Squalo is a prominent member of the Dark Guild , Revolution Spire.


Not much is known about Squalo's background. What is known is that he joined Revolution Spire for no reason other than that he was bored.


Squalo loves to kill and will not hesitate to shred his opponents to pieces. Despite his bloodthirsty nature and over eagerness to kill, Squalo is very percptive able to quickly react to any nearby dangers.

Outside of battle, however Squalo is rather lazy and spends most of his days sleeping, only ever waking up when he has a chance to fight.

Magic and Abilities

Squalo's magic Mare Cacciatore (Italian for Sea Hunter) can make Squalo's body take on the characteristics of
Squalo Shark Form

Squalo's Shark Form

a shark as well as allow him to control water. While in his shark form Squalo's appearance becomes even more shark-like. Squalo's skin become so rough someone can be badly grazed by just brushing up against him. He also grows a large dorsal fin out his back. In this form Squalo is also able to move much faster than an ordinary human.
  • Water Slasher: Blades of water come out of Squalo's hand and slash his opponents. In his shark form Squalo is also able to fire a blade of water out of his fin.
  • Shark Shredder: In his shark form Squallo uses his incredible spend to spin at high speed shredding and dicing his opponents.
  • Tsunami Crusher: Squalo creates a large amount of water powerful enough to sweep his opponents away and flood a large room.

Rune Magic: While not nearly as skilled as Freed, Squalo is skilled enough to form a rune barrier powerful enough to prevent most people from escaping.

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