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Another day in Fiore. A quiet town, a calm sea, all was quiet. After having their Guild formed, Wall, Faust and Lina begin their new lives in the Guild.


"So, these are what they call Jobs." Lina exclaims. "Yes, we have 5 Class-D Jobs, 6 Class-C and 2 Class-B." Wall replies. "Good! Let's take a Class-B Job." Faust says. Lina and Wall are greatly surprised. "But the strongest one gets to take that." Wall says calmly.

"Could I do a Class-D?" Lina asks. "Ah, okay." Wall says with doubt, due to being very protective. Lina embraces his brother and wants to be part of the Job. "Thank you, I love you, bro." Lina said. "I changed my mine" Wall says. "What?!" Lina screams in a comedic fashion and sits in the corner.

"You're too protective!" Faust said as he pushes Wall away, again, in a comedic fashion. "She's my younger sister!" Wall replies. "You want to fight?" Faust said back. "Fine by me! The Guild Master shall win." Wall said. "This is getting interesting!" Faust said confidently .

Meanwhile, Lina goes outside and slams the door. The fight was interrupted by the noise and the two noticed a Class-D Job has been taken from the bulletin board.

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