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Spectral sight
Spectral Sight

Eye Magic
Caster Magic


Barthram Severne

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Spectral Sight is a special Caster Magic utilized by Barthram Severne and was created after he witnessed a certain Eye Magic.


Using this, Barthram can perceive the world around him solely by perceiving the patterns of magnetic, thermal and electrical magic. This sometimes allows him to see the natural magnetic or bioelectric aura of a person and allows him to distinguish people. He can switch his vision format by simply tuning in with the magical EMS and interpreting the different wavelengths of energy. This allows him to see radio waves, cosmic rays and even gamma radiation. Finally, it also have limited enhanced night-vision and thermovision. This sight allows him to see the flow of both electromagnetic and magical energy, thus allowing him to prepare his mind and body in advance.


Despite its tremendous advantages, using this spell for too long causes sensory overload and exerts tremendous stress on the user's eyes. Also, tuning in with different wavelengths can be extremely difficult during a battle, since that requires tremendous concentration. While this magic allows him to generally look through walls and other opaque surfaces, it cannot breach magical barriers or certain materials.

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