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Snake Magic



Hebi no Mahō


Caster Magic


Anguis Bane

Snake Magic (蛇の魔法 Hebi no Mahō) is a Caster Magic that summons and manipulates snakes to the users desires. While there are several users, Anguis Bane is the renowned master of this type of Magic, having done extensive research into it's use and pushing it beyond it's normal limits.


Snake Magic is a form of Caster Magic that allows the user to create and manipulate snakes for their bidding and purposes. When pushed beyond it's normal limits, as Anguis Banes has done, the magic gives the user snake-like features, and alters their body to that of a humanoid-snake. When pushed in this manner, the magic unlocks abilities within the user other users of Snake Magic cannot dream of. Laurent, though unknown how, also has this level of Snake Magic mastery.



Sleeved Fangs (牙袖 Kisode): A spell which allows Anguis to summon snakes from the sleeve of his cloak. These snakes follow his orders and are generally used for binding and keeping a hold of enemies, but can just as easily deliver a fatal bite.

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