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Shiro Umi
Shri Umi
Name Shiro Umi.
Kanji 史郎 海
Alias Mistress Of The Tea.
Race Elf.
Age 33.
Gender Female.
Height 5.10.
Weight 146 Pounds.
Eye Color Blue.
Hair Color Amber.
Blood Type A positive.
Unusual Features Ears are a bit rounder than normal.
Professional Status
Affiliation T.C.U.P
Previous Affiliation None.
Occupation Spending time with on or two people.
Previous Occupation Practising Summoner magic.
Team Shiro and Hikari.
Previous Team Herself.
Partner Hikari.
Previous Partner Herself.
Base of Operations Guild house.
Personal Status
Status Alive.
Relatives N/A
Magic Summoner Magic
Weapons Sceptre


Shiro always has a red scarf to symbolize she has strength, speed and passion. Her hair is a amber colour and her eyes a deep blue. She has a black tank top and brown overcoat and has a lot of pockets in the overcoat. She has olive army pants and brown boots. Shiro always has a backpack full of tea supplies. She has a lot of pockets for food and medical supplies. She has a good looking face but usually keeps it hidden with a mask when she is fighting. You can only see her face when she is drinking tea or getting mad at someone. She has black gloves for fighting with, and a sceptre.


Shiro has a very worried personality she is usually always under stress. She always welcomes people with a smile and sometimes a wink, she is wonderful with people but always wants to be alone. Shiro is a up-beat person but only hangs out or bes with two or three people at a time. She has tea partys but if someone someone makes fun of tea she will get mad. When she loses her temper some people describe it as cazy be she just wants to be alone. Shiro overall is a nice person. But when she sees someone coward she will get made and make them fight along side her, Shiro makes people believe in themselves like she never did until she was older.


Her history is that when she was young she had 3 brother and 2 sisters. She lived happily until her house was robbed


Guild Jobs bounties and Food collecting.

Magic and Abilities

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