releases a compressed electrical discharge and using it together with his own thrust to form a focused scalpel-like precise blade of electricity that can pierce through human flesh and bones with relative ease. However, since this so called "blade" travels in a linear path, it is possible to dodge it but due to him already ionizing the air around him, while the opponent may be able to dodge the actual blade, they will be electrocuted regardless as long as they are inside the electrified atmosphere. Since the current is direct current and has no fluctuations, when passed through a mixture of helium and neon it acts like a very powerful laser; that can even cut through solid steel.
  • Lightning Rod (避雷針, Hiraishin): Concentrating a good amount of lightning magic around his hand; the concentration of electricity is so high that it makes a sharp pitched noise and a constant cackling sound, Shin then transforms the end of this lightning into a rudimentary blade like form and then charges at his target, thrust this blade of lightning into them; piercing them and electrocuting them at the same time, leading to fatal injuries. Shin can also imbue weapons such as his own escrima sticks or his staff with his lightning blade; thus earning it the name "lightning rod". When first tested against a three feet concrete wall reinforced with an inch thick steel, it managed to destroy most of the wall and leave a dent on the steel lining on the other side; completely shatter, rather shredding everything from cement to bricks and even the steel on this side, however, this also caused Shin some degree of pain and damaged his wrist. The more he charges his blade of lightning, the stronger it becomes but this comes at a risk of peeling the skin of his hand and causing it to smoulder slightly.

Magnetism Enchantment (磁気濃艶, Jiki Nōen): Magnetism Enhancement is a type of Caster Magic exclusive to Shin Inari. As the name suggests, this magic allows him to control and generate magnetic fields and effect magnetic materials. This caster magic allows Shin to manipulate magnetic fields, and indirectly through them control anything that is connected to them; such as metals. However, this metal manipulation is limited to the metals that make up the Alnico Magnets, that is, aluminium, nickel, iron and cobalt. He can also use his generated magnetic fields to repel objects away from him, use humans with rare conditions as puppets (by controlling the metallic particles in the body), create objects, magnetize and demagnetize objects and sense magnetic fields around him. However, after learning Lightning Magic from Samarra Inari, he was able to take this one step further and was finally able to create, shape and manipulate electromagnetism; giving him the ability to control electromagnetic field and radiation (EM radiation) as well as gained limited control over particles.

  • Magnetic Shell (磁気皮, Jikikawa): Shin can protect himself and others around him by projecting a force-field created out of magnetic energy which can be expanded to great lengths; being magnetic in nature, the field is able to further attract metals to the force field and cause them to surround it as well, this allows him to deflect most attacks, specially radiation based ones. Shin can also use this so called magnetic shell to to trap an enemy inside , and by interacting with earth's natural magnetic field, he can levitate objects and beings in the air.
    • Reinforcement (強化, Kyōka): While Shin wears tight fighting clothes which allows him to use his aura spell, his clothes also contain metallic fibers and his gloves are further reinforced with a strong mesh. This allows him to create another level of protection; with the exception of his magnetic shield and aura, Shin can form this third layer by reinforcing the metallic fibers of his suit with magnetic fields, making his clothing like an armor with a durability that is reminiscent of a platinum-iridium alloy.
  • Field (分野, Bunya): Using his magic, Shin generates magnetic fields, this allows him to levitate by manipulating this generated magnetic field. He can also project these magnetic fields towards certain objects and infuse them with magnetism; causing that object to become a magnet itself.
    • Interference (干渉, Kanshō): By suppressing or cancelling out the magnetic fields around him, Shin can disrupt electronic signals causing communication or things using electromagnetic energy to fail or work erratically.
    • Demagnetization (消磁, Shōji): Shin can demagnetize his targets, causing them to be unaffected by magnetism. He achieves this by scrambling the domains of a magnetized object when it moves near an alternating magnetic field produced by him. The magnetic domain; now no longer arranged, starts canceling out each other thus demagnetizing the object completely.
    • Coin Collector (玉収集家, Tama Shūshūka): Since coins and such objects are mostly made of either iron or nickel covered in zinc, it's ferromagnetic nature causes it to be attracted to the magnetic field produced by Shin. This allows Shin to collect such items and while coins are rare, since the current currency is jewels; the rarity of these items make them much more expensive than Jewels. According to Shin, a coin costs about five times as much as a jewel.
    • Magnetization (磁化, Jika): The exact opposite of demagnetization, this spell allows Shin to magnetize objects, ferromagnetic or not by subjecting it or rather bombarding it to an extremely strong magnetic field. The field strength is so strong that objects which shouldn't normally be magnetized, are magnetized temporarily because of this. This allows him to use almost any object in his proximity to his use by magnetizing them.
  • Magnetic Puppetry (磁気操り人形, Jikiayatsuri ningyō): By controlling the fine metallic particles in the body through his magnetism based magic, Shin can take control over his victim's motor functions against their will as if they were a puppet. However, if the person is lacking in certain metallic particles and haemoglobin due to some disorder, he cannot control their body.
    • Iron Extraction (鉄剔出, Tetsu Tekishutsu): Shin can control and detect the traces of iron within organic matter and can manipulate the iron-enriched blood-flow to one's brain to potentially induce very limited effects. There are only 2.5 grams of iron in the bloodstream of a healthy human body and perhaps a gram at most in the rest of the body. To put this in perspective, a penny weighs 2.5 grams; he can easily manipulate those and take complete control over their body who have higher amount of iron in their blood but more interestingly, he can forcibly extract this iron out of their body by the power of attraction. Using his magnetic fields, he can literally rip the iron out of one's body and control it.
  • Thrust (推力, Suiryoku): Shin is able to generate a magnetic field that can repel virtually all ferromagnetic and paramagnetic materials to be repelled away from him. Since most of the objects are either made of ferro or paramagnetic materials, it can act as an offensive or defensive spell. It could be used to varying degrees, from simply moving away objects away from him to simply causing metallic shards to be repelled in a particular direction, in order to impale someone.
  • Iron Rain Drizzle (鉄雨小雨, Tetsuame Kosame): By manipulating iron from a source, he can rip it apart to create several shards of iron that he can influence by using the pressure of magnetic fields to propel them towards a foe at great speeds. Giving the illusion of rain falling to earth and in a matter of seconds, the victim is impaled several times by these projectiles. Defensively, he can repel all metallic projectiles that his opponents hurled at him, back at the opponent with increased force. On average, each projectile or iron shard travels with the speed of 350 feet per second (106.68 m/s). Rusted iron projectiles can also be used for added effects.
  • Field Reading (分野読み, Bunya Yomi): Shin can passively sense magnetic fields around him, their intensity, shifting and movement. This also allows him to detect metallic objects by projecting magnetic fields and even human beings by detecting iron in their blood. He can also sense the disturbances in the magnetic fields generated either by him or the magnetic field of the Earth itself; this allows him to detect anyone in his locality as they are in contact with the Earth's natural magnetic field. Someone would even say that he can "read" these magnetic fields.
  • Dust Wind (塵風, Chirikaze): Shin can use his magnetism to crush large ferromagnetic objects and turn them into fine, ferromagnetic nanoparticles that exhibit superparamagnetism, allowing him to manipulate each of these particles individually or together at the same time. By manipulating these nanoparticles in a wave like form, he can achieve several feats and since the magnetic susceptibility is relatively high, they can be easily magnetized at any moment and used as an extension of himself. This wave of nano ferromagnetic particles can be used to create an armor around him, project a hand, create weapon and other tools; their limit is only determined by Shin's own imagination.
    • Ascending Throne (登攀王座, Tōhanōza): Using a huge amount of the aforementioned ferromagnetic nanoparticles, he can cause a surging wave of nano-sized iron to erupt from beneath the surface; the result causes it to become a wave of tidal proportions that consumes the victim and traps them in a quicksand-like wave of nano iron. Aluminium or nickel can also be alternatively used; in absence of an iron source.
    • Rapier (レイピア, Reipia): By using the nanoparticles; which are once again either ferromagnetic or ferrimagnetic, Shin creates a giant blade out of these magnetic materials and uses his power of magnetism to move it around. The sword can easily slice a human opponent in half and can stretch and slip through shields like a giant snake.
    • Metal Clone (金属二重身, Kinzoku Nijūshin): Shin can use his magnetism to influence the nano ferromagnetic particles to create clones in the shape of himself or others. The clone's form can be changed instantly into magnetic particles, and the enemy's body can be trapped. Unlike other clones, it does not dissolve or vanish when hit once, but can reform itself.
  • Redirection (Unnamed): As the ions in the plasma are charged, they respond to magnetic fields, as such, Shin is able to redirect or alter the path of all plasma attacks; including, lightning based attacks, since lightning is naturally occurring plasma.

Electromagnetism (電磁気, Denjiki): An offshoot of his magnetism based magic achieved by combining magnetism and electricity (via lightning magic) in the perfect ratio. This rare form of magic allows Shin to control and generate one of the fundamental forces in existence. Due to the intense versatility electromagnetism is one of the most powerful and versatile elements in existence.

