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Spyder is one of the three founding members of Sakura Heart. He is a user of Card Magic, specifically Tarot Cards that allow him to either summon creatures or cause other affects depending on which cards he uses.

Name Spyder
Kanji 蜘蛛
Rōmaji kumo
Race Human
Birthday 6 January
Age 19
Gender male
Height 6'2
Weight 182
Eyes blue
Hair blond
Blood Type C
Unusual Features His left pupil is shaped like a heart, his right is shaped like a spade and he has a diamond and a heart tattooed below his eyes.
Professional Status
Affiliation Sakura Heart
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation Mage, Card Shark
Previous Occupation Con Artest
Team none
Partner Eric Solva, Konohana Sakuya
Base of Operations Sakura Heart Guild Hall
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown
Marital Status Single
Alias MORON!, Master of Cards
Magic Card Magic, Contract Magic


Spyder has long, blond hair he wares tied back in a ponytail and brilliant blue eyes. He wears formal clothes, consisting of black trousers, a black tailcoat, a white dress shirt and cravat, white gloves with the Guild symbol on the back and black dress shoes and a top hat, which is patterned with the Card Suits. His left pupil is shaped like a heart, his right is shaped like a spade and he has a diamond and a heart tattooed below his eyes. His Guild Mark is on his left shoulder. His cards have a spider design with the Guild Symbol on its abdomen on the back.


Spyder can best be described as an idiotic genius. He has a photographic memory and can read people with ease, create incredibly complex strategy on the fly and solve nearly any problem put in front of him. Unfortunately, his decision making skills are lacking, leading him to make some incredibly stupid moves. 



Magic and Abilities

Incredible intellect and strategic skills: Spyder has generous level intellect. Brilliant poker player fortune-telling: No magic involved, just his cards. Immensely High Magical Power Card Magic(魔法の札 Majikku Kādo) Spyders speciality is Card Magic of which he uses two kinds.

  • Tarot(タロットTarotto) A Holder type Magic using Tarot Cards that allow Spyder to summon constructs, disasters and other forms of attack, as well as other affects.
    • Minor Arcana:
      • Wand: Restore the magic of others.
      • Cup: Heal wounds.
      • Pentacles: Fires off blasts of energy.
      • Swords: Summons a rain of swords.
    • Major Arcana
      • None (0 or 22) The Fool
      • 1 The Magician
      • 2 The High Priestess
      • 3 The Empress
      • 4 The Emperor
      • 5 The Hierophant
      • 6 The Lovers
      • 7 The Chariot
      • 8 (or 11) Justice
      • 9 The Hermit
      • 10 Wheel of Fortune
      • 11 (or 8) Strength
      • 12 The Hanged Man
      • 13 Death
      • 14 Temperance
      • 15 The Devil
      • 16 The Tower
      • 17 The Star
      • 18 The Moon
      • 19 The Sun
      • 20 Judgment
      • 21 The World
  • Playing Card(トランプ Toranpu) Card magic using regular playing cards. This magic can turn regular cards into deadly blades and control them with Telekinesis.

Contract Magic(契約魔法 Keiyaku mahō) A form of magic that allows Spyder to create magical bonds between two wizards that forces them to obey the terms of the contract through their magic or else the receive a rather harsh punishment. Of course, the magic requires both parties to be in agreement, otherwise the contract wont take effect. That doesn't mean that a person cant be tricked into signing a contract.


  • Tarot Card deck
  • Playing Card deck


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