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"How are you today? Please take a seat while we prepare your room."
— Siobhan Cordelia

Innkeeper of the Cozy Stay Inn she is also the mother of the Mage from Koma Inu, Aiden Cordelia. Siobhan is an excellent mother as she is very caring. She also makes a great innkeeper. Siobhan was actually the one that suggested that Aiden go off to join a legal guild of Fiore and always makes sure that her son is safe.


Siobhan is an average sized woman. She is always smiling but when you can see her eyes they are a piercing light blue. She usually wears a light pink shirt with a yellow collar. She has red hair and usually wears it in a ponytail with a green scrunchy as to not disturb guests with it.


Siobhan has a very light and happy personality and displays it towards all of the guests that come through her inn and towards all of the town's people. She was always busy when Aiden was around, taking care of him and the guests but is definitely capable of handling both as she is a strong woman.

The Cozy Stay Inn

This is the inn that Tadhg built with help only from his newly wed wife, Siobhan Cordelia. It is located within a very small town but is a crossroads for many other big cities and receives a steady amount of business. This inn is sure to accommodate all of the customers needs. As the name implies the inn is one that is made to feel warm and cozy. The only employees to have worked in the inn would be members of the Cordelia family.

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