Shusuke Kenzaki
Tsuna Sawada
Name Shusuke Kenzaki
Kanji ひらがな平仮名
Rōmaji Kenzaki Shusuke
Race Human
Birthday June 23
Age 16
Gender Male
Height 159 cm
Weight 84 lb
Eyes Reddish Orange
Hair Brown
Blood Type O+
Unusual Features None
Professional Status
Affiliation Burning Compass
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation Guild Mage
Previous Occupation Independent Mage
Team None
Partner Senna Hirako
Base of Operations Burning Compass
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown
Marital Status Single
Alias Living Flames
Magic Fire-Make

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Shusuke Kenzaki (ひらがな平仮名, Kenzaki Shusuke) is the main protagonist. he is also a Fire-Make Mage that travels everywhere.


Shusuke is a young boy with spiky brown hair with a orange flame on his head, and reddish orange eyes. He usually wears a white and green sweater, a white belt and navy blue pants, and black and silver gloves with an X in the middle.


Shusuke is a nice person to anybody except enemies. He is also really loyal to his friends that he makes along the way. An example of this is when a city was under attack, he took the enemy head on.



Powers and Abilities

Physical Abilities


Fire-Make: A form of Molding Magic that allows the user to create fire at his/her's will and turn it into objects. There are different two types of Fire-Make. The first one is Static Fire-Make. This means he/she can turn fire into various shapes, weapons, and objects. The second one is Dynamic Fire-Make. This means he/she can turn fire into any kind of living animal.

Fire-Make (Static):These are all the techniques that Shusuke knows in Static form.

  • Fire-Make: Lance: Shusuke makes fire from his two hands in the shape of multiple lances that extends and stabs the target.
  • Fire-Make: Wall: Shusuke throws his hands up, making a gigantic wall of fire that burns everything that gets thrown into it.
  • Fire-Make: Shield: As a miniature version of Fire-Make: Wall, Shusuke makes a shield of fire rise from the  ground, burning anything that is thrown at it.
  • Fire-Make: Hammer: Shusuke makes a giant fire hammer, swinging it at his opponent at high speeds.
  • Fire-Make: Giant Volcano: Shusuke makes a volcano erupt in a circle, making a tower of flames to attack an opponent.
  • Fire-Make: Volcanos: Instead of attacking at a single place, Shusuke makes little volcanos erupt in a wide area, making this technique really useful.
    Mukuro Eruption

    Shusuke using Fire-Make: Volcanos

  • Fire-Make: Bows And Arrows: Shusuke makes a fire bow to shoot his enemies with several dozen quick fire arrows.
  • Fire-Make: Double-Sided Axe: Shusuke gains a two-sided axe of fire to slice an opponent twice in a row.
  • Fire-Make: Swords: Shusuke uses a dual melee fire swords to attack enemies with weapons. It is also able to disappear and reappear, as it is made of fire.
  • Fire-Make: Fire Bazooka: Shukuke carries a long, destructive bazooka to launch fire bombs and grenades.
  • Fire-Make: Prison: Shusuke rises a prison made of fire and anyone that tries to get out of it is badly burned.
  • 'Fire-Make: Fire Clone's: Shusuke makes a clone of somebody and is most commonly him made of fire to trick the enemy.
  • Fire-Make: Chain: Shusuke gets two chains that he can attach to anything so he can get there quickly.
  • Fire-Make: Scythe Saucer: Shusuke makes a saucer out of six scythes to cut the opponent repeatedly.
  • Fire-Make: Direction Arrow: Shusuke creates a giant arrow that he can get on to move him around fast. He can also make little versions of it to speed up his tehniques.
  • Fire-Make: Flame Beam: Shusuke uses weak flames in back of him to attack people from behind and to support the storng flames he uses to attack the strong opponent.
    Tsuna X Burner

    Shusuke using Fire-Make: Flame Beam

  • Ultimate Fire-Make: Planetary Nuke: This is Shusuke's strongest Static Fire-Make technique. Shusuke carries a huge nuclear bomb made of fire that looks like a sun. He then throws it at the opponent to try to obliberate the enemy.

Fire-Make (Dynamic): These are all the techniques that Shusuke knows in dynamic form.

  • Fire-Make: Falcons: Shusuke creates several falcons to attack the enemy is several directions.
  • Fire-Make: Burning Dragon: Shusuke makes a huge dragon made of fire that is created to aim directly at the opponent destroying anything that gets in his way, unless the user stops it.
    Fon Dragon

    Shusuke using Fire-Make: Burning Dragon

  • Fire-Make: Gorilla: Shusuke sends a gorilla to punch the target from behind, so the target won't know what happened.
  • Fire-Make: Sabertooth Tiger: Shusuke gains a tiger to bite and scratch the opponent.
  • Fire-Make: Wolf Pack: Shusuke gets dozens of wolves that explode on impact.
  • Fire-Make: Hedgehog: Shusuke sends a hedgehog that looks real to make the enemy think it is a regular hedgehog, then quills of fire come out of it.
    Roll Hedgehog

    Shusuke using Fire-Make: Hedgehog

  • Fire-Make: Panther: Shusuke attacks the enemy and the panther mimics him, attacking the opponent the same time he does.
  • Fire-Make: Quill Fish: Shusuke has multiple quill fish and throws them to the opponent.
  • Fire-Make: Sauropods:Shusuke sends three sauropods to attack at the same time, causing great damage.
  • Ultimate Fire-Make: T-Rex: This is Shusuke's strongest Dynamic Fire-Make technique. Shusuke rides on a T-Rex, so he con control everything he does, even make bigger versions of Shusuke's Dynamic Fire-Make techniques.



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