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Spy Magic (偵察の魔法 Teisatsu no Mahō, lit Magic of Reconaissance) is a Caster Magic that relates to the use of eyes.


This magic allows the user to create magical eyes, directly linked to the user's own optic nerve. These eyes can be sprouted on a surface, ranging from wood, metal, stone to a living organism such as a human or plant, or the eyes can float in the air and can be moved telekinetically by the user. These eyes can be placed over a large area and opened at differing times when needed according to the user's needs


Pollux's Spells

  • Optic World Link (視神経の世界リンク Shishinkei no Sekai Rinku): Pollux's signature ability. All throughout Egalia, he has "planted" several thousand eyes on several surfaces throughout the continent; he is able to open any of these eyes at any time and is able to spy on anyone he wishes, this spell is useful in his position as head of the Surveillance Unit and allows him to catch criminals in the act. It is unknown if he can open all eyes at the one time.
  • Scout (偵察 Teisatsu): The most basic Spy Magic spell where the user creates a single floating eyeball that is linked to the user's own vision centre. The user can see whatever the eye itself sees and the eye is able to be telekinetically moved by the user even over a vast distance.
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