  • Anti-gravitation (反重力, Han Jūryoku): Since gravity is not an actual force but the result of the geometry of spacetime, the only way to negate or defy gravity is by moving air with electromagnetic fields. Shin creates extraordinarily strong electromagnetic fields that allow him to negate the effects of increased gravity; however, if the electromagnetic fields are too strong compared to the gravitation, Shin would not only overcome it but would end up levitating himself; depending on his ability to maintain this field and the field strength, he may or may not wind up propelling himself with an nonuniform velocity. By simply reducing the gravity to a certain level instead of negating it, he gains the ability to jump incredible distances.
  • Vacuum Ardor (空血気, Kara kekki): By controlling electromagnetism, he is able to gain over certain types of energies and radiation, one of which being the vacuum energy; better known as the z-point waves, which are the lowest amount of energy that a quantum mechanical physical system has. This allows him to control the vibrational energy retained by molecules even at a temperature of absolute zero. As such, he can use this energy to either bind someone with a zero-point energy restraint or can simply use it to project beams of void for variable sizes and ranges that are capable of destroying structures. These beams can disintegrate fragile objects in seconds, through durable objects such as a human body might take several seconds or minutes. These beams tend to travel from anywhere between the speed of 345 m/s-500 m/s; making them insanely fast.
    • Haul (牽引, Kenin): Shin can use the z-point waves to emit a force field confined to a collimated beam with clean borders; this beam can be used to tow or haul an object or a person hit by it towards the user. Often dubbed as the tractor beam, this spell is extremely useful as it can be for everything from rescuing people under water or in dangerous environments to tow or pull an entire ship. However, the beam is strictly attractive in nature and unlike other tractor beams does not have the ability to repel objects.
  • Spectral Sight (スペクトルかん, Supekutoru kan): Shin is capable of focusing and expanding his electromagnetic energy emission, focusing it into his senses, specially his sight, enabling him to perceive the world around themselves based solely on the patterns of magnetic and electrical energy. This allows him to see the natural magnetic auras surrounding living beings. Unlike other mages, Shin can perceive the entire electromagnetic spectrum and can process it without damaging or confusing his brain, he can "tune" his vision to interpret the various ranges of the electromagnetic energy. Shin's body can sense or rather "feel" the presence of gamma rays, x-rays, ultraviolet, infrared, microwaves and radiowaves. While he mostly limits himself to using gamma or x-ray, he can also use radiowaves for echolocation of sorts. Since gamma radiation flows through everything, he has an amazing outlook on the world. Shin can feel minute traces of gamma rays in every being and use them to heighten his perception and reflexes. Infrared allows him to to see temperature variations in objects and environment while x-ray allows him to to visually penetrate solid objects or even see within objects. Though, looking through more than one wall is confusing according to him. Shin can sense and patch into radio frequencies exponentially to extensive proportions, allowing his brain to project high frequency waves (3 kHz) which are emitted with the same frequency as radiowaves. The signal emanates from sending regions of his brain, after which it travels outward, bounces off objects around him, and returns to receiving regions of his brain. This makes him a human RADAR and allows him to detect hidden traps and enemies. It has been hinted several times that both Shin's sense of touch and sight are able to detect these electromagnetic wave though they have never been mentioned to be able to detect or sense cosmic radiation. His use of radiowaves suggest that this sense does after all extend to his hearing as well but not to his sense of taste or smell. Despite this, when using this, there is virtually nothing that can hide from Shin's sight; making him arguably the best sensor. This spell does have his shortcomings however, causing headaches and irritation every time Shin uses it for ten minutes or longer; using this spell for too long might even cause his brain to be overloaded.
  • Super Electric Magnetism (超電動磁力, Chōdendō Jiryoku): Shin is able to release bursts of electricity of high alternating frequency that generates a strong magnetic field. These blasts can not only pierce through their flesh but after striking them turns them into living magnets, causing metals to be attracted to them and crush them. The high alternating frequency of these electric blasts can lead to permanent brain damage and can send the victim in a state of coma. Even if someone were to survive this powerful combination of magnetism and electricity, it is highly unlikely that their bodies will ever be able to function with peak efficiency.
  • Electromagnetic Surge (電磁波動, Denji Hadō): Shin can release a surge of electromagnetic energy; which has the ability to disrupt all technology nearby but instead of simply destroying technology like a normal EMP, this surge is released in a form of an enormous and destructive wave of electromagnetism at a desired target and most likely destroy the surrounding area; as Shin puts it, the technology disruption is simply a collateral damage, thus confirming that despite it's ability to damage electronics, it's meant for one simple purpose— to destroy his enemies. Since this is not a precision based attack, no matter what he does, large scale destruction is practically guaranteed.
  • Spiting Point (分割一点 Bunkatsu itten): By projecting his electromagnetic lightning/electricity, Shin can split two elements through the process known as electrolysis. This move comes in handy as it allows him to split compounds into simple elements, thus allowing him to deconstruct objects and specially alloys, which further allow him to magnetize the separated metals and use them. However, when used on humans who are made of several combination of different molecules, this can cause the victim to lose cohesion in their body and cause their body to fall apart instead of turning into dust; given that it takes a significantly long amount of time to work and requires a huge amount of magical energy. Another use of this unique ability is to create breathable clouds, underwater. This can be achieved by splitting the water into hydrogen and oxygen; which results in creation of a semi-breathable gas cloud. If used with too much power, this can and will cause certain liquids to be evaporated due to the heat from the electromagnetic electricity. While unknown, it is possible for these split molecules to exhibit magnetic behavior due to the use of EM electricity.
  • Dragon and Tiger (竜虎, Ryūko): Shin releases a beam of electromagnetism over a specific target area, which morphs into a dragon through the process of shape transformation and attacks the enemy. The dragon remains connected to the Shin's hand, allowing him to control it during its attack. This so called dragon is entirely composed of electromagnetic waves and can phase through physical matter, if Shin wishes to; this dragon can stab and electrocute the target simultaneously and causes disturbances in technology around the area due to it's nature.

Electro-weak force (電気弱勢い, Denkijaku Ikioi): This is the result of further mastery of his electromagnetism which allows him to manipulate both electromagnetism and weak force.

  • Interaction (接点, Setten): Due to the interactive nature of electromagnetism and weak-force, these fundamental forces interact to form electroweak interaction; though, a huge amount of heat is required to cause them to interact but in Shin's case, the unstable nature of his electromagnetism magic naturally emits a huge amount of heat when in use causing the forces to interact and give rise to this spell. This spell is created to replicate the effects of that particular phenomenon and form electroweak force, which allow him to manipulate both electromagnetism and radiation; specially microwaves.
    • Pyromania (放火狂, Hōkakyou): Due to the electroweak interaction, Shin can convert his produced electromagnetic fields into microwave radiation and due to their short wavelengths, microwaves lack the ionizing and penetrating power of gamma waves but instead can can cause molecules in matter to vibrate which in turn cause friction and produces heat; this can cause living tissues to melt and cells and water content of the body to evaporate. Shin can project these beams of mircowaves and direct them at his victims.
      • Heat Wave (加温周波, Kaon Shūha): Shin can concentrate to cause the microwaves to swirl around his body, creating a visible aura around him, he can focus parts of this aura to project microwaves on a specific target, and cause it to burst into flame, or explode, or melt, depending on the intensity. However, he typically limits how much of his own power he accesses for fear of permanently damaging the planet, its atmosphere and electromagnetic field. Though, at times of distress he can ignore these mental barriers and release microwave from his body in every direction with several times his natural limit, causing mass-scale destruction. When his aura is fully projected out in all direction as an uncontrolled burst of microwave, it can potentially obliterate an entire city.
    • Repulsor Blast (撃退爆発, Gekitai Bakuhatsu): By using the electro-weak force through the virtue of his magic, Shin is able to emit a great amount of energy as electromagnetic waves which causes ionization, that is, a blast of unstable radiation. These blasts of radiation emit electromagnetic pulses and are highly ionizing, thus causing damage on a cellular level. However, the name repulsor blast comes from their dense nature which allows them to physically push away or repulse matter on contact.
    • Megaton Sphere (メガトン天地, Megaton Tenchi): Shin concentrates the radioactive energy generated from his electromagnetic-weak force interaction and forms a small sphere between his palms that contains a huge amount of energy which it releases after it is hurled towards Shin's target(s) and it explodes. Despite looking small, the energy is actually condensed into the small sphere making it capable of deceiving/tricking his enemy's into underestimating it's power. This radioactive sphere of energy contains the TNT equivalent of 1.2 megaton/4.34 PJ; that much energy can not only run an entire apartment for 103,474 years but also cause matter subjected to it to undergo radiolysis, that is, bonds that hold up matter together are eliminated, causing them to be de-atomized completely. The effects from such an attack could effect the surrounding area badly, causing mutation and other genetic disorders. However, the downside of this spell is, it leaves Shin drained of all of his magic.

Psionic Disruption (超自然の胸三寸破壊, Chō shizen no Munesanzun Hakai; lit. "Preternatural Mind Disruption") is a unique Caster Magic that allows Shin to project gyrating waves of magical energies that can directly effect the inner ear and the nervous system. The name 'Psionic Disruption' comes from the words psionic; meaning, "use of psychic powers" or "supernatural phenomenons" and disruption meaning, "disturbance in an event or task"; which is exactly what this magic is about. Shin emits gyrating waves of magical energies which soon create their own magical field, inside which they can influence people, that is, Shin's victims. By focusing these waves, Shin can cause the rapid change in ear pressure, disruption and thus, imbalance between the visual system and proprioception; this results in disorientation, nausea and hallucinations. These distortion waves can render others unconscious; if they are exposed to them for too long, and can also interfere with their ability to maintain their ability to move, react or fight. These waves create a pulse that shift the endolymph within the three semicircular canals and cause the hairs within the ampule to depolarize and send a signal through the vestibular nerve of the position of the body. The signals originating from one's visual cortex and the signals coming from ears will not be in synchronization due to the action of these waves, causing nausea. People who are regularly exposed to this disruptive magic, experience spatial unawareness; the inability of a person to correctly determine his/her body position in space. Exposure to these pressure waves which travel far enough to disturb the endolymph and perilymp in the cochlea; shifting the membrane and depolarizing the hair cells responsible for sounds; causing gradual earloss will also result in tinnitus, which is a sensation of hearing ringing, buzzing, hissing, chirping, whistling, or other sounds. Since, it is his own magic, Shin can control who to effect and who not to effect by this magic inside the field, that is, just because someone is inside the 'disruption field' they don't necessarily need to be affected by it. Though, it takes up a lot of control to prevent his allies from being effected by his magic.

  • Unvoiced (無声損害, Musei Songai):

Metal-Make (金の造形魔法, Kane no Zōkei Mahō; lit. "Metal Molding Magic"): Metal-make is a Caster Magic, Molding Magic; which utilizes the element of metal(s) in general, that can either be limited to a particularity metal or all of the metals mentioned in periodic table, this magic grants the user the ability to mold and shape metals around him/her or simply generate them (takes time) and alter their molecular structure in order to create extremely sophisticated solid constructs to provide assistance or mold metals for combat oriented purposes. Metaru Meiku (メタルメイク, Metaru Meiku) much like Ice-Make is a molding magic that allows the wielder to create objects, both animated and inanimate; but out of metals instead of ice.

  • Metal Make: Giant Electrum Hammer (金製・エレクトラム槌, Kanesei: Erekutoramu tsuchi): Shin creates a gigantic, thirty five feet large spiked hammer made of electrum; an alloy of gold and silver with a very small amount of copper, the hammer is instantly brought down onto the targeted area, creating a great impact..
  • Metal Make: Osmium-Steel Shield (金製・オスミウムこう盾, Kanesei: Osumiumukō Tate): Shin forms a gigantic wall like shield between him and his opponent(S) which is made of Osmium-carbon steel alloy. Osmium's tremendous durability, density and hardness combined with carbon-steel's ability to becomes harder and stronger as it's hit with heat or fire magic, the shield provides great defense.
  • Metal Make: Needle Hell (金製・針黄泉, Kanesei: Hariyomi): Shin can manipulate a certain metal in his vicinity and shape it in a form of several hundreds of needles; this is generally done with rusted iron and then using his magnetism, creates a spiraling loop of rusty needle around his body.
"Didn't exactly think it through, now did you? I hold back not because I have to but because I choose to but know what? I don't mind showing you why exactly you should be afraid of me."
— to Zadkiel Taranis

Colossal Magical Power:

  • Magic Aura (魔力の霊気, Maryoku no Reiki):
  • Ethernano Manipulation:
  • Potency:

Physical and Mental Capabilities

Unconquerable Willpower/Indomitable Will: Shin possesses an unnatural will power that allows him to strive in the most difficult conditions. In fact, it is his sheer willpower that allowed him to break free from Ekaterina Vãduvã's mind control and later on resist her. With his will power, he can resist mind control, urge to sleep, temptations and even the strongest of sexual drive. He can face great physical pain and psychological trauma and will refuse to surrender no matter how much the odds are stacked against him. His strong will power sometimes allows him to push his body beyond it's normal limitations and in fact, Shin's unstoppable determination and strength of will make him an extremely formidable opponent. At times, Shin can call upon his inner strength with his will; though, if he is too wounded or weakened, his willpower cannot do anything for him. He has been set on fire, has fought with broken bones, as taken out a bullet from his leg without flinching, fell several feet, have been deprived of food, sleep and tortured for over half a week and despite all of these scenarios, Shin's mind remains unconquered. His mental fortitude is like no other and it is highly unlikely anyone else can go through the amount of mental trauma he has gone through without turning insane or dying.

