Name Spine
Kanji n/a
Rōmaji n/a
Alias Samurai
Race Caucasian
Birthdate December 2
Age 17

Male Male

Height 6'5
Weight 123 pounds
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Blood Type B+
Guild Mark Location Tailbone
Professional Status
Affiliation Onyx Lips
Previous Affiliation Blue Pegasus
Occupation S Class Mage
Previous Occupation Mage
Team Twin Samurai
Previous Team n/a
Partner Sikia Ransumi
Previous Partner n/a
Base of Operations Onyx Lips HQ
Personal Status
Status Alive
Marital Status Dating
Relatives n/a
Alignment Evil
Counterpart n/a
Magic Requip Magic
Weapons Multiple samurai weapons

Spine has been a member of Onyx Lips since he was ex-communicated from Blue Pegasus for tampering with dark magic. He now is a S Class wizard, specialized in Samurai Requip magic.


Spine is a muscular, tall man with a sharp jawline and strong features. His brown hair is in a shaggy mess, and his brown eyes strike true. He wears a red jacket, that reveals his tone abs, and a samurai waist piece, with long flowing pants with flames on the bottom.


Spine is a huge flirt, and very charasmatic. On multiple occasions, he tried to hook-up with Molly and Polly, where they screamed at him and landed him in the emergency room. He is either training or working out, stating that a true samurai never rests.


Samurai Requip: Sword of Judgement

This spell summons a large silver sword ardorned with red ornamental jewels, and can capture the soul and increase the magic power of the wielder ''The Sword of Judgement''

Samurai Requip: Yukimura Nunchucks

The nunchucks he spawns have very sharp blades attached to the end, and when hit, can cause the enemy severe cuts.

Samurai Requip: Amadka Stars

These flaming throwing stars, when thrown, split up and divide over a large area for maximum damage to the opponent.

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