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Holder Magic



Skewer is a holder magic of different power possessing throwing knives that often are lost after a fight.  Some of the knives break apart into magical power after their effect happens.  This magic can be re-quiped, but is often carried on their person by a holder mage.


A knife a typical item for a person to own, but when the energy poured into the knife is magical in nature. Then the knife can be enchanted to be come a weapon of magical destructive force. This magic is similar to card magic in the nature that the throwing knives are expendable and are bought at rather cheap prices. The reality is that the Skewer magic is made cheap and is lost in a fight or breaks after repeated uses or is a one shot Skewer. Skewer magic can be associated with Re-quip mages, but are often carried on the person to be easily accessible without the wasteful use of magical power to take hold of the magical weapon. Skewer magic comes in all uses and properties with some mass produced and others seemily a collectors item due to restrictions being placed on certain Skewers by the Magic Council.

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