  • Exceptional Pain tolerance: Shin can resist exceptional amounts of pain and continue to function with peak efficiency as if he can shut down his pain receptors. However, this combined with his determination and courage is a by product of his willpower. He can think clearly, continue to move, ignore torture and generally function in situations where pain would disable a normal person.
"Listen, I am going to be honest with you--- you're smart as they come. You're well mannered but if you don't stop dropping out of classes and antagonizing Hiro, you and I are going to have a problem... are we clear?"
— Aldrich

Genius-Level Intellect: Shin is a calm, relatively wise and highly knowledgeable individual who likes to study his opponents and friends alike. Shin is also something of a polymath genius and possesses an IQ north of 200 (around 210); possibly higher. He also has combined alchemy with science to create a new scientific field; that allows him to create unique materials and track certain elements on quantum level. This has also allowed him to create his own sentient teleporting lacrima. He was taught tactics and strategies in his youth by his father who encouraged him to always think two steps ahead of his enemies and three steps ahead of his friends. His prowess is such that he is able to out think and out maneuver individuals such as Ekaterina; who herself is highly manipulative, shrewd and knowledgeable. Shin can invent various devices with special properties when needed as well as create and repair guns. He can also duplicate practically any other technologies after learning how they work or by glancing at the designs. This intellect also allowed him to design and create his own Bio-Armor. He is also seem to be capable of "hacking" his way into Archive that is used by certain mages; by using his own personal computer and hacking skills, without being noticed. He is also responsible for the discovery of Shinsonic energy (named after him) that is released by quarks when they combine to form hadrons. He was described by Aldrich as, "one of the smartest man on the planet" and "as smart as they come"; he has also been repeatedly complimented by his teachers and tutors, who have often called him a brilliant or a bright student.

  • Peak Concentration Capacity, Super-Eidetic Memory or Hypermnesia: Shin is able to process information in ways normal human beings could never have imagined or understood without such mental conditioning. He can remember things others have forgotten, replicate knowledge, and become completely competent and aware of the situations he is in. Shin at most of the times can use 100% of his concentration, allowing him to push his physical and mental capabilities to the maximum potential. Shin can remember and recall everything that he has have ever experienced, encountered or learned in his lifetime. He seems to possess an unique condition known as "Hypermnesia" or Super-eidetic memory; this means, he only needs to hear, read, sense, learn things once and he will be able to remember and recall them at any time and at any given moment without practicing or some sort of assistance. He will continue to learn for the rest of his life and his brain will simply compress neural synapses to contain it all, allowing memory of every event, experience or bit of knowledge from birth to the present. This makes him immune to memory erasure and alteration.
  • Spatio-temporal synesthesia: In the manner of number form synesthesia, the spatio-temporal synesthesia is a mental map of days week or months of an year. As such, Shin can "see the time", for example in the form of a ribbon, ring or circle. According to certain researches, those individuals possess peculiar synaptic connections in their brain allowing them to live time like a spatial construction. Like other forms of synesthesia, spatio-temporal synesthesia is consistent in its occurrences. This allows him to go through his schedule and recollect every bit of information.
  • Expert Businessman: Shin is one of the most bright and smart businessmen in the world, a trait that has earned him an immense fortune second only to entrepreneurs like Eimei Hoshi. Shin is not above using cutthroat tactics and pushing his employees to work constantly to maintain the success of his business empire. Shin owns both Horizon Informatics as well as, Zone Mart; a multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores and grocery stores. It was his business oriented intellect that made Aldrich Inari offer him the position of 'Heir' to him. Though he declined, he did however, help his elder brother keep track of the investments made by their family. He even intimidated the board members by tracking down financial irregularities within the accounts.
  • Master Inventor and Engineer: Shin has always been an expert in mechanical and electrical engineering; even as a seven year old, he has been very curious about machines and inventions, this is best seen when he creates a Van de Graaff generator at the young age of 8. He is also one of the world's leading authorities on nuclear radiation and its effect on animal physiology. His first true invention was a visor; that used the inbuilt engine to cross reference the resistance of every material on earth and had a computerized ammeter that could calculate the current flowing through a certain material, when used in combat, it would allow him to also calculate the time it would take for the current to reach him and predict the path of certain electrical attacks. He has also used his engineering skills to create a portable re-breather like device and is known world-wide for his creation of Lacrima Phone as well as LLD screens. He also has a personal computer that he designed when he was 15 and carries it around, till this very day. The computer takes the form of a music player but features several advanced functions such as voice recognition and cross referencing and uses an encryption that is seemingly unbreakable. He is also famous for his creation of the G.W.A.D (Global. Web. Access. Device); the latest product of his company, Horizon Informatics. As such, is moderately expensive; costing around 80000 jewels. His G.W.A.D is integrated in his right gauntlet. It allows the wearer to have affordable internet access with clear reception and unlimited data anywhere on the planet. It is heat-resistant, virtually waterproof and comes with GPS tracking. The encryption of his G.W.A.D is virtually uncrackable and untraceable. His genius combined with the efforts of Dr. Vaishali allowed them to create a gene inhibitor that would suppress one's gene for Lycanthrophy. He was also able to reverse engineer a cipher machine using his skills. It would seem that he also has some skills when it comes to auto mechanics as he was able to modify his own Lacrima car without any outside help. He has also created his own armored pair of gloves and an utility belt along with several other minor inventions. He is perhaps most known and feared by mages because of his creation of Plasma Blade. Regardless to say, Shin is one of the best, if not the best 'living' engineer on the planet.
  • Polyglot & AG: Shin is a polyglot with information in several fields ranging from history to architecture, demolitions, mechanical engineering, linguistics and even analytical chemistry; making him something of a prodigy and a gifted individual. As he likes to mention, he graduated from high-school by the time he was 12 years old; skipping a few grades because of his vastly superior intellect and his father's influential connections. He is very AG (Academically gifted) as he graduated summa cum laude at the age of 16 with a masters in Mechanical Engineering and then perused a B.B.A. with specialization in Information technology. He is arguably the most educated mage in Onibus; making him something of a local hero, as kids look up to him with the hopes of achieving success like he did, using his brains instead of brawn and connections; that is to say, he did not use his position as a noble and rich man to achieve fame or success. He is also bilingual and also has a particular interest in Geomatics and literature.
    • Expert Scientist: Since he is credited with the discovery of Shinsonic energy; a type of quantum energy that is released by quarks when they combine to form hadrons; it is likely that Shin is an expert scientist; even though, he discovered this energy by complete accident. He was also later on able to use this quasi-energy to create an environment friendly, affordable bio-fuel. His scientific prowess also allowed him to recreate the lost Molecular Adhesive formula and later on perfect it.
    • Toxicology: Shin has some knowledge of toxicology and pharmacology; though, it's very limited. However, it was enough for him to recognize and deduce the use of curare; an alkaloid plant toxin.
    • Escapology/Escape Artistry: Shin was trained by Kirigi in the art of escapology who taught him to escape from restrains like straightjackets, handcuffs and barrels. In addition, Shin also has a natural talent for lock-picking, safe cracking and prestidigitation; making him a natural performer, but his skills go just beyond entertainment as he is able to put them to practical use and escape from near impossible situations. His skills were further perfected after he was kidnapped by Mugāru Hito and was kept in an old abandoned prison; from where he successfully escaped and freed all other children along with him, thus earning him the epithet of Mr. Miracle (神業殿, Kamiwaza-tono).

Artistry: Shin has a particular taste for art, as observed by his collection of exquisite pieces and paintings from all over the globe. In addition to being a skilled photographer, he is also a very gifted sketch artist and painter. At his young age, he was considered as skilled with a brush as he is with a sword. He also possesses some degree of artisan capabilities; allowing him to craft decorative jewelry and even create a hand-made watch; which he later on gifted to Samarra.

  • Skilled Photographer: Shin is an expert photographer who likes to capture certain "beautiful" moments of his life in his camera.

Free Running and Gymnastics: Shin joined a gymnastics class by the time he was only seven years old; his natural agility and flexibility allowed him to become an amazing aerialist and gymnast, picking up advanced maneuvers within a couple of weeks. His flexibility is such that he was able to perform a 180 split leap and even managed to pull off a butterfly-twist during his first spar against Samarra Inari. During their fight, he also demonstrated himself to be capable of performing 12 continuous back handsprings. It would also seem that he achieved some degree of expertise in gymnastics and acrobatics by the time he was 12, as he taught Emma how to perform a side flip and a straight scorpion. With time he seems to have picked up freerunning and parkour skills over the years of his travel and training under various masters and instructors; his parkour skills allow him to acrobatically scale buildings in a fluid manner without making a single noise or hurting himself. He can easily scale fences, perform vaults, perform a palm flip without an effort and even jump right over Lyn and two other soldiers. It would seem that he is ambidextrous and possesses extraordinary upper body strength that allows him to perform moves such as— quadruple backflip, devil drop and reverse kong; he performed the latter amidst a chase, while he was running after Vector. When Vaishali first visited him in his apartment, he was seen practicing a double tuck and horizontal bars. His acrobatic skills make it hard for people with superior speed like Shisōya Higure to tag him in combat. He was able to swing using his compressed molecular adhesive launcher, the same distance as Samarra was able to cover by dashing in using her lightning-magic; thus putting them on par with each other. His agility and acrobatic skills also allowed him to dodge him almost every hit that Jaki had to offer; causing the human mutate to eventually tire out. He also displays nimbleness, decent leg-strength, awareness and great dexterity as he was able to actually grab Emma Reeves and move her out of the way before Yamoriō could attack her from behind. Using his intellect and agility, Shin was able to avoid the impact from the descent from a rapid free fall by slowing the fall gradually; by jumping from the lintel of one building to another and then performing an acrobatic roll to avoid the impact from damaging his body.

EOD & IEDD Training: Shin trained with the best EOD & IEDD teams during his travels, allowing him to "pick up a few tricks" when it comes to disarming and disposing of and even creating his own improvised bombs. As per his claim, Shin can disable a nuclear device under six minutes; when Shisōya calls him on his bluff, he admits that it takes him "seven minutes and twelve seconds" to disarm one. He is mostly known for his ability to create and arm improvised mini-bombs that he generally use for purposes such as surprise attack or disorienting his enemies and not physically harm them.

Tactical/Combat Driving: A form of adroit driving with military grade or armored vehicle that is taught to all of the BCO-12 agents and a few members of the Greencloaks. Focussing on making extreme complex or difficult turns, running over weaker vehicles, escaping enemy fire by taking dangerous routes and intercepting enemy vehicle drills is what makes this style of driving so unique.

Master of Stealth: Shin due to his intense shinobi training under Kirigi Tenkiame and familiarity with military tactics; mainly night combat and infiltration tactics, is a master of stealth and concealment. He can stealtily sneak into areas undetected and thanks to his masterful control of his own magic, he can also suppress it below average civilian levels. This combined with his masterful usage of technology renders him almost invisible on the battlefield and gives him an edge in combat. He can also trail dangerous people such as a bunch of truly dangerous S-rank criminals and a dozen of dark mages without them noticing him unless he wants to. His stealth skills are seemingly on par with the master thief, Ryūken Hyōma.

