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"To die a noble death; would it not be unbecoming of you in such a state of mind? Though it may be nothing more than a mere title, I shall be taking it from you here, nonetheless. Consider yourself at my mercy for the time being, whereas only from your crown and throne have you been deprived. Until the day arises when you feel as though you have found greater means in the eyes of your strength, then by all means, do feel obliged to pry it all from my hands a second time. However yet —dare I say it— flounder not upon the grand ascendency of the Dragon God, for even His name alone shall fall deaf upon all ears but mine."

— Silvius Alvar to Damon D. Draco on his becoming as the Dragon King in "Royal Mischief"
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Silvius Alvar



Shirubia Aruvu


The Dragon King (竜の王, Ryū no Ō)[1]
First Seed of Fable (初代実寓言, Shodai Mi no Gūwa)
Bane of Order (痛み規律, Itami no Kiritsu)
Frost Dragon King (霜竜王, Shiryūō)
Sky Dragon God (天竜神, Tenryūjin)
Winter Soldier (戦士の冬, Senshi no Fuyu)
The Blizzard Wizard (吹雪の魔導士, Fubuki no Madōshi)
Mr. Frost (兄霜, Misutā Furosuto)




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"Frigid calibration."

Silvius Alvar (シルビアルヴァ, Shirubia Aruvu) is the undisclosed First Seed of Fable (初代実寓言, Shodai Mi no Gūwa), as well as its current Guild Ace. Slayer of dragons, he has at his disposal a vast arsenal of lethal tactics not unbecoming of an assassin, featuring the employment of Frost and Sky in distinct cohesion. In recent years, he has been crowned as The Dragon King (竜の王, Ryū no Ō), claiming the throne at the conclusion of the Dragon Slayer Royale.[3]

Though initially meant to bathe in the many luxuries that come about with the delicacy of nobility, tragic events would soon transpire and rid the man of any such possibilities, leading him astray and furthering his descent into the depths of the darkness. However yet, his enlistment within the Council would prompt an able recovery; now an undercover agent serving the Magic Council diligently, his true intentions are unknown to all but the upperclassmen of the Ten Wizard Saints, in particular, those select few comprising the first half of the order. Silvius was entrusted with incredibly secretive operations in order to gain proximity within the Balam Alliance and various other Dark Guilds. Through his many investigations, Silvius has gained infamy as a notorious super-villain and is hated by the world at large due to misconceptions. The knowledge he has come to possess from these underground operations has made him a threat to the world, all the more reason that many organizations desire nothing but his demise.

Due to the nature of his assignments, Silvius is considered an enemy by even the most tolerant sorcerers across the globe, and as such, is constantly on the run, moving from one place to the next. He has ties with many of the most notorious Dark Guilds within the entirety of the World of Magic, many of which have grown to fear his name alone.[4] Upon hearing of Vincent Albion's supposed ascendance to the throne of the Dragon King, Silvius has decided to yet again take part within another Dragon Slayer Royale, pondering upon how it was that the crown slipped from his hands in the first place.[5]



Silvius' full appearance.

Silvius’ appearance is reminiscent of a man in his middle ages. He possesses light blue hair, which is usually styled in a manner in which the front portion is spiked up, with the back half blatantly combed down as smooth as butter. He has large bulging eyes with golden colored pupils. There are two noticeable scars running through his right eye. His personality is further emphasized by his generally lazy expression, aloof manner, relaxed voice, and minimalist attitude. In serious situations, such as his many operations under the Magic Council, however, he is shown to have a very stern and intense look. He is normally seen adorned in a fashionable onyx black gi complete with a sash around his waist. At times, an additional silk vanilla robe is kept over his figure, keeping his body warm, and somewhat defeating the purpose and otherwise contradicting his icic theme if one were to perceive it in its ultimate and most refined form. While most ice mages prefer to cloak themselves within additional layers of clothing, more often than not, Silvius would prefer to be let loose, showcasing as much flesh as he possibly can while retaining his own male characteristics. This is, of course, to express his resistance and immunity to the cold, whilst second handing a bit of humor, not unlike that of the students of Ur.

By all means, Silvius’ existence is one of misfortune, one of eternal chaos. In order to gain access to other dark guilds —as he is a secret agent serving the Magic Council diligently in truth— Silvius needed to present himself in a peculiar manner, one that would have established his physical appearance reminiscent of that of a vile dark lord. This was quite manageable, to say the least, as the man had already fashioned his visage with the aid of a few prominent scars running through his right eye, acquired during the midst of his battle with none other than Aerogan, the God of the Skies. The scars have forever embedded his legacy into the rich history of all dragon slayers alike, paving forth a road of utter chaos and destruction. They also quite eccentrically serve as a reminder of his ties with his now deceased foster parent, who had taken him in as his own and raised him to strive for success in more ways than one. Surviving in harsh conditions altogether, and plagued with horrific matters ever since he was but a mere child, Silvius has come to embody the truth of a sinister man.

As cold as his magical prowess, Silvius portrays a man who cannot be easily confronted, especially not by the lower-class of minors. In fact, more often than not, children wet themselves immediately upon witnessing the man's gruesome stature coupled with his rather grave demeanor; it is almost as if he has not learned to smile at anytime in his past, serving off experience alone, no matter how many additional muscles it may take to retain its composure. His golden eyes are believed to represent disasters in their climax, wreaking havoc upon all those who lay their sights upon them. It is not without caution that these serve to torment the opposition; while others claim to be lost in the eyes of a well groomed man, the same cannot be said for Silvius, in fact, in his case, it is quite the opposite. The man's fierce gaze is matched by very few, if at all, retaining the theme of his ice cold personality. It is almost as though he is peering down the souls of his many victims with his heralded eyes of the dragon, which essentially appear as though they would have otherwise belonged within the sockets of a colossal beast either which way.


"You can continue to get better through failures; learn from your mistakes, make adjustments. If you're dead, you can't take anything from it."
— Silvius to Tsuki Uintā in "Ice to Meet You"

Many who truly who him would agree that Silvius is as "chill" as his ice is made out to be. He is more than often seen with a calm demeanor, almost as if he was completely free of any form of stress. An elaboration of this aspect would be the man's peculiar interest in meditating in polar regions; while some would be quick as to place a "loner" label on the man's hobbies, the time alone is greatly appreciated and allows him to further hone his own powers and think more of his torn past. As such, Silvius is incredibly strong willed --having utilized the time alone to sort issues in his mind-- and does not give into the temptations of frustration nearly as easily as others of his kin, despite the dragons themselves being known as the embodiments of chaos. In fact, Silvius is a polar opposite in comparison to the rest of his kind; while most dragon slayers would be overly confident in their abilities --and with good reason, seeing as though they behold the supposed power to slay a dragon-- Silvius instead welcomes the challenge of growing stronger, seeing no limit to the amount of strength any one individual can possess. It is this very humble attitude that keeps the man's ambitions intact and allows for him to proceed into the future despite being resented for misconceptions he himself has no control over. Were it not for his exceptional self motivated persona, he would have more than likely lost himself forever into the darkness, as while even he may appreciate the time he gets to himself, no such being can withstand complete solitude.

In reality, however, Silvius is a soft spoken man despite his gruesome stature and otherwise intimidating physical appearance. This asset stems directly from his respect for all living beings in that they are gifted with the same freedom he was. However, with that in mind, it should be noted that the same sort of respect is offered everyone, no matter their social status. Be it a king, or a homeless man living on the streets, Silvius will offer the same kind attitude and in turn offer the very same amount of effort to please him. At the same time, this is one of Silvius’ more cunning attributes that more than often leads him into some sort of trouble. Because he values nobility as the very same as someone experiencing poverty, he will stand up for the poor in a robin hood-esque manner and demand that they be treated as equally as any other being. Silvius is known among his subordinates within Fable to please his nakama in anyway possible, going as far as to defend a lower ranked member in the same context he would the guild master. Such is the charisma of man who is believed to be the very embodiment of disaster.

Above all else is Silvius’ poise in the heat of battle. Despite being a war veteran --having seen the spills of battle an endless amount of times-- Silvius approaches each individual battle with the same level of intensity. While normally calm, when met with an accomplished foe, he begins to lose himself slowly, until he is completely submerged within competition; competition is what Silvius essentially strives for, competing on a high level day in and day out against the very best competition in the entire world. Only upon emerging victorious can this man fulfill his lust for battle and be satisfied with his very existence. More times than not, Silvius will not taken it easy upon his opponent no matter the reasoning; be it a feeble woman or a gruesome beast. All are the same before a man who abides to lawful equality and thus, the same effort is placed towards each single matter; however, it is not without honor in that Silvius will not unleash the true limitations of his true power against just anybody. While the virtue of wisdom is present at all times, only when met by a truly worthy opponent will Silvius reveal the true nature of his strength in entirety; in such moments, his adrenaline practically bursts through from his body and only allows the man to become all the more hyped.

A result of his underground operations, the world at large has a vile image of Silvius; one that describes him as the most lethal weapon in creation who spends his many days doing nothing short of wreaking havoc. The man is believed to be the very embodiment of evil; his laid black persona has been mistaken for arrogance, in that he offers no living being anything along the lines of mercy. Many have made him out to possess a heart as cold as his ice itself —one that cares for no one in the world, other than himself, of course. His secret missions —taking him from one dark guild to the next to conduct investigations— have been misinterpreted by those who are ignorant to the true intention of the Magic Council. Due to this nature, Silvius is believed to be affiliated with several dark guilds, leading him to become one of the most wanted men in all of Earth Land.


It was speculated among some of the elders of Perianth, all of which were held as fine wizards in their respective primes, that once every few generations, a child, foreseen with immense magical ability, would appear in a dire time of need to act as the savior. His legacy established since the shed of his very first tear, it would be he who would go on to revolutionize the world; lead them into a new era comprised of peace and the utmost tolerance for love. At the time of Silvius’ birth, many had gathered around the bed of Avueda Alvar: various scholars who possessed high degrees in the arts of magic, several reputed magicians whose names were known across the globe, even high ranking S-ranked members from a nearby guild. They had all come for one sole purpose; to witness the birth of a new legacy. Branching from the use of some of the world's greatest magical technology, the town's doctors had managed to grasp the potential of the growing fetus within Avueda's womb, concluding it as something they had never before seen throughout the course of their respective medical careers.

The child who was fighting his way through the passageway of his own mother was unlike any specimen the world had ever known, possessing such raw talent that it caused the elders inhabiting the large building complex of what was the Alvar Mansion to tremble in fear; fear of what may possibly await them in the future. As Silvius arrived safely, devouring his first ounces of fresh air, many contemplated killing him where he sat. A power such as his could result in an upset of what was overlooked at the time as "magical balance"; disrupting such a cause may would have led to massive failures in direct correlation with the town's most reputed political figures, for this child possessed enough power to someday flourish and take the throne as the king of Perianth for himself, had he wanted. For the time being, however, his very existence was forgiven by the king's royal servants, granting him a few years of life.

