"While still trying to find his place in the world, Stewart has taken to using his magic to help the sick and dying around Ishgar. To those who come under his care, he is a symbol of hope." -Skydek
"Ever since I learned about the wonderful things I could do with my Second Origin, I've made it my job to bring hope to the desperate."- Stewart

Stewart Hartenfelds
"Fist of the Cold Front"
Name Stewart Hartenfelds
Race Incusapien
Birthday unknown
Age Presumably 20 to 24 years old
Gender Male
Height 5'8"
Weight 150 lbs
Eyes Black
Hair Brown
Blood Type Presumably O
Unusual Features Canine Teeth
Scar on chest
Professional Status
Affiliation Koma Inu
Previous Affiliation Orion's Belt
Occupation Mage
Partner Katarina Hartenfelds (Deceased)
Base of Operations Koma Inu Guild Hall
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown
Alias "Fist of the Cold Front"
Magic Transformation Magic
Charm Magic
Arctic Dragon Slayer Magic

Stewart Hartenfelds (currently known as Dr. Hart) is an Incusapien, mage, and a member Koma Inu. He is the only Incusapien member of the Koma Inu Guild, as he became a part of the guild in Katarina Hartenfelds' attempt to teach Stewart how to function well in society. His status as an Incusapien is a cause for major controversy, as his kind is associated with the murders and disappearances of travelers throughout the Sierra Joyas. Later becoming a 2nd Generation Dragon Slayer, Stewart works hard to this day to find his own place in a world that refuses his kind, all the while taking care of his late guardian's little sister, Karina Hartenfelds.


Stweart was captured and tamed by Katarina Hartenfelts when Katarina was 20 years old. He lived alongside her ever since. However, beyond that, Stewart's history is unknown as incusapiens do not keep records of memories. The only known thing about Stewart before his capture and assimilation was that he lived in the wild in the Sierra Joyas his whole life before getting captured.

Upon Joining the Orion's Belt GUild thanks to Katarina Hartenfelds, Stewart was met with opposition form other guild members as his race is associated with murders and disappearances of Hikers in the Sierra Joyas. One day, a member of Orion's Belt attempted to kill him in the middle of the guild hall, prompting Katarina to flee Joya with Stewart so that Stewart may be safe. It was then that Stewart joined Koma Inu alongside Katarina, beign the first and only Incusapien to do so.

On New Years Day, X788, Stewart went missing on a seemingly harmless B-class that turned out to be more than what he bargained for. However, unbeknownst to the members of Koma Inu, he re-emerged under the name Dr. Hart 4 years later. Under this alias, he traveled all across Fiore, healing all of the fortunate souls who crossed his path. At some point, he ran into Scorpius while tending the sick at Koda town.



Stewart's full appearance after joining the Thermal Syndicate team in Koma Inu

Stewart stands at 5'10" with a very lean, muscular build. His casual attire consists of Tshirts, nylon shorts and boxing shoes. His hairstyle is a long mohawk that extends tot he base of his neck, with additional hair tied up in bands in a manner similar to a pony tail. His guild mark is located on his left pectoral, situated underneath a scar that runs across his chest.

In X792, Stewart is much more well-dressed and is very fond of dress shirts, blazers, cardigans, slacks, and dress shoes.


Stewart is very docile by Incusapien standards. This was the very reason why he was tameable by Katarina Hartenfelds. When he initially joined Orion's Belt, he was very shy and his inability to speak english properly meant that he remained distant to other members of the guild (with the exception of Katarina).

Being an incusapien, Stewart has a voracious appetite and a diet consisting of only meat. He indescriminately eats almost any type of meat, be it raw or cooked. However, Stewart is not one to treat or look at other humans as a food source.

In X792, Stewart has become a very well-spoken and classy individual. He claims to have found his own place in the world as a medic, and has gotten over Katarina's death. He is not one to pick a fight, and would much rather settle disputes through conversation, however, he is by no means a pacifist, as he has the tendency to challenge those who threaten others, no matter how powerful. He has confidence in his abilities, claiming that he doesn't let anyone die when under his care.

Magic and Abilities

Stewart is a unique type of mage, Utilizing his Arctic Dragon slayer as a hard-hitting offense, but also harnessing its healing capabilities to aid his allies. His mobility sets him apart from other healing mages and sky dragon slayers, and though he finds himself supporting his allies most of the time, his attack power is nothing to scoff at. He is a "brawler healer" who moves gracefully between the front and back lines of a battle, applying heavy offensive pressure and then fading back to his team to keep them in the fight. Unlike most mages, Stewart as a fighter is at his most powerful when not using his Second Origin


  • Master Hand-To-Hand Combatant: Stweart's main selling point as a fighter is his proficiency in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Above-Average Strength: Being an Incusapien, Stewart has incredible physical strength, more so than the average human. His powerful punches and kicks are capable of cracking and even shattering stone without any enhancement from magic.
  • Natural Cold Resistance: Stewart's high metabolism allows him to resist cold temperatures for longer periods of time than normal humans who have not developed resistances to cold.
  • Enhanced Smell: As a dragon slayer, Stewart is blessed with an enhanced sense of smell that can isolate different scents and allow him to pick them up from impressive distances.
  • Keen Eyesight: As an Incusapien, his eyesight is not only sharp, but also enables him to see infrared light.
  • Enhanced Speed: Stewart is an incredibly fast runner. He is also very swift in delivering his powerful blows.
  • Hardened Skin: As an Incusapien, Stewart can harden his skin to be like a tough carapace. This can protect Stewart form cuts and external damage while he is righting. Stewart has learned how to consciously harden parts of his skin so he may add to the effect of his punches and kicks. This aspect of his abilites was further enhanced when he acquired the Arctic Dragon Slayer Magic, making his carapace harder and stronger while insulating his body heat.
  • Disease Immunity
  • Skillful Control of Second Origin: Stewart not only can access his Second Origin, but he is able to skillfully control how much magic he receives from it, and open/close it at will. This skill is important in Arctic Dragon SLayers because of the fact that Aurora Borealis and Australis are separate magics that occupy his second origin, so the ability to isolate the two is required to use them.
    Stewart fighing