Ways of Combat

"Gentlemen, before you humiliate yourselves in front of this unusually large crowd, I suggest we take this fight somewhere else."
— Shin to the assassins

Master Hand-to-hand Combatant/Expert Martial Artist: Shin has undergone advanced training in many martial arts that have been taught to him by several mentors, such as Aldrich Inari; an expert of Systema, Junsei and several others. He has also studied under several monks for at least two years and even trained with his older brother Hiro Inari to achieved his level of skill. Shin has mastered many unarmed styles of fighting, including Systema, Tricking, Savate, Wadō-ryū karate, Kukkiwon Taekwondo, Hapkido, Black Tiger fist and Shaolinquan; however, he is a 'true master' of armed martial arts such as— Kali/Arnis, Haidong Gumdo and Bōjutsu; making him something of a fighting prodigy. His years of fighting experience and guidance under so many teachers have allowed him to incorporate tricking, deception and misleading regularly into his fighting style. In fact, his fighting style is very fluid and unorthodox; mostly due to the unique mixture of Tricking, Systema, Savate, Wadō-ryū karate, Kukkiwon Taekwondo, Hapkido, Black Tiger fist and Shaolinquan, regardless, it is this unique and unorthodox approach that allows him to dominate the rigid and predictable fighting styles used by the likes of Hiro. While due to being an Inari, he was encouraged to learn the art of Aiki-jūjutsu along with his siblings, he is not very proficient in it and while he can hold his ground against master Aiki-jūjutsu practitioners such as Samarra; he admitted that Samarra could defeat him, if they stuck to a strict Daitō-ryū Jujutsu only battle. He is even more than a match for all of his mentors; defeating all of them, as he progressed. He explains that his skills are superior due to the fact that Samarra spend quite sometime discovering herself, building a guild from the scratch and establishing an entire alliance; while he trained for all these years. This ironically gives him more fighting experience than his own sister and while not quite on Nova's level of experience; he can certainly hold his ground, even when facing someone with similar if not greater skill level. As a result of his training; given that he actually started his training when he was five and finished his training by the time he was 22, Shin has deeper knowledge of certain martial arts and techniques than any of his allies. An example of these would be his familiarity and ability to utilize certain 'Dim Mak' moves; for example, his "Falling Leaf" technique can actually cause temporary coracobrachialis muscle paralysis, if executed properly. Dim Mak is not only the origin of pressure point techniques but also serves as a precursor to martial arts such as a certain form of Karate. He can also hit his foes with a strike that is precise enough to land directly on the nerves present around their neck region; causing them to lose consciousness. His knowledge of Dim Mak also makes him somewhat of an expert on acupuncture and nerve cluster strikes. Being a Hunter, Shin is an innate fighter and has shown the ability to fight seven men simultaneously without letting them land a single blow on him. His training with the monks have made him capable of controlling his own heart beat and breathing rate; allowing him to control his bleeding rate or fool a polygraph. With his knowledge of pressure points has disabled eyesight and speech, induced pain, and has knowledge of pressure points including temporary paralysis. He is known for tricking his enemies to attack him, only to dodge those attacks and systematically attack certain points in their body to wear them down and cause them a great deal of pain. Shin can even fight blind; as taught by Junsei, he spent an year and a half perfecting this skill and as such, he can fight with perfect agility and fluidity in his moves and maintain his balance and can still deliver precise strikes without compromising his defense, without relying on his sense of sight/vision; it is mentioned that this can be achieved by focusing on other senses, such as— smell, touch, hearing and proprioception and vestibular senses along with magic power detection; these together form a sixth sense of sorts that Shin can use to fight in complete or utter darkness or blindfolded. According to Junsei, "at first, it's too much to coordinate but give it 20 months and you'd be kicking ass without needing to see your opponent". As he also has knowledge about chi/ki and traditional healing along with lock and pressure points, it can be assumed that he is on a very high level when compared to the new generation of the "so called martial artists" or "lethal combatant"; this was demonstrated when he disarmed Lyn Zolga and put a gun to her head, even before she could finish her sentence. It would seem that his combat speed is much more enhanced than his normal speed; allowing him to take down Hagewashi Ichimu rather easily, to the latter's surprise. During his confrontation with Seraph Kinmichi, Seraph admitted that Shin could defeat him in a hand to hand combat battle but it would take them some time; hinting that it would probably be a long and tiring fight. Due to the sheer variety of fighting styles he is trained in and how he combines them makes him an extremely lethal fighter, one, even the likes of Reidō praises. His knowledge and idiosyncratic fighting style also allowed him to fight and defeat two armed shinobi's respectively. His fighting style has earned him praise even among the now disbanded group of rōnins, Yamitsume and even earn him respect among the likes of Nakano Takeko; a master assassin and a top-tier martial artist. In his years of fighting experience, Shin has only lost a strict hand to hand combat based fight once; when he was still a preteen, but other than that, his agility and martial skill make it nearly impossible for his opponents to land a hit on him. It is apparent that he also makes full use of his heightened awareness and senses to be constantly aware of his surroundings and react accordingly. Even Shisōya Higure; who is faster than Shin and has better reflexes, is unable to catch him off guard. Unlike Aiden Cordelia, who is more of a semi-contact kick-boxer and street fighter, Shin's skills go way beyond any of his teammates and despite Aiden being the 'official' best hand to hand combatant, from an analytic and statistical point, Aiden would lose in a hand to hand combat fight based on the simulations run by Shin's A.I, C.I.N.D.Y. He is arguably one of the best martial artist of his generation. In a nightmare sequence, he was able to swiftly defeat an illusory version of Hiro Inari by performing a series of techniques before the latter could react.

  • Systema (形式, Keishiki):
  • Hapkido (コリアン合気道, Korian Aikido):
  • Savate (サバット, Sabatto):
  • Wadō-ryū karate (和道流空手, Wadō-ryū Karate):
  • Black Tiger Fist (黒虎拳, Kurotora Kobushi):
  • Shaolinquan (少林寺ボクシング, Shōrinji Bokushingu):
  • Kukkiwon (国技院, Kokugi-in):
  • Tricking (騙す, Damasu):
  • Eskrima/Arnis (技の刀術, Waza no Tōjutsu): Shin's signature fighting style is Eskrima/Arnis; which also happens to be his pièce de résistance, putting a greater emphasis on it over swordsmanship. Due to the non-lethal nature of eskrima stick fighting, it has become his preferred style of combat. However, Shin is more than just a kali stick fighter and has the highest level of training in Eskrima; thus making him a master of stick fighting, knife fighting, grappling, improvised fighting, weapon disarming, elbow and palm strikes and even joint locks. His training enables him to be an all over master when it comes to using his customized eskrima sticks or bastons and Dulo y dulo; a short stick that is about four to seven inches in length. Like other traditional Eskrima experts, his training naturally consisted of the art of using a Tabak-Toyok; a form of nanchaku. His skills are honed enough for him to easily block and counter all of Shisōya Higure's sword strikes and land hit on her; to her surprise. He could even tag a speedster with with one of his sticks. He has also managed to disarm Victor Alvarez with his weapon disarming skills and then used his double bastons to unleash a barrage of blows on Victor, to completely overwhelm him. His in depth knowledge of Eskrima/Kali makes him a master of bastons, dulo y dulo, tabak toyok and bangkaw; the latter being a wooden spear like staff used for practicing long ranged fencing techniques. His skills allowed him to go toe-to-toe with grandmaster's such as Kirigi for extended periods of time; though he was eventually overwhelmed, owing to his injury but the experienced fighter complimented Shin's versatility and said that he was a "natural" when it came to Kali/Arnis. Shin even trained Nolan Eisold in his unique form of Kali/Eskrima which puts an emphasis on the art of baston (eskrima stick) fighting, using a tabak toyok properly, basic grappling techniques and weapon disarming. He has also intercepted a shuriken hurled at him with his one of his eskrima sticks and even faced the deadly Nakano Takeko and managed to stalemate the master assassin in combat. Using fluid, versatile and fast stick movements, he can intercept just about any attack from a close ranged weapon and it is his skill and determination that has allowed him to defeat an entire batch of fighting men; around 12, without using lethal force. He regularly incorporates reversals, joint locks and kicks taught by this discipline with his normal fighting style. Unlike Nolan who uses uses 'empty hand' based palm strikes to deflect attacks and counter them, Shin also uses elbow strikes, horizontal chops (opposed to the vertical chops of karate) and slapping techniques. As Eskrima or Kali does not revolve around the 'fist-fighting' style that is adapted by marital styles such as Boxing or Muay Boran, Shin never actually "throws a punch" during a fight. The hand strikes are meant to be extremely fast, effective and mimics a 'blade' rather than a fist; thus making them all the more effecting and to opponents who are not used to the idea of not throwing a punch in a fight, this might seem odd and confusing.

Weapon Specialist:

  • Master Knife Fighter: Via Systema and Kali training~ TBA /Master of balisong, karambit, kris, assault knife and trench knives.
  • Skilled-Swordsman: through fencing, Haidong Gumdo and Shaolinquan
  • Master Stick Fighter:
    • Bōjutsu Expert (棒術, Bōjutsu):
    • Eskrima Stickfighting (技の刀術, Waza no Tōjutsu):

The Scion

Power of the Scion (力の裔, Chikara no Ei): As the current host for the "Scion"; an extra-dimensional, mysterious force that manifests itself along with the "Nameless" among Higure siblings in every 100 years, Shin possesses some unique powers that he awakened by the time he was five; triggered dueo the loss of his parents. According to Marina, the host of the Scion has a particular "sweet" smell that allures a certain kind of hunter.

  • Hazard Detection/Extrasensory Perception: The Scion grants it's host, in this case, Shin an extrasensory; a sixth sense of sorts, that causes Shin to generally get a tingling sensation that manifests at the back of his skull; when he is in potentially dangerous situations, that may be hazardous to his physical body. However, when the danger is imminent, he gets a "thunk"-like sensation on the back of his skull, which automatically triggers his heightened awareness skill, so as to prevent him from getting hurt. This extrasensory warning system only works when he is in physical danger and cannot warn him about mental attacks or invasions. It also has a sensing range of about 45 meters; meaning it won't sense anything dangerous or be able to warn Shin beyond that range, making it extremely hard for him to sense and dodge long ranged attacks unless they come within the range of 45 meters or 147 feet and 6 inches. This extrasensory has been described by Shin as somewhat redundant as it cannot tell him how far the danger is or from which direction it's coming from; unless close enough, but simply activates his heightened perception. Once the threat is within the range of 5 meters, his extrasensory perception let's him instinctively know direction of the attack, object or where being is coming from. However, it would seem that at times, this sensory can border on precognition-like levels, as he actually saw his family being killed by three shadowy men, who were being ordered by a woman; the night before the incident actually took place. This becomes evident once again when he briefly sees a vision of Shisōya while walking in the middle of the road; however, this time it caused him a great deal of pain and caused him to bleed out of his nose. It would seem that it is somehow also connected with his psyche and mental/emotional connection with a person, thus allowing him to even pick up "signals" whenever the said person is in danger; however, this only works for people who he has a close bond with, such as, Samarra or Aldrich.
    • Heightened Awareness: Whenever in imminent danger, his "hazard detection sense" increases his sense of awareness of his surroundings; causing his brain to analyze and process things at an accelerated rate, so much so that the world seems to be moving in slow motion. All of his senses are also temporarily heightened and he gets a small adrenaline rush, these combined with his agility and reflexes makes it possible to dodge almost every attack.
  • Stinger Projection: When in danger, several venomous stingers from his hands and feet extend outwards; impaling the assailant. It would also seem that Shin can actually fire these poisonous stingers from his forearms and use them as projectile weapon. This ability only manifests itself if Shin is about to die or there is an Aborigine nearby.
  • Shisōya Locator: Due to them being one; part of the same power, once upon a time, the Scion and the Nameless can sense each other and their hosts' presence anywhere on the planet.