Through his preliminary stages of life, Silvius was raised by those who had partook in quite the interesting activity to instigate his existence in the first place; his beloved parents. The son of two celebrated magicians who had accumulated quite the fortune through their years, it was safe to assume that Silvius’ early upbringing was one filled with luxury. Whatever toy his soul desired would instantaneously relocate itself into the palm of his hand from what appeared to have spawned from thin air, as a result of his father's prestigious skill in pertinence to the lost magic, Arc of Embodiment. A trait he could not have denied, had he been able to manage more than just the names of his parents; Silvius was spoiled beyond belief, so much so that such a title was a mere understatement.

The legacy of both his parents combined seemed to have been what kept the city of Perianth intact, their love and power admired throughout the area as a whole; many of the local children looked up to them as their role-models, while their parents had looked on to them as rivals in the distant past. With their own careers behind them, Silvius’ parents seemingly set aside whatever ambitions they may have owned, all in the attempt to raise a truly prosperous child. They gave their lives for him, the entirety of their efforts aimed towards his future success. A child could not have possibly asked for better guardians, ones which could protect him from the world's greatest evils due to their own tremendous skills, ones who could provide him with anything he asked due to their incredible status' and wealth. Life appeared to be too perfect, almost like some sort of miraculous dream. Every ounce of happiness Silvius experienced foreshadowed to a threatening future that lurked from beneath the shadows, waiting to grasp him by the ankles and pull him into the darkness for the eternity.

On the night of Silvius’ second birthday, a grand festival took place. A celebration of the ages was held at the Alvar mansion, where all were invited to attend and partake in the happiness of Silvius’ existence. Men debated politics while their wives bathed in other fortunes; it was a night to remember for all. However, the same night, the city's council of magicians, comprised of essentially all of those who had witnessed the birth of Silvius, had come to a valuable decision. Silvius’ growth in the magical field, despite having received absolutely no formal training of the sort, had blossomed like a wild fire, enough to be recognized as a threat to the king's legacy. It was decided on that very night that they would take his life without so much as the slightest bit of hesitation, all in the hopes of maintaining the king's superiority.

Knowing the couple would never approve of such an action, the king's royal servants planned to annihilate Silvius’ parents along with him, savoring their wealth for the future of Perianth. The Alvar family were declared to have committed treason by the higher ups, rendering them as traitors. In a vile effort, they were slaughtered by the royal servants in the midst of the celebration, their mansion destroyed in the process. The Alvar name was forever corrupted in the eyes of Perianth, so much so that all of those who possessed the surname, had they been related to Silvius in any which way or not, contemplated changing their names in an effort to secede confusion and eradicate hostility among their own people. Through the midst of the scuffle, Silvius was rescued by the apprentice of his father, by the name of Don Sire, who managed to teleport away the child to a nearby location where he would later visit to retrieve him all together, witb the plan to raise Silvius as his own, as a tribute to his late master.

However, Don’s plans wouldn't exactly go as planned, for unbeknownst to him, the large mountain complex he had elected as his own training grounds was actually the turf of the Frost Dragon, Sukaru. Awakened by the foolish man's endeavors, the dragon made quick work of him, devouring the latter's Ice Magic before accomplishing the very same with his corpse. It was at this point he realized a child had accompanied the man, only now it was orphaned, due to his fit of anger; choosing instead to mask his guilt, Sukaru summoned forth a small gust of wind using no more than the feeble flicker of his claw, and sent the child flying far from him, where he would be out of sight, but rather unfortunate, not completely out of mind.

All through the night, Sukaru was unable to sleep. Not because of something as trivial as a guilty conscious, but rather due to the fact that the infant he had thrown out earlier was crying to his heart’s content, filling the summit with unbearable noise. Whole weeks passed, and the child, instinctively feeding off the snow and ice around him, survived long enough to continuously disrupt Sukaru’s slumber. As if this was not already enough, a horrid stench now plagued the area as well, kneading Sukaru’s temper to its boiling point. Mustering his efforts, the large dragon ventured through the cave and found the weeping, smelly infant within the bottom of a ditch. How he had managed to survive such gruesome temperatures was beyond him, but the dragon had a task to accomplish.

Even so, despite having claimed his resolve before even electing to travel all that distance, Sukaru was unable to bring himself to slaughter the child. He instead changed its diaper, and flew off without a second thought. The child was not his, nor would it ever become his. Humans were a pitiful creation, never in a million years did Sukaru plan to disgrace himself to such an extent where he would have been doing the chore of a human. His motives ran wild, but that following weekend, the child's cries echoed through the summit once more.

When Sukaru arrived at the scene, he foresaw a pack of polar bears denouncing the child as their lunch. With the beat of his wings, Sukaru defended the small infant, forcing the predators back to where they came from. These two behaviors became routine for the lonesome dragon; changing diapers and frightening bears was taking up much of his sleeping time. Eventually, he found himself branding the child with a name, and even taking it back with him to his cave.

It was during a feast of his own that Sukaru saw potential within Silvius as a user of the ice element. The child matured eating the very same thing he did, and what's more, was able to endure the harsh weathers of such a vigorous terrain. It was inconceivable of a child --yet ironically quite unheard of on the behalf of a dragon as well-- to have accomplished so much, and Sukaru very swiftly found himself with a worthy successor.

Silvius took to learning the ways of a Dragon better than any other would; he crawled on his limbs even years into his childhood, and at one point even believed himself to have had a pair of wings and a complimentary tail to go alongside it! As the boy aged, Sukaru resented his actions. It was not proper for a human to have been so distant from society, nor would it be acceptable for him to have been raised a dragon. In time, as his own years of life began to dwindle away, Sukaru planned to distance himself from his very own child.

What was the most appalling turn of events was the fact that the child himself caught on to the dragon's plans. Silvius understood the sacrifices Sukaru would be making for his own benefit, and thus went along with the scheme willingly, until the two of them both broke out into tears. It was an emotional farewell, though the now teenager knew well within himself that the life of a mortal was the most fitting for him. Without another glance backward, Silvius forged ahead into the human world.

What awaited him there was a long line of awkwardness; he was unable to mingle with others as well as he would have thought, and it was surely an issue that he had not prepared himself for. Friends even as a word was essentially nonexistent to him, and with time, he soon labeled it as a trivial relationship. What he looked for in the world was a purpose, not a group of companions. Still, he found both when he ventured into a guild.

Guilds were a truly intriguing place --Silvius succumbed to such intricate festivities, harboring friends as well as the guild's insignia upon his body. Loyalty was what the others called it, and it was a strange occurrence to think that he could have finally adapted to the ways of the humans. His time with his comrades was short lived, however, as his vast skill set garnered the interest of the Magic Council, in particular, the Wizard Saint, Cuda, who held high hopes for Silvius. Through an act of blackmailing, he had Silvius defect from his guild, separating him from the one joy he had finally eclipsed.

Under the guidance of Cuda and several branches of the Magic Council, Silvius furthered his studies and became a full fledged assassin pledging complete loyalty in securing the future of the world. For the sake of peace and the world's balance, Silvius murdered countless people the Council had deemed threats; he then began to specialize in disarming Dark Guilds, though needed a more reliable cover. Cuda ultimately advised Silvius to alter his reputation completely; Silvius became known as a Dark Mage to the world at large, while secretly working under cover so as to make his invasions that much more efficient. This secret was kept between only Silvius and high ranking authorities of the Magic Council; to this day, his former guildmates are confused by the supposed actions Silvius has committed.


Hunt for Cronus Saturnalia

When Othrys was placed under the rule of Cronus Saturnalia, Silvius was ordered to abolish his reign by the Magic Council, who feared a potential restoration of another Balam Alliance. Upon hearing of Muspelheim, a dark guild allied with Cronus, Silvius attacked the guild to gather information regarding Othrys' whereabouts. He left the site harboring a single prisoner, Nether, whose memories he had extracted with the help of Cuda.[6] Coincidentally, much to his joy, Silvius would also come across a village covered in ice, before helping himself to the banquet. There he would come across Eleanor Valentine, a Titan of Othrys, and defeat her in battle. However, he elected to leave her alive, and did not even bother to take her in as a prisoner; instead, he told her to return to her guild and explain the context of their confrontation in an attempt to invoke fear within the rest of its members.[7]

Magic and Abilities

Natural Abilities

Immense Magical Power: An accomplished mage, Silvius has a tremendous constraint of magical energy nestled within him that he can use to conjure various kinds of Magic. The sheer amount he has is said to be truly vast, supported by the fact that he was successfully able to learn two different kinds of Dragon Slayer magic, as well as imbue a dragon lacrima within his own body without suffering from severe consequences, such as dying, as a result; the fact that this was all achieved without the necessity of utilizing a second magic container only goes on to speak volumes of just how much energy he has within him. Silvius himself claims that if he were to extract all of this power at once, it would be enough to fill a large ocean twice over. Earlier in his childhood, due to being unable to control this properly, Silvius was prone to berserk rampages that occurred randomly throughout the day; this was, however, what ultimately led him to his discovery at the hands of the Magic Council, who deemed his natural talent far too valuable to have been wasted on a mere guild. Now within his middle ages, Silvius has found that his magical energy replicates the properties of his Dragon Slayer Magic; his aura is freezing cold, much like the ice he forges, causing those in his presence to shiver without him having to use so much as a single spell. Unlike the other Seeds, Silvius is unable to garner the activation of his second magical container, an advancement method regarded as "Second Origin Release." Cuda, who is responsible for releasing the containers of the other Seeds through the use of his Arc of Time, did not offer Silvius the very same opportunity, out of the fear that if such a thing were to happen, Silvius' power would surpass his own, while also deeming the factor in itself as being entirely unnecessary, due to the vast amounts of magical power Silvius already has at his disposal with a single magical container.