    Stewart displaying his proficiency in Muay Thai Kickboxing


Transformation Magic: Stewart is capable of utilizing transformation magic to transform into whatever he sees. Because an Incusapien's knowledge of the use of this magic naturally develops as they age, Stewart is capable of using Advanced Level Transformation at his age, being able to turn into bipedal and even some quadrupedal animals. Stewart mainly uses this magic in the same way a wild Incusapien would: to sneak up on prey.

Charm Magic: Becuase Charm Magic grows in strength as an Incusapien matures, Stewart's Charm Magic is very powerful; enough to be effective on not just males and females alike, but also on some monsters. Though the magic can be dispelled once the recipient knows it is being used on them, Stewart's charm magic leaves a lasting impression on the person's mind long after it goes away, causing them to be more amicable toward him in spite of any biases they holds against him.

Arctic Dragon Slayer Magic: Stewart has the ability to use Arctic Dragon Slayer Magic. Stewart gained this ability when Katarina passed on her abilities to Stewart through healing his wound where his lacrima organ was exposed. Since stewart has issues harnessing this power through conventional means, Stewart learned how to channel his power strictly through his hands, causing him to develop a unique usage for Dragon Slayer Magic.

After years of going missing, Stewart re-emerges as an exceptional and unique user of this magic. Having access to his Second Origin, he makes thorough use of his magic's healing and invigorating properties to enhance his own attacks while supporting his teammates. Use of Aurora Borealis and Australis allows him to overcome his fatal weakness when using this magic: risking hypothermia.

  • Phantom Fist (幻影拳): Storing magical energy in his shoulders and releasing it while throwing a punch in a manner akin to a whip enables Stewart to utilize what he calls the "Phantom Fist." This technique releases a blast of cold air that travels no more than 7 inches from his fist with intense destructive force. The purpose of the Phantom Fist is to increase Stewart's effective melee range. The name of this technique derives from the fact that the blasts of air are invisible and give Stewart the appearance of hitting opponents without touching them.

Motor Mend: Motor Mend is a spell that utilizes the healing properties of Stewart's magic to heal his body while his body is in motion. the intensity of the healing depends on the intensity of motion.

Aurora Australis and Borealis: A hidden aspect of Arctic Dragon Slayer Magic lies dormant within Stewart's second origin that affects the innate properties of the parent Magical power. Stewart learned not only to harness the power of Aurora Australis and Borealis, but also swap between the both "modes", as he calls it, at will. On top of that, Stewart uses a passive activation of his second origin to exude an aura that buffs allies that are close to him in either speed, strength, or recovery from wounds. Should he choose, he can also close the second origin release to use normal spells if he chooses to do so.

  • Aurora Borealis: Aurora Borealis is represented by a Cyan-Green Light present in the wind Stewart Produces. Magical spells casted under the influence of Aurora borealis have innate healing properties. His method of healing can either be placing hands on another to heal, or use his signature method of casting Fade Punch on an ally to heal them from medium range. Under this mode, Motor Mend's efficacy increses, but his body is susceptible to cooling down faster. Also, Stewart projects an aura that slowly heals allies and eases pain.
    • Borealis Bullet: By casting Fade Punch under Aurora Borealis, it loses its ability to hurt the target and instead heal wounds and speed up recovery for a short amount of time. This spell is effective medium range, allowing Stwart to move about the battle as he pleases while supporting his allies.
    • Healing Headwind: This spell is dagerous for stewart to use, as it can risk him catchin hypothermia very quickly. However the risk is rewarded with the ability to cast a healing stream of wind toward one ally at either close or long range that can bring even the most injured of people back into a fight.
    • Dragon Slayer Secret Art - Revival: A healing spell that requires massive amounts of energy to use, this spell can instantly heal the wounds of one person and bring them back into the fight regardless of their condition (except for being dead). This spell also triggers increased natural magic regeneration, though it is nothing in comparison to this spell's counterpart, Midas Touch.
  • Aurora Australis: Aurora Australis is represented by a red-orange light present int he wind that Stewart Produces. Magical spells casted under the influence of this mode have innate invigorating properties. Attacks also travel faster, but deal less damage than spells casted when his second origin is closed. Stewart exudes an aura that excites and invigorates allies nearby, making them move faster and hit harder. Stewart's Body warms up while in this mode as well, so it is crucial in keeping Stewart in the fight. When Stewart attacks in this mode, his punches and attacks deal less damage, but with every hit, he generates magic energy within his body through the impact of every hit. This can be used to charge up a devastating attack or one of his supportive Secret Arts.
    • Rally Slap: Stewart can literally invigorate individual targets immensely by slapping them.
    • Dragon Slayer Secret Art - Midas Touch: A spell that requires a massive amount of magic energy to use, this spell dumps most of stewart's massive Aurora Australis magic reserves into an ally on contact, giving the recipient an extreme boost of power and speed. In addition, the recipient is also granted accelerated magical regeneration.


  • Stewart's personality was very hard to establish because he couldn't speak in the beginning
  • Stewart's dual-mode abilities as a healer is inspired by Lúcio from Overwatch, who can switch between Healing and Speed Boosts at will.
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