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Spectral Body
Parent Magic

Spectral Armor


Spectral Armor's users

Spectral Body is an unnamed Spectral Armor Spell.


All the users of Spectral Armor are able to use this spell. Consists in a evolved form of Spectral Chest. The magical power takes the form of a giant skeleton which involves the user's body. The protection provided by this spell is considerably higher than the previous version, but can't resist to very powerful attacks. A High A-Class spell can break partially the Spectral Body. S-Class spells can break it easily. This version have two arms, but only the right hand.

Like its previous version, Spectral Body takes coloration according to the Spectral Armor variant of the user. Spectral Knight, Spectral Archer and Spectral Wizard take the colour orange, purple and blue, respectively.


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