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Slugthrowers (ナメクジ Namekuji?) or firearms (銃器 Jūki?) are unique and seemlessly rare weapons found across the world. They're weapons that fires slugs with use of various of methods such as compressed gas, gunpowder or even with magic. Slugthrowers are according to owners, the best thing to have if you're incapable of using magic as slugs are usually propelled faster then the human eye, beyond the speed of sound even.


A slugthrower or firearm is any barreled ranged weapon designed to propel a projectile (e.g. bullet) outside of the barrel through the method of combustion, air pressure or even through magically means. It was based on past items that followed the similar style. However the first official definition came to use 400 years before the Dragon King Festival, where mages would utilize magic to fire lances at the enemy if they're far aware. It wasn't until the modern era that firearms began to truly become more useable in action and combat.

During the Age of Sailing, firearms had seen a massive overhaul with the appearance of a cannon, a artillery that fired large calibre round (mostly recognizable as the cannonball (or round shot in [[Caliban). The cannon was utilized on naval vessels, and this was also transformed into a magical cannon weapons for mages. Around the same time, they experimented with being more handheld, and this the flintlock was invented. Flintlock worked almost exactly the same way as cannon, except utilizing flint and steel for ignition and gunpowder inside the barrel. The flintlock became a widely used item and was more compatible for Guns Magic, with accuracy being greatly augmented through magic.

The firearms would then seen another drastic improvement with the introduction of Samuel Colt, who began to fully revolutionize the firearm industry with his Colt weaponry. This soon lead to Colt becoming one of the leading figures in firearm production, having a company that spanned to multiple continents, including in Aeternum where Caliban, especially in the East has hired Colt to manufactured weaponry for the military.

However Colt wasn't the only one looking into this, the scientific line of House Aquilo had also looked into firearm industry, having created some of the most powerful firearms in Earth Land. While Colt's weaponry is are mass-produced and already understood, Aquilo's weaponry has yet to be fully realized, being experimental in method, design and concept. The Railway Gun Lacrima Gustav is said to represent what large caliber firearms can lead towards without the use of magic as the primary ammo besides being power.

However other companies has soon rose to do the same, except relying solely on magic itself. Many other "firearms" was soon created that does not fire weapons, but projectiles of pure magical energy from the user. Commonly referred as magic gun (魔法銃 Mahōjū?), magical guns would more utilized by mages as it was made specifically for magic, and thus more freedom in using Elemental spells with Guns Magic. This would extend to the larger calibres of the firearm world such as cannons and other artillery weapons.