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Storm Phoenix Chaos Lance



Arashi no hōō konton yari

Parent Magic

Sword Magic
Storm Phoenix Slayer Magic

Parent Item



Markus Hotaru

Storm Phoenix Chaos Lance (嵐の鳳凰混沌槍, Arashi no hōō konton yari) Is a powerful fusion of Sword Magic and Storm Phoenix Slayer Magic that uses the Slayer Magic to greatly enhance the Sword Magic spell that can destroy large groups of enemies in a massive chaotic blast of magical power with the effects of lightning.


While it appears to be a normal yet incredible powerful Sword Magic spell it actually is a fusion of MArkus' Sword Magic and his Slayer Magic. He first readies the spell like every other Sword Magic spell but sneakily enhances it with his Slayer Magic before swing or thrusting the sword out creating a blast of magical power that appears as a long green beam with a corkscrew like casing of the same energy around it.

The one major drawback of the spell is it only appears as a long straight beam and can't be regulated in length meaning if Markus wants to unleash the attack and keep it within a certain distance he can't. So he'll never use it with any allies infront of him.

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