Hunter's Physiology

Supernatural Hunter Physiology (超常的猟師生理, Chōjōteki Ryōshi Seiri): Being a member of the Higure bloodline who has activated his mark, his body has undergone several magical enhancements, which makes him several times better than average human mages; in every way. However, due to him installing mental barriers and rejecting his Hunter-side, he was previously weaker than most Supernatural hunters from his bloodline. But, with him removing those mental barriers, the release of special ethernano and mutagenic enzymes in his bloodstream has completely transformed has body and has thus given him enhanced physical and mental attributes. This combined with the power of the Scion, makes him one of the most powerful Hunter's of his generation. As a result of this mutagenic changes in his body, he was granted several new abilities, such as — sophisticated sensory system, augmented strength, speed, stamina, toughened and more heat resistant flesh and bones, regenerative healing capability and stunning agility; among several other unknown abilities.

  • Profound Sensory System: While Shin has trained or rather honed his senses to achieve peak perfection that can be attained by a normal human being, due to his Hunter physiology, his senses are already somewhat better better than normal human senses. Shin's natural five senses are pushed at the highest limits of human perfection; if not slightly beyond, while they are superior to that of normal human beings who do not train their senses, they are not super natural and thus, can be fooled, bypassed or confused. He has a vision of 20/15; making his sense of vision better than the "ideal" human vision. The increased number of rod cells in his eye, give him a night vision that is almost twice as better than a normal human being's night vision. Along with his superior sense of equilibrium, he also slightly enhanced sense of hearing with a hearing range of 18 Hz-22,000 Hz; which can detect sounds over a slightly longer distance than normal. His sense of hearing is more acute compared to his sister's and sometime allow him to isolate certain sounds and focus on other sounds; sounds of his choice. Due to the larger audibility range, Shin can detect some infrasonic and ultrasonic noises, as long as they are within that certain range. While normal humans have about 5 million scent glands, Hunters such as Shin have about 8 million scent identification glands; making them better trackers and giving them a better sense of smell. Shin also trained under Kirigi who taught him how to fight blind and allowed him to further develop his sense of hearing and touch. Shin can feel the presence of those around him through vibrations, air currents and body temperatures. Despite this, his sense of taste is somewhat ordinary and not enhanced. All of his senses combined makes him an extraordinary sensor.
  • Peak Accuracy: Shin like the rest of the Higure Clan members is capable of achieving small and distant targets; is also ambidextrous in this manner and can take nigh-impossible shots. Their brain is hardwired for advanced precision superior to even the most experienced and skilled, human archers. It's near impossible for him or anybody in his clan to miss their target. He has an intuitive aptitude for marksmanship; this first manifested itself when Aldrich Inari tried to teach him how to use a gun but discovered that the boy immediately became an expert at using and handling guns within the next five minutes. He is highly skilled with all types of guns allowing him to perform great feats and benefit in a far ranged combat. While he generally hates using lethal force, Shin can and has used almost all forms of projectile weaponry.
  • Enhanced Agility: Shin's agility is of superior standard when compared to normal human mages. Shin's body automatically respond to changes in the body's position with supernatural balance, bodily coordination, speed, reflexes, strength and endurance. This allows him to run, jump, climb, flip, slide, and perform acrobatic feats beyond that which untrained human mages normally can. Shin has demonstrated that he can flip, climb, move, jump very high and run exceptionally fast with little to no difficulty or exhaustion. Scaling a wall or jumping over a seven feet tall fence is almost as easy as breathing for him. His level of agility also allows him to easily dodge linear attacks. Despite not being a initially physical type, Shin is amazingly lithe and naturally has tendons and connective tissues are seven times as elastic as the average human being's and yet are stronger and more durable. This combined with his extremely smooth joints, establish the fact that his agility is simply a result of genetics and not his training. He can easily match or top any record at gymnastics apparatus such as flying rings, climbing ropes, horizontal bars, trampolines if he wants. His bones are seemingly capable of absorbing a greater amount of shock and impact, this allows him to land safely after jumping from a great height or take impact blows to his shins without breaking them. After his training, he demonstrated a slightly greater level of agility than before, making him one of the best aerialist and gymnast in the entire continent. His agility was described as "remarkable" by Lyn Zolga herself. Shin is able to leap multiple yards in a single bound, which is thought to be proportional to Samarra dashing in with her lightning-magic in a single go; if not slightly superior. He demonstrated himself to be an accomplished acrobat and an adept fighter with supernatural strength and bodily coordination that allows him to even outmaneuver Vector. His agility also allowed him to jump from the top of an over bridge on the top of a speeding train without losing his balance; then continued to run on top of it and jump from one cart to another, while chasing another man. He was also able to acrobatically dodge shurikens from Nakano Takeko; who claims to have never missed in her entire life before.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: Shin's body has faster nerve endings so he can react quicker than any human, artificially enhanced human and superhumans, he can process information more quickly, and perceive the world as in slow motion if pushed. As mentioned, his brain works in overdrive and has automatic reflexes, allowing him dodge projectiles such as bullets from a handgun while in mid-air and catch an arrow fired from a close range. His nerve conduction rate and his brain's ability to process things is about 50 times faster than a normal untrained mages, giving him enhanced reaction timing. This combined with his agility makes him extremely hard to hit in combat. His reaction timing is about 0.00198 seconds compared to the reaction timing of an ordinary mage's which is 0.099 seconds. He claimed that his preganglionic fibers conduct at a rate of 660 m/s; compared to an ordinary mages' 20 m/s. When checked by Vaishali Powell, his nerve rate conduction for median sensory, median motor, ulnar sensory, peroneal, tibial motor and sural sensory were found to be bordering on 3455 m/s, 3205 m/s, 3655 m/s, 2455 m/s, 2205 m/s, 2105 m/s and 3155 m/s, respectively; all of which allow him to dodge bullets traveling at a speed of 1240 feet per second or 377.952 m/s quite easy for him; if he is paying attention. His reflexes seem to always allow him most of the moves and spells casted by his enemy and can only be hit, if injured or is facing someone who can move 9.75 times faster than the speed of sound in air; meaning those who travel at speeds around Mach 10 or all lightning based attacks can hit him. After his training for Grand-Magic Games, his reaction time was checked again and it improved by 0.00003 seconds; while this may not look enough, it was more than enough for Shin to be prove himself to be one of the most agile and nimble fighters of Koma Inu. Seeing how he trained to dodge bullets fire from two riffles simultaneously; the velocity of which is about 5612 feet per second (1710.538 m/s), it is very unlikely that the even likes of Hino Sontara would be able to land a single hit on him; unless he was distracted or Hino unleashed the full force of his lightning dragon slayer magic. Despite this, his reflexes along with his speed are inferior that of to Shisōya's own. After fully developing his powers, an adult and mature Shin Inari has reflexes that border on high-superhuman rate; allowing him to react to an even that is occurring at a timeframe of less than 0.00175 seconds, that would be virtually impossible for any human being, nearly all human mutates and most homo meliors. His reflexes are now exactly 56 times greater than the average mage; allowing him to block every single hit from the likes of Victorian Blackwood, without even seriously fighting him. Perhaps his most impressive feat is plucking a supersonic bullet while he was in mid-air performing an aerial cartwheel.
  • Enhanced Equilibrium & Dexterity: Shin naturally has an exceptional sense of equilibrium. Shin's equilibrioception borders on superhuman levels and as such, allows him to perform unimaginable tasks with relative ease. As demonstrated by Shin, he was able to balance his entire body on his left hand; more impressively, he did this on the edge of a cliff without falling. His hand to eye coordination is practically flawless and has been developed to the peak of human capability. He seems able to adjust his position by instinct, which enables him to balance himself on virtually any object, no matter how small or narrow. He can also perform many tasks with his feet as easily as a he could do with his hands. This is best seen when he tried to shoot an arrow with his feet while performing a hand stand.
  • Exceptional Physical Strength: Due to having awakened his mark; which makes him nigh-indestructible and gives augmented physical capabilities, so that he might hunt down supernatural creatures, Shin even without exercising or training, has developed skeletal and muscular system that grant him strength that is at the peak of human perfection. As such, he is as strong as a human can be without enhancements and without being classified as a superhuman. Shin is capable of lifting and handling objects that are just over three times his own weight (530 lbs) by applying only moderate amount of force and without straining himself. This strength also extends to his leg muscles and allow him to sprint and jump extraordinary heights. Shin has been recently seen building up this strength by undergoing intense regimen that mostly centers around strength and endurance training. While the upper limits of his strength are unknown, he used regularly bench presses weights around 750 lbs to keep himself in shape. It is during the family gathering, where Shin admitted that he could be physically beaten by both Aether and Hiro due to the fact that his limit then was only "a mere 1,100 lbs". Despite this, his strength was still very human-like and can be easily overwhelmed by enhanced humans, dragons, lycans, vampires, hybrids and other supernatural creatures. After his one month training, in preparation for the rematch against Vector, he trained himself to the point where he was capable of lifting and handling weights around 1500 lbs or 680.38 kgs. In his first meeting with Dagrim Enkara; he demonstrated enhanced strength and reflexes and event as far as to state that, he was more agile than Dagrim and has been working out to build up his strength. After awakening his Hunter powers, he proved himself to be strong enough to stop an accelerating class 3 truck (weighing nearly about 9000 lbs), for enough time for the child behind him to escape; though his strength may have been temporarily enhanced due to adrenaline secretion, since that was a life of death situation. Even then, it would mean, Shin on his on is strong enough to overcome a force of 7166.6 Newtons with just his physical strength and nothing more. He also managed to break out of steel handcuffs with relative ease just by using his raw strength. In order to train himself for the Grand Magic Games, he trained with weights around 5100 lbs/; nearly 2.32 tons, thus proving himself to be extremely strong. According to Vaishali Powell, if Shin did not roll his punches and pull them back, he would shatter several bones in the victim's body; assuming he is going up against a human mage with above average physical conditioning. His strength also allows him to jump at a distance of 30 yards. When under the effects of adrenaline his strength can increase up to three times; giving him enough strength to lift 6804 kgs. This strength also allowed him to tear open the hatchet of a submarine, bend steel and metal bars, support a pillar; which weighed over a ton, and even slow down the motion of a 5.1 ton wrecking ball; though he used both his intelligence and strength to accomplish this feat. After fully developing his strength and reaching his near peak, Shin is now strong enough to lift a falling dockyard forklift; after slowing down it's fall, but seeing how an average forklift weighs about 10 tons, it's safe to assume that a Higure at their peak can lift up to 11 tons; this is further backed up by an Aborigine, who states the strongest Higure he ever faced was Shin's great grandfather who was able to lift a GMC-X (a truck that weighs 12 tons) and used it as a weapon against the Aborigines. His new strength also allows him to knock out people with normal durability with a single tap to the back of their heads. He is also seen overpowering Yamoriō in an arm wrestling championship, despite Yamoriō claiming to be over ten times stronger than his normal reptilian servants; making him capable of lifting at least 7.5 tons. His strength also allows him to crush stone and metal with his bare hands with some visible effort. Under the conscious effects of adrenaline secretion, this would allow a fully adult Shin to handle weights up to 30 tons; with some damage to his body and by applying a great deal of effort.
