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"Life is like the wind, ever moving and ever changing, from a peaceful breeze to a destructive hurricane."
— Starke Macht's views on life
Starke Macht
Star Cross Starke Drachen
Name Starke Macht
Kanji 強力なパワー
Rōmaji Kyōryokuna pawā
Race Human
Birthday October 23
Age 45
Gender Male
Height 7'8'
Eyes Black
Hair Black
Blood Type B
Unusual Features Has a tattoo over the left side of his face
Professional Status
Affiliation Star Cross symbol 2Star Cross
Previous Affiliation Fairy Tail
Occupation Guild Ace, S Mage
Previous Occupation Mage of Fairy Tail
Team None
Partner None
Base of Operations Star Cross Base
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown
Marital Status Unknown
Alias Lord of the Sky, Sky Walker
Magic Wind Magic
Lightning Magic]

Starke Macht was a former Mage of Fairy Guild and an associate of the current Fairy Tail Guild Ace, Gildarts Clive. However he left at the age of 16 and join the Star Cross Guild, rising up quickly until he became its Guild Ace. He's a powerful Mage whose recognized for his skills in Wind Magic, earning him the title of Lord of the Sky and is Zentrum's most trusted Mage.


Star Cross Young Starke Drachen

A young Starke Drachen

Starke has a lean well built tan body, with his black spiky hair going down his back in a similar manner as Zentrum. His usually attire consists of a green cloak with a high collar wrapped around his body. Underneath it is a dark bluish leather vest, a white shirt with a puff visible too. His face is almost always showing a serious deamnor or a sinister smile, enhanced by the tribal red tattoo that is over the left side of his face. Also he has a bit of a small beard on his chin. When he was younger he had the same appearance minus the tattoo on his face and the stub of hair on his chin.


Starke has always shown a calm side, never showing any other emotions even when under extreme pressure or witnessing things that would surprise others. He rarely talks with others, even members of his own guild and seems to keep to himself. Thus little of his history is truly known excluding those that are already released. He agrees with Zweck, the current Guild Master, on many occasions and is the only one who casually talks to him or, in rare cases, voices his concern or disagreements with some of Zentrum's ideas.

Despite his less then active socialism, Starke is well respected by the younger members of the Guild due to his firm belief of justice, something that even Zentrum acknowledges as Starke's "True Self". He greatly dislikes those whose only desire is power when using others/treating them as pawns. Those times he shows anger and rage, something that people say is the worst thing to have brought upon. Along with the former member, Kojote Anstarren, Starke dispises Dark Guilds because of their cruel acts against humanity as well as sinister goals. He also shows a hatred towards nobles for some reason, claiming that many of them become arrogant and act like their lives are worth more then a city of people. Another fact is that only within the Guild's senior members or close friends of his, does he seem to show a more happier side as well as, in a comidec fashion, react when they have done something he considers foolish.

As his opinion towards nobles and the arrogant, Starke has a tendency to take jobs by those of lower stature as well lack of money to pay for such services, to which he merely does it for free. He believes that helping those in need against the cruel is a greater reward then doing services for yourself or for money.


Magic and Abilities

Magical Abilities

Wind Magic



Lightning Magic

Natural Abilities

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