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Solidification Magic.



Gyouko Majikku.


Caster Magic.

Solidification Magic (凝固gマジック Gyouko Majikku ),also known as Solid Art (固体のアート Kotai no Aato ) is a Caster Magic that allows the user to interact with intangible material as if they were malleable substances.


As the name itself implies,the user of this magic can grasp and mold intangible substances and hold them as if they were a solid and tangible object. An example would be a user reaching into a bonfire and pulling out a hand full of fire. Normally,one couldn't even grasp fire,much less hold it and carry it around. Solidification Magic is a free pass to grab things that would normally be physiclly impossible to hold.

An example of the magic being used.

What differs this from simply conjuring a fire onto a magic user's hand is that a this magic let's them mold the tangible material like it would be clay. The user then could  This magic not only extends to natural things,but also magic spells. A user could bat away an incoming spell with little effort with this magic.

An interesting thing to note that a user can also grab any enemy magic users if they turn themselves into a certain element such as lightning or anything else. This allows for suprise attacks upon any opponets that think they cannot be harmed.

The utter range and capabilities of this magic is very large,allowing for creative usage for any magic user that bothers to use it.


There are some notable weaknesses that can be found with inexperienced users of Solidification Magic.

A user can only grab stable substances. Something like an explosive or other abstract things such as light,sound and other things cannot be altered by this magic. Only things that you can actually feel but not alter can be effected by this magic.

Especially strong magical attacks can overpower the Solid Art,rendering it useless.  Rather fast attacks that the user cannot react to are also a viable weakness.


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