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"To defy fate, all one needs to do is to go on without giving up."

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Name Snowie
Race Phoenix
Birthdate Unknown
Age 500+
Gender Female
Height Varies (adverage 6'7")
Weight Varies (adverage 215lbs
Eye Color tanzanite
Hair Color Dark brown
Blood Type N/A
Professional Status
Affiliation The Phoenix Kingdom
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation Phoenix Lord
Previous Occupation N/A
Team N/A
Previous Team N/A
Partner Her sisters Blizzardo, Glacia, Niflheimr, Eira,Lumi and her younger ‘brother’ Lancelot Fayth
Previous Partner None
Base of Operations her home
Personal Status
Status Alive
Marital Status Single
Relatives Phoenix King (Father)
Other Phoenix Lords (Brothers & Sisters)
Lancelot Fayth (foster younger brother)


Human Form

When in her human form Snowie has her long brown hair tied in a ponytail, letting it reach down to just below her neck while her eyes could be compared to the tanzanite gemstones in their colour. Thanks to the eternal youth every phoenix seems to have, Snowie looks no older than 25; while it would be more reasonable to put her age over the 500, being the second oldest of the ice-phoenix’s. The only hints that reveal that she is not as young as one would initially think, are her manner of speech and how she looks at everything like a grandmother.

As for her usual clothing, they are most of the time made of different shades of purple and blue. She wears a dark purple riders jacket with slightly altered shoulders. The jacket has tight sleeves. It is rather tight around her waist and bust, but is looser below her chest thanks to a lack of buttons, making it look a bit like the jackets a butler could wear in the past.
The pants are most of the time full seat breeches, covered with white silk on top of the elastic materials.
Her boots are reminiscent of riding boots, coming almost to her thighs and having a slightly elongated heel. Not so much that it could be considered as an actual heel but long enough to lift her own heels.

Phoenix Form

When in a phoenix form Snowie takes the form of a beautiful blue and white phoenix made of snow and and water. Her wings, tail and plum feathers are made of her ice magic while the rest of her is feathers, skin and muscle.


Snowie can be described as a rather calm, reserved, and soft-spoken individual most of the time. The second oldest has not only a curiosity in history and geography, but also in what makes others tick so to speak.

She is most known for how she generally restrains her power as much as possible unlike her younger sisters, even if she doesn't hesitate to release some of her power in order to get her point across when words are not enough.

However, her gentle appearance is rather misleading, as she possesses not only tremendous physical strength but also monstrous magical power. Interesting enough, Snowie will not always fight back when dealing with an opponent, just blocking or evading instead while trying to lecture her opponents as seen in her encounter with Ying Bannin where she generally tried to make him get serious during their little skirmish without losing his calm.



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