  • Masterful Energy Control: It would have done Silvius no good if he were to simply run through his vast reserves of energy within the blink of an eye; what separates Silvius from the common magician is the degree of control he has over his magical energy, which enables him to cast powerful spells whilst utilizing a small portion of his stamina. With mastery over this concept, Silvius uses every ounce of magical energy in his body to its full extent, without allowing even a small fragment of it to be put to waste. While it appears to be a simple procedure, it was quite astounding for Silvius to have realized how few ever displayed any control over their magical energy. As an assassin, one of the most fundamental examples is for Silvius to exhibit this control over his energy in order to erase its signature, so that it cannot be sensed under conventional means.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: According to none other than himself, Silvius prefers close range combat above all else. He is a fierce combatant when up close and personal, possessing a body that can bang down low for extended periods of time. Coupled with his dragon-esque reflexes, Silvius is properly able to determine the movements of his opponent and counter attack accordingly. He was able to completely outmaneuver and out speed an entire platoon of warriors on his own using only his bare fists. The speed at which Silvius delivers a round of kicks is inconceivable to most magicians; appearing as though he has almost unleashed a barbaric assault, whereby physically, several tens of replications of his feet are created as a result of continuously rapid movement. Naturally, his refined instincts as a dragon play into his fighting style heavily, giving him an advantage against other mages, including other types of slayers, who would not have been blessed with the very same attributes. The natural senses of a dragon cannot seemingly be replicated without the possession of their specific slaying type magic, thus, giving Silvius an advantage, which according to himself, he would not even need against essentially anyone who stares down in his path. These are coursed into his fighting style and present in every inch, natural as the act of blinking. For this very reason, it is more difficult for him to miss than it is for him to inflict damage through physical contact, as his mind and body are always adjusting to the every move his opponent makes. In conjunction with his refined stature and agile, swift movements, Silvius is not to be underestimated within a close quarters confrontation, most nearly because those of whom are as unfortunate enough to experience such a disaster cannot seem to comprehend the speed at which he makes everyone of his movements --akin to the reflexes of a dragon. Battling a dragon with fists alone would prove to be an ill perception in any case, as history itself has told the tales of these chaotic beasts laying waste to the world with their talons alone.

  • Swift Fist (急拳固, Kyūgenko): The physical art of combat Silvius employs when in battle is regarded as the Swift Fist, a style of martial arts which revolves around striking the enemy in quick succession, within a short period of time. Often times, the sheer speed behind this attack is masked by Silvius’ own institution; it appears to be one strike, when in reality, Silvius has struck his opponent numerous times, likely all across their body. As an assassin, this is amongst Silvius’ most widely garnered methods of treason, allowing him to dispose of his enemy within the blink of an eye.

Enhanced Strength: Unlike several of Silvius’ other feats, the accomplishments of his strength are completely unrelated to his dragonic upbringing. While it is true that the latter was pushed to his utmost limits in terms of training as a child, the amount of hard work Silvius devotes to his body on a daily basis is what is to appreciate most when factoring his impressive muscular figure. There is no shortcuts to achieving a goal --Silvius realizes such a fact more than anyone. He has put in the hard work over the course of several months, years even, to achieve what some refer to as a "dream physique"; a body which is capable of banging with the largest of fiends and the most gruesome creatures of the world. Such an astounding build enables Silvius to utilize his ice spells in a manner in which he can confront his opponent directly; his stature alone working as a line of defense due to its considerable durability to fend off incoming enemy attacks. Silvius’ strength is enough to cause the ground to shake in the form of a miniature earthquake upon impact and when further amplified by his ice prowess, plunge through refined iron. It is with this very strength that Silvius utilizes some of his vast icicle creations to the full extent of their powers. As through the power of his dragon slaying magic, Silvius is not beyond gaining substantial increases in his power to inflict all the more damage. By simply tapping into his inner lacrima and calling upon the dragonic energies bestowed within him, Silvius can dramatically increase his strength, a fabled attribute renown as the drive of a third generation dragon slayer, which have been granted both the benefits a human replicating the prowess of a dragon could ever long for. His training in regards to his body began from a very young age; forced to survive in the terrains of a polar climate, the boy had to rely on his own flesh to provide himself with enough warmth to make it into the next day. Silvius’ strength is not limited to the physical value, but rather, extends mentally, as well. His body adapted its tissue to survive frostbites, naturally becoming tougher and much more resilient. For this reason, his body itself has become a natural line of defense for the dragon slayer, making him a hard tyrant to puncture physically, and all at the same time, his many past experiences making him a more refined opponent who does not so easily succumb to the complaints of his enemy, most nearly meaning that it is not very easy to get within his mind and drive him into the path of a lunatic.

Enhanced Speed & Reflexes: A defining trait of Silvius’ combatical prowess is his unrivaled speed. Blessed with the lineage of a dragon, Silvius’ body has been exposed to the sheer intensity of dragon training ever since a young age. In turn, he was granted tremendous power and durability. Because of this trait, his reflexes are at their utmost limit and absolute highest peak, enriching the frost dragon slayer a sense of awareness never quite unraveled to the premises of the torn world. Silvius is able to react to anything and everything, especially incoming projectiles and spells directed his way. Almost as if he has a "sixth sense", Silvius is informed of incoming danger through the pores of his skin. He is conditioned and toned for success; the combination of lethal speed and dashing reflexes are more fearsome than they may appear. To the eyes of Silvius, it is almost as if the world is moving at a much slower pace --something that came to be as a result of his superior athleticism, which of course itself transpired only through the many training regimes he placed himself within. The exemplary weakness of a mage is his stubbornness to train his body, believing ignorantly that there would be no use of close combat or anything of the sort when he is already able to harness energies and attack from a distance. This is the case with the typical mage; most do not have enough time to strengthen themselves both physically and mentally, as mastery of either category would more than often require commitment that would otherwise take away from the other. However, because Silvius is a dragon slayer, these attributes appeared naturally within themselves through the progress he made in his dragon slayer magic. It was a benefit regarded only through the powers of the dragons, something that no other slayer would be able to obtain. This is, of course, what places dragon slayers over the hurdle, even if the other types have been regarded with more strength; in the world inhabited by magicians, strength is not the most important attribute.

Keen Intellect: Over the course of many years, which have resulted in nothing short of victory, Silvius has proven to be a highly perceptive fighter on more than one occasion. Combined with the knowledge he possesses of the magic world, Silvius utilizes his genius to torment his opponent during battle, often ridiculing them with egotistical remarks. He is also able to adapt to his surroundings at a quickened rate, allowing for him to feel at ease with the utmost level of comfortability when in dire situations. Furthermore, Silvius’ mind allows for him to thoroughly analyze his opponent even when in the heat of battle; his evaluations are often precise in nature, revealing the principles of his opponent's spells for him to better assert himself. Toppled with his various senses, Silvius is able to determine the emotions of his comrades, and better yet, the opposition directly; he can also thereby "sense" the intentions of his enemies, to an extent where he can differentiate the truth from a lie, even when delivered by an assassin. This phenomenon is especially present throughout the course of Silvius’ daily life; as a secret agent of the sorts working diligently under the Magic Council, Silvius has affiliated himself with several dark guilds across Fiore and worked to gain their trust. He found that even with this ties, however, they were not to be trusted, seeing as though they were dark mages after all; through his experiences with these vile dark lords, Silvius became one of superior intellect, developing skills that allowed him to distinguish a person by his emotions and behaviors alone. Simply by utilizing the various refined natural senses he was bestowed with, Silvius can more thoroughly analyze a certain person and decipher their true feelings and intentions; if the man presented before him sought to claim his life, then Silvius would be made aware of such a lethal situation and append himself to counter accordingly. He is a man who is quite difficult to understand completely, always seemingly one step ahead of the opposition as a whole; just as he himself shall not be trusted under normal circumstances, Silvius has a hard time believing the words of others even with evidence.

Enhanced Smell: As a dragon slayer, Silvius possesses naturally enhanced senses. However, his sense of smell is reputed to be on par with the very best and far exceeds the rest of his five basic senses. His nose is able to extract the absolute minimal of differentiations between certain scents; by sniffing the air inhabited by his opponent, Silvius is able to conclude where he or she may have traveled, and who they may have been with at the time. Additionally, Silvius can determine for how long his opponent may have been in a certain area due to the strength of the scent --the weaker the scent, the longer the tenure. The man's nose encompasses a large distance, well over a few miles. It also seems that Silvius rarely relies on his sense of sight when in battle, as this would lead to doubts; by instead relying on his nose, he would thereafter be immune to any sort of optical illusions present within the area and those especially that appear throughout the duration of a battle. Silvius’ nose garners praise for its ability to even discern original entities from their clones and doppelgängers. It seems there is very few possibilities that exist in the world today to escape Silvius’ nose; there is no clear cut way to trick this man. A testament to his skill in disdaining various fragrances and by extension, a worthy wallop of praise in regards to his overall intelligence, was when he properly deciphered a whole course of an entire family simply by placing a spoon beside his nostrils; thereby, he was able to determine each and every ounce of food they had devoured, down to the last pea. Silvius can also apparently "sniff emotions", making several remarks as to how his opponent is feeling throughout the course of their confrontation.

Enhanced Hearing: The size of Silvius’ ears serves a purpose beyond a clownish appearance; his ears allow for him to instigate even the most silent of movements. A lustrous trait for any dragon slayer, Silvius is no exception to amplified senses. His are known to be particularly well developed, a result of proper training as opposed to natural possession. Silvius utilizes such a sense in battle to quickly gain the upper hand, as by carefully hearing out the movements of his opponent, he is able to pinpoint their exact location --an ability that is only further strengthened when used simultaneously with his other enhanced senses. This trait has also allowed the dragon slayer to eavesdrop on more than one conversation in the past, thereby allowing Silvius to acquire information he otherwise should not have known of, moreover, never had under his possession. Indeed, as a magic council member deployed under the shadows, it is in the dragon slayer's best interest to extract intel from his opposers without altering them of his presence. His sense of hearing is such that he can hear the heartbeat of his prey from quite the distance, much less plan against each and every drawn breath. Upon implementing the element of the sky into his craftsmanship --otherwise blatantly referred to as magic-- Silvius became able to hear the words being passed along by the very winds themselves. Furthermore, he is more than able to match a voice to its perpetrator, being able to decipher amongst the most subtle of differing details. To Silvius, there exist several various channels that he can listen to at once; much like a radio system, it is akin to having a set of earplugs sitting beside his drum, only doing so from a much safer environment.

Master Assassin: Silvius underwent a series of vigorous training courses through the guidance of the Magic Council, all in the hopes of transforming him into the ultimate weapon. Indeed, this dream was realized over the time frame of several years, with Silvius having successfully become one of the Council’s most formidable of threats. The field in which they stressed the utmost importance happened to be assassination; while the Council themselves have publicly prohibited murder within the magic world, they themselves conduct it from behind the scenes, all in the hopes of maintaining a proper balance. Silvius is without question their most trustworthy assailant; as of now, his kill count is easily within the thousands, and he has accumulated a perfect track record, never once having allowed his targets to escape his dragon claws. In battle, Silvius is incredibly perceptive, and has fully mastered the elements of an assassin, to the point where an opposing Dragon Slayer, even with their refined natural senses, is unable to identify his movements. His reign under the shadows is further evident by the fact that the world considers him to be evil, while in truth this was a label he created himself in order to infiltrate enemy hideouts more effectively.

Master Strategist & Tactician: Silvius was heavily influenced in the ways of war even from his early childhood. While those his age were instead preoccupied with toys, Silvius was already conducting full blueprints alongside various military advisors. He is able to formulate a plan seemingly from nothing, even when the odds have been stacked against him. Furthermore, because he was unable to express it as a child, his imagination has survived into his adulthood, which he uses to great effect by constructing plans that are truly bizarre in context, though allow him to emerge victorious nonetheless. This talent has come in use especially in the under operative missions assigned to him by the Magic Council, as he is able to track down his targets by “thinking as they would” --this latter trait even allows him to predict the actions of his opponent in the midst of battle, albeit to a very limited extent.

