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Shrink(屈する kussuru) Is a very rare Caster Magic that is said to be an opposite magic, magic that has taken on the characteristics of another magic, and reversed them. It is said that this magic's opposite is to that of Titan, a magic with the capability of increasing one's size of any part of their own body or another's to overwhelming heights and sizes, making them stronger. This magic, however, has the opposite effect and shrinks down the user's own body or their opponents to roughly the size of a large pebble.


Unlike it's opposite, which shows to be able to expand Eternano throughout their own body to expand it and increase their size to be able to deal incredible damage to their opponents with one swing, Shrink actually expels a special Eternano energy that causes the user to shrink down to whatever size the user wants to be at, but no smaller than that of a pebble as they find themselves seeing the world in a different view. To achieve this, the user must begin by surrounding themselves with a special layer of Eternano that bares a similar feel of Titan, but instead of expanding them, the Eternano is quickly expelled from the body in the form of what appears to be a glowing light as it causes the minimization of the user, shrinking down their clothes, weapons, and anything that is surrounded by the light, meaning that they can also shrink down other people too if they are touched. There are two special ways that this magic is said to be offensive and supportive, the first is that while it does shrink the user and weakens their own magic, their physical strength remains as well as their weapon strength, meaning even a small sword slash could feel like someone is actually hitting them in normal size. It also means that the user is able to keep their physical strength, and lift objects multiple times their own size. The second way this is used is that when the user is either attack by any form of magic energy or spell, when the spell comes into contact with the user, the same glowing affects the effects of the spell and decreases the damage by how small they make it, which provides a powerful defense against mages. However, despite the great abilities to this magic, it requires incredible concentration and a calm leveled head, any other form of outburst or even different feeling other than focus causes the fluctuation of energy to increase different parts of their body, resulting in them unable to maintain their form for long until they eventually revert back to their normal size. The second risk is that despite the user keeping their physical strength, their size still makes them a much more easier target to be attacked with, especially with an attack twice their own size.

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