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Soul of magic
Soul of Magic



Soru no Maho




Kirigaya Family

Soul of Magic(そるのまほ Soru No Maho) is a caster type magic created by the Kirigaya family hundreds of years ago, during the era of dragons. It was humanities initial attempt at dragon slaying magic but was sadly a faliure (The dragons that sided with humanity later taught dragon slaying magic to humans). The magic allows the user to turn their bodies into their respective elements.


Soul of magic is a rather unique magic that can be possessed by a mage without much risk to themselves; the risk is in aquiring the magic itself. Many years ago this magic was created by Hagoromo Kirigaya, a member of the magic research and development branch of the magic council during the era of the dragons. It is also noted that this magic only elemental attributes can be used by the users.

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