Dragon Slayer Magic

Frost Dragon Slayer Magic

Frost dragon slayer magic

Silvius activating his Dragon Slayer Magic.

Frost Dragon Slayer Magic (霜の滅竜魔法, Shimo no Metsuryū Mahō): Silvius possesses a form of dragon slaying magic correspondent to the element of ice, heralding him as a Frost Dragon Slayer. This allows Silvius to control ice at his very command, which includes manipulating even preexisting ice. The ice element gives Silvius a clear-cut advantage over water-based magicians, as essentially, ice is water in a frozen state. This has since rendered water type attacks futile against Silvius due to his sheer ability to quite literally dispose of it in a manner of seconds; first by freezing the liquid into a solid state and thereafter shattering it in the same instant. In contrast to most dragon slayers who are limited to the consumption of their own element, Silvius is able to eat water orientated subjects without hesitation, increasing his overall advantage in terms of battle when regarding the fact that water vapor exists in the earth’s very atmosphere itself. With Frost Dragon Slayer Magic, Silvius is blessed with unforeseen prowess in pertinence to the element of ice; he is able to freeze anything in his path, concealing various substances within blocks of ice so as to negate their existence completely. Thereafter, he is able to shatter the structures with the mere flicker of his hand, causing whatever had been caught inside to vanish into thin air. This ability of his extends even to flame orientated spells of the highest caliber, suggesting that perhaps Silvius’ affinity towards the element of ice is superior to the rest. When his dragon slayer magic is active, Silvius’ body becomes so very cold that mere contact with it leaves his opponent severely wounded, disabling the movements they have over their own bodily functions by freezing their nerves. This renders close quarter combat against Silvius very dangerous.

  • Cryogenic Blood: Silvius is cold-blooded, not conceptually, but rather literally. His blood is freezing cold, to the point where even after it has left his body, it is still able to freeze objects upon contact. This also makes Silvius invisible to thermal radars and other means of sensory orientated devices that track figures based off blood. For an assassin such as Silvius whose career depends on masking his identity, it is also useful in avoiding blood samples, preventing the opposition from pinpointing relations of his past life.
  • Ice Generation: The pinnacle of Silvius’ magical prowess resides within his ability to both construct and manipulate ice. Through years of training, there are very few, if any, wizards who can claim to be on par with Silvius’ level of mastery in pertinence to Ice Magic. His very essence, according to himself, is devoted to this distinct type of magic, which has since expanded and progressed beyond previous borders and limitations to evolve into something truly spectacular. Silvius is more than capable of quite literally utilizing his very own body as a catalyst to produce the element of water, which is further instantaneously refined to take the form of ice. For one to possess the ability of controlling ice, they must first have been on fair grounds with water, and Silvius is certainly of no exception. No matter the location, Silvius can form ice from thin air and subsequently freeze anything. The degree of craftsmanship in which his ice is molded allows for it to emit certain durability, which in turn, allows the ice to retain it's form in entirety even in the presence of vicious hell fire. Though this field of magic has since been translated into higher levels, this particular brand functions as the stepping stone for Silvius’ arsenal, enabling the man to reach newer heights.
  • Freeze: With Silvius’ level of mastery, he is effortlessly able to utilize the element of ice; his prowess extends to such an extent that he is capable of turning any designated area into a winter wonderland with little burden on his magical energy container. The same is true with any and all physical objects; all materials Silvius comes into contact with is frozen in a thick block of ice in the blink of an eye. This also makes it much easier for him to dispose of his foes, as once the particular substance has been converted into ice, it is that much easier to shatter into pieces. Silvius is renown for this trait especially, as when it is combined with his Dragon reflexes, he is able to track high speed projectiles and nullify them in the midst of their motion simply by freezing them. For Silvius to freeze something, however, he does not necessarily have to be in direct physical contact with an object, as his presence is able enough to bring upon the bitter cold sensation. Anything that is within a certain radius of Silvius is quickly altered in temperature, plummeting instantaneously and therefore allowing the dragon slayer more room to work with.
  • Ice Construction: A power regarded to the finest; Silvius is able to shape the element of ice into any virtual form. Silvius possesses the creation of both static and dynamic capabilities, enabling him to seemingly breathe life into his several creations. This is initiated through the use of a hand seal —Silvius curls his right hand into a fist, before resting it on either side of his left hand, reciting the incantation to cast the spell. A surging light-blue aura invokes his body, freezing anything within a certain radius, a testament to just how cold Silvius’ craft is. Dependent on Silvius’ remaining magical energy, he is able to construct several large ice sculptures, easily dwarfing even the largest of sky scrapers in Magnolia. His ice is known to possess a considerable degree of durability, whereas it is not so easily broken, no matter the residual strength of his opponent. Likewise, the same can be said for flames, even those of other Dragon Slayers; they are unable to melt the ice without suffering their own fair share of consequences, which would most likely require consumption of a hefty portion of their magical reserves.
  • Temperature Manipulation: Silvius is able to freely manipulate his body temperature with the use of his Frost Dragon Slayer Magic. This in itself may very well be his greatest power, as it allows him to survive harsh weather conditions by simply turning his own personal channels. He is able to reach even sub-zero levels with this ability, with the furthest possibility being the absolute zero mark, where his body becomes so very cold that the most minimal of physical contact renders anything frozen, leaving close quarters combat ill advised. Unlike the resistance to cold that exists with other forms of Ice Magic, Frost Dragon Slayer Magic instead bestows a direct immunity to Silvius, to the point where cold temperatures have no literal effect on him or his creations.
  • Frost Dragon King’s Roar (霜竜王の咆哮, Shiryūō no Hōkō): The signature breath of the frost dragon, Silvius’ roar is known to pack quite a wallop. The interesting aspect of Silvius’ breath is the rigid temperatures at which he unleashes them; as a manipulator of freezing temperatures, his breath attack is able to freeze physical, liquid, and gaseous objects with relative ease. When caught within its impressive radius, at the very least, the spell leaves the target with several third degree burns as a result of frostbite, if not leaving them in a nullified state where they have essentially been transformed into an ice sculpture. With his prowess, Silvius has never failed to freeze anything, including the flames of praiseworthy mages. It is often difficult for one to escape the vicinity of the technique because of the adverse effect the roar can take; dependent on the situation, Silvius is able to change his breath attack into a literal chilled gust of air, where it appears to take on a smoke-like personal, covering a large distance in a short amount of time. This cloud of mist can be treated like a thick fog, in the sense that it erases Silvius’ being from plain view and makes it increasingly difficult to determine the output of his attacks. As a trained assassin, Silvius’ fines carefully allows him to hide his footsteps in a manner in which they can only be heard by fellow dragon slayers and other amplified senses alike, rendering him naked to the average magician. This in turn, makes him a vital threat, seeing as though he is more than capable of sneaking up on uneasy targets and stealing away the very lives they hold sacred.
  • Frost Dragon King’s Icicle Spear (霜竜王の氷柱槍, Shiryūō no Tsuyari): Much like the ordinary ice make magic, this technique displays masterful usage of effectively shaping magical energy. To begin, Silvius quite literally calls upon his dragon powers to grasp the element of ice; thereafter, by harnessing the power directly, he is able to shape the ice to his will. For this particular attack, Silvius shapes his ice into the form of a large spear, though it should be noted that it is more reminiscent of a halberd or staff. Nonetheless, in appearance, the spear greatly resembles a harpoon in that two additional pikes protrude at the very tip, giving the spear a total number of three blades. At times, Silvius has even been seen using this spear to cast magic; by focusing his energy into the staff, he is able to directly infuse up to a certain amount of spells within the spear so that others can utilize his unique form of dragon slayer magic simply by wielding the weapon. It is also worth noting that the spear possessing incredible impaling capabilities and more often than not leaves those who have been grazed by it with frostbite, rendering it futile for Silvius to allow even his own comrades to utilize it in the first place.
  • Frost Dragon King’s Honing Claw (霜竜王の剃刀砥爪, Shiryūō no Kamisoridotsume): This is simply the collective term coined to the basic maneuver of a frost dragon slayer such as Silvius. As a manipulator of ice and an experienced handler of magical power, Silvius’ will extends into his spells, allowing him to shape his energy in any way he deems necessary. In this particular example, Silvius creates an extension of his arm through the use of his ice; the arm is coated in a layer of ice taking the form of a dragon's claw. Thereafter, it is able to deal damage from a distance simply by stretching and therefore branding Silvius with a stationary means of countering his opponent. While it is referred to as a "claw", the same principles can be applied to essentially any of Silvius’ body parts to make for a more efficient means of long distance combat.
  • Frost Dragon King’s Moon (霜竜王の月, Shiryūō no Tsuki): A truly useful attack, it is used by Silvius when placed within the quarters of a tight situation to turn the tables immediately. By channeling his magical power within his body, Silvius is able to craft an ice sculpture out of himself, which takes the physical form of his replicate; this clone is able to conduct war on its own accord, without Silvius having to stress himself over controlling its actions. Furthermore, this clone can be used as a decoy, and at times, even as a replacement, so as to have another non-living substance take damage for Silvius. This in itself is a deception, and can be used by Silvius in alarming periods of time to catch his opponent by surprise. To create this doppelgänger, Silvius generally freezes the preexisting water vapor in the atmosphere to take his place, while moving away from the setting secretly.
  • Frost Dragon King’s Freezing Hailstorm (霜竜王の凝固氷雨, Shiryūō no Reitouhisame): An attack that targets the terrain as opposed to solely the user's opponent; the freezing hailstorm, as its name suggests, calls upon an endless hailstorm comprised of large spherical shards of ice. Because of the nature of the technique, in that it directly damages the battlefield as opposed to just a single enemy, it is deemed to be quite difficult to evade, as one cannot simply move out of the way of several hundreds of raining ice droplets without once being inflicted by them. Upon coming into physical contact, the shards shatter into several pieces, causing further harm to their victim.
  • Frost Dragon King’s Arctic Mist (霜竜王の防寒靴霞, Shiryūō no Akuteikiri): The arctic mist is one of Silvius’ most fearsome techniques in the entirety of his repertoire. This is due to nature of the technique itself, coupled with the fact that it is quite effortless for Silvius to execute in continuous succession without so much as a hint of exhaustion on his magical reserves. Much like his unique dragon's breath technique, this mist is secreted through his mouth. Because it takes the form of a gas, the mist covers a relatively large distance in a very short period of time, rendering it very difficult to evade, especially when already draped within close quarters. The mist's greatest asset is its ability to conceal Silvius’ presence to perfection, without allowing so much as his physical appearance to be visible to his opponents. For this reason, it has become increasingly difficult to live up to the man's might when he has called upon his mist. However, while it is impossible to sense Silvius’ exact location due to the mist carrying his magical energy signature, it is still possible for those with refined senses to pinpoint his whereabouts.
  • Frost Dragon King’s Floor (霜竜王の床, Shiryūō no Yuka): Without a doubt, one of the more cunning techniques within Silvius’ arsenal, the ice-make floor allows Silvius to quite literally shape the terrain to his liking, thus, giving the s-ranked mage the clearcut advantage in battle. This technique can be emitted through the soles of his feet, allowing him to initiate the spell secretively. On most occasions, Silvius’ enemies are unable to so much as stand on his ice, as it is far too slippery for one to adjust to in the first experience alone. Like all ice-make spells, the element of water is highly susceptible to Silvius’ prowess; with this particular execution of ice-make magic, Silvius is able to freeze large bodies of water at will.
  • Frost Dragon King’s Sword (霜竜王の刃, Shiryūō no Yaiba): Quite possibly Silvius’ most reliable offensive capability is the fearsomeness he displays through direct confrontation; a man renown for his agile movements, Silvius prefers close range combat above all else, as when his opponent touches his ice, that is when the true nature of his power is revealed. This factor is more thoroughly introduced with the essence of the Cold Excalibur. While he is more than capable of eliminating his enemies with his fists alone, the presence of an ice-make weapon greatly enhances Silvius’ offensive power, turning him into a powerhouse. The sword is weaved through the basic principles of ice-make magic, and as such, is incredibly quick and otherwise requires little to no effort on Silvius’ behalf to construct. The sword itself is not particularly heavy, though remains highly efficient in terms of raw cutting power and sheer strength. This allows Silvius to fight to his potential without a burden on his jolting speed. Furthermore, because it is crafted from ice itself, other magicians who are not on even terms with ice cannot properly wield the blade, as even the slightest touch works to crack their skin due to its freezing temperatures. The blade itself can also act as a wand of the sorts, capable of casting ice spells through the very tip. While this feature is seen less often, it allows for Silvius to encase his opponent in a block of ice upon contact, rendering so much as one slice a lethal blow to his opponents. Like all his creations, Silvius can imbue his own blood into the Cold Excalibur to make it resistant to time magic, while also enhancing the blade's overall power.
  • Frost Dragon King’s Shield (霜竜王の匿, Shiryūō no Toku): Silvius’ first line of defense comes in the form of a large defensive shield. The ice-make shield was in actuality the very first spell he had managed to grasp the full concept of, and thus, utilized it greatly during his childhood especially. However, even in his later years, the technique has come to great use; more often than not, activating such a power is as natural as it is for him to blink. Upon Silvius’ very command, a large plated sphere, taking the form of a shield is forged through the principles of ice-make magic. The shield itself is quite durable, enough to remain intact even against some of the highest caliber attacks known to mankind. Additionally, the shield is capable of emitting various spiked icicles from the outside, protruding whatever comes into contact with it, be it an incoming projectile, or an actual magician. The immense defensive capabilities of the shield are such that it possesses the ability to completely obliterate the spell in question upon contact. However, it is worth noting that the shield's thickness can be lessened to some extent, in order to allow Silvius to instead repel incoming spells back to his opponents.

