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Silver Rose Mark
Silver Rose

Siruva Rosu


Silver Rose Mark


Lady Mikage Hoshina

S-Class Mages

Nanami Kimihara
Natsumi Tokigawa
Elmina Tsukino
Katlin Hoshina
Candance Hoshina
Haru Tokigawa
Arriana Kurusagi
Natalie Kurusagi


Legal Guild


Atlantis Kingdom(Fanmade so don't go complimety.)

Silver Rose is a Legal Guild led by Mikage Hoshina.


Gem Stones

Silver Rose Guild building.

Silver Rose is located in the kingdom of Atlantis not far from Fiore. It's the guild where the princess of Atlantis, Princess Lunar, is in.


The guild is founded by Lunar's ancestor, Queen Lucy the Valiant(It's not made up, I used Lucy Pevensie of Narnia because I couldn't thing of something else. So please don't even think about blocking me or anything. Just let me know your compliment.), and is passed down to the Hoshina Family, Atlantis' greatest family. It has been active for almost 4 centuries and a half. It's named after the white rose which is Queen Lucy's favorite flower. It also has the tradition of having the crown prince or princess to join it. This is also where the heir/heiress' are trained to be a good ruler when his/her time comes to rule.


Silver Rose is Atlantis' greatest treasure because it has produced well known rulers and warriors. Silver Rose's members are all quite powerful. It has no Guild Ace because all of the members are fit to be Guild Ace but, surprisingly, Lunar is the very first Guild Ace from all those 4 centuries.


Name Rank Team Status
Mikage Hoshina Guild Master None Active
Princess Lunar Guild Ace None Active
Nanami Kimihara S-Class Mage None Active
Natsumi Tokigawa S-Class Mage None Active
Elmina Tsukino S-Class Mage None Active
Katlin Hoshina S-Class Mage None Active
Carina Lamperouge Mage Rouge Twins Active
Carine Lamperouge Mage Rouge Twins Active
Candance Hoshina S-Class Mage None Active
Haru Tokigawa S-Class Mage None Active
Kyoko Kurumi Mage None Active
Ryohei Kurumi Mage None Active
Temari Sagawa Mage None Active
Luchia Sasagawa Mage None Active
Nagisa Fujiwara Mage None Active
Honoka Tetsubana Mage None Active
Yuuki Tsukiyomi Mage None Active
Christina Hinamori Mage None Semi-Active
Amaya Yukishiro Mage None Left Guild
Lexy Kamikaze Mage None Active
Arriana Kurusagi S-Class Mage None Active
Natalie Kurusagi S-Class Mage None Active
Callie Jaganshi Mage None Left Guild
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