Siren Feather
Guild2 Location
Name Siren Feather
Kanji 水美羽
Rōmaji Sairenfezā
Symbol Guild2
Master Takiara Chuteaurraux
S-Class Mages
Type Legal Guild
Location Bosco

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Siren Feather (サイレンフェザー Sairenfezā 水美羽, literally meaning "Water Beauty Feathers") is a Legal Guild, composed of several powerful Mages. It was created by Carmoiss Chuteaurraux, uncle of the current Guild Master and also the founder of the Prison of Thanatos.


Guild2 Location

Siren Feather's Guild

Siren Feather's headquarters are located on Bosco, in the shore. Since it is located on a natural rock arch, it has several waterfalls below, making it one of the most fascinating landscapes, as well as one of the most visited places in Earth Land.

It is composed of several small towers and buildings, connected by pathways and bridges. They are white towers with red leather roofs. Because of the amount of staircases needed to access certains parts of the Guild, it is sometimes called the Hundred Steps of Neptune (海王星の百歩 Kaiōsei no Hakubu).

Behind the main waterfall, which is said to nulify any magic cast by those that pass behind it, there are the Guild Master's Personal Quarters and Office.


To be continued...


The Legend of the Crimson Waterfall (紅滝の伝説 Beni Taki no Gensetsu): It is said that the first Guild Master of Siren Feather, during a full moon, when he put his hand on the waterfall, due to the pressure, he was pulled by it and drowned violently. It is said that in nights of full moon, those that touch the waterfall meet the ghost that chokes them to death.


Name Rank Team Status
Carmoiss Chuteaurraux1st Guild MasterNoneDeceased
Takiara Chuteaurraux2nd Guild MasterNoneActive
Pondoir SelvaynGuild AceNoneActive
Mark Von KlausMageNoneActive
Adolf CaillouS-Class MageNoneLeft Guild
Eligio SkyletterMageSky is the LimitActive
Hana TōnaiMageSky is the LimitActive
Allyonert GrantzMageIno-Shika-ChōActive
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