  • Mark of Cain (印のケイン, Shirushi no Kein): The Mark of Cain is a Curse or some sort of special seal branded on all of the male members of the Higure Clan by Reidō; also known as the Curse of Cain, this seal is responsible for reincarnating a deceased Higure. This curse prevents them from truly dying as long as their brain remains intact. On dying, the seal activates; healing and reviving the damaged bodies of those who bear this mark. The only way to kill someone with this mark would be by destroying their brain and nervous system. Later on, after fully awakening the Mark of Cain, Shin was able to discover that the Mark of Cain simply gives his body the ability to heal itself and regenerate from any wound by feeding off of the users's magic; that is, if he does not have enough magic, the seal will not be activated. The only reason that the it is necessary for the brain to survive is- the brain basically commands the rest of the body to regenerate. With his brain gone or destroyed, the body cannot heal. By actively using the power of the Mark, Shin is able to achieve nigh-immortality. Only certain parts of his brain need to remain intact for his body to regenerate and not the entire brain.
    • Nigh-Immortality: Shin's accelerated healing factor that allows him to rapidly regenerate any damaged, missing or destroyed bodily tissues, cells, limbs and organs within minutes. This healing also affords him the immunity to drugs and toxins except in massive doses; which takes time to be eliminated from his system. Shin's this unique healing grants him high immunity against lactic acid and other fatigue toxins generated by his muscles during physical activity granting him exceptional endurance. In fact, his healing grants him an accelerated metabolic system which allows him to process food and eliminate waste from his system at an impressive rate. In addition, knowing that his muscles will heal later on due to him actively feeding the seal with his magic, can push his muscular structure beyond it's normal limits and achieve some degree of enhanced strength and speed for a short amount of time.
    • Curse of Cain: When someone successfully manages to kill a Higure by destroying their brain and incapacitating their body, the Mark of Cain disappears but at the same time releases magical energies that latch themselves onto the killer. The killer struck by this will be plagued by horrifying hallucinations that are meant to drive the person in question to kill himself/herself and will eventually convince the person to kill themselves. There is virtually no way to get rid of this curse.
    • Supernatural Adaptive Radiation: Shin's mark also presents him with a supernatural adaptation. His super advanced surviving ability modifies his body to survive in many different environments normally deadly for an usual human being. Even after being decapitated and having his body destroyed, Shin's head remained animated and soon regenerated; creating a new body. However, it was mentioned that he would be dead if not for his superior adaptation ability that allowed him to breathe/respire through his skin and shut down his upper brain functions to prevent any kind of brain damage while his regenerative healing created a new body. It has also been noticed that his body was able to develop glands that secreted an oxygenated per-fluorocarbon emulsion which filled his lungs while he was underwater to equalize the pressure. It would seem that his supernatural adaptation also grants him a natural resistance against strong gamma-radiation and prevents it from ripping or ionizing his DNA.
  • Enhanced Speed: Other than having reflexes that are practically superhuman, even with him suppressing his power, Shin is capable of running and moving at speeds that are far beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human mage (except those who use lightning or high-speed magic) and while it's not over the top or quite on the superhuman level, in combat this speed has allowed him to tackle foes, seemingly out of thin-air and attack them faster than they can react; again, given that they are not using some form of magic to enhance their speed and reflexes. He has shown to be fast enough to catch up to an accelerating car while on foot, but prefers not to travel by foot. Which means, he might not be capable of maintaining this enhanced speed. He personally clocked in at 36 m/s (78.2 mph) when he was 17 years old. He was previously capable of running with a speed of 82 mph at his peak, without using magic. However, he can surprisingly, naturally swim at speeds around 36 knots, despite claiming to hate swimming in the first place and having only a little swimming experience. After rigorously training himself for two months, he can now run at speeds above 96.2 miles per hour and swim with a constant speed of 42.5 knots for an extended period of time. By the day of Grand Magic games, Shin had already awakened some of his Hunter powers, thus allowing him to move with a speed of 48 m/s or 172.8 kmph over long distances; however, this speed more than enhanced at shorter bursts giving him a velocity of 137 miles per hour. When under the effects of adrenaline his speed can increase up to 147 m/s. After having his powers fully matured and at their peak, Shin was able to achieve a foot speed of 58.3 m/s over a great distance and was able to fight and throw a barrage of punches at an accelerated rate; faster than 106.6 m/s. After conducting a test on himself, he found out that his maximum speed is at 63 m/s and 73.2 m/s; at larger and short distances, respectively. Under the effects of his conscious adrenaline bursts these numbers can go as high as 189 m/s and 219.6 m/s; correspondingly.
  • Enhanced Durability: As a Higure, he has tougher skin and denser bones and muscles then the average person. His body can also endure more physical stress than the average person due to it's fortified cellular and muscular structure. His body is also more resistant to impact forces than most humans. His bones, muscles, skin and even his cellular structure is more advanced than anything else; giving him skin, bones and muscles that are not only tougher and more elastic but are also thicker than the ordinary human. It would seem that Shin like all Higures possessed some degree of enhanced durability since his childhood, as when he fell sick as a child and the nurse tried to inject him; she not only mentioned that he literally has a thick skin but also failed to fully puncture his skin with her hypodermic needle, in fact, special needles were required to puncture his skin, ever since childhood. In the present day, he can withstand great impacts, such as being thrown through a plate-glass window, being blasted with impact-based magic at a close range, that would severely injure or kill a normal human. He has also taken impacts from a metal baseball bat, which caused the bat to break during the second strike and caused him to feel annoyed; though, how much discomfort did that exactly cause isn't known. While not exactly enhanced, after his training, his bones and muscles became slightly more resistant to impact forces, such as— punches, kicks, headbutts, strikes from bats, sticks, etc. His durability is such that he survived with no serious injury other than a sore body after being struck twice with a combination of water and electric magic and was blasted through the glass window; which caused him to fall down, from the building; seeing how he fell down from a height of six stories, it obvious to say that he can take punishment that would severely injure or kill a normal human being. According to Shisōya, Shin's muscles and bones are about nine times tougher and elastic while his skin is roughly eleven times more elastic and has way higher thermal and electrical resistance than normal human skin. While the electrical resistance of the dry skin of a non-mage, human being is 100,000 Ohms and the resistance of the dry skin of a human mage is 160,000 Ohms, Shin's external or dermal electrical resistance is 1,800,000 Ohms; the total resistance of a normal human body is no more than 200,000 Ohms while Shin's combined resistance is around 3,900,000 Ohms, making it nearly impossible to electrocute him. Shin also mentioned that a Higure's skin also provides them with great insulation, as he was able to walk around outside, while it was snowing; while he was just wearing a regular t-shirt. His unique physiology also offers great resistance against air resistance, friction, etc., which allow him to move at high velocities without causing adverse effects to his body. His durability also allowed him to trade blows with Yamoriō without seriously injuring himself. Shisōya mentioned once that she could walk in her pajamas when it was -36°F outside; after more research, Shin found out that a Higure's body does not start freezing until it reaches the temperature of -61°F. Due to also being a lightning mage, like all mages's his body's normal electrical resistance has been heightened by a factor of 100; giving it an approximate resistance of 390,000,000 Ω, the voltage of natural lightning is 100,000,000 Ω and a current of 10,000 A, allowing him to easily survive multiple lightning strikes. It is very likely that a lightning-based god slayer generates similar if not slightly greater electrical energy output; making it possible for Shin to walk and fight, even after taking a direct hit from them; albeit with him suffering minor injuries. When Victor Alvarez punched Shin in his torso; the mutant with superhuman levels of strength complained about Shin's body being too durable and hard. In his words, "it's like a child punching a solid concrete wall"; after striking Shin with all of his strength, while he managed to send the Higure flying away a few feet but ended up breaking his own wrist, such is Shin's physical durability.
  • Conscious Adrenaline Bursts: Shin can activate his adrenals and cause them to secrete the flight or fight hormone, adrenaline and noradrenaline, at will. On being activated, more oxygen is carried to his muscles by the extra blood, which allows in his muscles to function at elevated levels. Skeletal muscles are activated by electrical impulses from the nervous system. When they're stimulated, muscles contract, meaning they shorten and tighten. Adrenaline also facilitates the conversion of the glycogen into glucose. This carbohydrate gives energy to muscles, and a sudden burst of glucose also allows muscles to strengthen further. Since he can do this for a great deal of time, this grants him enhanced strength, speed, agility and pain tolerance for an extended period of time. This ability greatly compensates for his inability to access his full Hunter-powers. Turning off may cause severe exhaustion, and if they had succumbed to pain during the time he were "amped up" and this might cripple or at least weaken him for sometime; until his healing kicks in and repairs the damage. All of the aforesaid physical capabilities are normally enhanced by a factor of three while pain tolerance is enhanced by a factor of two. This allows him to take any fight in his favor.
  • Enhanced Stamina: Shin's body is highly resistant to the build-up of fatigue toxins in his blood, allowing him to be physically active for considerably longer periods of time than both normal humans and enhanced humans. Giving him a stamina and lung capacity that is slightly superior compared to enhanced humans and enabling him to hold breath for 11 minutes underwater, making his lungs as healthy as enhanced human's lungs can get. Beyond that point, he might actually start drowning. Since, Shin has found a way to actively use the power of Mark of Cain, his body can quickly eliminate these fatigue toxins from his body and further boost this stamina; albeit by only a small amount. After his training, Shin can now hold his breath for exactly 12 minutes and 15 seconds; showing some degree of enhanced lung capacity; while how much has his physical stamina increased remains unknown. With his powers fully grown, he can now hold his breath for well over 13 minutes, as well as adapt in the vacuum for a limited time; for over 92 seconds.
  • Combat Preflex: Hunters can interpret and predict enemy attacks and react to the incoming attack, brush off or avoid the incoming attacks even from dead angle. They can avoid linear attacks such as bullets and lasers by simply quickly positioning themselves away from the path of the attack before it is fired. They can instinctively somewhat comprehend or decipher an opponent's method of thinking and fighting and anticipating their moves. Giving them an advantage when it comes to close quarters combat, both armed and unarmed. Since, Hunters are born fighters who are naturally gifted in various areas of combat and can even take down unskilled super humans; they turn out to be great fighters with great preflexes, preflex is a combination of the words "pre" and "reflex". This ability has also been referred to as 'low-level battle clairvoyance'. Shin has also shown the ability to predict his enemy's movements before they themselves can fully execute them but his ability seems to 'active' rather than 'passive'. The difference between an active ability and passive ability is, an active ability is not always activated and needs to be activated by using a small amount of magic, while a passive ability is always activated and does not require magic to function; a passive ability is much like a skill, which does not require energy on it's own but executing tasks with this skill obvious requires energy.
  • Bloodlust Control & Mental Barriers: Shin has several mental blocks and psychic barriers intstalled into his mind that not only keep his bloodlust at bay but also makes it nearly impossible for psychics to read his mind. Even the best telepaths find it difficult to get by or break through these mental barriers; even if they do, the process is long and extremely tiring for their brains. This also kept his growing Hunter-powers in check until he decided get one of the psychic barriers removed; which ulitmately allowed his powers to grow and him become the only "Hunter without a bloodlust". According to Reidō, Shin's mental barricades are the best multi-layered reinforced psychic barriers she has even see. This also makes him impervious to mind control and hypnosis; under normal circumstances.
  • Low-level Hunter's Instincts: Due to having a supernatural control over his barriers and mental barriers, Shin has actively rejected his Hunter-side and as such, has downgraded Hunter's Instincts. Despite this, he still possesses extraordinary talent and instinct for hunting everything that is supernatural. He track people and objects under most conditions, sense the weaknesses of their prey and exploit them and finally kill or capture his prey. He also has extensive knowledge and skill in many types and ways of stealth tactics, enabling him to easily slip in and out of areas undetected and sneak up on his prey.


