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Snake Trap
Snake Infinity Symbol
Name Snake Trap
Kanji ヘビトラップ
Rōmaji Hebitorappu
Symbol A snake in the shape of a infinity sign with its head eating its tail.
Master Inke
S-Class Mages
Type Dark Guild
Location Snake Den, Hercules

Snake Trap (ヘビトラップ Hebitorappu) is the name of a Dark Guild in Hercules. It is run by Inke and is located within the popular club, Snake Den. The name of "Snake Trap" represents a sense of imprisonment some members feel when they realize the stress and tyranny of being a part of this guild. Snake Trap has a crime monopoly in the Pergrande Kingdom. To bring in more members, Snake Trap (secretly) promises a life full of riches and expenses, a poor man's shortcut to the wealthy class. This is how Snake Trap practically grew over night. If anyone is disobedient, or embarrasses Inke, she makes a public spectacle out of them.


Snake Trap was created by Inke was she was 16, although it is unknown what the current age is. Originally, it was made up of Inke's closest friends and some of the Trough District's most powerful. After pulling a few successful heists through out Hercules, the guild was financially set.

Inke bribed police and government officials to keep them out of trouble and the news, and pretty soon, she had enough hard evidence to bring them down if they tried to betray her. Making sure she was the only one dishing out crime, Inke took out anyone who openly opposed her and anyone who tried to compete with her. Pretty soon, Snake Trap's poison had reached the outer edges of Pergrande.


Snake Trap's strength varies between the members, but considering they have dominated the crime scene, it is suggest that they are extremely powerful. Under the leadership of Inke, the guild brings brain to back up their brawn.


Snake Trap has one Magic Spell exclusive to it known as Snake Assurance, which was invented by the queen herself.


Founder & S-Class



  • The guild's motto is "Once a snake, forever a snake (ヘビ一度、永遠にヘビ Hebi ichido, eien ni hebi)".
  • The exact age of the guild is unknown.
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