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Spell Eater

Caster Magic



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Spell Eater is a Caster-Type magic that revolves around the consumption of Magic itself.


Based on the element consumption abilities of Slayer Magic users, this magic allows the user to consume incoming spells and magic-based attacks to replenish their magical energy reserves. Although this magic seems very appealing at first, the drawbacks that this magic possesses make this magic more of a burden than a blessing.


  • Not all spells and magic-based attacks are consumable. Spells that attack the body directly, serve to enhance their opponent's abilities, affect the surrounding area, and the like are not capable of being consumed through the use of this magic.
  • One cannot consume spells that they lack the ability to perform. In a similar way that Dragon Slayers experience debilitating nausea if they consume elements outside of their own, users of this magic also experience debilitating bouts of nausea if they consume spells that they themselves are unable to perform. This is due to the fact the body is unable to effectively process the excess magical energy from high-level (relatively speaking) or incredibly complex spells, the result being that this excess energy transforms into a poisonous agent within the body.
  • The consumption of any given magic does not make a user immune to said magic, or give them a resistance to said magic. This is due to the fact that the magic in question is immediately converted into raw magical energy upon consumption.
  • This magic does not allow the user to consume magic that is stored within an item, or consume magical energy within an opponent's body.
  • The user is not able to consume their own magic, presenting a disadvantage in cases where an opponent can redirect the user's magic back at them.
  • This magic allows a user to consume spells and attacks that are composed solely of magical energy. Spells that involve the manipulation of pre-existing materials and elements cannot be consumed through the use of this magic.
  • The user cannot consume ambient magical energy through the use of this magic, due to the fact that ambient magical energy is usually too widespread and un-concentrated to be readily consumable.


  • This magic is open to everyone, just ask first.
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