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"Sorry to say this, but on the rankings for the military power of Othrys we're only ranked third. In other words, if you can't even beat us, you have absolutely no chance against the rest of our country!"
— Blaine to a member of Dragon Gunfire

Six Titans of War



Sensō no sebuntaitanzu


The Titans

Professional Status


Base of Operations




Professional Status

Herald Protista
Blaine Pheles
Chi Yagami
Eleanor Valentine
Renzo Hakashi
Marekō Ankai

Former Members

Oscar Miles

The Six Titans of War are the generals of the Othrys army, and the third highest ranking individuals in its hierarchy.


The Titans are all incredibly powerful in their own right, whether they rely on brute strength or intelligence in battle (but they're not as powerful as Cronus or the Cardinals).  Each Titan is at least S-Class in level. They are each in charge of one division of the Othrys army, but a Cardinal can take control of their division if necessary, and they all report directly to their commander-in-chief, Cronus Saturnalia.


Herald Protista - A former serial killer, responsible for over 100 gruesome murders. He was almost captured one night by Rune Knights, but evaded capture with assistance from Cronus.  He has become a loyal soldier of Othrys, wielding his Dog Whistle Magic, and Telekinetic abilities for the good of his city.

Blaine Pheles - A snakelike man, cursed by his own magic: Basilisk.  He rejected the world that rejected him, fleeing to Othrys, joining the city nation to gain power and help those that accepted him take over the world.

Chi Yagami - One of the cruelest yet most kindest Titans, she seems to have joined Othrys for unknown reasons. She is quite friendly with the Cardinal of the East.

Eleanor Valentine - One of the most powerful Titans, she is possibly only second to Cronus himself. Her true power has not yet been revealed, but when her aura is exerted at a fraction, it was enough to shatter the walls and windows of buildings across an entire town. Her actual Magic itself remains unknown, as she rarely needs to use it.

Renzo Hakashi - One of the most feared Titans, he seems to be the silent one, out of the other Titans. Soldiers wouldn't dare to look him in the eye because of the special type of Eye Magic he uses: Emperor Eye. His background story remains a mystery.

Marekō Ankai - A newly appointed titan, Once a member of Dragon Gunfire he grew bored of life and decided to join Othrys, or atleast thats what he says. Many feel he is a spy of some sort but they shut it because of his overwhelming power he has being able to easily become a titan upon joining Othrys's ranks.

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