As the CEO and MD of Horizon Industries and the owner of the local nightclub, The Greenhouse, Shin Inari has immense fortune; so much so that, Nolan called him "Richer than God". His position makes him one of the wealthiest people in the world, as such, Shin has access to ancient relics, technologically advanced weaponry, rare items, magical weaponry, off the books body armors and much more. This more than compensates for his inability to "kill" and keeps Dark Mages in fear of the great Mr. Miracle.

"You can never be too prepared. If anything Aldrich taught me, it's that you always must have a game plan. Even for death. So I like being prepared. Besides, when you're as rich as me, you can afford the "toys" without it hurting your wallet."
— Shin


Currently Owned/Used

  • Goshawk MK-I (大鷹, Ōtaka): The Goshawk is actually named after Accipiter gentilis; a medium-large raptor in the family Accipitridae, which also includes other diurnal raptors, such as eagles, buzzards and harriers. Much like the red-eyed terror itself, this armored personal automobile has red-one way mirror based reinforced ballistic glass; the red windshield and windows in contrast to the pitch black color of the automobile gives it somewhat of a 'scary look'. The windows and glasses are made from polycarbonate thermoplastic, ethylene-vinyl acetate and aluminium oxynitride and is internally reinforced by a thin magnalium mesh. The high grip tires are made from a styrene-butadiene-polyvinyl chloride complex that is reinforced externally by several layers of kevlar MK-II and has aerogel along with air inside it; instead of just air. This not only makes his tires resistant to puncture and decay but also enables the tire to resist the effects of corrosive acids and makes it resistant to low-caliber bullets fired from some distance. The aerogel also strengthens the tire internally and since it has the same weight as air, does not interfere with the performance of the tires. It has heat treated titanium-steel axels that is coated with tantalum. The tires have also received an external coating of aerogel to make them waterproof. This automobile has a composite armor: that is, it consists of three layers of different materials with different properties. It has titanium, ceramic and carbon fiber plating over it's normal high-speed steel body. This unique composite armor is stronger, lighter and more versatile than normal metallic or ceramic armors. The titanium and ceramic layer has nearly a two inch thick layer of carbon fiber in between them; that not only stops bullets, knives and other projectiles but the combination of these platings render high-explosive anti-tanks nigh-useless. The action of these three layers come in handy as the carbon fiber is sandwiched between two layers of titanium and ceramics; thus protecting the vehicle against high caliber bullets, impacts and small explosions. This vehicle is powered by three laser ignition based four stroke engines powered by liquid-lacrima smart fuel; that was developed by Horizon Industries, the engine provides a horsepower of 1506 (HP) and it can reach speeds of 372 miles per hour. The jet engine and vector controls can allow a jump of up to 18-19 feet vertically. This car has an excellent acceleration of 0-73 in just 3.6 seconds; making it perfect for in battle with other armored vehicle, which are comparatively slower. Under full acceleration, the car can actually rise up on its front suspension while the rear wheels stayed planted on the ground creating an effect like a giant spider. The integrated rear-thrusters which are based on pulsed plasma thruster provides increased speed via it's "Thrust" or boost mechanism but also burns a greater amount of fuel. With the thrusters online, this vehicle can achieve the speeds of 412 mph or 184.18 m/s but for only 6 seconds; which is enough to either escape enemy fire or perform a jump. The low-down, centralized driving position makes extreme precision maneuvers easier to perform, while lying prone reduces the risk of injury a driver faces when making these maneuvers. Much like his civilian vehicle, it also consists of safety features, such as— airbags, A.D.S and seat-belts. The front portion of the car has an integrated active protection device that ejects at a foaming agent at high speed that emulsifies burning liquids and renders them non-flammable; it is able to cool heated material and surfaces similar to compressed air foam to extinguish or control small fires, often in emergency situations. It also has a built in communication lacrima for calling/communication. However, the vehicle lacked any form of on board weaponry.
    • Goshawk MK-II/Raptor (猛禽, Mōkin, Lit. "Bird of Prey"): The 'Raptor' also known as Goshawk MK-II is a new, sleeker, more energy efficient and versatile armored automobile that currently rests in The Garage along with it's predecessor; the Garage is a concealed part of Shin's secret laboratory that is located about five floors below the Horizon HQ's designated "ground floor". Much like it's predecessor, it's an off the books R&D project and is not mass produced. It is the first ever automobile that is owned by Shin to feature a set of on board weaponry. It was manufactured with the mindset of it being "Lighter, faster and deadlier" than his previous car. It no longer has the reddish-blood like colored windows and windshield but instead has nigh-matte black, one way, reinforced ballistic glass; that are similar to that of the Goshawk MK-I. The pulse plasma thruster has been replaced with a high-end mach diamond producing afterburners that are powered separately by a plasma discharging lacrima. This now allows a thrust for up to 27 seconds and allows the automobile to move at speeds above 600 mph; around 607 miles per hour or 271.36 m/s. The three laser initiated four stroke engines have been replaced with four laser ignition based two stroke engines; which are lighter and more mechanically efficient. This generates a horsepower of 1600 HP; generating an impressive amount of torque. It is much more aerodynamically compatible and experiences only a minor loss in velocity due to friction. The tires are now slightly smaller and have much better grip; while still made of styrene-butadiene-polyvinyl chloride reinforced with kevlar MK-II and is filled with aerogel, the disc brake's now feature an almost conical metal protrusion that has a blunt edge; presumably to slam into the tires of other vehicles. Without the after burner, it can reach the top speeds of 389 miles per hour and can go from 0-70 in 3.1 seconds. Thanks to it's afterburners and aerodynamic built, it can make vertical jumps of up to 30 feet; making it excellent for chase. Features air Brakes with regenerative energy mechanism; made of a graphene-titanium diboride composite coated in isoprene. The composite armor is now made of high-modulus polyethylene-gold flex complex, carbon nanotubule aggregate, polyimide foam and aluminium. The aluminium and carbon nanotubes form the external layers and high-modulus polyethylene-gold flex complex forms the inner most armored layer while the polyimide foam is compressed in between the two layers. This makes this automobile much lighter yet superior when it comes to being able to tank impacts, shrapnel, even arrows, molotov cocktails and small explosions. It can also stop high caliber bullets instead of deflecting them like his previous vehicle; this mechanism prevents civilians from being hurt by a bullet that ricocheted back. However, instead of being a three seater like the Goshawk, the Raptor is a two-seater; this was a necessary design to accumulate more space for housing weaponry. The rear of the vehicle has an additional armor layer made from a nanometer thick polyisoprene and houses an acoustic hailing device or a non-lethal riot control device that uses soundwaves protect in the infrasonic spectrum to cause pain, irritation, vertigo and nausea. It also has an onboard integrated geiger counter, a communication lacrima, a GPS tracker and all of the safety features from it's predecessor. Instead of having a fire extinguisher on his frontal part, this "bringer of darkness" has two 20 mm electrically fired gatling style rotary cannon with a rate of 6,200 rounds per minute and has an effective range of 500 feet. It is operated by the hydraulic system of the automobile which uses a water-based lacrima to generate fluid power. It also features the classic "red button" which actually drops 20-modernized version of caltrops from the rear of the vehicle and activates the "Octopus Mode" where a small rotatory gun comes out of the rear part and shoots a black, viscous fluid at high pressure at the enemy; who is directly behind the car. However, this is only an 'one-shot' mechanism; meaning it cannot be used more than once on the road. The left frontal door of the car has a visible a nerve agents launcher that works in the same fashion as an air pressure blaster; firing the tube containing the nerve gas agent and causing it to explode and leak out on impact. Despite all of it's amazing features, the most impressive tool remains the multipurpose grappling hook that can be launched from the front of the car and fires a retractable, detachable line with a mechanized, magnetic clawed end. This "grappling cannon" is generally used to pull this off or rip them apart. Shin can even use it to aim for other vehicles; the hook fired with the speed of 200 m/s tears into the car and latches on, allowing Shin to pull the car towards him or pull it apart with his car's powerful pull. Other than this, the car has electromagnetic ejector seats; ejection system operates in two stages, firstly, the roof of the vehicle is retracted or opened above the driver and then the seat and occupant are launched through the opening. The recent modification to the car has enabled it to fire of a total of four infrared laser-guided mini explosives that lock onto the magical signatures of the mages and are strong enough to blow a steel door; thus together have the equivalent explosion power to blow up four steel doors. With all of it's high-tech weapons on board and it's armored plating, the Raptor itself, is truly a bird of prey.


  • The Stinger (針, Hari): The Stinger was Shin's first car that he and Aldrich Inari built together. It was a light-blue, customized sportscar that was designed for spirited performance and nimble handling. The car could achieve the speeds of 65 mph within 3.5 seconds. The Stinger lacks a SE plug and is powered by liquid lacrima which was converted to fuel. This not only made the car more advanced and superior but also more energy efficient as it was the first ever gar to have a laser based ignition system for it's internal combustion engine. The car itself is meant to be very light and has a power unit of 700 horsepower. The carbon shaft is lighter and stronger than its two-piece steel forebear, but chiefly, it doesn’t use a center support bearing, cutting frictional losses. It is also meant to be resonance resistant. The interior of the car features leather-microfiber sued adjustable seats; having four seats and features a radio-data system and a built in communication lacrima for calling/communication. It also features a refrigerant-esque device that transports the heat out of the interior and into its environment by the method of regelative cooling. Circulating refrigerant vapor enters the compressor and is compressed to a higher pressure, resulting in a higher temperature as well. The hot, compressed refrigerant vapor is now at a temperature and pressure at which it can be condensed and is routed through a condenser. Here it is cooled by air flowing across the condenser coils and condensed into a liquid. Thus, the circulating refrigerant removes heat from the system and the heat is carried away by the air. This cooling device is powered by a separate self-recharging magic lacrima. The windshield itself is made from multi-layered laminated glass reinforced with a single thin layer of polytetrafluoroethylene; making it resistant to scratches and smudges and making it much stronger than normal windshields. The car itself could travel at the top speeds of 224 miles per hour or 100.1 m/s. This car also as A.D.S. (active deceleration sensing system) which is a weak artificial intelligence and program that can automatically sense when a tire has stopped rotating under extreme braking, and will modulate the brake pressure to allow the tire to rotate. This increases the vehicles ability to turn while braking. As for safety features, this was the third ever magical car to display safety feature; consisting of six air bags that are compressed in place by magic and on impact automatically are released from their compressed state; like spring, and protect the head during a frontal crash or the torso during a side impact collision. It was destroyed by Victor Alvarez and his goons.


