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Songbird Magic(鳴禽の魔法 Meikin no Mahou): Is a Caster Magic and Subspecies Magic of Sound Magic that allows the user to generate an Eternano sonic shriek from their mouths and can alter the shrieks to different modulations to cause different effects on people. 


The magic begins by the user concentrating their body's, focusing and drawing in Eternano from around the area and concentrate it into a considerable amount. However, instead of absorbing it through their bodies, the user sucks it in through their mouth like a Dragon Slayer, reinforcing their vocal cords as they then channel the energy, and let out a powerful sonic shriek that can cause disruption of energy as well as be solidifed to deal damage to a person entirely. When in use, the user is capable of modulating the sonic frequency's, allowing for different forms of sounds to be made, which means different abilities to be made depending on the sound that is modulated. An example of this is seen when a user modulated their voice to sound like a majestic siren, serenading them to come closer to them, allowing the user to strike hard and fast while the people are under their control. Another example of a modulated sonic shriek is seen when a user actually makes the shriek change into a form that can be seen to disrupt or break the condense form of anything in front of them or shot at them, one being when a user shrieked and was able to vibrate the shriek at the same form as a piece of glass, breaking it apart with ease. The last use of a magic like this is that with fine control and memory, the user is capable of modulating their voice to sound like anyone else they choose, despite either not knowing the person or not, all they would need is to hear their voice, memorize it, and replicate it with ease. 

However, with such a powerful magic, there are certain risks when one is to use it, and one risk is that the longer a user has this magic in use, the more risk the user has of losing their voice after using the shriek one too many times. Another risk to this spell is the modulation of the voice, with more modulating done at a certain time, it not only puts a strain on the voice, it can cause sevear vocal damage that may take days to recover from, leaving user's unable to talk. 

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