Silvius’ Frost Drive.

  • Frost Drive (霜気迫, Shimokihaku): Otherwise regarded as the Single Element Dragon Mode (モード初代要素竜, Mōdo Shodai Yōsryū), is an ability available to only a select few dragon slayers —perhaps only of the third generation classification— Silvius’ enhancement magic comes in the form of the Frost Drive. When activated, Silvius’ being is laminated in a coating of thick, durable blue magical energy, enveloping and tracing his very figure. This transition is immediate, and as its appearance would suggest, is not very taxing on Silvius’ body, supplementing the latter with a substantial increase in his physical attributes, the most noticeable of which is in regards to his lateral movement. All of his magical abilities are also augmented and his appearance takes on an overall more menacing persona; his hair especially, rises upward and settles into a spiky manner, representing pointed glaciers.
  • Frost Dragon King’s Polar Punch (霜竜王の正反対穿孔, Shiryūō no Seihansenkou): As fundamentally sound of a technique as they come; the polar punch is executed through the utmost basic means of frost dragon slayer magic. To begin, Silvius first coats the given fist in a powerful dragonic aura which begins to emit streams of mist as a result of the freezing temperatures. Upon the slightest of contact, the sensation is transferred from Silvius’ hand to the body of his opponent, slowly rendering them immobile as their body begins to quite literally become encased within a block of ice. Wherever the target had initially been inflicted with is marked with a small icicle glacier which begins to expand feeding off of the host's own magical energy until it effectively traps them. The ice can be removed though is known to leave behind several first degree burns. This has also proven to be quite the challenge, as per the sheer dexterity of Silvius’ ice. It is so incredibly durable that so much as invoking a single crack upon it is said to be impossible for most.

Dragon Slayer's Secret Art (滅竜奥義, Metsuryū Ōgi): The aforementioned class of sorcery is among the highest caliber spells Silvius is able to use. For certain matters, they are quite literally the techniques that define his legacy as a warrior and more thoroughly display his craftsman to the rest of the world. Their sheer power alone is enough to shape the environment, leading Silvius to prohibit their regular usage in battle. As such, for Silvius to rely on such spells is beyond rare; one will know they have the man's full efforts when he utilizes such high level magic. The spells were taught to Silvius by Sukaru himself, mere months before her departure, meaning the boy was left to master the techniques himself. Gradually overtime, however, he even created his own breed of techniques based off the same fundamental principles. They are referred to by Silvius himself as the very pinnacle of ice magic.

  • Avalanche (雪崩, Nadare): The single most powerful ice-orientated spell within all of existence, according to Silvius, its prowess is such that it allows one to freeze even time. It was developed by him as a counter measure to Cuda's Arc of Time; to this day, Silvius has been the only one to be able to fight against the Saint on somewhat equal terms. In order for the spell to be cast, a list of criteria must first be met in preparation. Utilization of the spell in itself leaves Silvius on the brink of exhaustion.
  • Subzero Vanquish: Glaring Frost Blizzard (零下呪禁炯吹雪, Reikajugon Kefubukii): This technique is heralded for its formidable lethality in both accuracy and power. As a technique that targets not only the opponent, but additionally the surrounding atmosphere, evading the glaring frost blizzard is close to impossible, though it may still be possible defend against it. The spell is comprised of an endless storm of large icicles. As durable as they are powerful, the shards of ice fire in rapid succession from every angle —reminiscent of a machine gun— until eliminating their target. The shards are able to penetrate most defenses and will easily run through human flesh.
  • Diamond Glacier: Frost Dragon King’s Fang (霜竜王の金剛氷河, Shiryūō no Naiyahyouga): The enhanced version of the Frost Dragon King’s polar punch, this spell is physically orientated. Making good use of his superb reflexes and his agile body, Silvius quickly approaches his opponent whilst coating his body in the aura of the frost dragon. Shielding his face with both arms, he then proceeds to thrusting his hands forward in a swift motion, leaving behind remains of blue energy that take the form of the letter "X". Additionally, for heightened visual appeal, an illusion of Sukaru —the frost dragon who taught his magic to Silvius— appears at large behind Silvius, seemingly influencing the power of his assault. Altogether, the technique is by far Silvius’ most reputed when measuring strictly close quarters combat.

Sky Dragon Slayer Magic

Sky Dragon Slayer Magic (天の滅竜魔法, Ten no Metsuryū Mahō): Upon slaughtering the Sky Dragon God (天竜神神, Tenryū no Kami) Aerogan, appointed by those residing above the clouds as the guardian of the skies, Silvius gained access to its illicit breed of Dragon Slaying Magic, through the means of a Magic Transfer. To this day, the essence of Aerogan lingers about within Silvius, tainting him with what he likens to an additional soul. With an additional Slayer Magic under his disposal, Silvius became even more versatile than he had been before, literally adding another entirely separate element that could very efficiently coexist alongside his glacier affinity. This breed of Magic bestows the power of the skies into Silvius' body, allowing him to dominate the surrounding atmosphere to attack his opponents. However, even more so, Sky Dragon Slayer Magic is considered to be truly unique due to its supplementary factor, which incorporates healing into its vast plethora of abilities. Still yet, it serves functions even further beyond this blessing, granting whomever is so fortunate enough to wield its power a series of spells that can greatly effect the course of a given battle through the utilization of various enhancements. Indeed, the Magic is literally able to raise Silvius' already astounding attributes, be it his speed, strength or health. For this reason, Silvius considers the Sky Dragon Slayer Magic to be the most powerful amongst all Dragon Slayer elements.