  • Sometimes I think if I didn't have you, there wouldn't be a single person in the world who really understood me... thanks, sis!
  • The fight for freedom needs no more needs victory, it needs no more atrocities to stir our blood... it is stirred! So, here are two options— one, you will surrender and play nice OR I'll make you.
  • Tonight, I am here to ask you people here something important; why do you still live in Vincenza? It isn't certainly affordable nor crime free. Every other weak, a maniac wearing his psychosis on sleeve takes down good men like Officer Radke, while the others, they hide among us. So, why live here? The truth is, only you know why you stay here. I stay here, because it's my home and no psychopath wearing a mask will change that. No corrupt government official CAN change that. So here are two options: One, stand up to it. All of you. Together, we can change things or two, you can sit back and let them take over OUR city. The choice is yours! Thank you!"
  • Continue to point that gun at us... and I guarantee you will never walk again.


  • Kinbō no Inka roughly translates to Golden Bō staff of compliance which is a reference to Ruyi Jingu Bang; a magical staff wielded by the immortal monkey Sun Wukong in the 16th-century classic Chinese novel Journey to the West.
  • Shin previously owned a magic car that was highly influenced by and was modeled after 2013 Shelby GT500 Super Snake and has almost all of the features of the aforementioned real life car and much more.
  • Being a Hunter, Shin naturally excels at hunting supernatural creatures but he specializes in hunting down Vampires and Elf-vampire hybrids.
    • Shin gave up on being a Hunter and became the CEO of his own company; eventually moving out of the Inari house and leaving behind his old life.
  • Shin has a net worth of 16,000,000,000,000 Jewels FT.
    • According to him, he gave up on being a "mage for hire" officially because the pay; as it was not very reliable.
    • He also complains about Mages being selfish and ungrateful; which is true, at the end of the day. Mages only help people in exchange of money, they are NO saviors, no heroes. They aren't people who do good because they feel the need to. They are no better than your average Joe (with magic); who ultimately will let you burn in a house fire, if that profits them in someway or does not change their financial outcome.
    • Funnily enough, mages are, in his regard, no better than mercenaries; causing him to despise most of them. While no longer "a mage for hire" per say, Shin is still very much a practicing mage; who continues to train and hone his skills, making this statement sound a bit hypocritical.
    • Since 100 Jewels is approximately $1 (USD); that would mean that Shin has a net worth of 160 billion dollars; making him richer than the richest person on Earth.
    • Currently, this value has been increased by 125,000,000,000 Jewels FT or 1,250,000,000 $.
    • As per Aldrich Inari's calculation, Shin's networth should reach 128,000,000,000,000 Jewels FT by the year X803. Shin is also enjoys playing with the idea that he will become the richest man on the planet by that year as the richest man to ever exist was Seraph Kinmichi's great uncle who had a networth of 98,000,000,000,000 Jewels FT and currently has a networth of 17,671,300,000,000 Jewels FT.
    • He is currently the second richest man on the planet.
  • It is very likely that he is the character with the highest IQ; having higher IQ points than anyone in entire Koma Inu or Inari Family.
    • However, this does not mean he is "smarter" than everyone else.
  • Shin discovered an unique quasi-energy that is given off by quarks when combining to form hadrons. These later came to be known as Shinsonic energy; due to them creating femtometer-sized sonic booms on emission.
  • It was comically implied that Shin is basically the "Batgod" that fans make out of "Batman".
    • Funnily enough, Shin actually the words "I am Batman!" during GMG.
    • Shin has several similarities with Batman as they both were kids from a wealthy family who lost their parents at an young age and were guided by a wise man who worked for the government at some point in his life. After reaching adulthood, they both fought for their city; trying to make it a better place.
  • Shin was inspired by a cocktail of several fictional characters.
  • It would seem that Shin has become cockier after the events of Grand Magic Games.
  • It is very likely that Shin would have been classified as the strongest Inari, if not for the fact that he was born a Higure and he continues to hide his own strength.
  • Shin is the only major Koma Inu character to not have a counterpart on Hylion.
  • Shin was offered a position among the Magic Council but he refused.
  • Most of his stories have been described as "niche, dark or realistic".
    • Out of all of the Toveri-based characters, he is said to be the most realistic in the sense that, he is not some immortal, god-like, lightning fast, one-shot based and "ultimate character". He is neither protected by plot armor or some mystical ancient magic. He is not a slayer nor a god. In fact, his solo stories are toned down to match this theme; while still taking place in the magical world, his stories capture more toned down, niche, realistic world.
  • It is very likely that Shin will never get an official stat box.
  • Dr. Banner/Incredible Hulk has been hinted to be a comic-book character in this universe.
    • According to Shin, Hulk is his second most favorite character. Right after "an ex military man who lost everything and went on a murder frenzy".
      • While this ex-military character has been never named but it is apparent that the guy he refers to is no other than "The Punisher".
  • Coincidentally both Shin and Samarra have a spell named "Electroblade" but they both do entirely different things.
  • Shin has had several romantic and sexual relationships with different women throughout several storylines; leading to the point where Emma calls him "a man slut" and asks him if there is someone he has not slept with.
  • Shin refrains himself from taking part in a serious relationship after Vaishali was attacked and nearly killed.
  • Shin's biosuit has been somewhat inspired from Anthony Stark's famous Iron Man Armors.
  • Shin ever since the events of "Everything Dies" has been sporting the Bio-suit and wears it most of the time but keeps it in an active camouflage mode.
    • This caused Emma Reeves to be visibly hurt when she tried to punch Shin; as she had no idea that he was wearing an armor.
  • The Sword Breaker Tri-Blades on his metallic gauntlet that he first sported during X800 are inspired from Batman's iconic triple-blades on his protective gloves.
    • Shin has barely ever tasted strong spirits and hates the idea of alcohol consumption.
      • So far, Shin has only consumed an alcoholic beverage twice. Both times it being a toned-down or diluted "Cuba Libre" with only a small percentage of light rum in it.
    • Ironically, both of the times, his drink were made by his own partner, Luna Tsuki.
    • It would also seem that he finds people who turn to alcoholism and drugs, "weak".
  • Shin has had several 'themes' play in background; unlike most characters, who have a single theme. This makes him a relatively more "real" character. However, most of his themes are generally soft, emotional and sophisticated and reflects his mental state.
    • Shallows is one of the many recurring themes songs in his life.
    • The theme that plays after Shin rushes a mortally wounded Vaishali Powell and she dies in the hospital is— Open hands.
    • On the night of his return to the Onibus, Santa Monica Dream plays.
    • Shin and Shisōya's reunion has the theme Obstacles.
    • Shin and Nolan's first fight had the theme Rise Above the Storm.
    • Shin's original theme was The Scientist.
    • When Shin returns to Vicenza and witnesses several crimes in the city and becomes slightly depressed by it, the song Beautiful Crime is ironically played on a radio nearby.
    • Paradise Circus is the theme that plays when Shin enters a casino and confronts Nakano Takeko.
  • Shin's pallet is highly based on the authors favorite foods and drinks.
    • Shin's favorite foods include Massaman curry, Shepherd’s pie, Goi cuon and Butter garlic crab.
    • His favorite drinks are— seltzer water, white coffee, materva mate soda and diet coke.
    • He dislikes anything "too sweet".
    • Shin hates anchovy and other dried fish and thinks that they are disgusting.
  • Shin has several hobbies, these include but are not limited to — Cryptography, Worldbuilding, Listening to music, BASE jumping, Coin collecting and Parkour.
  • Shin prefers redheads and has claimed to have a "weakness" for them.
    • However, he completely changes his opinion and says, "Always date girls with blue hair."
    • This may or may not be him being sarcastic.
  • Currently only Emma knows about his former vigilante career.
  • Shin is perhaps one of the most influential characters on the site; not just helping and improving the lives of millions but also touching the lives and helping several people directly. He has inspired the likes of Nolan, Takeshi, Seraph and many more, to be their own person. He has also made allies and befriended several mages across the globe; regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity and physical appearance.
  • Kirigi Tenkiame are of the few people that Shin seems to consider as a threat.

Behind the Scenes: Shin has been inspired by several fanon characters and characters from other series/franchise; from different media, ranging from video games to tell-tell stories and even folklores. Shin was always meant to represent the finest and most ideal individual; who's skills border on superhuman levels but, is scared of his own capabilities. His stories are typically written in either a very descriptive yet niche way, resembling that of a Detective Novel or high-lighting the "cartels" and "gang wars" that take place. He is also designed to be a Gohan-like character, who admires someone like Goku (in his case, Samarra) and wants to become like him but is ultimately the better person; having greater potential and being smarter. His story is also somewhat relatable as in the sense, he never made too many friends, was bullied in school, was a nerd for most of the time and while he was way stronger and more skilled than any of his classmates, he chose to stand down and be the better man; again, inspired from Superman.

Regardless to say, Shin, at the end of the day is meant to show what a person "can" be if they tried. If they pushed again all the odds. Fought harder, despite the odds. He is more than a two dimensional character, who is all about power. Having his own temptations, struggles, problems, etc., and dealing with them in his own unique way, which sometimes, leads to even worse things. The original tone for his story was much darker but as he grew up to be a more popular of a character, he kept becoming funnier and having a relatively lighter tone and outlook on life. Shin also shows several characteristic that I possess myself, in a sense, Shin is me and I am Shin but, he is heavily inspired from Superman; more than people realize.

Shin is placed into the world of strangers who are nothing like him, in a foreign country, where he has no idea what's what, in a sense, he does feel like "an alien", thus bringing in the "Superman" theme to the character. At the same time, his home town or well... city is inspired from Starling/Star City from the TV series Arrow. Shin is more human than most characters, as we can see him cry, breakdown, be angry, lazy, etc., showing shades of black, white and yes, gray. At the end of the day, he is a neutral good kind of character; while some of his actions may contradict this, Shin isn't the typical "goodie-goodie" character like the big boy blue. At the starting of the story, we really find him, lying on his bed, reading a comic book; that's as real as it gets. He is also somewhat inspired from Genos, from the series One-Punch Man and can be described as "the cyborg, without being a cyborg". They both want vengeance upon an unknown foe, lost their parents at an young age and they try to stick to logic as much as possible, in a crazy world, where monster's throw hissy fits on a regular basis.

He along with Samarra Inari are the vessels for Aldrich's will; more like the "Inari Will", which is basically "Will of Fire" but not really. It get's really complicated but in the end, they are designed to be Aldrich's "true successors" in such a way that Hiro will never be. Ironically, this was never planned. Shin's appearance and acrobatic skill is a nod to Richard Dick Grayson or Nightwing; who ironically, is Shin's least favorite comicbook character.

When originally the thought of Shin came to me, I was going to name him "Dmitri" but this was changed to fit the Inari theme better after a lot of discussion. In the end, Shin represents a smart, hard working, self made man who never gives up, kind of like Daredevil. I would really like to thank the creators of these all comic book writers and Hiro Mashima; despite the latter's knack for asspulls as (ha ha) Shin could never exist without their hard work and creative thinking.

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