Silent Town

Silent Town


Legal Guild

Silent Town is a legal guild in Kingdom of Fiore.Its is a very msyterious guild due to different back stories given by its members.


It is unknown what Silent Town's history since the members give diffrent stories.Although the known stories are stated below:

1) According to Rina,the guild got its name because the town its in was very silent and still is.

2) According to Shinji,every member that has been in the guild more than 30 years is either a ghost or an illusion.

3)According to Ganta a mysterious mage casted a curse which made the guild silent and invisible for 15 years.After everything was back to normal no one remembered what happened except for one boy.People thought he was crazy and sent him to rehab.The boy was never found again.

4)According to Miki Silent Town Guild's building is made of spells casted by a powerful wizard who created the guild for the sake of her friend.The first few members(With the exception of the first guild master) were also spells but casted by the powerful wizard's cousin.



S-Class Mages

Ryu Tora

Miki Kanzaki

Potential S Class Mages

Other Mages

Rina Black

Shinji Hibari

Ganta Nishizawa

Iris Inoue



Taiyou Araki

Tsuki Araki

Former Members

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