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Shinseina "Shin" Honshitsu
Apparition | Weapon
Name Shinseina "Shin" Honshitsu
Kanji 神聖な本質
Rōmaji Shinseina Honshitsu
Race Human (Cursed)
Unusual Features Katana
Professional Status
Personal Status
Magic Light-Make
Shinseina honshitsu (神聖な本質) is a mage that has been cursed for many years and bears the guise of a sheathed katana with no blade.


Shin's appearance is that of a long sheathed katana, the hilt is rather ordinary but when unsheathed, has no blade attached, the sheathe is black and has golden details running down its length, not much else can be said about this unusual characters current appearance.

Due to his Light-Make Magic he is able to create a thin apparition to communicate with others and may create it in any form, allthrough shin prefers to use an image from when he was young.

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