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Air Spheroid

万物球化 (スフェロイド)




Caster Magic



Spheroid (万物球化(スフェロイド) Suferoido lit. Turn All Things into Spheres) is a Caster Magic which revolves around the use of Spherical objects in combat. The user of this magic is capable of creating an sphere of any size and material, as long as the latter is within the user's physical reach. However, the bigger the size, the more material the user will need and will spend.


Through this magic, the user is capable of enveloping certain parts of his body with an tight invisible aura. This effect aura can only be activated by the user's will, and keeping it active requires magical energy. Then with said parts enveloped by this aura, the user will need to touch any object which possesses a certain material. By example, by touching a large tree, the user would be capable of making a wood sphere of varied sizes, though depending on the size of the ball, the original object used as the material will magically lose some of it's mass, decreasing in size or losing some of it's parts. That is mostly because of the Magical Exchange deal, to get something, something must be given.

It doesn't matter the used material as the sphere will always stay in it's shape instead of falling down when made of sand or water, that doesn't mean they can't be destroyed though. Therefore, the user is capable of making spheres off water, earth, wood, iron, sand and many others. Energy material like fire, lightning and the such can only be used on certain occasions. When using even more magical energy into his aura, the user is also capable of using the air around himself in order to mold spheres. The user is capable of freely holding and tossing aside said spheres, exemplifying the user could make an earth ball and then violently throw it towards his target, therefore showing the magic's offensive capabilities.

The user could also shape a large sphere around his own body or just some body parts as a mean of protection though that's more difficult than making normal spheres. However it should be noted the spheres obviously have weight and the user might have problem moving while enveloped with them. This and the user can produce many little spheres and spread them through the area, anyone who would step in them, would probaly lose their balance and fall down. Additionally the mage using this magic can seemingly use it for transport, as he/she can make off a large sphere which they can ride and make roll with their legs. Finally, the bigger the sphere, more magical energy is spent.




  • Apparently, all the spheres produced off by this magic are perfect in design, regardless of their texture and material.
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