Sparrow is an S-Rank member of Watcher Eye. Sparrow is also Marco's long lost son. His real name is Jerald.


When Sparrow was young he lived in the same village as Cue, with is father Marco. He never really understood what Marco did in their village, but then one day Arkaeus released the seal on Fantasma adn used its power to massacre the village. Sparrow narrowly escaped into the woods, believing his all of his family to have died.

Eventually, Sparrow became the leader of a small group of righteous theives that began to gain infamy from the Council and the Fiore Royal Family, mostly because they stole what they needed from them and gave the rest to the poor.

A few years later, by chance Sparrow met up with his father. After a tearful reunion, Marco invited him to join his new guild. Sparrow initally declined not wanting to leave his friends. However, they urged Sparrow to go with his father and told him they'd be fine without him. Marco then suggested that they come with them to the guild. Some decided to stay with Sparrow, but believed that they were still needed to help the poor. Marco then revealed to them the true purpose of his guild: to find Arkaeus. He proposed that while the others were travelling they could relay any information they find about Arkaeus or Fantasma. They accepted and so Sparrow and some his friends joined Watcher Eye.


Sparrow is extremly laid back and carefree, rarely being serious about anything and always having a smile. He is very loyal to his friends and will not hesitate to lay down his life for them. Sparrow also believes guild members should be more involved, frequently trying to get Animos to join him for a drink.

Magic and Abilities

Sparrow is renowned for his power. Sparrow utilizes a powerful takeover magic known as 'Steel Gryphon'.

Partial Takeover: Grypho Wings: When this spell is activated Sparrow's arms become the wings of the Steel Gryphon.

Feather Stroke: Sparrow points his wings at an opponent and shoots feathers at them. As the Steel Gryphon's feathers are as hard as steel, the shot feathers become similar to knives.
Wing Storm: Sparrow uses his powerful wings to release a powerful gust of wind
Full Ta
Sparrow Gryphon form

Steel Gryphon Soul

keover: Steel Gryphon:
With this spell Sparrow'd body fully transforms into the form of the Steel Gryphon.
Mad Feather Stroke: Sparrow fires his knife-like feathers out from the entirety of his body.
Grypho Wing Hurricane: A more powerful version of the Wing Storm technique.
Crusher Beak: Sparrow moves at high speeds and attacks the opponent with his beak
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