  • Flight: Using the properties of Sky Dragon Slayer Magic, which, as its name would suggest, is orientated about the skies and such, Silvius is able to take to the skies to continue his battles. Being able to fly is one of the greatest advantages any magician may have, especially when it is done without the accumulation of any wings or other propellers which could prevent flight if damaged. Instead, Silvius’ flying magic comes in the form of a spell, much like the rest of his supplementary repertoire. He is known to be able to ascend to great heights, and furthermore, at astonishing levels of speed that would rival even fully committed Exceeds, such as his partner, Anna. His domination over the atmosphere is especially evident when considering the fact that the very sky is his literal weapon; Silvius, through the energies residing within him, is able to treat even the literal air as a solid, which allows him to accomplish a feat that is akin to walking on it as a type of surface. This is very useful for rebounding, or in a similar sense, catching himself, so as to prevent Silvius from rocketing a great distance when he has been struck. Furthermore, he can utilize the air to enhance his own attacks, by using it as a trampoline of the sorts to spring himself forward at greater speeds.
  • Enhanced Touch: The refinement of a natural sense not typically awarded to Dragon Slayers, even Silvius’ sense of touch is enhanced by his magic, all through the miraculous benefits of the wind element. He is able to read and discern the airwaves all around him, notifying him of enemy behavior and the like. When employed in battle, it allows him to prepare for an attack before it is able to make contact with him, granting him more time to either defend against it or even simply be able to place himself in a better position so as to evade it altogether.
  • Air Walk: A step beyond simply flying, with the use of his magic, Silvius is able to treat the air as if it were a solid substance. This in turn allows him to stand on even literally walk on air, as well as make conventional means of it to support himself in various ways, one example being to hold himself in place or even to function as an invisible wall of the sorts, so as to catch himself or rebound from an attack that would have otherwise blasted him a further distance away. Silvius has completely mastered this concept to the point where he unconsciously treats the surrounding air as a solid, granting him with much more creativity to work with as he can literally consider the areas above land when orchestrating battle strategies.
  • Air Generation: This breed of magic sanctions Silvius the ability of generating the element of wind to his liking, with there being seemingly no end to how much he can conjure at any one instance, so long as he has enough magical energy lying about in order to do so. By example, Silvius can simply summon large sums of air to corrode various metals and of the like, causing them to rust and therefore be much less usable, if not completely negligible. The formation of air before him functions much like an invisible barrier of the sorts, protecting Silvius from harm; this latter trait is most commonly used against projectile orientated attacks that he must defend against within a small frame of time. Finally, by constructing air, Silvius is essentially giving life to more and more oxygen, leaving him with enough air to breathe through at all times, such as in the case of an emergency. This can fit around his visage much like a helmet of the sorts --albeit while appearing invisible to the naked eye-- functioning as a protective oxygen mask which continuously supplies him with enough oxygen to remain alive and completely active.
    • Air Embodiment: The bond between a Slayer and his element is like no other across the face of the planet. Those who have truly come to master the properties of a particular element may see themselves go as far as to take upon the literal characteristics of that element; in Silvius' case, he is able to turn his entire body into air. This grants him an ability likened to teleportation, whereby merging with the surrounding domain allows him to reappear as far as the element extends. For this reason, Silvius is regarded as to having mastered stationary combat —even when he is moving, in truth, he is still remaining almost completely still.
  • Air Manipulation: With access to Sky Dragon Slayer Magic, essentially the entire atmosphere becomes a playground for Silvius. He is freely able to manipulate the pressure of the wind, allowing him to summon powerful gusts to slash at his foes. One of the single most greatest traits of this Air Manipulation is the fact that Silvius can even deprive certain areas of oxygen, preventing flames from burning and even causing his various enemies to suffocate and die a very grievous death. Furthermore, by harnessing the air surrounding an object, Silvius can achieve a feat very similar to telekinesis; this works even in the circumstance of his opponent, where he can use the invisible air pressure to crush and grind them to his liking. To him, the fact that the series of wind orientated attacks remain invisible is the most fearsome trait for his Sky Dragon Slayer Magic, as his opponent is left oblivious as to where the attack will even sprout from. Another element Silvius is able to gain control over is the literal aspect of sound; by manipulating the winds to his liking, Silvius can nullify enemy projections, rendering Sound Magic futile against him as well; he is also able to accomplish the contradictory factor of using the aforementioned to instead increase his own hearing by listening in on the frequencies within the air. The latter can even be used to ward off electrical currents when considering that air is a natural insulator of electricity.
  • Sky Dragon God’s Roar (天竜神の咆哮 Tenryūjin no Hōkō): As with all other types of Dragon Slayer Magic, Sky Dragon Slayer Magic has its own signature roar based spell, one which Silvius especially uses to great effect. By kneading the energies within his body and forcing them up through his throat, Silvius can expel a vacuum of air from his mouth. This spell releases a tremendous amount of force, enough to push back a giant demon weighing in over a ton with ease. Garnering such power, Silvius has never not been able to force anything in his path backward. The spell can also be fired akin to a giant cyclone, where spirals of razor sharp wind are forged to slash through the enemy.
  • Sky Dragon God’s Embodiment (天竜神の具現, Tenryūjin no Gugen): With the infusion of sky and frost properties, Silvius gains the ability to utilize the unique dragon slayer magic of the sky dragon, even if it would be indirectly. Nonetheless, Silvius has embedded some of the more well known spells into his own arsenal; though, because they were repolished by him, he has since renamed them to his liking and their effects may vary in comparison altogether. The dragon slaying magic of the sky dragon is truly unique in nature, given that it revolves heavily around supplementary skills used to enhance the slayer's already refined senses and abilities. One such advantage comes in the form of the long lost healing magic; however, unlike those who are privileged enough to harness sky god slayer magic, sky dragon slayers are unable to heal themselves through their own magic. This is essentially makes the typing irrelevant for Silvius, seeing as though the man does not possess any known nakama at this point in his career. However, the magic is still able to cure and negate the effects of poison altogether, which is what this particular technique revolves itself around. By coming into contact with the aura of this spell, any such poison is instantly nullified upon contact, given that the sky dragon slayer magic would have cured it on the spot.
  • Tenbatsu (天竜神の体一吹き, Sky Dragon God’s Wrath): An almighty attack formulated through minimal efforts, it is one Silvius regards very frequently, being one of his signature attacks. He developed it on his own through the years, to the point where he is now able to make use of it effortlessly, and with little magic consumption on his own part. Cupping his hands at his waist —like a very familiar monkey would— Silvius begins to conjure magical energy between his fingers, forging a round sphere of aura; this energy in actuality is compressed air, growing more and more potent by the second, as evident by the shining tendrils that begin to dance and rotate every which way. Drawing his hands back to the front of his body, Silvius unleashes his wrath by firing this spell; such formidable power is likened to a literal air bomb, as it essentially dictates very powerful explosions on impact with the enemy. The sheer concussive force is no less than a full-scale hurricane, enough to completely decimate the flesh and otherwise interior structure of a typical warrior, regardless of his or her race. It should be noted that the latter procedure is all done systematically for physical appeal; the actual process of compressing air in the atmosphere is a much easier task for Silvius to accomplish without all this additional behavior. The attack can be launched in greater numbers and over a much wider terrain; literally by compressing the air that exists all around, Silvius can create several hundreds of the same technique to blast his opponents as they move about. As with all the other wind orientated spells within Silvius’ arsenal, the spell's potency when utilized this way lies within the fact that because it is no more than literal air, it is invisible to the naked eye, and thus cannot be predicted through sight alone.
  • Vernier (瞬足, バニーア Banīa): The testament of the prowess of a sky dragon slayer comes in the form of an arsenal employed with various supplementary spells and otherwise techniques that exist solely for the purpose of supporting others. However, this protective instinct, while it cannot be used to recuperate the injuries inflicted upon oneself, can indeed be extended to enhance the abilities of the user. This is by far the greatest asset of sky dragon slayer magic, as it allows for the slayer to enter a superficial state of being for a short period of time. However, while it is considered minimal in the measurement of time, the dramatic increase in power can very well tip the balance of a battle and more precisely dictate a victor. This spell functions as a supportive type magic to increase Silvius’ already impressive abilities. This gear in particular is responsible for providing the phenom with an increase in speed and overall movement. Additionally, Silvius’ body is coated in an aura --similar to when he has Frost Drive initiated-- thereby granting him flight for however long the spell's attributes are active. This spell can be used by Silvius on others as well. The spell can be used alongside the following incantation, "Fast winds that run the heaven, Vernier."
    • Ile Vernier (速度倍化, イルバニーア, Iru Banīa): By chanting "Ile Vernier", Silvius casts Vernier twice in succession, doubling the already staggering boost he received dramatically. At this point, his speed is said to be unrivaled, refined to such a degree that keeping track of him is virtually impossible. So precise are his movements that he literally leaves behind imprints of himself, likened to speed-clones, in places he has traveled, making it appear as though he was in one place when he was truly in another, a type of deception that is quite becoming of the Assassin. As with the original version, this spell can be utilized on other mediums, be it a person or object.
  • Arms (剛腕, アームズ Āmuzu): With the power of Arms comes an astounding enhancement to Silvius’ already praiseworthy physical attributes. Though his body remains the same size; without so much as his body growing in length or even his muscles growing larger, the magic that is presented before him works to increase his offensive fighting power considerably. It is worthy of noting that this benefit is not limited to only physical attacks, greatly enhancing magical orientated attacks such as his Dragon's Roar, for example, as well. When taking into consideration that Silvius was already capable of collapsing large structures without any prior enhancements, the fact that his raw attacking power is now taken to another level is quite fearsome indeed. This spell is triggered through the following incantation, "Power of the stout arms that tears heaven, arms."
    • Ile Arms (攻撃力倍化, イルアームズ, Iru Āmuzu): As if Silvius’ power was not already sufficient enough, this spell, like many others within its classification, can be triggered in succession to multiply its benefits. With such stupendous strength, Silvius has proven himself capable of shattering entire islands with but a single fist, even despite holding back his power. Very rarely will Silvius ever call upon such strength, as truly it is quite unnecessary. However, instances in which he does have all ended instantaneously. The fist that destroys an island is able to destroy the anatomical structure of an Etherious in one fell swoop, a testament to how truly ridiculous Silvius’ power is when multiplied to such a degree.
  • Armor (アーマー Āmā): This spell nourishes Silvius’ body with an anticipated defensive "mechanism". Through the power of magic, Silvius’ skin becomes much more durable, to the point where he is able to take on weaponry slashing against his bare chest without receiving any noticeable wounds in return. It is his variant of a so called "perfect defense"; even bullets have failed to pierce through his flesh. The spell's greatest trait lies within the fact that it can be activated even while Silvius is in the midst of moving; meaning, it is a defense on the go, without being limited to a certain stance, or anything of the nature.
    • Ile Armor (防御力倍化, イルアーマー, Iru Āmā): A literal nightmare, casting the spell a second time is likened to Silvius being adorned within several layers of metallic armor. While being coated within the initial state, Silvius was said to have absorbed the contact of a sword, casting the spell a second time allows him to unconsciously shatter that very same blade into dozens of pieces through nothing more than mere contact with his very own skin! This spell really makes one ponder upon the question as to how Silvius may have even received a scar through his eye in the first place.
  • Body Anomaly Reversal Magic, Raise (状態異常回復魔法レーゼ Jōtai Ijō Kaifuku Mahō Rēze): Without a doubt, one of techniques Silvius admires the most within his entire skill set. This is due to the usefulness it possesses, having apparently won him many battles throughout the course of his magician career. Its usefulness configures several properties by returning the body of the user to its original state. By doing this, any such restrictions that had been placed earlier will be removed immediately. This has proven to be true even against gravity magic, as it essentially allows Silvius to carry on almost as if no additional amount of stress had been applied to his being. The same goes for any such spell that attempts to constrict his movement; by relying on this power, Silvius can free himself of any superficial link created through magic, such as Maguilty Sense and even Body Restriction Magic. This technique is also referred to as "Haze" by Silvius, symbolizing an arctic mist that appears to clear away any unwanted irritations.
    • Anomaly Resistance Enchant: Re-Raise (状態異常耐性付加, エンチャント, リレーゼ Joutai Ijō Taisei Enchanto Rirēze): Another supportive orientated spell, it is superior to its predecessor in the aspect that instead of reversing the effects of an enemy's spell, it grants Silvius complete immunity towards it. When activated, Silvius’ body cannot be invaded by a vast series of anomalies, as its name would suggest, including, but not limited to, sleep inducement, paralysis, and intoxication. Furthermore, whatever secondary effect a spell may possibly carry is negated entirely; in example, a fire-based spell that would have normally burned its opponent upon contact can no longer burn Silvius, only deal damage. This most nearly means that all elemental spells are the same before Silvius’ magic --they are all no more than blasts of energy.
  • Troia (トロイア Toroia): What separates Silvius from the rest of his draconic brethren is the fact that he has an immunity toward the exasperating motion sickness; well, though this may not be the most valid of statements, it is, however, true to a certain extent. By harnessing his Sky Dragon Slayer Magic, Silvius can heal this irritative feeling when it occurs, as well as prohibit it from occurring in the first place. Furthermore, by generating the green aura within his hands, and then touching it to the head of his ally, Silvius is able to heal the motion sickness within others. This spell is capable of healing various other effects to the brain as well, such as headaches and migraines; it is also known to help repel against illusions.
  • Eridanus (エリダヌス座, Eridanusuza): The world is known to progress at a constant rate, however, its inhabitants function otherwise, expressing varying numerals in terms of speed. The individual perspectives each and every person views this ensuing chaos is known as perception, the literal art of analysing data within a moment's notice. With his Sky Dragon Slayer Magic, Silvius can raise his already Dragon-esque perceptive abilities to an entirely separate level, allowing him with an enhanced perception of the sorts. When activated, the world around him embarks upon a much slower pace, offering him time to read movements with unrivaled fluidity and then answer accordingly thereafter. It is a common tactic for Silvius to deploy this spell to first seek out the combat style of his opponent.
    • Ile Eridanus (エリダヌス座倍化, Iru Eridanusuza): A gracious benefit to Silvius, and a nightmare to his opponents, this is merely the act of casting this spell in quick succession, thus multiplying the effects it may have upon Silvius. His perception of time is altered yet again, with the magical energies flourishing in larger amounts around his brain. Techniques and of the nature that had originally been deemed as being "instantaneous" by their creators no longer appear to be anything similar to the argument, as they become so slow moving that Silvius contemplates reading a book in the interval of it arriving before him.
  • Regalia (神璽, Shinji): Sky Dragon Slayer Magic has shown great versatility in terms of what it is able to accomplish; it may heal others, negate the effects of others' techniques, and even raise the mechanics of several people, whether it be boosting their speed, defenses or even their output of damage. However, if this is all true, surely one would not be so arrogant as to disregard the existence of another spell that accomplishes the very opposite; indeed, this is a spell that does not increase one's battle prowess, but rather, it actually decreases it, if not hindering it altogether. Like the spells before it, this one does not necessarily require physical contact to establish a link, allowing Silvius to cause misfortune even from a distance. Drawing his hand forth, a magical circle appears beneath his opponent, lowering each and every statistical value significantly. With this spell active, so much as a mere tickle from Silvius may carry devastating results for his effected opponent, whose defenses become thinner than paper sheets.
    • Ile Regalia (神璽倍化, Iru Shinji): Much like the rest of the spells within this category, Regalia may be cast in swift succession to multiply its effects. It is truly devastating, in the sense that it may potentially leave Silvius’ opponent as slow as an elder tortoise, as fragile as a piece of fabric, all the while being unable to so much as place a tickle upon Silvius’ body, depending on how severe the spell turns out to be, which is ultimately dictated by the amount of magical energy Silvius has invested within it.
  • Milky Way (ミルキーウェイ, Mirukī Wei): Where Silvius stands, an intricate design appears beneath his feet and a pillar of light surrounds his being, shooting high into the skies above. While he is within the vicinity of this illustration, Silvius is able to not only visibly see passing spirits, but also forcibly summon them to act as his aide of the sorts. This has allowed him to speak with the dead and even counter techniques that would otherwise make use of the them; he is even able to place an end to these vile intentions by extracting the souls he encounters, allowing them to pass on to the next world. Another, albeit more demeaning and surely contradicting method Silvius has revealed is the ability to harness each of these passing spirits to provide temporary boosts to his own power. Also, in the case of possession, Silvius is even able to willfully extract spirits from his own being.

