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Soaring Phoenix



Kōtō hōō


Martial Arts




Soaring Phoenix is a style known for it's elegance and rapid strikes to pressure points and graceful kicks throwing high kicks that touch the side of the user's head. It also uses stances where the user with have one legged curled up ready to kick while the hands maintain balance and guard, blocks are flowing and circular emulating a bird's wing while parrying an enemy's attack away. The most unique thing of the style though is the way the hands are forms, other than regular punches and palm strikes the main method of attacking with the hands is the "phoenix beak" where the user punches the tips of their fingers and thumb and strike at soft and pressure points of their opponant's body.


Soaring Phoenix was made by a master fighter from one of Mochina Island's many colonies, he was a master of Soaring Wing Kenpo but felt he could improve it. He spent years rebuilding the Soaring Wing style improve it's methods and refining it's techniques while adding some of his own such as the "Phoenix Beak" method of striking pressure points. After many years of his life at 75 years old he unveiled the style in a large fight against some thugs who lived on the colony and had be terrorising many villages. He defeated all of them with his elegant and accurate strikes that paralized then knocked them out. After he beat them they became his first students who all learnt the style and spread it across the Crescent Archipelago.



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