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Spacial Magic



Kūkan majikku


Lost Magic

Caster Magic

This form of lost magic was created and sealed within a book along with the Time magic. This is an advanced form of magic that only mages with extraordinary potential can master. This form of magic warps dimensions and cuts through space itself.


Spacial Wave: This spell unleashes a wave of magical energy that cuts through space itself. This can be unleashed in a barrage of mini waves or a huge one with destructive potential.

Spacial Bomb: The user summons a small orb in his/her hand and it teleports to the target or targets and creates a massive explosion.

Spacial Rift: This lets the user teleport through space and dimensions freely as he or she wants.

Wormhole: This spell is an advanced spell that can trap or teleport an object or a person in a different location or dimension. This spell relies on how powerful the user is to transport them across vast distances.

Inter-dimensional Travel: This is a forbidden spell where the user can combine dimensions or move dimensions freely as he or she wants with the cost of the user's life. Dimensions can switch places, merge, or move entirely due to this spell.


This magics biggest weakness is that this form of lost magic is only obtainable by few and very hard to master. Spacial magic drains your magic pretty quickly and also requires a massive amount of focus to use or else the spells won't work correctly.

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