Dual Element Mode


Silvius in his Sky Frost Dragon Slayer Mode.

Sky Frost Dragon Mode (霜空竜形式, Mōdo Sōkūryū): Birthed from the possession of two distinct breeds of Dragon Slayer Magic is the ability to fuse and garner both elements simultaneously, a rare feat which has since been come to be known as the revered Dual Element Mode. Through careful concentration as well as the ample display of mastery over frost and sky, Silvius ignites a state of being so devastating that the environment is said to essentially be at his mercy. When activated, the wind magic exists over the ice like an extra layer of magic, drastically empowering the output of damage. In this state, Silvius is said to have transcended beyond the limitations of the average slayer by gaining a surplus of power that very few have ever acquired. Within the transformation, Silvius' hair grows considerably longer, though the latter trait is difficult to recognize due to the tendency of the surging aura surrounding his being to keep it flowing upward constantly. He also grows taller and his muscles become more defined. Unlike in the past, Silvius’ aura is not blue in color, but rather white, symbolizing the fusion between the wind and ice elements respectively. Due to the collective grouping effect created by the fusion, Silvius is able to devour the water vapor present within the atmosphere itself; this is due to the reasoning that ice is essentially frozen water, and that with the power of the wind comes the ability to devour the air. Not unlike all previous upgrades, all of Silvius’ spells are enhanced substantially; however, in comparison to earlier transformations, this time around, Silvius’ powers are said to be at their highest magnitude. Due to the fusion that took place within the crystal in his body, Silvius is able to use Sky Dragon Slayer Magic separately from his Frost Dragon Slayer Magic, meaning he is able to garner the element of wind without having to rely upon his additional frost prowess.

  • Sky Frost Dragon's Roar (唸り空霜空竜, Sōkūryū no Hoko): Not unlike the vast majority of dragon slayers, the very first spell garnered by them at large is the signature breath attack orientated around the signature element they encompass. However, as a roar comprised of not one, but rather, two dragon slayer elements, the roar of the sky frost dragon is considerably more powerful, as the sheer size of the technique would suggest in nature. The technique is exhaled through the mouth in the form of a large aura shaped beam. Dark blue in color, the sheer temperatures of the blast are in itself enough to completely freeze just about anything in its path solid, leaving behind assured frostbite and immobilizing any forms of life altogether. Though he is unable to make use of it himself, Silvius likens this technique especially to that of Unison Raid, in that the two dual type elements are fused with one another perfectly, albeit by one sole individual. The frost remains the more durable asset, showing the most prominence in terms of color. The wind, on the other hand, is stored inside the blast, with a powerful layer sublimed like a coating around the entirety of the roar, naturally providing all the more fighting power by sharing its razor wind cutting properties. Because of the intensity of the attack, large winds surface, blowing about objects as large as buildings before freezing them in midair.
  • Sky Frost Dragon's Aurora Gust (霜空竜極光風, Sōkūryū no Kyokkoupu): This spell is the absolute pinnacle of sky frost dragon slayer magic, in that it gracefully combines the two elements to the point of perfection. It can almost be perceived as a fighting style in its own nature, as it makes use of the surrounding atmosphere of the battlefield as a whole. By commanding the air within the sky itself, Silvius creates powerful gusts of wind fragmented with various snow flakes to attack his opponents. The power of the technique is enough to send his enemies flying and keep them down, by commanding the air pressure to crush them to the ground. The temperatures of the wind combined with the razor sharpness of each blade makes it a very fearsome technique, as it not only slashes the target to pieces, but seeps sheer coldness into their bloodstream through the wounds it creates. The current of the winds is controlled by Silvius’ hands and thus, responds to the movements and gestures of his hand's motions. It is in consideration as Silvius’ most fearsome technique, in that he quite literally causes the surrounding space of his opponent to betray them.

Dragon Slayer's Secret Art Revision (滅竜奥義改, Metsuryū Ōgi Kai): The secret art of a dragon is defined essentially by chaos. Utilization of said techniques would result in massive destruction of the terrain and surrounding environment, leading them to be heavily restricted by Silvius himself, seeing as though the man is always in the face of public --albeit secretively-- and calling upon such sheer strength would undoubtedly bring upon an end to such a dream. Additionally, these spells are referred to to by Silvius as a dragon slayer's forbidden art, due to their nature of wrecking havoc and their ability to annihilate anything in their path. The spells are only available to Silvius in his Sky Frost Dragon Slayer Mode, and thus, combine the dual elements of wind and ice, most nearly meaning that they possess the ability to both tear and freeze their opponents.

  • Sky Frost Dragon's Cold Oblivion (唸り空霜凛忘却, Sōkūryū no Rinbokyaku): The most powerful of techniques will target not a single enemy, but an entire terrain, so as to gain complete advantage over the battlefield. With the combined properties of both wind and ice, Silvius is able to manipulate the weather around him to his liking; this technique is one that literally orchestrates a keen level of precipitation. From the very heavens themselves, an endless storm of freezing rain commences, turning all it scathes into ice. Even despite the subzero temperatures, the raindrops are still but in a liquified state; they are refined to the utmost freezing temperature on their way through a sub-freezing layer of air that exists many hundreds of feet above the given surface, making it impossible to restrain under normal circumstances. Because the freezing takes place on an anatomical level, there is no limit to what this freezing rain is able to freeze. Once frozen, the object in question begins to whither away autonomously, turning to dust and vanishing in thin air without an extra effort from Silvius’ behalf. This technique is noted by Silvius to be his single most powerful spell, which he must utilize with the consideration of nearby living organisms on his conscience, as essentially anything caught within its vicinity is destroyed, spreading outward over a large radius of even several miles.

Dragon Force


Silvius enters Dragon Force.

Dragon Force (ドラゴンフォース, Doragon Fōsu): A state of being initially believed to be unobtainable by even the most powerful of dragon slayers, dragon force is the ultimate transformation that bestows power akin to a real dragon upon only the most privileged of dragon slayers. For generations, even the most gifted prospects across the world have only entered the state a handful of times and through trivial means; in Silvius' case, his supreme prowess has enabled him to initiate the transformation at will, as if by second nature. When Silvius enters dragon force, a thick aura surrounds him and shoots upward in a pillar form, devastating everything in its path. The atmosphere plummets instantly, to the point where snow flakes begin to rain down from the heavens. The appearance of the form is quite similar in resemblance to the transformations of the twin dragons of the Sabertooth Guild, likely due to their relations in the aspect that they all are apart of the same breed of dragons, all belonging to the celebrated third generation. Silvius' hair grows longer in length and as a result of the surging magical aura, is forced from its roots into an upright position. His muscles expand fiercely in shape and size, an indication of how dramatically his power has increased. In addition, his mustard gaze emanates an ominous intent, instilling fear within those who peer about them. The most distinguishable physical alteration, however, remains the layer of draconic flesh that plagues his entire body, spanning from his forehead all the way down to his toes. These "scales" are especially noticeable on his face; framing both sides of his face, they pay homage to the man's polar prowess by taking the form of a layer of frost. These markings can also be seen on his chest, arms and legs, providing the dragon slayer with an additional layer of defense, drawing all the more comparison to a real dragon.



Silvius’ full Dragon form.

Dragonborn (竜天成, Ryūtensei): When a mere human elopes himself in the vast tranquilities of taming the might of a Dragon, horrendous consequences are to take place without question. For, this is ultimately the cost of harboring such power on a consistent basis. Naturally, the preliminary stage incorporated within the elements of conceiving this breed of Slayer Magic is none other than intent; the human scarifies himself to the Dragon in a quest to obtain greater power, knowing all too well that such a route would eventually lead to their swift demise, through the form of an unauthorized transformation.

