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Opponent(s) Result Record Occurrence User
Eugene Woodland Win 1-0 Those Who Prosper User:Forest Dragon Slayer
Tsuki Uintā Win 2-0 Ice to Meet You User:Kasumi12346
Takashi Suzugamori Win 3-0 Regicidal Aspirations User:Knightwalker591
Ash Sangria Win 4-0 Horror from the Deep User:Ash9876
Muspelheim Win 10-0 All Fired Up User:Black Dwarf Star
Eleanor Valentine Win 11-0 Rising Splendor User:Mrs Sting Eucliffe
Razia Sultana and Carwen Khapree Win 13-0 Talons of War User:Highestbounty123 and User:HoloArc
Damon D. Draco Win 14-0 Royal Mischief User:DamonDraco
Pluto Morior and Cane Hannibal Win 16-0 Underworld's Winter March User:Black Dwarf Star
Hayashi Aririki Win 17-0 The Depths of Darkness User:Copycat 02

Top Battles

The following is a list featuring Silvius' greatest bouts.

  1. Silvius Alvar vs. Damon D. Draco (Royal Mischief)
  2. Silvius Alvar vs. Razia Sultana and Carwen Khapree (Talons of War)
  3. Silvius Alvar vs. Hayashi Ariki (The Depths of Darkness)
  4. Silvius Alvar vs. Ash Sangria (Horror from the Deep)
  5. Silvius Alvar vs. Takashi Suzugamori (Regicidal Aspirations)

Battle Wishlist

The following is a list of characters the author would like to see in battle, otherwise referred to as a "hit-list."

  1. Knave Dhahaka
  2. Prometheus
  3. Natsu Dragneel
  4. Genghis Breningoch
  5. Indra Svargaloka
  6. Gajeel Redfox
  7. Laxus Dreyar
  8. Sahara Patagonia
  9. Phobos Aegletes
  10. Michael Draconus
  11. Vance Kervic
  12. Jason Tolliver
  13. Auriel

List of characters killed by Silvius

The following is list of character killed by Silvius during the course of a role-play.


  1. Regicidal Aspirations
  2. Horror from the Deep
  3. Frozen Dragon and King of the Underworld
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