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Silent Claw
Silent claw 2


Silent Claw


しんちした かぎつめ


shinchishita kagitsume

Guild Master:

Trinton Bowers

S.Class Mages:

Wendy Marsh

Guild Type:



Kigndom of Fiore: Onibus Town

Affiliated Guilds:

Fairy Tale

The Silent Claw Guild is a Guild of different and amazing Mages. It was created by one of the old Council members a long time ago, The first Guild Master was the apprecntice of Natsu Dragneel - The Fire Dragon Slayer. The first Guild Master was also part of the Fairy Tale Guild before he left to create his own Guild.


The Silent Claw Guild hall is situated in Onibus Town in the middle of a lake which is in the center of town with one bridge in and out. The guild hall was created by the first six members; Mathius Buckle, Alexander Bowers, Christine Marsh, Daisy Applerose, Jill Tucker, Billy River.

When the first six Mages created the Guild hall, they created an underground training facility with reinforced walls, so then when training and things get out of hand, as they do, the training facilty won't collapse and flood with water.
Guil Hall

Silent Claw Guild Hall Situated in Onibus town

They also created a library where they store all of the guilds History and Group portraits through the different years, and where they keep alll completed Job Requests. The library also contains the books wrote by past Mages of the Guild or teachers of the Guild which explains there magic and ways to learn it, all Books and documents are kept there, except for the books wrote by the origianal teachers of the first six Mages such as Natsu Dragneel, Gajeel Redfox and Wendy Marvell, the Dragon Slayers of Fairy Tail.

The Main Guild hall has a Requst Board on either side of the Hall, one for Low level Requests and Medium level Requests. After that there is a Second floor where the Guild Master (Trinton Bowers) and the other S.Class Mages attend the Guild meetings and relax. The Second floor is also where the S.Class missions are kept.


Name Guild Rank Team (If Any) Status
Alexander Bowers First Guild Master Ancient Claw Deceased
Wayde Bowers Second Guild Master None Retired
Wendy Marsh Third Guild Master/ S.Class Mage Wind Claw Active
Trinton Bowers Fourth Guild Master None Active
Mathius Buckler Origianal Guild Member Ancient Claw Deceased
Christine Marsh Origianal Guild Member Ancient Claw Deceased
Daisy Applerose Origianal Guild Member Ancient Claw Deceased
Jill Tucker Origianal Guild Member Ancient Claw Deceased
Billy River Origianal Guild Member Ancient Claw Deceased
Arthur Korvus S.Class Guild Mage Solar Claw Active
Grimm Inferno S.Class Guild Mage Dark Claw Active
Green Velvet Mage Solar Claw Active


The Silent Claw Guild has got a very short story but a very interesting one. The First Silent Claw Guild members were taught how to use magic by members from the famous Fairy Tail Guild. 

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