The birth of a Dragon is a truly extraordinary sight to behold; yet, humans alike resent this physical alteration, coming, even so, to regret ever having ventured into the depths of Dragon Slaying Magic. However, modern circumstances would instead foretell the blasphemy of Dragons themselves willingly complying to act as a tribute in the place of their beloved "children"; such an act develops antibodies within the human, annihilating the possibility of ever reaching the heights of a true Dragon. Nowadays, the only such transformations that take place come with those whom are deemed of being apart of the "Second Generation", as they instead received their Magic through a Lacrima, and thus, lacked any forefather who would have sacrificed himself to develop antibodies. A prime example of this context is Erik, none other than the famed "Cobra" of the Oracįon Seis, whose hands and arms turn to claws and scales, respectively, when his Dragon Slayer Magic comes into play.

Dragonborn is the term coined to any individual —such as Silvius— who was not so fortune enough to have developed antibodies against a Dragon-esque transformation, and with proper training, has come to possess a degree of control over it. Indeed, Silvius is capable of transforming aspects of his physical likeness to portray that of an actual Dragon; much like the notorious Dragon King himself, Acnologia, Silvius is even capable of a complete Dragonic Transformation, increasing his size tenfold so as to allow him to compete with the titans of the world. It would also not be farfetched for one to come upon the assumption that Silvius’ human form is no longer his true identity; for he is now but a Dragon, one who has instead taken to the courses of impersonating a human.

Soul Caliber


The Bane of Order.

Soul Caliber (霊器, Reiutsuwa): Bringing to unison aspects of man and dragon into a perfected humanoid state, Soul Caliber is the final transformation attained by Silvius Alvar, a feat deemed so very vile that he was asserted the epithet Bane of Order (痛み規律, Itami no Kiritsu) by the likes the Almighty wielder of Sky and Thunder, who has since grown to fear the possibility of Silvius potentially overthrowing him as the overseer of the skies. According to the aforementioned God, the horrendous power bestowed upon Silvius in this state is great enough to bring about a disturbance to the balance that exists within the lower premises of Earth Land, so much so that readings of the power level are said to seep into the heavens themselves.

The transformation was attained by Silvius many centuries ago at the conclusion of his decisive battle against Aerogan, the revered Sky Dragon God (天竜神, Tenryū no Kami). Defeating the dragon and forcibly assimilating its soul into his own being with the use of the Dragon Soul Technique, he found himself with the newfound ability to garner a second breed of Dragon Slaying Magic, establishing an alternative method to transfer Magic to another individual without the aid of a lacrima. For all the right reasons, this individual aspect bears striking resemblance to the Primal Dragon Mode; however, in contrast, the user bears the soul of a dragon in its entirety, whereas the latter ability makes do of remaining fragments.

Soul Caliber is invoked when Silvius accesses the soul of Aerogan laying dormant within him, which in turn causes the dragon's soul to merge with his own, a feat that is not unlike the properties of Unison Raid, albeit instead of spells being merged with another, it is the souls of dragons that are being trifled with; Silvius' soul was converted into that of a dragon's due to prolonged usage of Dragon Slaying Magic as well as his immediate possession of the Dragonborn ability. Likewise, it is due to this exact transformative prowess that he is even able to undergo Soul Caliber in the first place. Silvius likens Soul Caliber to being his most formidable state of being, claiming to have transcended from the likes of a "Dragon King" into a "Dragon God" as apart of his evolution.

  • Roar of the Dragon God (神竜の咆哮, Kamiryū no Hōkō):

Behind the Scenes

The story of Silvius is one that is meant to represent a series of unfortunate events, ideally, as the actual concept for this character was transcribed from my personal fondness of the very same series by Lemony Snicket. Basically, it tells the story of three orphans who were very well placed in life, though one tragic event essentially leads to their downfall. In a similar manner, Silvius was to be a spoiled noble, one who could have attained anything simply by desiring it; as such, his father was given the arc of embodiment, which allows him to create anything he so imagines to give as a gift to his son.

However, this was not how it transpired for Silvius. Instead, much like the orphans in Snicket's story, Silvius was instead deprived of his wealth as a child, when his parents were ruthlessly murdered. Because I drew quite a bit of inspiration from the story as already mentioned, Silvius was meant to travel from one place to another, experiencing several unfortunate events until he was placed into a position which was suitable for him, but made him a villain in the eyes of others. Happiness, in this story, comes with a price; for Silvius to be content, he had to sacrifice his reputation. While he is truly a good person, the world judges him based off his reputation as a dark mage, and for that very reason, he is a wanted man within the world of magic.

The inspiration to make Silvius an ice orientated mage first came to me on a snow day off of school, believe it or not. Literally, I remember myself being stuck inside, watching as snow kept on falling outside of my window. I was overjoyed, having a sudden day off of school, so I spent it here on this wikia creating Silvius. As for the name, I had already thrown that into my pool of possibilities some few weeks prior, though it was meant to be for an Arrancar character on a Bleach fanfiction wikia, but, because I had so much motive in making a dragon slayer, I ended up using the name here instead.


  • Silvius was created on January 10th, 2015.
    • Silvius was initially known as "Jiretto Ekuseru" until he was renamed on January 20th, 2016, more than a year after his initial creation.
  • Silvius was the first of Fable's Eight Seeds to be revealed.
  • Silvius’ theme song, as chosen by the author, is "Anthem of the Lonely" by Nine Lashes.
    • Silvius’ mother's name, Avueda (アヴェダ, Aveda) is derived from a women's Aveda.
  • The premise of Silvius was decided by the author during the events of a Snow Day off from school. (This also pays homage to the "cold" theme befitting the character)
  • Silvius was initially portrayed as being an Ice-Make Mage on top of being a Dragon Slayer, however, the author decided instead to focus solely on the Dragon Slayer aspect of the character.
  • Silvius became User:DazzlingEmerald's 3rd character article page to eclipse the 100,000 byte threshold on November 8th, 2015 —nearly 11 months after his creation— and the 2nd overall here on Fairy Tail Fanon.

Dragon Slayer Royale

  • Silvius participated in the 2015 Dragon Slayer Royale held between November 18 2015 to March 10 2016.
  • Silvius is the only Dragon Slayer to have murdered his opponent during the course of a Dragon Slayer Royale.
  • Silvius holds the record for the quickest victory in Dragon Slayer Royale history, having defeated his opponent in a single turn.


  • (To Eugene Woodland) "Arrogance is bliss; never allow yourself to be consumed with such a trivial matter to the point where you are unable to so much as defend yourself." [8]
  • (To Tsuki Uintā) "You can continue to get better through failures; learn from your mistakes, make adjustments. If you're dead, you can't take anything from it." [9]
  • (To Crevan Sytiki) "I'm only interested with speaking with you at the moment. So, if you'll be so kind as to remain seated and answer a few of my questions, then the two of us can perhaps enjoy a nice cup of frozen yogurt after all of this is over." [10]
  • (To Takashi Suzugamori) "I'll make it up to you with some advice; I'm not one to repeat myself either, so see that you heed to it. Don't hold back. Release your full power from the beginning, otherwise you won't receive the opportunity to do so later on. I'll tell you now that the last thing you want to do is underestimate your opponent —especially if that opponent is me." [11]
  • (To Takashi Suzugamori) "I gave you a chance; the opportunity to show me what you were truly capable of, but you allowed your arrogance to get the best of you. Unfortunately, I'm not so kind as to reward fools of your caliber a second time." [12]
  • (To Takashi Suzugamori) "Though you may no longer be able to hear me, I will do you no injustice. It would be a sin for me leave you like this. No, I shall honor your efforts now, by finishing you off myself." [13]
  • (To Ash Sangria) "I've searched both long and hard for a matter of your happenings; yet, all of a sudden, here you are in front of me. Would this not be a measure of fate?" [14]
  • (To Surtr) "You have come at long last, though at the cost of your so-called 'children'. It's flattering, really, that you'd show up so suddenly playing the role of their savior, when in reality, they are all in such a miserable state due to your own cowardice." [15]
  • (To Eleanor Valentine) "A woman with a nasty temper... no thanks, I've already plenty of those." [16]
  • (To Eleanor Valentine) "What I need is for children such as yourself to be removed from the face of this planet. Those of you whom hurt others for the sake of your own 'precious' dilly-dallying... you dark mages and the like. I've spared your life under the condition that you are not worthy enough to die by my hand. Now return to Othrys and give my greetings to your master." [17]
  • (To a transformed Damon D. Draco) "Who are you? You can't be Damon. I simply refuse to believe that boy would have ever accounted to such malevolence; so allow me to ask you a second time: just who the hell are you?" [18]
  • (To a transformed Damon D. Draco) "I see. Invoking the force of a dragon as if by second nature; so you've elected to abandon thought in an effort to play on my level, have you? I'm becoming very excited… do not disappoint me, 'Dragon King!'" [19]
  • (To a transformed Damon D. Draco) "You better quit wasting time. You see, I have this very intricate tendency to grow stronger by the second. If this battle ends up dragging on any longer than it already has, then you'll find the tables turn increasingly within my favor." [20]
  • (To Damon D. Draco) "To die a noble death; would it not be unbecoming of you in such a state of mind? Though it may be nothing more than a mere title, I shall be taking it from you here, nonetheless. Consider yourself at my mercy for the time being, whereas only from your crown and throne have you been deprived. Until the day arises when you feel as though you have found greater means in the eyes of your strength, then by all means, do feel obliged to pry it all from my hands a second time. However yet —dare I say it— flounder not upon the grand ascendency of the Dragon God, for even His name alone shall fall deaf upon all ears but mine." [21]
  • (To Pluto Morior) "If that really was the best you could offer, then perhaps it was a mistake for you to play hero and allow your comrades to escape with their lives. I'll tell you only this once that I'm in not in my greatest state of mind today, so if you don't drop this act now, then I won't be reconsidering the amends of your death." [22]
  • (To Pluto Morior) "It's almost as if you aren't even thinking, only generating power and flinging it in my general direction. I will admit, it's fairly impressive that your magic has allowed you to copy the magic of even a Slayer, but ultimately, what good will it do you if you haven't the slightest idea of how to use it?" [23]
  • (To Pluto Morior) "Surely you saw it just now, did you not? The difference of power between each of your spells? Based on that alone, I can only assume the earlier two did not belong to you; unlike the latter, they conveyed inexperience, even ignorance. Strength, under any circumstance, cannot be stolen, only attained, and rightfully so. You who relies on the ability to take and utilize the magic of others, believing that to be the key to strength —just looking at you makes me sick." [24]
  • (To Pluto Morior) "I won't succumb to your bait. I am not so arrogant as to forfeit my advantage based upon the words of my enemy." [25]


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